Tom Allen [2]

Tom Allen: ‘The idea of gay shame still pervades’

Headline on the BBC (where else?)

I dont know if you are familiar with this mincing wretch but he, like all his media luvvie shirtlifter pals, positively revels in his gayness.
We have gay pride this and that as celebrations of being homosexual. Gay Marriages are commonplace. Kids indoctrinated.

The shame isnt ‘gay’ shame. The shame is these fucking preverts rubbing our noses in their gayness as if it was some sort of fucking achievement.

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  1. If I was gay I would not be ashamed – each to their own.
    But as a heterosexual Man currently being rampantly serviced by Miss busty the barmaid (by jingo, it’s like a dead heat in a Zeppelin race!) I do not feel the need to run into the street shouting “Look at me – I’m straight”
    Plus also by the time she is done I would not have the fkin energy! 😃

    • I dont know who the bloke is,
      Ive nothing against gays,
      But seems a bit odd to define yourself just by your sexuality?
      Just crack on Tom, no cunt gives a fuck, work hard, dont fuck people over, be a decent human being, stop flower arranging,
      An shut yer fuckin yap.

          • So what? I’m straight and can name hundreds of straight cunts. In fact I’d say there are more straight cunts out there than there are gay cunts. Not sure if that applies percentage wise though… you’ll have to ask a rocket sociologist – gay or straight, either should suffice.

            PS: I am not CS, so don’t bother trying to claim your £5.

          • He is another hoity toity little poofter who gets much of his income from the BBC, and like those other comics Julian Clary and Peter Mandelson revel in their “gayness” and have the audacity to look down on ordinary men. Sort of Owen Jones in cap and bells.

  2. I genuinely have not got a problem with gay cunts. I just can’t be doing with this type of gay cunt. I can tolerate the gays that get on with it not the fuckers that bang on about it.

    It’s not normal, never will be, they shouldn’t be allowed to adopt kids etc and shouldn’t be allowed to get married. We have to learn to say NO! or else where will it stop? Some sick libtard twats are already making noises about legalising kiddy fiddling. This is where it will lead if you legitimise deviant practices and behaviours. Fucking cunts!

    • Good com WCC, all these protesting pervs are kicking an open door here in the woke U.K. as far as I understand the only thing apart from noncing that is frowned upon( depending on race, religion etc) is the law does not allow you to self gender so that some deviant can demand to use the women’s changing room because today he’s Sally. That’s the cutting edge of official government policy on the matter. You are correct in your assumption that kiddi fiddlers are filled with hope, the collapse of norms will make their task easier and they will weasel away in the background making full use of the unman rights act and equality act. Do what you like with who you like as long as kids and animals ain’t involved, we really could not give a fuck, I’m not interested.

  3. How much more recognition do they need for fuck’s sake? Their own section in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list perhaps? Gay of the British Empire? Gay Premier League? Almost got that already. Gay SAS?

  4. Why is it always the prissy, fey, effeminate, mincing gays who find fame on tv and get their own shows? Alan Carr, Rylan Clark, Gok Wan and this pansy.

    The producers must think there is still a gap in the market that was once filled by Larry Grayson, John Inman, Kenneth Williams and the like. Actually the latter group had infinitely more charm and talent to amuse than these modern prancing poofs.

    They don’t do gays any favours. They aren’t very funny just irritating. I can’t imagine they are role models for young LGBTQs either.

    Being gay should be an irrelevance these days not a fecking selling point. Boring.

    • Kenneth Williams was good on Just A Minute! (Of course you couldn’t see his nose.) That’s all an entertainer has to be: entertaining.

      And jokes: they have to be funny. That’s it. Standing on stage bleating obscenities is neither.

      And then you mentioned Alan Carr.

      Do they take special elocution lessons or something? The last poove I spoke to, knowingly at any rate, was very hairy and busy fixing his tractor, “Fucking womens’ for cissies,” he sneered which was fine with us. His dogs just ate his boyfriend’s prize chickens when we arrived. The language!!! Both chefs. The food was great. We interpreted their ongoing argument as cabaret.

  5. Gay Pride was a thing after it was made legal and poofs stood up for themselves . They had something to be proud about. Just being gay isnt a struggle anymore. Its boring. Who gives a shit. Its not brave. Bravery used to mean storming the beaches of Normandy. Today its some twat wearing a dress on the cover of Vogue when hes not even gay. So fuck you Tom .

