An emergency cunting please for Cadbury’s and their new cream egg advert.

It seems somebody thinks it’s a good idea to have a couple of benders share one at the same time, in a chocolate and cream gayness snog.

Maybe it’s me, but chocolate and cream seems a metaphor for spunk and shite.

I’ll be buying Fruit Pastilles instead then I think, until some gay shoves some up his arse for a gerbil to munch on during the ad break for ‘The Chase’.

Obviously, the fact little kids will be subjected to this filth is to be celebrated.

Repent! Repent!

Nominated by: Cuntybollocks 

145 thoughts on “Cadbury’s

  1. Not too fat fetched to imagine that next years advert will probably involve another orifice. I can genuinely see that happening.

    Hopefully it will be a tight Vietnamese lady pinging it at the camera from her fanny.

    • Cadbury’s are owned by Mondelez who also own Toblerone so a giant novelty bar making an appearance up someone’s arse is a distinct possibility.

      • God knows what props they’ll use when reintroducing a
        Cadbury’s “ Amazin’ Raisin Bar.”

  2. Given Cadbury’s cream eggs are marketed mainly to children, this ad is a fucking disgrace and an abomination.

    The times we live in of course mean saying that causes outrage and accusations of homophobia, fascism, far right extremism and blatant discrimination leading to cancelling and the snuffing out of the right to an opinion.

    Tough luck snowflake libtards – I’m not on Twatter, Fecesbook, Instawank or any of your other anti-social networks. Cancel that, fuckers!

      • In true hippy fashion, they sold out, man…
        to Unilever…21 years ago.

        It’s now just a lifestyle brand, man, a stinking virtue signalling fake lifestyle brand used by the man, man, as a sham smokescreen to hide behind and to make it look like the man cares about mother gaia, man..

        And their ice-cream was always overpriced shite anyways, even before Unilever bought them out…..shit, almost forgot the obligatory hippy vibe ‘man’ here, man.

    • Pub quiz question at my ‘local’ was ‘What is the the connection between a Marathon (THAT well known nougat topped with caramel and peanuts that has been enrobed in milk chocolate), .and monkey shit?

      Apparently ‘both are full of peanuts’

  3. I loved Cadburys chocolate, it was the best of British.
    Untouchable in the world of cocoa based confectionery.
    Better than that Belgium shite,
    Or Thornton’s the ducky high street chocolatiers.
    But it’s been destroyed first by yanks who has we all know would eat dogshite if you sprinkled sugar on it, now this.
    Ive not seen it, and im not homophobic but having two blokes necking with what looks like a ball of shite isnt the best sales pitch!
    Go all the way and have Lord adonis eating a CurlyWurly out of Eddie Izzards colon.
    I hate the modern world.

    • “But it’s been destroyed first by yanks who has we all know would eat dogshite if you sprinkled sugar on it”

      I’ve not actually witnessed this, but it makes for a lovely image.

      • Heehee 😀
        They definitely do, probably when your not looking.
        Ive tried American chocolate,
        Reeses, it tastes of vomit for some reason?
        That orrible I licked the akitas arse to get rid of the taste!😀

      • You are not wrong, MNC. You simply can’t use the word “chocolate” and “Hershey’s” in the same sentence – apart from this one, obviously. Yank chocolate really is shit. So are their crisps. You can’t get sausage rolls anywhere, their fresh bread is a joke and don’t get me started on the fizzy chemical effluent they call beer. Time for another lie down.

  4. Whatever next? A homosexualist young man eating a Flake as if he was giving it a blowjob?

    I will never be able to enjoy a 99 again.

  5. Cadbury’s have form for lax attitudes to poo pushing. Prosecuted a few years ago for letting a soil pipe leak into their chocolate vats at their plant Marlbrook, Herefordshire. They didn’t bother getting the pipe repaired as the level of contamination was deemed acceptable. The subsequent salmonella outbreak would seem to suggest otherwise. The dirty bastards.

