Barack Obama [18]

A special old time loser cunting please for rapidly ageing and fading former President Obama. The old cunt has written a book (I wonder what colour crayon he used?), and the BBC in particular are taking a knee big time:

Special Wireless 4 programme this morning at 0900, no doubt repeated later in the day, the sanctimonious voice of the chocolate coloured Blair holding forth about everything under the sun, and when I ventured into the high street this morning W.H. Smith, the rapidly fading newsagent and high street presence, had stacks of the book all over the shop – a very expensive way of buying bog paper, in my view.

Who gives a fuck what this raddled ex-President thinks about anything?

Nominated by: W. C. Boggs

32 thoughts on “Barack Obama [18]

  1. David Olusogo might be the bigger cunt here. He’s presently getting together a petition to stop the government deporting 50 Jamaicans despite the fact the Home Office have confirmed their number include convicted murderers and rapists.
    Fuck off cunt.

    • Louis Theroux gone rasta above?
      What a rubbish attempt!
      Never play bass for Burning Spear like that dave, 3/10.
      Barry bigears cant stay away from the spotlight can he?
      Or that bloke he married.
      The only thing I wanna read about you Obama is your name in Deadpool.
      Suck my plums!🖕🖕

    • I always think these cunts who want murderers and rapists to stay in this country as a principle, ought to be made to take one of the fuckers home and risk having a go at Mrs Olusogo (or indeed Mr Olusogo himself if his little criminal is a bumboy)

  2. Barrack, the man that ordered illegal drone-strikes in Yemen. The man that locked-up whistle-blowers. Yes, a real Liberal sweet-heart. NOT. The man is an utter tool.

  3. I could never stand this “tanned Clinton clone”, he oozes smarmy fuckwittery from every pore of his being, (a bit like Bog dodger O’Brien) Back of the queue O’ Bumma, if I want your thoughts on issues I’d ask, okay Barry you cunt!!!

    • O’ Brien is more likely to be dodging into Bogs – or ‘Gents’ as we used to call them.

      I learned a new term this week……..

      I think that sums up Obama.

      • I buy mine in the charity shop sales after Xmas.

        Nice quality packs at a fraction of the original price, and I get to virtue signal what a charitable cunt I am to the cunts who receive them the following Christmas into the bargain!

  4. Please, I can’t look at this walking emetic, let alone hear his voice. The biggest piece of shit ever known to American politics, and that’s being kind to the Clintons.

    I’m genuinely confused as to who the antichrist is on Earth currently, we have him and his husband, Gates and his husband, Blair and Soros all as likely candidates.

  5. He joins the likes of Blair, Major and Brown. Fucking useless in their time but now know where we are going wrong.
    However, O’Bummers meddling is fuck all compared to incoming cunt Bidet who is telling us how to deal with the Paddies amongst other shit that is nothing to do with the plastic Paddy, IRA loving old cunt.

    • Bidet (nice one) will never be POTUS. It’ll either be Trump, god willing, or Kameltoe, Satan willing. Bidet, with all his on-film pay for play, pedoism and worse, is on a kerb waiting for a bus to be thrown under.

    • I believe that Bidet has already referred to his presidency as Obama’s third term … That’ll be a fucking yawn. I hope it bites the woke US fuckers in their arse .. ( I refuse to say ‘ass’) At least ‘The Donald’ was willing to break the mould and get things done. I hope to fuck there are Trump siblings in the running in four years time.

  6. Let’s face it, Barry would never had made POTUS if he wasn’t RAL shade 8008.

    This jug-eared, European-loving arsehole would have done well to have kept his beak out of the affairs of the UK. Now Sleepy Joe is following his lead. What is it with these Demo-rats that they feel they have to meddle in international affairs that are often fuck all to do with them?

    They need to get their own houses in order.

    I’m looking forward to reading General Cunster’s view on old Barry the Trannylover.

  7. Fourhouses O’Bummer is a massive cunt and no mistake. I was in a hospital waiting room when this bastard’s first inauguration was on the telly. Obviously nearly all the patients and staff were black and they were staring at the telly with big melons on their faces. I remember thinking, if you think this money grabbing piece of shit is going to do anything except make himself a multi millionaire you must be a cunt.
    How right I was but, to be fair, that’s all these dogshit politicians ever do. You won’t find this cunt at the back of the queue.

  8. One half cast cunt from a Kenyan daddy who fucked off talking to another half cast cunt from Nigeria, good job their mummies were American and British otherwise they would still be swinging from the trees.


  9. A back of the queue cunting for this winston Churchill bust moving Kenyan twat who put the American economy to sleep , had a joke foreign policy and is married to one of the biggest hypocrites on the planet Manchelle Obama, I saw her spouting off the other month that rich people need to accept “ less of the pie” ? That’s rich coming from her seeing the Obamas have just had TWO huge houses built Apparently worth in excess 35m ( some fucking Slice of pie fella ) Who gives a flying fuck what he or his boyfriend manchelle think?
    Couple of absolute cunts …….

    • Less of the pie?! Micky Obama and his/her horrendous family are like black royalty in the US, and they fucking live like it and all. Such nauseating hypocrisy from Todger Obama. What a cunt she/he/it is.

    • In love the fact you cannot be white if you are half cast. You can only be black according to the left mongs. They are as racialist as the KKK.

  10. The cunt got $65 million for his and husband Big Mike’s book deals yet this new book was ghost-written as Bath House Barry is too clueless to write it himself. This Kenyan kunt hates America and he hates Britain too. He’s a commie cunt who will hopefully be tried for treason next year.

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