June Sarpong (4)

June Sarpong needs to be nominated once more.

On the BBC News website today she proclaims that ‘white privilege’ exists. Well, bearing in mind that she draws a salary far beyond her talent having been appointed ‘Director of Cultural Diversity ‘ at the BBC it is patently in her interest not to say otherwise.

Most businesses have a a business model which is the opposite to that of the BBC. A business will find out what customers want and then seek to provide it. The BBC decides what is good for us regardless of the customer’s wishes.

A little research reveals this Sarpong woman to be spectacularly ill suited to any job beyond working a till at Asda. However, June Sarpong enjoys a salary and lifestyle way beyond those of most white people by claiming that they are the privileged ones.


Nominated by: Guzziguy 

….and this from Gingers Ballsac

A cunting for the white hating piece of shit June Konadu Sarpong OBE.
Fuck is it ugly inside and out.
This is the BBC’s Director of Creative Diversity, who just happens to have a new book out “The Power of Privilege-How White People Can Challenge Racism”.
In her words “white privilege is rife as unfairness is baked into our system”.
She goes on about white people from a low income background that have an advantage because they are “never judged” on their race. The white working-class aren’t exempt either as “they have more power than those of black and asian backgrounds”.
Miss Sarpong who obviously feels hard done by was awarded the MBE in 2007 for services to broadcasting and to charity. In 2020 she was awarded the OBE for services to broadcasting.
The BBC pays this poor slave £75,000 a year for a 3 day working week.
Sarpong, my fucking heart bleeds for you as you are nothing more than a monumental cunt.

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  1. Cunts like Sarpong boil my piss as much as champagne socialists like Anthony Blair and Gaylord Adonis. They know what is good for others and inist on it, knowing it won’t affect their lifestyles. Hypocrites to a man and dyke

  2. yeah – white privilege. That’s why I’ve been out of work for 4 years. I can bet if I was a blik looking for a job at the BBC, I’d be a shoe-in. Rumour has it that BBC has recently employed a load of disabled and doesn’t really have work for them – unless you count the blind video editor I was told about!

    • Channel four does have an announcer that suffers from tourette’s. I knew a guy working near her, she would say biscuit repeatedly, and smack herself in the face.

  3. Ive always despised this talent void, no discernible talent,
    A total snowflake lefty fuckwit.
    She was sometimes on The Pledge the political debate show on Sky where shed get all upset when Michelle Dewberry said anything pro brexit.
    Throw her in a river and pop her lips first so she sinks.

      • A particularly talentless gobshite , this utter cunt was one of the main protagonists in people’s vote/ second referendum/ Brexit denying cuntfest
        She recruited many of her equally cunty TV mates to the cause inc Lineker and Jaime carragher….

  4. I do wonder if the reason these sooty’s are so fucking chippy, is because deep down, they realise they have been over-promoted due to box ticking🤔

  5. Critical race theory isnt like the theory of relativity. Its made up bollox with absolutely no evidence behind it. Nothing. Its the way marxists can divide people now the class thing has failed. Sarpong like all other adherents to this bullshit has no mind of her own. Her brain has been turned into mush . They all talk the same in their own bullshit language. Its a cult. A cult of cunts.

  6. Professional race baiter, remoaner, libtard and BBC parasite. Only the BBC would employ this fucking fraud and give her a £100 million budget to blow away. That’s £100 million of our fucking money……and they wonder why everybody hates them. Bunch of cunts.

  7. This BBC, would this be the same BBC who keep telling me, “Stay indoors, stay indoors you irresponsible cunt or you’ll fucking kill someone you cunt.”

    The same BBC who had 30 cast and crew on a beach in Wales yesterday filming Dr Who with, according to witnesses zero social distancing….

    • Hopefully there’s footage of it somewhere.
      June Umpongo can go suck a egg in the meantime.
      Who gives any credence to the BBC anyway?

