Lewis Hamilton [14]

Whiiine! Whiiiiine! ‘What’s that?’ I hear you say. “Is it the sound of finely tuned Formula One cars racing round the track?’ No you stupid cunt, the race finished days ago, that really irritating incessant whining sound you can hear is emanating from the gob of that horribly repressed, shockingly discriminated against, practically a slave, cunt supreme Lewis cunting Hamilton. With his miserable face looking like a bulldog licking piss off a thistle, he can’t stop moaning about how un-fucking-fair it all is and what a bunch of cunts everybody else is.

When he’s not being paid £60m a year driving a fucking car round a track, or flying around the world on his own private jet so he can get paid even more millions for being photographed looking ‘urban’ wearing a stupid fucking £10,000 watch that only a cunt would wear anyway, or taking a selfie while jet-skiing off the coast of his luxury tax-avoiding no-plebs-allowed fucking degenerates ghetto with such a smug cunting face on him you would think he was auditioning for “Britain’s got Smug Cunts’, he’s lecturing us hoi polloi on how we all need to be even poorer, live in boxes, and stop going on holiday to ‘save the fucking planet’.

Now he’s just been crowned ‘Most Influential Black Person in Britain’ even though he doesn’t live in Britain and his only influence is to raise the level of sheer fucking cuntingness to previously unmatched heights of cuntery. I hereby nominate Lewis fucking Hamilton to the exalted title of ‘Cunt of Cunts, Lord High Cunt of the Fucking Universe’.

Nominated by: Biggus Cuntus

…and another from CuntyMort

Lewis Hamilton,
I know it’s the Daily Mail, what a piss boiler to wake up to.
For Fucks sake, That’s 2021 fucked up before 2020 is even finished. Stop the world, CuntyMort wants to get off. Fu ck what this spoilt CUNT wants. About time to abolish the honours system methinks.



….and this from Freddie the Frog

Yes we all know the Jellyfish is going to give this tax dodging, anti British, rich as fuck cunt a knighthood in the New Years Honours List. Given his woke bird threatening to withdraw her pussy services the useless cunt has no choice.

Meanwhile Sir Lewis has had a major setback. He has lost a court case against Hamilton Watches for daring to use his name to sell their overpriced shit. The fact that they have been using that name since 1892 doesn’t seem to matter to Sir Lewis because he makes his own history.

I doubt if he will bother to turn up for the BBC’s Sports Personality of the Year award from fellow hypocrite and libtard Gary Taxdodger, but I look forward to his private jet arriving at Heathrow to receive his honour from Her Maj. (Sorry, Charlie the Chimp or Baldy Bollocks just won’t do for the great Sir Lewis ……. although Sparkletits might be an acceptable substitute)

42 thoughts on “Lewis Hamilton [14]

  1. You just know this cunt will be made a Sir at the next Honours list bollocks. And you just know he will win Sports Personality of the year.

    The common denominator?

    He is a person of colour – right place right time.

    But at the end of the day, still a complete and utter cunt!

    • Who gives a flying fuck? I don’t watch or listen to the retarded, woke cunt or the cunts lining up to kiss his mongrel, wannabe black arse. He’s a total irrelevancy, a complete mong.

  2. I was taking a break from nominating Hamilton, but I’m glad he’s been done for trying sue Hamilton’s watch makers. You have to be a raging egomaniac to try to sue a company that was in business for well over a hundred years before you were born.

    • Its funny but Lewis can intricately braid his hair but cant tie his own shoelaces.
      Like a lot of gay blokes he gets upset easily,
      He sees himself as iconic, and makes a issue about race,
      But lots of black blokes hate gays.
      Hes a racing driver by trade
      But a florist by nature.

      • Ooh! Wait while little Lewis and ducky Joshua mince round for a word MNC – it will take ages to get rid of the cloying smell of blood and the smell of Estee Lauder perfume but only around a week for the dog to get through the bones!

      • I was unaware that he had taken legal action against Hamilton Watches. Back in the day they made excellent watches but nowadays follow the Swiss herd in sticking reasonable movements in ok cases and charging plenty. That doesn’t stop L H being a mega cunt.
        I have a collection of Seiko watches ranging from Seiko 5 to a couple of Grand Seikos. Each of them gives me great pleasure as Seiko companies make everything including the lubricating oil! They let one of their bright young things spend 27 years developing a new movement. My quartz GS is accurate to a fifth of a second in three years.
        I know that I should get out more but the Guzzi is acting up (yet again).

      • The Guzzi biker-I feel your pain😥

        I have friends who have spent more hours scratching their heads than riding the fuckers.
        A money pit.
        Buy a Honda!

      • I ride an Aprilia Tuono 996c V twin and have never had a problem with it, apart from it making me shit myself. I’ve never tried a Moto Guzzi but I like the interesting cylinder orientation.

      • Always liked the appearance of Guzzis but I had heard about Wop electrics….fine bikes – but!

        I would have got a Tuono, but I’m too tall and at my age don’t contort easily. Suzi SV1000 for the last few years – no complaints at all once I’d fixed the horrible noises coming from the badly-assembled clutch basket.

  3. I wonder if the ISAC website features a device or mechanism that puts cans of can’t into a sort of ‘Room 101’ never to be seen again.
    Not deaded, just not seen anymore.

    Also, I do believe in the
    ‘If we ignore him, he will get bored and go away’.

  4. Driving around in a Kevlar cocoon doesn’t make you brave. It makes you part of the most ridiculous, boring travelling circus in human history. A sanitised load of wank. The biggest cunts are the people who follow this global shit show of wankers.fuck the lot of them. Those yanks seem to have a semblance of the Roman death or glory.. F1 is for cunts.

