Dead Pool [187]

Congratulations to Whymeforfucksake for correctly predicting the merciful release of dear old Babs Windsor, aged 83.

She was a Carry On films icon and all round good ol’ girl. She’ll be missed. RIP my dear.

Onto Dead Pool 187. You know the rules:

1) Pick 5 famous cunts you think will conk out next. It is first come first served. You can always be a cunt and steal other cunters’ nominations from previous pools.

2) Anyone who nominates the world’s oldest man or woman is a cunt who will be ignored.

3) It must be a famous cunt we have heard of.

4) If your pick has already been taken, tough titty. Pick someone else because we can’t be arsed to check.

So on your marks, ready….set…..go!

82 thoughts on “Dead Pool [187]

  1. I get why some cunters here like her but let’s not forget she had a fair few abortions simply for the sake of her career.

  2. Yeh like many cunters on here have said Babs is one to mourn. In her prime she was a splendid sight indeed.

    Lord Adonis (poisoned by his own leaky colostomy bag)
    Racquel Welch (exploding tits)
    ‘Manny’ Macron (guilloteened for granny shagging)
    Donald Trump (suicide)
    Owen Jones (injuries from gay gang rape party gone wrong)

    Incidentally, and in the subject of tits, I hope ISACs have noticed the magnificent Gemma has been on a few things this week promoting her next appearance….. as a nun!! What a shameful waste (unless there’s a shower scene)

  3. Oh fuck, Macron and that Uber-Cunt Blair are taken. I’ll subsTITute these two instead:-

    Ken Barlow (dodgy special effects catches wig slight)
    Sir Jackie Stewart (road accident doing 150 mph through the Blackwall Tunnel)

  4. Khaled Mashal
    Roy ‘Chubby’ Brown
    Brian De Palma
    Wayne Osmond
    Paul McCartney

    RIP Barbara Windsor. I remember an erudite playground conversation with my chums as to whether you actually saw her tits when her bra snapped in “Carry On Camping”,

  5. Funny how Babs insisted she had abortions because ‘she knew what an evil man’ Ronnie Knight was. Yeah right. Didn’t stop her living the lavish life with the cunt though, did it? And then there was her Kray association and her foreward for their biography. Lovely good time gal, she was.

    Tommy Docherty
    Frank O’ Farrell
    Patsy King
    Henry Woolf
    Gene Hackman

      • Five abortions too, Lord Biryani. Dear Old Babs was a cunt.
        She was shite in NeverEnders and all. ‘Gerrara ma pab’ over and fucking over.

    • I saw VR on the tube one afternoon in 1975. She was dressed in an big old overcoat and was without makeup. She was staggeringly beautiful. Those eyes, those cheekbones, I will never forget it. I felt a bit of a cunt for staring but I guess she must have been used to it.

      • Yet has those eyes but is alas a very old lady now but remains staggeringly full of hate for the Imperialist Running Dogs.Still, health permitting, goes out in a one woman show from time to time reminiscing about her encounters with commies past. Well worth catching if it comes to a theatre near you. A bit like falling asleep and overnighting in Stalin’s tomb.

  6. Never fancied Babs too much in those Carry Ons when I was a young ‘un. I was more an Anita Harris man myself (and Carole Hawkins, Angela Douglas, Margaret Nolan, Valerie Leon). And that French bit who was in Don’t Lose Your Head (Dany Robin) was fucking gorgeous.

  7. Clint Eastwood
    HRH the Duke of Edinburgh
    Jack Nicholson
    June Brown (dot cotton off rearenders)
    Cliff Richard’s

    I might swap “straight as a dart” Cliff for Lewis Hamilton as a wildcard – 180 mph stack into a wall without flame retardant clothing on is a tempting (although wishful) bet.

  8. I don’t usually do this as I see it as tempting fate, but I think the Workd Cup player of the tournament curse will continue.

    Best player 1986 -Diego Maradona ( died last week).

    Best player 1982 – Paolo Rossi (died this week).

    With this in mind, my noms are:

    Mario Kempes
    Gerd Muller
    Bobby Charlton
    Lothar Mattheus

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