Cunt of the Year 2020

Welcome to the annual cuntfest where we seek to identify those people and organisations who have demonstrated outstanding levels of cuntitude throughout the year.

This year, there are six categories :

British cunt
Foreign cunt
Political cunt
Sporty cunt
Corporate cunt (Corporations not individuals)
Covid cunt (this years special category)

Please submit nominations below in the same order as above as it makes it easier to collate them. Nomination will close early in December when our code monkeys can be arsed to do it.

The top 5 in each category will then be voted on and the results posted on New Years Eve

130 thoughts on “Cunt of the Year 2020

  1. COTY 2020…

    British Cunt – Phillip Schofield
    Foreign Cunt – Ellen De-Generates
    Political Cunt – matt hanCOCK
    Sporty Cunt – Lewis Hamilton
    Corporate Cunts – BBC
    Covid Cunt – CHINA!

  2. British Cunt – John Le Carre
    Foreign Cunt – Nancy Pelosi
    Political Cunt – Matt Hancock
    Sporty Cunt – Harry Maguire
    Corporate Cunts – BBC
    Covid Cunt – Neil Ferguson

  3. British Cunt- Tony Blair
    Foreign Cunt- Hilary Clinton
    Political Cunt- Stephen Lawrence’s fucking cunt of a mother
    Sporty Cunt- Gary the cunt Lineaker
    Corporate Cunt- Al bbc
    COVID Cunt- People’s Republic of China

  4. British: Harry Hewitt-Spencer
    Foreign: Megain Markle
    Political: Jimmy Krankie-Sturgeon
    Sport: Lewis Hamilton
    Corporate: BBC
    COVID: Professor Penis

  5. British Cunt – Nicola Sturgeon
    Foreign Cunt – The Chinese Communist Party and their cover-up
    Political Cunt – Mark Drakeford
    Sporty Cunt – Steve Jones Chanel 4 F1 presenter despite knowing fuck all about anything, especially motor racing and creaming himself every time someone takes the knee.
    Corporate Cunt – BBCunts , are there other nominations?
    Covid Cunt – Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus boss of WHO

  6. British Cunt- Yasmine Alibiah-Brown. It genuinely pains me to have to describe her as “British” though.
    Foreign Cunt- The EU and all that sail (and hopefully sink) with it.
    Political Cunt- “Sir” Keir Starmer, for taking the knee, like the pathetic middle class pansy that he is. About as much of a “Man Of The People” as his crusty predecessor.
    Sporting Cunt- “Lugs” Lineker. What a colossus amongst cunts.
    Corporate Cunt- The fucking BBC. Lord Haw Haw would be sooo proud.
    Covid Cunt- Justin Trudeau, for wanking himself daft over the social engineering opportunities the pandemic provides. Dangerous little turd.
    Cunts all…

  7. British cunt: Owen Jones
    Foreign cunt: Owen Jones’s swarthy boyfriend
    Political cunt: Caroline Lucas
    Sporty cunt: Lewis Hamilton
    Corporate cunt: BBC
    Covid cunt: Nicola Sturgeon

  8. British cunt: Cressida Dick (for being her name and a cunt and ugly)
    Foreign cunt: Nancy Pelosi (unpardonably ugly in mind and body)
    Political cunt: David Lammy (racist par excellence)
    Sporty cunt: Gary Linacre (picture a cunt, with two fucking great ears)
    Corporate cunt: BBC (say no more)
    Covid cunt: Laura Juliet Kuenssberg (turns every positive into a negative)

  9. British cunt: Jolryn Maugham – Animal-hater, fox-murderer, kimono-wearer, anti-Brexit lawyer, Guardian-contributor, massive cunt.
    Foreign cunt: Meaghan Markle – Racist, Egoist, D-list.
    Political cunt: Guy Verhofskünt – anti-democrat, anti-UK, pro-child-worrying.
    Sporty cunt: Marcus “Property market” Rashford – a modern Bono/Geldof.
    Corporate cunt: BLM – the black version of the KKK.
    Covid cunt: Any dimwit, halfwit fuckwit who reckons ‘people of colour’ are more susceptible, i.e. Saqiq Khunt who says ethnics should receive the vaccine more quickly than honkies. The little cunt.

  10. British cunt. Boris Johnson. I used to have a little respect for him, but he’s been absolutely useless these past twelve months. Fucked up the Flu Manchu response, because he listens to only one viewpoint via SAGE and the Two Ronnies of Doom. Extended the October 15th deadline for no deal, then did it again. Now it turns out that he’s a complete and utter cuck, and it’s actually Princess Nut Nut who is running Downing Street. Why else would he announce a load of ridiculous ‘green’ policies during a national crisis?

