Jeremy Corbyn (28)

First he gets suspended from the Labour party after his dipshit comments following the release of the report into Labour’s anti-Semitism under his ‘leadership’, now magic grandpa has apparently decided to nominate himself for both cunt of the year and retard of the century.

Throughout the Flu Manchu, Corbyn has repeatedly broken the rules. From turning up to parliament, despite the rules saying MP’s his age should stay away, to breaking social distancing rules by wandering around his constituency, trying to shake hands with people, to breaking the rule of six by attending a dinner party with MORE than six people.

Well, now he’s done it again. Breaking travel restrictions by travelling from tier 2 London, to the tier 1 Isle of Wight, where he again broke social distancing rules by posing with various equally retarded Corbyn supporters.

He has also spent time with a fellow suspended Labour Party member and activist, Stephen Smith, who describes himself as ‘neuro-divergent Labour’ (translation: Loony Left), and who is currently under investigation over alleged anti-Semitism on social media. Just a couple of days ago, Smith posted a cartoon of the Israeli PM flying an IDF jet and firing ‘defamation’ missiles at Corbyn. The local branch secretary for Labour, Robert Jones is not happy, tweeting;

“… a suspended member – you really couldn’t make this up. Of course, he wouldn’t have known he was posing with a suspended member, but thanks Jeremy: you don’t come down here when you could have done as leader, and now here you are — gurning for selfies. But never mind: I hope your batteries were re-charged and you had a rest, anyway.”

Apparently, Smith also has a habit of posting YouTube videos in which he rants about Labour, while naked. Isn’t there some kind of indecency issue there? Anyway, Corbyn’s continued insistence that he is exempt from Bat Flu rules, and his graceless comments about the anti-Semitism report make him a complete and utter cunt. Again.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw

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54 thoughts on “Jeremy Corbyn (28)

  1. I despise old Steptoe, but let’s not forget that, though Kweer Starmer also despises him, he was happy enough to sit in his shadow cabinet for three years and try to get him elected as PM less than a year ago, which makes him look like a careerist hypocritical cunt.

    Let’s also not for get that Starmer is quite happy to let Lammy continue with his poisonous race-baiting and says not a word about it.

    Corbyn is but a symptom of the disease that is Labour

    • I loved seeing Comrade Pisspants lose the election he’s such an old commie cunt. “I think we’re going to do quite well!” He proclaimed on election night before taking it ball deep in the arse by the electorate hehe.

      Does anyone else think that “Sir” Queer STILTON Starmer looks like Max Headroom from the 80s. He took the knee for BL (DON’T) M and so he takes it up the arse too and loves it.

  2. Jeremy is going to be a thorn in Starmers side for awhile.
    Hes returned but without the whip, he still has a lot of support from loyalists within Labour, Starmer wants him gone as he sees him as the root of the anti-Semitism trouble,
    A embarrassment.
    Hes got his work cut out as its easier said than done to get rid.
    Fun to watch though!😀

  3. I miss Jezza, always good for a laugh, especially at the dispatch box.

    The word Loony just isn’t strong enough to describe him and his followers. Total cunt.

    • His opening lines were brilliant ‘I have received a letter from Mable in Cleethorpes’ …….

      He was a left wing warrior at the despatch box just as he was on the back benches.
      The current cunt is a slimy fucking lawyer at the despatch box, just as he has always been.

      Not actually a letter from Mable but you get my drift I hope.

  4. I suppose it was inevitable that Jezzer was not going to slip off the stage quietly. This is a man who put the shits up the Tories in 2017 and who was feted with religious fervour by the woke masses at Glastonbury. I don’t think you cunts realise that Jezzer is a fucking star.
    The Labour left love him to bits and Starmzy is discovering that the cunt is not just fading away. Good on him I say. As long as Steptoe has his horse and cart Labour are fucked.

    • In a way I think we should thank Steptoe for helping Dame Kweer to stay unelectable. He huffs and he puffs but Starmer is just full of piss and wind. He is a cheap third rate carbon copy of Blair, who would finish this country off with his woke crap, and his cabinet would be full of racists, feminists, misandrists, poofters, and whatever Eddie Izzard is, when he wins his seat., all advocating large scale immigration and curtailing freedom of speech

      • One of my dad’s favourite expressions was ‘ full of wind and piss like a barber’s cat’. I never really I stood what the old boy meant but it is nice to be reminded of him.

  5. He is a cockroach, almost impossible to eradicate. He certainly has conviction, should be convicted.

    Jeremy you have to stop thinking that the momentum faithful represent the general population.

    Now fuck off.

  6. Ah… poor little Jeremy again…. his dreams of herding Jews into the gas chamber dashed on the rocks of common decency and British fair play.


    Yup, he’s never been one to underplay the victim card.

    • Something I will never understand is why the left hate jews so much.

      It’s like picking a fight with the smallest kid in class who has asthma, glasses and a club foot.

      Totally cuntish.

      • What I cannot understand about modern advertising is that it has become a game of spot the straight, white person. Every minority is represented, the only exception being Hassidic, or indeed any other type of Jew.