    • My Lord, I think she’d say it was their own fault for not being kind enough to the dark keys and effniks in the classroom and creating a negative environment. Dark keys are superior and can focus better in such environments.

      It’s always the honky man’s fault, remember that.

      The firs ever Honky explorer arrives in Africa: Hey, why is your society so poor and backwards?

      Dark key: it will be your fault.

      I was told a while back (by an idiot) that blacks stabbing blacks is my fault. I said ‘How about in Africa?’ He said that was my fault too.

      I don’t often laugh in someone’s face, but I made an exception there.

    • Dick-you only have to look at poor, predominantly white areas like Allerdale on the west coast of Cumbria, to see the underclass with ZERO privilege ☹️

    • You’re wasting your time, they’ll never stop whining.
      I saw an ad last year from the BBC and it was advertising for trainee journalists. Non whites only . True.

      • It should be down to the best qualified for the job and not down to skin colour. If someone was advertising for professional stabbers, drug dealers or absent fathers I’m sure whitey wouldn’t get much consideration for the role due to lack of experience.

  8. White privilege

    Not being able to get a five hour a week job dissing another race and promoting your own for 75k a year.

    If that’s fucking privilege I’d hate to see their version of disadvantaged.

  9. With those nashers she could a solo version of ebony and ivory, another blik that has managed to ride the gravy train with the little advertised black privilege card.

    When she writes about the working class white privilege what she fails to realise is that many small and medium size employers would be reluctant to employ BAME because they are worried that the race card could be played at anytime. It’s ok for big corporations, they can indulge all the race bollocks without effecting their business.

    I heard a report on the radio this morning that another uppity blik, St Marcus of Rashford has been policing the value of food parcels, what a Cunt.

    Diversity is shite, keep Britain white!!

    • Why don’t he give them his fucking money? I’ve seen some of these fat slag mothers of these so called”starving” kids on telly, the kids are only hungry because the fat ugly cows are spending all of their benefits on Makkies, tattoo’s and scratch cards. Fuck em!

  10. After sending this nomination I watched a film that I recorded over the Christmas holiday called ‘Witchfinder General . Apart from being a tad surprised as it stars Dick Fiddler , I was struck as to the modern day parallels.
    It is set during the English Civil War (1640s) and is about a particularly nasty lawyer and his torturer who goes about a lawless East Anglia finding’ witches’ and executing them.
    One would have hoped that the three and a half centuries since the time the film was set in, a more enlightened regime would have emerged. Indeed, things did improve but now we seem to be returning to those dark times due in a large part to the likes of Ms and her ilk.

    • A fuckin’, cuckin’ duckin’ stool is called for.
      I’ll set one up on the end of Wigan Pier.
      Used in the Middle Ages, they revealed who was a witch or punished common scolds like her.

      • Combined with Unkle Terry ‘s revered oven, a modern day trial by “fire & water”.
        I like it👍

  11. She is in an industry. Race identity is very lucrative for over paid, pointless cunts who set race relations back decades. And they do it in the most tolerant country on earth.

  12. The easy way to stop the bbc from being such a corporate cunt is to do away with the licence fee and any other state funding. Because they have access to vast amounts of money that they neither deserve or earn they are able to promote all the wokery they like. The results are obvious, persons promoted to positions far above their ability due to, ethnicity, belief system, variable gender blah blah. Imagine how fast the culture of the bbc would change if the wankers had to fund themselves. One can envisage the likes of soprong et el offered cleaning positions or the door.
    Time to do away with the licence fee.

