Anthony Blair [22]

Ho-ho-ho – a special Yuletide cunting – it’s that cunt again – Anthony Blair, who has obviously been given a junior doctor kit for Christmas, because he now offers medial advice, with fuck all knowledge:

Clearly he is not a Dame Keir fan, as he seems to be determined to come back into the limelight.

Half a loaf might be better than none, but is half a dose better than none?. I doubt it, some scientists doubt it, but hey it gives Anthony a chance to camp it up on TV again.

Nominated by: W. C. Boggs

Added to with much aplomb by Harold Steptoe:

Just to hop aboard this cunting.

Anthony Bliar has also suggested the government implement “Covid passports” which would only allow travel abroad for those who could provide proof of their disease status.

No doubt this would then filter down to music venues, restaurants, pubs, etc,

Sounding familiar?
It should.

Cast your mind back to when Tone was so keen for everyone to carry ID cards.

See you all at Checkpoint Tony in a few months.

…and a follow-up from W.C. Boggs again

A limp-wristed, Mandy luvs ya cunting please for the Princess Tony as he continues to mount his comeback to “fix his reputation”, with a wordy and windy essay published in the Evening Standard on January 11th 2021:

He takes so long to say so little (perhaps Alcoholic Ali helped him?), platitudes, sophistry and stating the bleeding obvious are grist to the Blair mill – what a shameless little cunt he is, using a major health crisis to try to relaunch his fifth rate career. It was hardly worth getting his eyebrow pencil out of his handbag to write this tat on one of Cherie’s jamrags. Take retirement now, duckie.

The paper is free. I advise getting hold of several copies to use when you run out of bog roll.

48 thoughts on “Anthony Blair [22]

  1. So poor old Tone wants to ‘fix his reputation’ and resurrect his political presence.

    To a guy who has phucked up the UK beyond belief, just be grateful that you are not rotting in a prison cell as a war criminal for the rest of your disgusting life. Just phuck right off you scumbag.

  2. Military graves. Crippled Veterans. Closed pubs. Migrant infestation. Muslam rape gangs and terrorists. Closed Post Offices. Nanny State Fascists. Banana Republic Councils. Smoking Ban. Overrun NHS. Overrun Education. Overrun Housing. Turning every town centre into Islamabad, the Congo, or Bucharest.

    Blair is a cunt and I hope one day he pays for all he has done.

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