Wynne Evans (2)

A Go fucking compare yourself to this narcissistic up your own fat arse cunt called
Wynne Evans

This is that pie eating twat from the go compare adverts who due to this Kung flu is doing the adverts from his home.

I have just seen his newest one, and words fail me!

It is basically an advert promoting himself. How narcissistic can you get ? If I was go compare I would be saying shut the fuck up and start plugging us as we are paying for your fucking greasy food you lard arse.

Wynne Please please please please just fuck off. Diabetes awaits. Hopefully.


Nominated by: Once a cunt always a cunt 

59 thoughts on “Wynne Evans (2)

    • I agree, I too have met Wynn, he is a really nice, engaging man, with a great sense of humour. He describes himself as an “Operatic Prostitute”, but says that Adverts pay the bills; he won’t write the scripts for them. The adverts are massively CUNTISH, but Wynn is definitely not.

  1. I’m sure he’s a nice bloke but fucking hell those adverts are piss boiling. Well, aside from when they showed the Go Compare man getting hurt – anyone remember the one with Stuart Pearce volleying the ball into his stomach?

  2. I’m not with this one. The advert will have been scripted for him and if he’s what it’s all about then good for him. Although if I had his talent I would avoid wasting it on a comparison site. The money must be good.

  3. Fuck all wrong with Wynne. Bit of a cunt. Upset the BBC (he is on BBC Wales) by hosting a Tory fundraiser. Likes sheep. (dont we all)

  4. Fucking annoying adverts but I’d probably do it myself if the cash was right.
    I think he’s maybe a bit of a twat but can’t quite call him a cunt.

      • Or mixed race couples / families that make up roughly 2% of the population. It the advert world, it looks around 75%. And lets not forget the hut dwellers always make the nasty whites look very silly and foolish in them as well. Gotta play the tick box, virtue signal game in the advertisement world.

  5. That purple waistcoat was a mistake. It just screams “fat pie eating cunt”.

    OK, Yank ads on telly are bollocks but it’s nice to be reminded how utterly cringeworthy Brit telly ads still are. Some of them anyway.

    Question for my fellow telly watching Brit cunters….are Brit telly ads awash with commercials for loads of different drugs which seem to list a horrifying array of nasty side effects following by the standard, “Ask your doctor is Zypharhyrlodge is right for you?”.

    Have I got this wrong or isn’t the fucking doctor supposed to tell YOU what’s right for you? It’s not like you break your fucking leg in 17 fucking places, go to casualty then ask if pinning it followed by a cast is right for you, is it?

    • No, that’s an American thing. I remember seeing ads on Tv while on holiday in America about 20 years ago, and couldn’t believe the way they compared their products to competitors, like “The New Saturn SL, gives 5mpg better gas mileage than the Acura or Chevrolet”.

      That sort of advertising has never happened in the UK, and The pharmaceutical ads still just extol the benefits without giving the side effects.

      Maybe the Americans just aren’t trusted enough to be treated as adults to think for themselves?

      • “Maybe the Americans just aren’t trusted enough to be treated as adults to think for themselves?”

        OMG!!!!!!!!! Arise Sir Robin – you sir – have just been awarded a shiny gold medal for absolutely fucking nailing it on the head. THAT, my friend, in a nutshell is my consistent experience of living here and observing what goes on. That and everything is always someone else’s fault, so sue them immediately.

        • Yeah, isn’t it America where people put the cruise control on and then go to sleep in the back of the Winnebago?

          Dozy cunts!!!!!!

  6. A mate of mine from Cardiff interviewed him once, said he was sound. Until he goes woke, he’s ok in my books.
    That meerkat on the other hand can fuck off and so can the retards that lap it up.

      • Loads of people like those little Vladimir putin meerkats,
        Dont get it myself?
        Send em back!
        The little fuckers are spies I reckon!
        Its all laughing and joking till they novichok you!

        Send em back!

        • Nah, they’re sneaky fuckers, meerkats. They’ll get you stroking one while another one goes and slips some polonium 210 in your tea.

          • Meerkats are Seffrican. I dont suppose an Afrikans accent would be acceptable to
            ad- land. A kaffir accent would be raaacist. So we have Russian.
            I still want to drown the fuckers in a bucket.

  7. Don’t have any major issues with this cunt. Probably because he’s eclipsed by the googly eyed spaz on the Asda advert who haunts my nightmares. Now there’s an utter cunt.

  8. I think we should be fair to the bloke. He’s the only person on TV ads at the moment who isn’t a woman, a camelucker, a spakker, or black.

    A white straight man in a 2020 UK television commercial. Maybe we should have him stuffed?

  9. He will probably do a duet with Dianne Flabbott-a reworking of that awful track “Ebony & Ivory”😂

    Ebony & Ivory
    Live together in perfect harmony
    Side by side on the marches
    You’ll take a knee, oh take a

    We all know
    That dark-keys are the same
    Wheeeeer-ever you go
    They are chippy Cunts
    Mmmm mm
    Yes every-one
    They will play the card
    The rayciiiiiiiist one
    Cause they’ve learnt to kill
    Learned to kill each other
    Now their not alive
    With guns & with knives

    Oh oh oh
    Ebony aaaaand Ivory
    Live together in perfect harmony
    Side by side on the marches
    You’ll take a knee, oh take a kneeeeee

    We all know
    That whiteys are the cause
    Of all miiiiiisery
    They have privilege
    Mmmm mmm
    The Honky kind
    But we’ll play the card
    The raaaaaaycist one
    Cause we’ve learned to play the system
    Together we skive
    We duck and we diiiiive

    Oh oh oh
    Ebony aaaand Ivory
    Live together in perfect harmony
    Side by side on the marches
    You’ll take a kneeee
    Oh take-a-kneee-o-eee

    • Nice one, CG. Better than the crap words Macca wrote for it.
      Maybe it could become a BLM anthem? The coda could be the like the original, but with new words

      I can’t breathe! ! Robbery!
      Living in George Floyd Harmony!
      (repeat to fade)

      • We all know
        That George Floyd was an Afro-yank, heeee-eee-ro
        He was full of drugs
        Mmmm mmm
        The dirty cunt
        Now he can’t breathe
        Cops took knee
        Took it to restrain him
        Now he won’t rob no more
        No pregnant white score

        Oh oh oh

        He can’t breathe
        Cause of Ivory
        Cop put his great big
        Ho-ho-honky knee
        On his windpipe
        Now he’s fucked
        Oh oh oh oh
        Why can’t we

  10. I would like to think that he is a nice bloke when out of working life but I do have to add that my neighbours boyfriend who is a bit of a Luvvie thespian by trade ( fucking amazing tap dancer and he regularly plays Buttons and pantomime dames every year up at the corn exchange here and has done a few extras and roles on tv) anyway I digress , and he said he’s made over a million quid doing those adverts. He also states he is insufferable in a professional role and most actors find him a cunt.
    Although I might add again that is probably sour grapes on their behalf but Adam ( not real name) is a top bloke and also is a fantastic carpenter who sorted out a gorgeous oak chopping board for me when I moved in next door.
    Fucking talented git. Maybe I should cunt him instead. 😂

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