Fairy tale of New York

Woke Fuckers that want to change fucking everything. I have just read this latest piece of woke cuntery on msn news I don’t read this pile of shite but it appeared when I logged out of my emails.

Fuck me cannot they leave anything alone. BBC Radio 1 have again changed/edited the lyrics to “fairy tale of New York”. The word “faggot” might be deemed upsetting to Homo-sexual s..


I refused to read the story on MSN found it on link above.

I’ve said this before but will state it again the world is being corrupted before our eyes by K-weers, snowflakes, trann ie bend-end-ers, lefty, socialist, commie, pea doh apologists, real life bigots, opinionated air headed university lecturers, fully supported by the bastard lefty thinking Cunts that run almost all main media outlets.

Cunts everyone of them Leave things alone. The song has been popular for what it was; for ages. Stop fucking about trying to invent outrage. Realise that most folks are normal, even homosexuals and don’t constantly get upset by a fucking song 37 years old.

Cunts. In a very loud voice.. So loud as I’ve been told off by the Mrs for swearing.

Nominated by: Everyonesacunt 

…and another one from Captain Magnanimous

The clichéd shite of The Pogues is a cunt, isn’t it.

The PC-BBC has decided to edit a “classic” Christmas tune by the Oirish comedy band The Pogues and their lyrics “you cheap, lousy faggot” for fear of hurting any homosexual’s feelings although strangely it hasn’t felt the need to do so in the last 33 years.

The song is about a drunk, quarrelling couple sung by Kirsty MacColl (daughter of folk singer Ewan) and Shane MacGowan (born Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent).

Lawrence Fox decried the edit laughing at what the corporation deems acceptable for our ears. The Oirish comedy band then told Fox to “fuck off you Herrenvolk shite” (an allusion to Nazi master race ideology).

How embarrassing. After having your “art” censored and edited, you attack the person fighting FOR you and defend the perpetrator, simply to signal your virtues. Are you condoning anti-homo sentiment, are you corroborating the woke establishment, or are you imaging your ubiquitous pay-cheque being a tad more meagre and paltry this year?

Perhaps the BBC would like to change other Pogues’ lyrics, the violent ones, the anti-English ones, the Rebel songs, and the ones about alcoholism and fucking whores?

The Pogues are a miserable bunch of phoneys. A comedy Oirish group without the comedy who probably all live in London. They’re a hackneyed, one-trick-pony pub band still peddling non-existent clichés about Oireland whilst the violin, mandolin, and school recorder are massacred by unwashed, toothless, millionaire goons wearing rags.

Dirty Old Town? Dirty, Old Cunts.

121 thoughts on “Fairy tale of New York

  1. Rogues sold out after Rum Sodomy and the Lash. The ugly drunken cunt who slurs is beyond contempt.
    Only one christmas song for me –
    X -M@$ by Corey Taylor.

  2. Shane McGowan started one of the first punk fanzines, when he was 16.
    I was told he has bad teeth because of cough mixture consumption-I am sure years of drinking pints of Martini have not helped😉.
    I like the song, not a huge Christmas fan-used to cost me a fortune in lost revenue, bonuses, bank holiday pay etc😢 Bah Humbug!

    Kirsty McColl got chopped to fuck by that speeding boat-in front of her kids too-truly awful.

    I live in hope that Katie Price, Meghan Sparkles and other assorted jizz-cloths decide to take up scuba diving in that region😃👍

  3. Plug ugly unfunny murder inciting Wollygog cunt, Sophie Duker says ‘Kill Whitey’ on BBC television?


    Deceased singer using the word ‘Faggot’ on 33 year old Christmas record on BBC radio?

    ‘Not OK’.

    Fuck the BBC into hell.

      • I’m actually pissed off that she is still alive, CG.

        Duker is a prize cunt. But Boyle and the BBC are bigger cunts, for allowing her to spout such shit and egging her on. Frankie Boyle is scum.

    • Meow! The claws are out!

      I’m not sure if she was joking, my nana told me when I was a child, ‘Always carry a house brick in your handbag’.

    • Fucking hell. I hope the cunt sues them for wrongful dismissal.

      Actually, I’m pretty sure I’ve heard Lineker say this a few times. It would be a fucking terrible shame if somebody dug up fairly recent footage of him saying the same thing.

      • Although nothing beats Sir Geoff Hurst throwing out a casual ‘N’ bomb while sitting next to a stunned Garth Crooks in the studio.

        Sir Geoff was a decent pundit for the few minutes his punditry career lasted.

      • And taking about Francesco Totti at half time (poor Ron again forgot to switch his mic off it seems).

        “You know what Brian, I don’t know what all the fuss is about Totti. He looks like a bit of a twat to me.”

        Bring back Big Ron and kick out all the woketards, wimmins and dark keys in the studio and I might start watching footy again.

      • Forgot to say, he ended the Totti outburst with, “He looks like a bit of a twat to me. Are there any more of these sandwiches left?’