    • “Lax Attitudes?”
      I think they’ve started marketing those as I bought a pack for my constipation problem the other day!

  6. Ohhhhhhh fuck me to hell and back, scoop my eyeballs out with a rusty spoon and plunge me into a vat of acid head first you cunts, what a fucking cunt of an advert. Not to mention that nauseating skanky pissy fanny flaps narrating the whole bastardo thing with her patronising, nasal voice over like its aimed at 2 year olds.

    What next? Maltesers anal beads? Bounty bumming? Snickers in my shitty knickers?

    Coooor actually, I wouldn’t mind seeing….no actually, better keep this one to myself, it involves massive knockers and a Toblerone bar.

    May the creators of these twisted perverted vile adverts be cursed with an agonizing slow mutating leprosy and crotch rot, for all eternity.

  7. My mother used to work at Cadbury’s Bournville in Birmingham 40 odd years ago. She used to return home with lots of reject chocolate (nothing wrong with it just misshapen). Absolutely gorgeous!

    But over the last 10 years Cadbury’s chocolate has turned to shit. So they can shove their fucking eggs where the sun don’t shine

  8. When I was a lad ………………………..

    Mars Bars were always known in the playground as Minge Bars, due to the ‘revelations’ about Marianne Faithful and her choccy frolics.

    “A Mars a Day helps you Work, Rest and Play”. Allegedly.

    • I tried the Mars bar thing with my missus. A caramel and chocolate ‘mough’ was the ‘opposite of a ‘Milky Way’ – in that it was NOT “the sweet you can eat between meals withot losing your appetite”. Just saying.

    • I see your anal beads and raise you the following possible adverts:

      Winter dogging with Cadburys Hot Chocolate
      Mixed gender/group masturbation with Cadburys Roses
      Make your S&M sessions last longer with Cadbury Boost Bites

      • Well then, I say, allow me to retort:

        Twix up the Twat
        Rimming Rolos
        Wispa Wanking

        Fuck it cant think of anything else im eating i cream egg


      • Cuntologist:

        I take it the local WI group will not be asking you to organise the coffee morning again😳

      • @CG Good one 😀

        WI evokes old biddies in quilted jackets making or judging cakes. I say fuck cakes, I don’t buy them, eat them or make them.

  9. Dirty deviant bastards. Cunts who show this to kids and pre-watershed should be fucking shot. I for one will now be boycotting the fucking things. Creme eggs are like snot anyway and the chocolate is now crap and not a patch on its 60s to 80s heyday, when Cadbury’s really was the best.

    Cadbury’s went down the crapper when they sold their soul to septic tank carpetbaggers, Kraft. Dairy Milk once made in Bournville near Brum is now manufactured in fucking Poland. I fucking ask you?

    • I see you correct Norm, on all counts.

      Even as a kid, Cadbury’s cream eggs were too sweet. The filling has no real flavour other than being very, very sweet. As confectionary goes, it’s not that interesting or enjoyable for all those empty and processed sugar calories.

      • You’re right, they’re far too sweet…for adults.

        This product has always been popular with little kids. The ‘chocolate egg’ factor and sugar overload makes them popular with the little ‘uns.

        Which makes this advert as evil as you can get. It’s aimed at little kids.

        A fucking disgrace, and no mistake.

  10. Kinder Surprise are going to introduce butt plugs and cock rings in time for Easter after seeing the positive reaction to the Cadburys advert.

  11. Sorry but two people doing a sex act with a Creme Egg is not going to entice me one iota to eat one; at 1500 calories a pop (or whatever it is) it is a disgrace.

    Cadburys can go fuck themselves (@BWC TM). Been destroyed with with palm oil and tastes like an oil slick flavoured mildly with chocolate. I pay a bit extra and buy two bars of Lindt with hazelnuts once a fortnight; tastes great and lasts longer imho. Now toying with not buying that at all and making my own deserts. Pick of the week – Lemon Posset.