    • Bb@ – TV Licence fee cancellations currently running at around a thousand a day, BBC losing millions, innumerable investigations for not answering complaints and OFCOM nepotism and lack of action. They are like Nero, fiddling as Rome burns and their arrogance has caused them to over reach themselves.
      Fuck them – they brought it on themselves, and the sooner this hateful, racist, poisonous propaganda vehicle pays its own way the better.
      With regard to Sarpong the snake she is currently squirming somewhat and sweating fried chiggun grease – I have made a freedom of information request to the BBC asking how many people were interviewed for the position Sarpong occupies, what their gender was, what their age was, what their experience and suitability for the role was and who did the interviewing. They have 20 days and a legal duty to respond and knowing what snide, sly conniving snakes they are they will be shitting themselves because I believe the BBC have engaged in racial and gender discrimination, and if they have they are fucking MINE.
      A Man does his best work coldly and quietly and I strongly believe in decency and fair play.
      The BBC do not.

  13. “Internationally renowned broadcaster”. Really? Kiss FM, some C4 yoof shite, Loose Women and The Pledge, where she is regularly shown up as an ignorant yapping left-wing twat. Her hard hitting interviews probably involved her asking Harry Styles’ what his favourite colour lipstick is.

  14. Sarpong likes to try to come across as thoughtful and intelligent but fails drastically. Michelle Dewbury used to wind her up no end on the Pledge.
    Now there’s a girl that i’d gladly give a boning.

  15. Without the BBC Sarpong and another Labourite favourite James Pur-nell would permanently be living on JSA – they are otherwise unemployable, like most of the mincers and benders who live off of our charity “employed” by the BBC – Nish Kumar, Jo Brand, Norton etc etc

    • Sourpong isnt capable of debating anything without either A) getting upset
      B) insuating someone is a racist.
      I cant stand the cunt.
      Not because shes black
      Or Im predjudiced.
      Just because im racist.

  16. Maybe this Larry lipped Um bongo drinking cunt should donate her money to crack smoking dark keys – maybe that’ll help her sleep better at night. Fucks me off when these types (and there’s plenty of them, including in our own government and the opposition) who enjoy privileged lives start dictating what is wrong with our country.

    Do something useful if your that aggrieved – bet she knows how to hold a knife and fork proper too; bet she used to chomp on greasy KFC standing on a street corner but has now become ‘refined’ or slightly anglicised as she might say.

    Tell you what cunters I might start applying for high level jobs in deepest, darkest Africaaaaa, relocate and then start telling them about white diversity in Boo Boo land.

    I am getting pig sick of this but guess what, if us naughty whities (who I think were here first) start piping up we’re tarnished as racist bigots.

    Just fuck off – she’s even done her hair to look more like a honkey…

  17. Is this the same June Sarpong who is so black and proud and so against the ‘evils’ of white people, yet she tints her hair and straightens it so it looks like the hair of a western white woman?


    A fucking cake and eat it cunt like the rest of her BBC and BLM cronies.

  18. I recall when the bastards at the ‘Beeb’ appointed crap kids presenter and the black Phillip Schofield, Andi Peters to run Top Of The Pops. No experience in music television or the record industry. He got the gig simply because he was black and a poove. Even then this right on shite was rife.

    Needless to say, it was the start of the show’s demise and it has never recovered.

  19. Black Privilege more like the whole fucking woke world is bending over backwards to give prices of shit like her a massive hand up based purely on colour. Total positive discrimination.
    I’ve just started reading Douglas Murray’s latest book on this subject, The Madness of Crowds and my piss was boiling after reading the introduction.

    • I love Douglas Murray and have some of his books but I struggle to read them as they so perfectly and accurately describe the abysmal situation in Britain today and my piss boils immediately.

      I have to then put it down

      The Strange Death of Europe took me about 2 years to read

  20. I was watching a show called Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura, as Jesse is always good for a laugh, the mad cunt. Anyway, it cuts away to the “researchers” and to my astonishment, there is June Sarpong! It was like Holly Willoughby appearing on Alex Jones or something. What the fuck is she doing on a show questioning 9/11? That’s career suicide, surely? But no, she’s still on the BBC. Yeah, she seems to have no talent at all, but has been on TV for 25 years. Then again, Diane Abbott was almost Home Secretary.

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