    • I don’t really get why anybody hates Jews. They tend to keep to themselves and don’t try to impose their beliefs on everybody else, unlike Christians and Muslims, who have a long history of it.

      I might respect Corbyn a bit if he started an anti-islam crusade (pun intended), but I suppose he recognised the high number of potential votes among the throat cutting, suicide bombing population, and so went after their chosen enemy instead.

        • I’m not a big fan of the nation of Israel – I never have understood why a religion was given its own country (yes, I am aware of what happened in World War 2), but pure hatred of Jews as an entire group of people is highly irrational.

          Hate individual people because they are cunts by all means, but an entire race?

          • “Hate individual people because they are cunts by all means, but an entire race?”

            That much is true Robin, doesn’t seem to stop them holding the German taxpayer to ransom to the tune of £4,000,000,000/pa to compensate for the supposed ‘sins’ of their grandfathers!

            “I don’t really get why anybody hates Jews.”
            I know…unfathomable innit… why DO they end up being cyclically rejected and summarily ejected from wherever they drop anchor

            Could it be that a majority of that particular ‘race’/religion (they use the terms interchangeably as needed) subscribe to the tenet that somehow god is a fucking estate agent. Perhaps it’s because so many of them are to be found at the vangaurd and leaderships of every subversive group that ever set itself against white western european man?
            Perhaps it’s the roaring hypocrisy of their preaching and prating about yooman rights, equaliddy, race-mixing or their support for mass immigration into the West whilst maintaining a strict homogeneous ethnostate for themselves.

            A ‘state that has attacked every single one of its neighbours at some point, a ‘state that will quite happily attack its ‘allies’ . Remember the Liberty? blasted to fuck by unmarked Israeli jets, then torpedo boats and they then machine gunned the lifeboats? (yeah they did that) days before they kicked of a war with Egypt. A state that steals its allies’ technology (no we haven’t got any nukes!) to hawk to the Chinese

            ” They tend to keep to themselves and don’t try to impose their beliefs on everybody else,”

            pfffft…. where to start? do we want to start unpacking AIPAC, PNAC, the ADL etc?

          • Well said CuntyChops, don’t forget Barbera lerner Specter and her Kalergi plan dreams.
            Thanks for flooding Europe with sand rats you hymie twats.

            Cracking job she’s done on Sweden, ‘sex assault’ capital of Europe.
            But hey, it’s all the ragheads fault for facilitating their move over 2000 miles.
            George Soros and Open Borders, there’s another bacon hater who despises the West but worked for the Nazis betraying his tribe,but you know, mustn’t criticise the eternal victims.
            “We need to be vocal in our denial of prejudice.”
            Bollocks, you’re owned, that’s all.
            The biggest group of Semites are Arabs.
            Which makes this place virulently anti-semitic then dunnit?
            Such hypocricy.

  7. Thank god this useless doddering old fuck didnt become prime minister, commie Corbin should just disappear and concentrate on growing foot fungus or something, this clown is an absolute cunt to the point where he makes Boris the baffoon look good i reckon i would make a better PM than Corbin…

  8. Corbyn said he’d never send anyone to the house of lords.
    Chakrabarti’s whitewash report saw him send her there.
    He has been reinstated to the labour party but does not have the whip restored. Surely it follows Chakrabarti should be removed from the house of turds.

  9. Problem is, Boris and his pocket filling cunts are making such a hash of everything that people will be looking to vote for someone else.

    I cannot say that Jezza would’ve made less of a hash up than the Jellyfish but I have heard even hard line right wingers who want to get rid of Doris, Hancock and all the other tit swingers and who else is there? that big titty woman from the Lib Dems?

    The great thing was in middle the middle of mass unemployment, corrupt contracts, death, business failures and mass misery Boris the Cunt announced a fucking “Green Future” paper or something….you couldn’t make this shit up if you tried.

    Boris, Corbyn and all the other utter cunts can suck my balls.

  10. I rather enjoyed it when Corbyn was leader of the opposition. He successfully ensured that his loony left idiots were kept out of power at least until the next election, and he unintentionally enabled us to leave the EU. Bravo Jeremy👍👍

    • Agreed Robin, the Compo, Flabbott , Wrong-Daily sideshow was quite entertaining because they are all plainly mental. The current shadow cabinet is rather tame by comparison as well as being upstaged by Boris in the calamity stakes.

  11. Jeremy Corbyn – draining insipid dullness personified. The kind of guy who would get invited to an orgy and spend an hour telling you about his new windproof jacket.
    A commie John Major, openly supportive of socialist Venezuela with almost incalculable inflation, wealth wasted and stolen, the people sleeping in shacks and cars, scavenging food from bins and right wing Government hit squads removing anyone disagreeing with the glorious leader.
    IRA pin up boy, lazy sly self serving snake who only agreed to step down as leader after a protracted pension enhancement battle.
    An over promoted, underqualified and unjustly idolised local Councillor still doing his best to turn Labour into the British communist party with plastic Tony facing civil war trying to remove the rabid left.
    Traitor, enemy of the people and rich enough to be a true socialist.
    And we pay his wages?