  6. Yes Tom, I must have imagined all those Gay Pride marches in dozens of cities worldwide during Pride month and Philip Schofield abandoning his broom cupboard live on national TV in front of millions of (sad) viewers. You are more likely to be shamed in this country for voting for Brexit, not toeing the line on gender pronouns or the latest BLM madness, than who or what you shove up your arsehole.

  7. All it comes down to is where you prefer to rub your winky. why should that define who you are? If you’re of the gay persuasion and like to drive up the marmite motorway and prefer your dinners ‘mashed’ then good for you and keep it to yourself.
    i listened to one of that blokes comedy shows on Radio 4 – it was piss poor. Some gays are funny though – Larry Grayson, Frankie Howerd, Kenneth Williams and him that says ‘chase me, chase me’ (Lewis Hamilton?)

  8. It’s all about me. Look at me I’m special. No your not, your just a poof that keeps going on about it.
    My wife has a couple of gay friends. Both nice blokes, one in a relationship and the other single. Neither of them keep going on about their gayness.
    And both of the can’t get their head round all this LGBTQ+ shite.

    • That’s it M’ Lord, if it wasn’t for his rampant gayness, he would be just another straight middle-class white man for the BBC to pretend doesn’t exist.

  9. I revel in the fact that I’m cunt-struck. I think that it’s high time for all those of a similar inclination to celebrate the fact.
    Bring on Hetro Pride Week, I say.

  10. I agree Ron, anyone with anything about them should be proud of who they are,
    Admin could help by putting up plenty of topless lasses on the wall for Hetero pride?
    Could cater for all, little budlike titties to big zeppelin like titties.
    I feel this is both therapeutic and patriotic.

  11. There as a difference between this cunt and an average gay man.
    This noisy twat is a PROFESSIONAL gay.
    Like PROFESSIONAL black/Asian/wimminz etc…


    • And a sneering turd as well. That is the problem I have with him. Mrs. Guzzi watches Bake Off whatever and his air of superiority gets my piss boiling.

    • If I was young and handsome, I’d pretend to be a chutney ferret and befriend loads of hot chicks, get them to trust me and then, once I git her alone, show her how gay I wasn’t.
      Shit, should’ve done that 25 years ago!
      Hindsight, etc

      • Thomas-have you closed the deal with your neighbour yet?
        Perhaps telling her you are “on the turn” will provide her with food for thought. Some girls love to think they could “straighten” a man out-an ego boost (like us cunts with ladies in comfortable shoes 😉).

        Could be worth a try👍 Worse case scenario, she phoned the police and you come on here and tell us. Win-win👍

  12. I’m quite certain that if we normal people went around hamming it up about being straight heterosexuals, someone would find offence and brand it sexual harassment or discrimination or whatever. Yet people infected with The Gayness can go mincing around being all ‘flamboyant’ and that’s freedom of expression/speech and the right to express themselves. Funny that. Be gay if you want. Nobody else gives a F and certainly doesn’t want to deal with someone else’s sexual preference over dealing with the person. Tiresome bunch of cunts.

    • Used to work nights with a gay lad, right grafter,
      The management took the piss out of him, dumping more an more work on him.
      Cracking lad, self affacing, wasnt on some militant chip on shoulder hissy fit,
      A decent lad I was happy to work alongside.
      Preferred him to some of the grassing cunts there.
      A cunts a cunt
      Gay or straight.

      • Surprised me Mis-I heard the team that owned and ran “The Blue Oyster” were fair🤔

        Do you still get a discount?😀

      • In my not inconsiderable experience, most gays do not adher to the popular stereotype.

        I’ve mentioned this before, but we’ve had a gay couple living next door since we moved in 18 years ago. Couldn’t wish for better neighbours… if you passed them in the street you wouldn’t have a clue as to their sexual preference.

        Pretty sure they dislike the attention seeking, narcissistic, militant trans/LBQTWTF bollocks as much as most Cunters posting here do. Well, almost as much…

      • Exactly. I work with some great lads/birds that happen to be gay. No-one gives a fuck about it or them. As you say, a cunt’s a cunt regardless of ‘what’ they are.

        The word ‘Poofter’ still makes me smile, though.

    • ‘The love that dare not speak its name’. It used to be called.
      The Pope has said that they should be allowed ‘civil unions’. But isn’t that tacit approval of immoral practices.
      I thought.
      But I am softening….
      The Pope again. He uses the word ‘special: about them. To see them as special. That’s what I must try to do.