  5. Who the Fuck is that butt fugly cunt pictured with him???.. Can’t add anything of note about Hamilcunt himself that hasn’t been said already. Atrocious obnoxious absolute cunt.

  6. I think it was Paul Joseph Watson or maybe We Got A Problem who pointed out that since Hamilton got into trouble for admonishing his nephew for wearing a pink princess dress, he jumped on the woke bandwagon.

    Racism exists, of course, but it certainly hasn’t held Hamilton back nor his enormous bank balance.

  7. The only good thing about his story this year is the 6 or 7 drivers who told him to fuck off when he tried to bully them into taking the knee.

    I can just imagine the answer from Kimi, Fuck off you b…k cunt!

    I remember seeing an interview with Eddie Irvine after he had retired from F1, he was asked about his ‘Partying’ reputation when he was in F1, his reply was something like ‘compared to Kimi I was like nun’

    Hamilton is a first class cunt and if he is knighted for being a cunt then it is well deserved!

  8. Fuck me I had no idea about that court case.

    What’s happened to this cunt.

    I have to declare that I’ve always liked Hamilton, he’s a fucking brilliant driver and he definitely connected with his fans, I loved it when he got nicked in Melbourne for doing donuts on a public road being egged on by the crowd.

    I went to the British Grand Prix in 2016 and after he got his winner’s trophy he came down from the podium and jumped into the crowd and surfed for a good minute or so.

    A top bloke I thought.

    He really doesn’t need to do this shit.

    He’s got enough money to last a millennia and he’s not even black.

    I’ve also noticed recently that there’s a narrative that his Dad had to work 2 jobs to help him in his karting career and life was tough for him because of his colour, I can only assume given the fact that’s utter bullshit he’s clearly turned into a weapons grade cunt he must have started it.

    However the inconvenient truth is he was spotted by McLaren at the age of 8 and Ron Dennis (McLaren owner) personally took him under his wing.

    There are no cheap motor sports anymore and Karting is ridiculously expensive at the highest levels.

    At the time Hamilton was coming through McLaren were wining everything so to have them as a sponsor is a gift from god.

    What a cunt. What an utter utter cunt.

    How dare he reinvent his past.

    A shit cunt of the highest order.

  9. Another cunt I can’t stand the sight of, almost as much as the Markles. I wish we could starve him of the oxygen of publicity. Or just oxygen, I’m easy on this.

  10. I’ve been thinking about this for a while and if I could pay less tax to HMRC, I would.
    Why should I work round the clock, so that several thousands of pounds of my hard earned money should be siphoned off to pay for feckless scumbags to quite literally piss up a wall or spend it on weed, the latest mobile phone and £120 trainers?

    Either that or it ends up being pissed up a wall by Boris and his Bullingdon club chums.

  11. I noticed while voting yesterday that Hamilton is way ahead in the running for sporting cunt of the year.
    He’s even a cuntry mile ahead of second place Linecunt, about 40 percentage points.
    Now to be that far ahead of a cunt of Lineker’s magnitude takes some doing.
    Well done Lewis, you really have taken cuntery to another level, way out of any other cunt’s league.

  12. Oily little turd, that he closely resembles in color and smell, hurry up and either crash your car, sink your boat or preferably fly you plane into a mountain.!

  13. So his family come here from wherever and change their family name from ombollyboogolowolu to Hamilton, then this cunt thinks he owns the name and sues people that were called Hamilton when his family were still wearing grass skirts and chasing wildebeest….
    What a cunt….
    I used to like him but his lecturing, hypocrisy, virtue signalling and complete lack of self awareness has made me hate him.
    I hope the Queen knights him very clumsily and “accidentally” takes an ear or an arm….

  14. I suspect when he’s enriching himself in the Bahamas a shark will eat him.
    Hopefully it won’t kill him,just leave this vile cunt with stumps.
    Make a lovely framed photo in the hall.

  15. Hamilcunt won’t need a stool to kneel on. He’s had plenty of practice kneeling for his black bros from da hood. For real.

  16. Lewis Hamilton, eh?

    Well, if I want to watch a chimp drive around in a flash and expensive fast car, I’ll watch those old ‘Brook Bond’ PG Tips adverts on Youtube.

  17. I had a nightmare last night, dreamt that I was being attacked by a shark.
    No serious injuries though, because when I woke up I realised it was only a bream….

  18. A cunt of THE very highest order.
    If he does not win IsAC COTY sporting cunt, I will be employing Rudy Gulliani and his team to investigate the possibility of vote rigging 👍

  19. I can’t cunt this Mun key often enough, you aren’t even black you thick cunt, you are a mongrel. I feel it’s the white genes that give you your driving capability and the other 50% of you allows you to caper around on the dance floor at a wedding whilst smiling like the village idiot.!

  20. White privilege in F1?

    One dark key driver and the rest of the drivers non dark key.

    Which one gets the best car and most money every year?


  21. The cunt should have some flashing blue lights built into his wing mirrors to give him that authentic ‘Brudder blood from the hood’ look that he’s after. You’d think he was as black as Newgates knocker the way he acts. Fucking Al Jolson was more of a harvest than this cunt.

  22. Shut your filthy mouth you fucking homo braided-hairstyled is ape !
    The only reason that you can drive so fast is that you spent your youth twocking cars and evading capture by the police.
    You’re a filthy dark key cunt who’s jealous because that other chimp Marcus Rashford is getting more attention than you.

  23. Did you know that an anagram of ‘Lewis Hamilton’ is fucking thick smug cunt. Well, maybe not, but it’s about as authentic as the real thing.

    PS talking of ‘things’, what’s that abomination in the right-hand picture?

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