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A marshy, flat-earth, salt-of-the-earth guvnor cunting for Essex Cunty Council’s recently released (as in the mode of a silent fart) “Essex Climate Action Commission Interim Report”.

I haven’t read such a load of self-important and misguided twaddle for years. The “chair” of the commission is that legendary scientist Lord Randall. Yes, an ex-mp whose only claim to fame seems to be that he took “East European Studies” at university and his family run a department store in Uxbridge. The cunt isn’t even from Essex.

But hold on – it get’s worse. The two “co-chairs” are 1) Prajwal and 2) Daniel. No surnames given for either, but they are both p*kis and look about 12.

The report opening introduction has such scientific gems and proof of climate change as “When Greta Thunberg addressed world leaders at the United Nations in 2019, she said “I want you to panic.” We do not want the people of Essex to be alarmed, but we do want us all to take climate change seriously”.

Of course, the main issue of 180,000 new homes, is glossed over. We can assume that this will mean about 400,000 more people in Essex, and of course this will have no affect on the pollution in Essex, especially as we can assume these incomers will largely be filth from the third-world.

What the fuck has happened to this country? How is it that these cunts are running things? Why the fuck should children be listened to about adult issues?

If you can hold your breakfast down long enough, the full report is here:

26 thoughts on “Essex County Council

  1. Kids only parrot what they are fed. And to get them believing such a gigantic load of bullshit like human-caused climate change is unconscionable. It’s an abhorrent exploitation of a child’s faith in what they are told. The climate changes constantly. In fact this morning the weather is the opposite of what it was yesterday where I am.
    Climate predictors are like Psychic network scammers. They can be wrong and we are still expected to believe they have an ounce of credibility.
    Cunts! All of them.

    • I’d say it’s worse than that – it’s a 21st century form of child abuse which is being perpetuated by these climate morons to indoctrinate and frighten children. One of my nephews came home from school the other day parroting this green nonsense, trying to to tell me that the world was gonna end in 10 years or so unless we urgently addressed this ‘climate emergency’???

      Suffice to say I soon put the little cunt right.

  2. “climate change” is bollox’. Even if its not and the seas rise over a hundred years, so fucking what ! Most of the Netherlands is meters below sea level. All these cunts do is terrify little kids with their insane cultish bullshit and bankrupt the country . Id line them all up in front of a firing squad after id forced them to dig coal for a decade.

  3. I expect that when one of our ancestors stepped out of his cave during the Ice Age and said “It’s seens to be getting warmer!” , there was some whiney cunt saying we are all doomed.
    A few years back we were supposed to be on the verge of a new ice age. ❄❄

    • I remember it well. In the late 60s and early 70s experts were recommending the pumping of large amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere to prevent the impending ice age.

  4. I don’t think it’ll make much difference to the good folks of Essex.
    In my experience of meeting Essex people they’ll just laugh at it, then tell them to fuck off with their interim report. T

  5. Should have been sent them some used toilet paper. Factually correct and recyclable. Could have been a worthy inclusion to a report of this level or an interesting appendix to same. “When Greta thundertwat addressed leaders at the UN she said I want you to panic
    considering the falling off of foreign aid I would imagine most were shitting their pants anyway. Any report about anything which begins with that style of Greta quote is bogroll or hutch lining. Fucking pathetic bollocks produced with other peoples money. Really is getting worse is it not?

  6. I mind them!
    Enough foreign shite here already, without more human flotsam turning up.

    Open letter to the people of Hong Kong.

    We’re full!
    Stay where you are you yellow fuckers!
    We dont want you here.

    Love MNC.

    • I don’t give a fuck where they are from, or how hard they work, it’s another three million people! Who need homes, jobs, infrastructure, healthcare and policing. We were full ten years ago, so where the fuck are they all going to go? Will they integrate, or will we end up with another Chinatown type of thing? Another culture we will be forced to absorb, because there is no need to assimilate.
      Fuck, I wish I was 90, I could be sitting in my own piss, laughing at the cunt around me who are going to live long enough to deal with the consequences of the last 20 years.

  7. Start a tyre fire with a load of old diesel and lob this shite on the top of it.
    Find everyone involved in the production of this effluent and gas them.
    That should fucking warm things up nicely.

  8. Essex was where the post war eastenders were shifted to, being replaced by the Banglas, P*kis and other assorted immos. Now even more immos are shifting them further east and these “cockneys” are spilling into Suffolk and Norfolk where they are not welcome by the locals. These carrotcrunchers ain’t seen nothing yet. Abdul is coming, don’t worry about that.

    • Already infested with them. Even empty shops in small estate shopping parades are becoming prayer rooms. Stinks…literally.

  9. Living in the middle part of Essex, it was up until 10 years ago relatively white and English. Wasn’t even too many ex cockneys who were mainly rehouse in Basildon and Harlow. Saw the idiots on Towie and thought they were all cockneys.

    Gradually many more Eastern European’s and increasing blacks and Muslims, like the rest of the country, it’s being purposely changed.

    Climate change. The UK will be fucked by all the immigrants before climate becomes an issue. No more doctors surgeries of schools than there was 10 years ago, the infrastructure is creaking.
    Unless we can stop Africa and Asians breeding like bacteria, there is fuck all we can do about climate change.

    • The tinfoil hatters are worried that Bill Gates wants to put a chip in their heads and make them infertile. Fuck chips, I’d us bullets.

  10. These councils allowing the building of thousands of cookie cutter homes on ex-farmland are complete cunts. How does it add up in their brain to keep building in green spaces yet in the next breath wang on about climate change?

    There is a consipiracy theory going round that states the government will put us in mega cities and let the green belt be for nature. Fat chance. More likely that the UK will just be concreted over and be wall to wall housing.

  11. I grew up in Barking and Dagenham, there wasn’t a single BAME kid 🧒🏿 in my school and to see one anywhere was a rarity. Now they are immo shitholes. The Barking Road is now like a street in Islamabad and the cinema where I fingered my first fanny is now a fucking mosque. No fingering fannies anymore, just fucking goats up the arse. That’s what they call progress these days.

  12. Well I have just had installed a very nice oil boiler in my house, which won’t be carbon zero. So Essex Cuntcil and its lofty aspirations can go a piss up a ropestick.

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