  4. Gentlemen-I give you THE finest piece of Christmas Lyric-smith committed to vinyl.

    R.C. Browns- Twelve Days Of Christmas:

    On the first day of christmas, me girlfriend sucked me dick
    I had to stop myself from coming really quick

    On the second day of christmas she kissed me bollocks too
    She gave me a blowjob, you know the way the women do

    On the third day of christmas I had my head between her legs
    With my tounge I tried to fertilise her eggs

    On the forth day of christmas her pubess were up me nose
    By now you’ll think I’m sex mad I suppose

    First she sucked me dick
    Kissed me bollocks too
    pubess were up me nose
    I said “mind me cartilage, me pins are in my bare knee”

    On the fifth day of christmas I stopped for a pause
    I noticed these big skid marks on her draws

    On the sixth day of christmas I thought She’s very loose
    Too late, my tounge was soaked in fanny juice

    On the seventh day of christmas I was staring at this lass
    Well I was staring at this paper stuck to her arse

    On the eighth day of christmas I started to feel ill
    On the paper it said Newcastle had lost two-nill

    First she sucked me dick
    Kissed me bollocks too
    pubess were up me nose
    Skid marks on her draws
    She stunk of fanny juice
    Newspaper on her arse
    I started to feel ill
    To part a fart and lick a hairy place where the girls pee

    On the ninth day of christmas, I’d been shagging for eight days
    I must have fucked this girl a thousand different ways

    On the tenth day of christmas without being too blunt
    To be honest I’d had enough of her large cunt

    On the eleventh day of christmas i went to see the quack
    He said “my dear boy you’ve been licking too much crack”

    First she sucked me dick
    Kissed me bollocks too
    pubess were up me nose
    Skid marks on her draws
    Stunk of fanny juice
    Newspaper on her arse
    I started to feel ill
    I’d been shagging for eight days
    It’s blunt to mention cunt
    I’d been licking too much crack
    But now my tart’s frigid and that’s a reality

    On the twelfth day of christmas, found out she’d given me AIDS

  5. Sirs:

    I saw the Pogues as the middle act in a bill starting with Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper and the Violent Femmes as the headliner.

    MacGowan was so drunk he did a faceplant in the middle of the set. Bounced right back up, though, I’ll give him that.

    I was pretty hammered myself. Wound up in the sack with an Irish au pair.

    It was a night to disremember.

  6. My version was much better


    Available on all the best streaming sites to add to your Christmas play lists, along with my album “Christmas Turkeys” which murders all the songs you love to hate.

    I’ve had too much to drink
    I’ve thrown up in the sink
    The party’s over and
    They’ve all gone home
    The Christmas spirit’s gone
    And so’s the beer and wine
    We had a smashing time
    I least I think we did
    The ads on telly
    All try to tell me
    It’s a time for giving
    And not for holding back
    I need to spend and spend
    And I’ll feel better then
    But the shops are full of tat
    And I’ve had enough of that

    I wonder why we do it
    It’s the same crap every year
    I wish we pulled the plug
    On Christmas time

    Thank God that’s it’s Christmas
    For only one day
    Though it goes on forever
    Or that’s how it seems
    It starts in September
    Goes all through December
    It peaks in November
    With Black Friday week

    There’s beer in my belly
    The flat’s rank and smelly
    There’s fuck all on telly
    But loads of old crap
    It’s after the party
    I’m bloated and farty
    The place smells of vomit
    And stale cigarettes

    I wonder why we do it
    It’s the same crap every year
    I wish we could call time
    On Christmas Day

    It’s great when it’s over
    We’re glad when it’s done
    We can all stop pretending
    That we’re having fun
    The new year is coming
    We’re on our last legs
    As we look forward to Easter
    And Cadbury’s Cream Eggs

    There’s wine on the carpets
    And beer on the chairs
    And someone’s thrown up
    On the foot of the stairs
    There’s a man with a hammer
    Going nuts in my head
    And I found someone’s knickers
    When I went to bed

    I wonder why we do it
    It’s the same crap every year
    It’s time we pulled the plug
    On Christmas time

    And when September comes
    We start it all again
    It’s such a waste of time
    It really is a crime…

  7. The Pogues were one of those bands that it was cool and trendy to like at the time. I never did because my ears actually work and I didn’t give a fuck what anyone else was listening to or claiming to be into. An absolute shambles of a 3rd rate pub act with less talent. Awful song. Awful band. Fuck off.

    • I agree, IY. If anyone wants or likes that sort of music, there are far superior examples like the Dubliners or the Clancy Brothers. It’s not my cup of tea, but there are acts who are much better at it than the Pogues.

  8. It’s not upsetting to this 40+ year old bummer whose grown up with some real homophobia under his belt, and survived it. Not everyone likes bummers, and why would they? We didn’t evolve to do each other up the shit chute, that small number of us who do, are a quirk of nature. FUCK pride and ‘affirmation’. We’re not ‘normal’, or ‘as good as you’. We’re a genetic fuck-up, not an excuse for casting us out of society, but let’s call a spade a spade. I treat every human being I interact with as just that – a human being that deserves a basic modicum of fucking decency, whilst I know nothing about them, their background and their proclivities. All that’s private to them, unless it crosses certain moral and criminal thresholds.

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