Lord Nazir Ahmed of Rotherham

Lord Nazir Ahmed of Rotherham, Aka Lord lying, deceiving, sexual exploiting, money grabbing, all round unpleasant peaceful Cunt.


What a thoroughly unpleasant chap he is; unless you follow a certain ideology that appears at times to condone such behaviours and even accept them as normal!!!

I had the misfortune many many years back of living close to this turd and the word on the street, (fuck me did I just say that? yuk ! Gossip), was that this filthy piece of shit had been over several years complicit in hiding the truth regarding the sexual exploitation of children in the town of Rotherham. Hmmmm

Reading through the article above whilst only circumstantially similar in comparisons :- “the fact that he did sexually assault the complainant on 2 March 2017” Guido Fawkes and lie repeatedly .. The question therefore of his complicity in ignoring the exploitation of the children in Rotherham does seem more plausible. I digress trying to avoid misrepresenting him. So put simply

He’s a cunt he’s a cunt he’s a Cee Ues eN Tee CUNT.
Aka see you next Tuesday.

Nominated by: Everyonesacunt 

…and seconded by W. C. Boggs

I second Everyonesacunt nomination.

Be it noted yet another Anthony Blair appointee – most of them are either crooked or bent. Interestingly the BBC report makes no mention of the fact that this turd on legs is or was a member of the Labour party.

If he had been a Tory you can rest assured the report would have made that clear in line one:


51 thoughts on “Lord Nazir Ahmed of Rotherham

  1. A better argument for levelling the House of Lords would be difficult to make. House of Depraved Filth would be a better name for it. This cunt looks like Jafar from Aladdin.

  2. What a kind, merciful face he has, like every Ahmed in the world. He only wants to spread his love. You can put these Ahmeds in suits, you can shower them with cologne, education, benefits, you can even make them a Lord, but they will still shit in a urinal.

  3. My favourite topic….followers of the evil prophet , the kiddie fiddler.

    I am aghast at the number of Muslim Lords that enrich the “Nobble House” ( not a typo )
    Mohammed is the anti christ, just look at how we help him in his mission.!( Think on that )

    Assisting the spread of evil should be made a crime….NOT an elevation to the H.O.L.

  4. Yeah I can see why he was trying to get up her fanny but i’m a dirty cunt not some bastard in the House of Lords scrounging £315 a day for sitting on my arse boozing it up. Trust Blaircunt to get a dirty old peaceful into the finest p*nces club in the world.
    I wonder what favours he had to for Phoney Tony?

  5. I’m so glad I made a decision very early in my life that I wouldn’t leave any litter behind on this planet. This fucking country will belong to the sand dwelling, peaceful cunts within 50 years.

    • Amazing how it’s noteworthy when a citizen actually contributed to the country because they were an ethnic.

      Next week a tribute to the first ethnic rioter who set the first fire he put out?

    • Well, turned on Arsenal v Leeds on Sunday and they are still kneeling. Turned the fucker off. After almost 40 years as an Arsenal fan and many as a season ticket holder, they can fuck off. They obviously don’t want my demographic of middle-aged white fellas at football now, so they can sell my season ticket to someone more in keeping with their woke agenda and have given up watching it on TV. Cunts.

      • They will continue taking the knee until fans are allowed back in then the ghastly practice will cease or there will be riots.

      • I couldn’t give a shit for sport, especially football, but I will have a good chuckle when they realise that all the white supporters have fucked off and there’s nobody to replace them with, particularly none of the blacks whose arses they’ve been licking.

    • Fuck me, what a cunt. Probably wasn’t texting, more likely watching porn on his phone the filthy bastard. I wonder which prison he went to?…….. probably Ford, where they send all the posh corrupt cunts. Like Butlin’s but much better food.

  6. All P*ki cunts should be deported, all filth, absolutely no use to the country.

    House of Lords, demolish it with the cunts locked in there.

  7. I am embarking on “The Origin and Influence of the Thoroughbred Horse” a book by Wm. Ridgeway. Many years ago Christopher Burgess described the book as ‘a refulgent shrine of erudition to the populace’. He went on ‘Them Pakki’s are smelly untrustworthy cunts aren’t they’.

  8. Excellent cunting. I see he’s on about going to the ECHR. Are we still subject to this disreputable organisation ?
    And why hasn’t he been prosecuted ?

  9. Jumped before pushed, the slimy cunt. No doubt a sinecure is waiting for him. In addition to:


    ‘Business development manager’ for a largish industrial estate can’t be bad, but a proper politician like Ahmed will graciously accept as many nice little earners as friends, family and perhaps foreign powers will put in his way.

    Why was he made a life peer? In 1998 he was still just a magistrate (!!!!) and principally notorious for lobbying Parliament on behalf of Pakistan. Even Wikipedia is evasive on the reasons.
    Just another triumph of Blair’s multicultural jihad, I guess.

  10. Blair ruined this country, far beyond anything Thatcher is accused of.
    Not so much an open door policy, but a taking the door off the hinges and burning it. Then creating a welfare state that is riches beyond the dreams of most of the third world, making it a beacon for all the worlds cunts, many of whom he handed an excuse to move by bombing their countries, and signing us up to a corrupt human rights treaty just to benefit his hideous wife, which makes sure when they get here, regardless of who, they will stay.

    • It’s bad enough them all being here (black, brown or white) but the benefits system appears to be biased in their favour. Even illegal immigrants get better treatment than a lot of the indigenous population. Why the fuck are people that shouldn’t even be here at the top of lists for council housing?

    • The vast majority of those places I could have guessed without looking at the list ( ie shitholes full of carpet kissers)
      but I was shocked to see Oxford on the list!
      This filth gets everywhere.
      Give it another 50 years and the UK will be a Muslim state.
      Thank God I’ll be pushing up the daisies by then.

  11. So, Tommy Robbo gets nicked for speaking the truth about these scum. Yet this filthy up to his neck in it Porkin Stannit hasn’t even had his collar felt? Of course, we all know that these dreadful people and their heinous crimes are at the bottom of the Dibble’s ‘To do’ list (see the disgraceful Operation Augusta and how that turned out). But a joke is a joke, surely?

  12. The ability to garner many, many votes was always a big interest to the liebour party.
    Something to do with the very high numbers of persons living in flats in Tower Hamlets certainly tickled the political senses. The guaranteed votes from Braddfordstan, Rotherhambad, Chittergongondon and other countries were guaranteed to pull in the politicos like flies round shit. This upstanding example was rewarded for his good work and deeds. Just think for a min, we could have ended up with Lord Vaz of spin cycle. Any one who believes the bollocks put out officially as to why these fucktards get their honours should contact my brother via me of course as he has a range of used Unicorns and furniture from Narnia guaranteed. Bank transfer or cash, can deliver

  13. This thread seems to have come some distance without specifying what ex-lord Ahmed has actually been charged with. Apologies. It’s the icing on the cake, and the link in the nom doesn’t even mention this one.

    Nazir Ahmed – serious sexual assault against a boy under the age of 11 and the indecent assault of the same boy; two counts of attempting to rape a girl who was under the age of 16. All charges relate to dates between 1971 and 1974.


    Careful, cunters, this one’s sub judice

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