  12. Leave the fucking things to rot on the shelves. They want us to eat shit. It is a game to the corporate cunts.

    • At 50pence a go, for the ‘euro size’ creme eggs (that are all now the size of a thimble) ; they will all rot on the shelves uneaten anyway. Advertising them as a bum lube for Felchers in the ‘cheerful community’ will make no difference to that absolute rejection of that now tainted product.

  13. “Maybe it’s me, but chocolate and cream seems a metaphor for spunk and shite.”

    Thanks for sharing, Cuntybollocks, you filthy minded fuck.

    • Yeah, I never considered that a metaphor did you?
      Ruff, wipe his name off the ISAC catering team,
      Dont let him near the kitchens.

      • Kitchens are for women. I go there to fart when the Mrs is cooking to annoy her now and again, but that’s it. Oh, I once went in there to get a beer from the fridge (took me a while to work out what it was) when she was ill. Once.

    • That may be true RTC, but I had to look up what ‘felching’ meant (others mentioning it on this thread).

      I wish I hadn’t read what I read.

      I’m a fucking amateur filth merchant compared to some of the utter disgraces on here lol.

      • I am grateful the pervs in the marketing department have not yet advertised Cadbury’s eggs in an upskirt ‘Creme Pie’

  14. Silently adds Cadbury to my boycott list.

    Gillette, Ben and Jerry’s and Sainsburys were getting lonely in my.woke.banned list

  15. Do you know, I’ve not come across one single cunter on IsAC who you could possibly call a prude. They just don’t coexist.
    However, it’s nothing to do with that. It’s the collapse of civilisation and common decency that we’re witnessing.
    Come back Mary Whitehouse, you old slaaag. All is forgiven.

  16. Makes me want to Chuck. Fed up with been told that we must promote homosexuality. Fuck that. I don’t care what happens behind closed doors 🚪 if G ays want to swap spit then it’s there business not mine. If It makes me want to Chuck that’s mine. Live and let live. My thoughts matter. To me.

  17. Disgusting on all levels 🤮 Show your displeasure by leaving your money in your pocket 👎 When these eggs have they’re worst sales year ever Cadbury can thank the cunt who thought this abomination up 😷

    Fuck off!

  18. At last!!. I mentioned this on Jan 9 easter cunting. Fucking vile, whoever’s thought this up should have a good seeing to by a Hereford bull.

  19. Do these cunts have to sexualise every fucking thing????
    It’s chocolate ffs aimed at all including children.
    On top of that it’s two bandits. Now chocolate is corrupted.
    Just fuck off Cadbury you’re manky cunts.

  20. The race to the bottom? (Sorry not)

    The race to be the most woke advert?

    Imagine baileys are kicking themselves?

    Cadbury’s cream but plugs anyone?

    Two girls one cup of…….I’ll leave it there.

    • I once wrote to Cadburys praising their chocolate in the hope of them sending me some free samples.
      Cunts sent me a brochure on the history of the company ☹️
      Did the same with Smith’s crisps saying glad they were still in business as walkers crisps are rubbish.
      Dozy twat I am, didnt realise it was just a trading name and had been bought out by Walkers!☹️

  21. A spokesperson told us: “Cadbury has always been a progressive brand that spreads a message of inclusion, whether it is through its products or brand campaigns.

    “We are proud of our Golden Goobilee advert which celebrates the many ways that everyone can enjoy a Cadbury Crème Egg.

    “To illustrate this and showcase the joy our products bring, a clip of a real life couple sharing a Cadbury Creme Egg was included in the advert.”

    • Jesus christ, I do hope they pay for such cuntery.

      Why haven’t they gone for a Muslim gay couple? They must exist surely .

      What is the worst that could happen.

  22. Fuck I’m a useless cunt. If the admins are reading this I posted the same nomination twice, thinking my first one fucked off to nowhere…still getting the hang of this cunty site. What a useless cunt.

    Go fuck myself.

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