      • The pope? A man who goes around wearing a long white dress? Making comments about homosexualists? When a large number of priests in his church are well known for their fondness for children of the male variety?

        How bizarre.

  13. The Tom Robinson song Glad to be Gay was an ironic and clever cry for the difficulties faced in the 70s and 80s. Things are different now but I am fed up with the cunts going on about their fucking sexual preferences as if it was something to be aspired to and implying they are still the victims of Robinson’s song.

    • TRB put out some dodgy stuff, 2-4-6-8 Motorway being a bit cringe worthy. Best track for me is Too Good To Be True. A top tune.

    • Good old Tom Robinson. A musician who is famous for being gay, while at the same time having been married to a woman for many years and, indeed, having a couple of kids with her.

      Not sure he really understands this gay thing too well.

  14. This irritating unfunny cunt is now a staple requirement for all tv comedy panel shows, and I can only think it’s for the obligatory ‘what do gays think of…’ opinion. Because the cunt isn’t funny at all. Another fucker whose sexuality is his personality, and is so overblown, you can’t see past it.

  15. Wall fireing squad enuf said,

    Sorry to go off topic M6 motorway 3/12/20 anti lockdown protest ,

    Hopefully bring the country to a standstill, fuck the jellyfish, truck full to the brim should last all day, more the merrier

    • Strange sort of protest, I would have thought a better way of protesting would be opening all the pubs and everyone getting pissed 😂
      Sitting on the motorway all day not going anywhere is more like pro lockdown.

    • Stupid idea, especially for emergency services, and food delivery vans, postal vans and shitloads more that won’t be able to do their job and thus more place more stress and delays for everyone else.

      If they want to protest do it in a town centre

      Fucking idiots

      • But that fucks us over as well. Messages every ten bastard minutes on the MDT when the last bunch of cunts were protesting about something, about what roads were blocked etc. Massive fucking delays getting to hospitals, childrens ED included. Fit a fucking snow-plough to the front of the trucks and go straight through them, I say.

      • Evening Mr.Cunt-Engine….course he would.

        When in the advanced stages of The Gayness yer average hermosexual is an unrelenting,indiscriminate botting-machine…he can’t help himself. This is what makes them so dangerous.

        Mind, I can’t imagine that even the most inflamed and desperate Gay would be willing to have a bash at Jo Brand’s puckered ringpiece.

        • Indeed. Faced with a choice at gunpoint, I’d sooner dig up and have sex with a rotting corpse than get my tinkle anywhere near Jo Brand.

  16. Who gives a fuck? So your gay, coming out as gay isn’t a big fucking deal anymore, if you’re gay and feel shame see an analyst, it’s your fucking problem, cunt!

  17. When I saw the the title of the nomination, I thought it was that fella who did the voice of Buzz Lightyear in that film Toy Story.

    Be what you want just keep it to yourself, and don’t expect others to like it or accept it.

  18. The only question I have is, if it’s natural, why are we supposed to celebrate it or have ‘Pride’ in it? My left arms, natural. I don’t celebrate that?

  19. As a homosexual man myself, i find these cunts insufferable. In fact this whole ‘gay’ agenda being shoved down our throats (pun intended) makes me sick to be honest.
    I don’t really get the whole mincing thing, the shreeky voice, the bitch attitude.
    I like my man to be a mans man and that’s it really.

  20. This squawky little twat really boils my piss, popping up on all the otherwise good comedy panel shows peddling his own brand of righteous shite that is about as funny as that other long standing twat Julian Cleary.

  21. BBC Advertisement.

    You have just missed Sir Henry at Rawlinson End which starts at 11 pm on Thursdays on Radio 4 Extra. Whatever the other iniquities of the BBC, this is unsurpassed comedy from long ago – you may have missed it first time round or been unable to make out the words on a medium wave transistor radio. I’d forgotten how much music Stanshall put into it, too. Five stars. Nothing remotely matches it today.

    I return you to our regular cunting.

  22. Telling people you’re a bummer is easy nowadays. Nobody gives a fuck and nobody will give you shit (unless you’re a peaceful).

    Try telling people you’re right wing nowadays. It could cost you friends, family, social media accounts, your career, bank account and your home.

    Shove another kitchen implement up your gaping ringpiece and stop moaning. You have it easy.

  23. As the great Bernard manning once said..” that’s one thing I couldn’t be is queer
    I couldn’t stand fellas turning me down as well as women

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