    Foreign cunt. Tough one. Guy Verhofstadt, Michel Barnier, Emmanuel Macron, Leo Varadkar. There’s loads. I’m going to have to go with….Winnie the Pooh himself, Xi Jinping. Let’s face it, nobody has done so much to turn 2020 into a complete and utter shit show of a year. Not to mention being responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent people world wide, then trying to cover it up to try to save face.

    Political cunt. Corbyn. Got to be. He’s a serial Bat Flu rule breaker, a graceless twat, an anti-Semite, terrorist lover and all round cunt.

    Sporty cunt. Hmm, tough one for me this. I mean, if only there were someone that I’ve nominated more than any other. Oh wait, there IS. That egotistical, pimped out go kart driver, Louise Hamilton. He’s got to be a strong contender. From intimidating fellow drivers into taking the knee during the BLM bullshit, to wearing a huge, expensive chain around his multi-millionaire neck to symbolise slavery, while wearing the branded merchandise of company that actually used slave labour during the second world war. And that’s only part of his cuntery this year. It might cheer him up to win this, after losing a three year court case against 128 year old watch brand Hamilton, for daring to use HIS name to sell their watches without his permission.

    Corporate cunt (Corporations not individuals). The BBC. Apart from the fact they give some of our money to that far left wing nut, Lineker, they’ve gone right over the cliff edge into outright insanity this year.

    Covid cunt (this years special category) ‘Professor’ Neil Fergusson. Why news channels keep wheeling out wrong Roy is a complete mystery to me. From foot and mouth to MERS, to SARS, to Swine Flu to HIV to Covid, this utter buffoon hasn’t been right once. His advice on foot and mouth alone led to the deaths of something like 11million sheep and cows. Not a single projection he’s ever made has even come close to being accurate. And just to add insult to injury, he broke Covid rules to go and answer a booty call. Funny, isn’t it, that the same ‘journalists’ who absolutely crucified Cummings for breaking Covid rules by driving up to Durham, consider Ferguson to be a fit and proper person to seek comment on the pandemic from.

  11. British Cunt – Matt Hancock
    Foreign Cunt – Alexandria Ocadio-Cortez
    Political Cunt – Dawn Butler
    Sporty Cunt – Anthony Joshua
    Corporate Cunts – BBC
    Covid Cunt – CCP

  12. British cunt – Boris Johnson. Thanks for “allowing christmas” mate. Nice one. Fucking lunatics. I’d rather die trying to live my life than sniffing hand me downs from your blonde haired covid infested little cunt.

    Foreign cunt – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, when your elected official runs their cunt off with comments such as “Is anyone archiving these Trump sycophants for when they try to downplay or deny their complicity in the future? I foresee decent probability of many deleted Tweets, writings, photos in the future”, maybe it was YOU GUYS that were the facists/nazis, you delusional sacks of late stage harvested mail in ballot wankers.

    Political cunt – David Lammy.

    Sporty cunt – Gary Lineker, why not stop tweeting about BLM if you don’t know anything about them you useless cunt? Maybe if a group has leaders that think being a certain race is a genetic defect, or thinks they should destroy the nuclear family, tear apart society as we know it because outcomes aren’t equal due to not being tyrannized by communists, you should put the fucking swanky sweatshop assembled iphone down and cunt off? Too busy blowing air up your cunt into your inflated head for virtue points, you are as big a cunt as BLM are.

    Corporate cunt – The World Economic Forum, not merely content with being whatever it is they do, they want us to not own anything and be happy about it. Get fucked you rich lobbyist bastards. Some of us are happy to own two sticks in a puddle of mud because we earned something. Build back better off into the sun with you.

    Covid cunt – Klaus Schwab, the Great (cunt of) Reset. Never let a good tragedy go to waste. Why not get excited about a pandemic because you can finally create your utopian cunt-topia where we spend our lives begging to be allowed to rent a microwave oven from the world government so we can drink our piss hot enough to burn the taste out of our own mouths.

  13. British Cunt – Shamima “Won her case” Bagum
    Foreign Cunt – Shamima “Lost her case” Bagum
    Political Cunt – Ian “why use 5 words when 50 will do” Blackford
    Sporty Cunt – Tom “I like bumming” Daley
    Corporate Cunts – BBC
    Covid Cunt – Captain “Tomorrow will be a good day” Tom …..sick of hearing about the cunt!

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