    • I wonder whether Corbyn-19 is scratching his head wondering why Britain has almost secured the vaccine while Venezuela, his mates in the Middle-East, or his comrades in any other tinpot leftie cuntry haven’t.

  12. Poor old Jezza! Left out in the “cold cream” by the hyperactive input to the foregoing nominations about Tove Janssen’s œuvre. Such ignominy and pococurantism on isac more damning than a thousand words, I believe.

    Imagine, if you will, a covid-defined premièreship headed up by Mr Corbyn. Although he would unquestionably have been flailing around throughout 2020, equally adrift as Mr Johnson (and that comparative might be aimed at administrations of all nation States – other than China, S Korea, Taiwan et hoc genus omne), i fancy we would have witnessed still less by way of effective leadership c/o Magic Grandpa.

    Unlike Colonel Gaddafi, Mr Corbyn lacked real popular appeal. Cryptic enough? My own personal hero¹ of the moment, Hermann Göring himself could scarcely have fucked things up more than Boris, however.

    ¹ I’m currently “tapering off” the morphine sulphate wrt a scapula injury, and feel a curious synergy with the late Reichsmarschall, now in the news due to the anniversary of the start of his “show trial” in Närmberch (as the local dialect has it)

  13. Nothing wrong wrong with old red Corbo. He as always been like that and got away with it. Just shows are hypocritical and rotten the labour party is. It was obvious he would be allowed back in. They are without doubt a party of utter cunts. Fuck em all.

    • He was, at least, a true representative of the Labour party. The current lot are just fake Blair-alikes. Being a true lefty labour man, unfortunately, just proved what a cunt he was.

      I blame his mother – I saw Jezza’s brother on telly recently and he is just as much of a cunt as Jezza is.

      • “a true representative of the Labour party”?

        The Hard-Left perhaps, but not traditional moderate Labour.

        Corbyn not fit to lick the shit off Attlee’s shoes, or Michael Foot’s for that matter.

        • Yeah, “Hard-left”. That’s what I meant. He doesn’t really seem to have the interests of the working class at heart.

          Not too sure about the Michael Foot reference though. I seem to remember him being a complete nutter who had as much chance of being elected as Corbyn.

          • A nutter maybe, but at least Foot was a patriot.

            He unequivocally backed the Task Force and its mission to retake the Falklands. Needless to say Corbyn was against.

  14. He’s grown on me.
    What’s not to like about a demented old Commie who once bummed Flabbott?
    Tremendous entertainment.
    The corrupt old scarecrow cunt.

    • “bummed Flabbot”

      Climbing inside the Flabbotasaurus’ arse would be like Jonah living in that whale for three days: Lonely, capacious, with the constant stench of methane.

  15. I just don’t understand anti-semitism. Of course all races and religions have their shits but the Jewish race has produced Nobel Prize Winners and Award Winning Scientists. I saw a list recently of what they have achieved, fuck me it was a lot. They also keep Iran in some kind of order knowing Israel has the bomb and would use military action if provoked. I know they can be accused of being tight but I think of all the millions of jobs around the world that they create with their businesses. Also, MOSSAD are hard as fuck and will monitor Islamic Extremists and possible terrorists so in effect their helping with our safety as well.

    • “…will monitor Islamic Extremists and possible terrorists so in effect their helping with our safety as well.”

      Fuckin’ ‘ell Bob, who funds I.S.I.S.?? Research the Safari Club…

      • Hi Cunty, not trying to start an argument or anything. I don’t know what you mean! Please explain, like I say just a genuine question, would like to know, cheers.

        • Sorry if I came across as a bit of a cunt but it’s and it’s difficult to impart inflection over a k/board, been one of those fucking days and today it was ripping into the boy’s teachers about forcing them to wear masks in school and then their fucking canteen staff refused to serve one of my lads so I hit the feckin’ roof.

          Just sorting all the domestic shite and I’ll get back to you on that one. Suffice it to say that the official montage of Israel being the sole stabilising influence in the Mid East and constantly under siege from hostile Arabs could not be more wrong.
          Still funny as fuck though to watch a proselytising social justice warrior like Corbyn having his ‘career’ ended by the mere click of a certain lobby group’s fingers who did not think he had grovelled anywhere near enough.

          Starmer will of course be a good goy, lube up and grab ankles for Israel.

  16. Fuckin Brilliant! Labours biggest hatchet job is returned to the ranks, irrelevant of what anybody thinks of the current administration, Labour seem to have fucked themselves over once again by letting this complete retard back into the party.

    At a time when they had a real chance of regaining power, ( general election / brexit) by appointing this total turd on legs and his side kid Flabbot, they became unelectable. So they realise their mistake, get him the fuck out of the party, only to then decide that maybe there is still a reasonable level of support for the rancid old twat. Welcome back Jeremy, and goodbye to any future labour credibility! Complete Dickheads! Suits the average joe fine!

  17. All these dodgy Labour cunts calling for Priti Patel’s resignation.

    A pity they didn’t apply the same reasoning to their pal, John Bercow for all those years.

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