Vaccine Wars

Vaccine Wars – the modern day Space Race, or how I learned to stop worrying and simply do not care anymore.

It now appears there are 2 or 3 main camps with regards to Covid-19 vaccines.

In the Red corner (see what I did there) we have Vlad and the Russian vaccine – conveniently named SPUTNIK V. That’s supposed to be effective or so they say.

And yet, the Ruskies have been awfully tight-lipped of late with any news of whether they actually have a working vaccine and have not provided any further details of trials etc. In spite of Vlad proclaiming his daughter had been vaccinated.

In the Red, White & Blue corner, we have The Donald, boisterous and rambunctious as ever and seems to think he’s been given Captain America’s Super Soldier Serum….again, or so he says.

No doubt that with the upcoming election, he’ll soon be pissing up the side of lamp-posts or “Fire Hydrants!”  (I’m not a fan of Trump, but I don’t think he’s the anti-christ like most of the left wind lynch mob. Tony Blair still holding on to that title.)

This whole thing has now become a marketing campaign. It was always destined to be a political football. We’re already starting to see sides being picked. Parts of Brazil are believed to have agreed to use the Russian vaccine.

My theory is that it will come down to money and allegiances – after all most things do, don’t they?

Certain countries will go for one vaccine over the other, so as not to upset their allies, irrespective of which is best. That is to say if one vaccine is indeed actually better than another.

The poorer countries will go for whichever is cheapest and may end up worse for it.

Creeping up on the outside is Blighty and it would be nice if we as a nation just calmly stepped, in while the two aforementioned superpowers were trying to pee higher than one another, and craftily stole victory away from them.

The Russians recently attempted a disinformation campaign against the British vaccine.
(Its the Grauniad, but don’t let that put you off.)

Alas, even if we were able to do so, we won’t be allowed to win.

Nominated by Harold Steptoe 

56 thoughts on “Vaccine Wars

  1. I see Boots have “generously” started to offer some cough and cold test for £120 each…get that…a a fucking massive £120 to see if you are a total cunt.

    I offer the same service for nothing.

    I knew at the bottom of all this propaganda and hysteria about a cold there would be one thing….money.

    Boris’ and government cronies mates getting contracts, tests for silly money, toilet rolls at two quid each etc etc

    The human race should be wiped clean from the face of the planet and give the birds a chance.

    • Damned right. The human race is a disgusting, selfish cancer upon the face of the Earth.
      The sooner we’re all dead, the better.

  2. I was in Asda in Bradford on Sunday (don’t ask) about 20% of the shoppers weren’t wearing masks. And it was a mix of asians, blacks and white trash. I asked one kneegro if he was “too cool to wear a mask?” He smiled and replied “yes”. Later, I saw he was in attendance of a fat, white female on a benefits scooter. THESE are the people that lefties want us to be taxed to the hilt for. Fuck them. Let the virus do it’s vital work.

    • Trouble is the virus isn’t doing its worst in fact I’m a bit peeved that it isn’t. Can we complain to someone. Is there an OFFCOV or something similar that regulates these viruses ? I demand a public enquiry and get this VID19 to take the stand and explain itself. Cunt.

    • @Sgt Mjr Cunt

      It is no coincidence that vivid is more rampant amongst “the lower orders”.
      Some people just don’t help themselves.

  3. I wouldn’t get too excited about the British vaccine…it is probably being developed by a newly-formed Company set up by a couple of Johnson’s old school chums,operating out of an abandoned Tyre and Battery garage,with a staff consisting of 2 illegal immigrants from the local Indian and Chris Grayling.

    It will however be “a world class,game-changer” more than worth the twenty billion Pounds Govt. financing….Dido Harding said so,so it must be true.

    Shove yer vaccine up yer arse.

      • Oh yes,it was one of Johnson’s stipulations….”Haruumph,haruuph,waffle,waffle…I’ve already fucked them up the arse…let’s see if they’re now stupid enough to have some untested vaccine shoved up there too…put it in a barbed-wire wrapped cricket ball and tell them that it’s for their own good haruumph,haruumph,waffle,waffle”

        • I swear the Govt. are trolling us.

          ‘Let’s see what we can get away with next. What about #%$#$?’

          ‘They’ll never swallow that’.

          ‘Let’s have a go anyway. Announce it on Monday to come in force on Saturday’.

          Utter, contemptible cunts.

          • Morning,DCI

            It certainly appears that way….it’s like something out of “Alice in Wonderland”…hopefully people are starting to see through it.

          • True, it’s like trial by media at the start of the week to see how the hoy polloi take it and then crack on if it goes down well.

            The BBC are obsessed with this nobody footballer who I’ve never heard of spouting shite about kids eating instead of the parents buying plimsoles or scratch cards…I notice he’s not putting his vast wealth to good use for kicking a bag of wind around for slack jaws.

    • We do not hear much about the man, volunteer, who died taking part in the Oxford vaccine trials.
      Might put a dent in the profits.
      Might even put the plebs off having this soup, brewed up over a couple of weekends,injected.
      Things are bad enough with very few of the detected “cases” dying.
      Where is an honest pharma baron going to get his next bar of gold?

  4. I don’t like the sound of us all turning into monkeys. In monkey society the biggest and ugliest takes charge and orders everyone about. That’s the Flabbott!
    Fuck that.

  5. These camps who are proclaiming they are onto a vaccine should be made to inject themselves with it live on TV. Six parts Jeyes Fluid, one part Lyle’s Golden Syrup and three parts water, with an optional Lemsip dropped in.

    I suspect there is as much chance anyone worldwide developing a vaccine as has been done before to inoculate against the common cold or AIDS.

    Bullshit and money – the sum activity of much of the human race.

    • True, there’s no vaccine for the cold or AIDS yet, but dozens of other important life saving vaccines have been developed, including:

      Smallpox, rabies diphtheria, tetanus, anthrax, cholera, typhoid, tuberculosis, polio, measles, mumps, rubella, influenza, etc.

      Sadly, Ian Dury missed out on the polio vaccine by 5 years. Thank Dog I was among the first children to benefit from it.

      • Morning Ruff.
        I’ve never had a vaccination in my life and im strong as a horse.
        Although is the polio one delivered in mint form?
        And had a Anthrax cd.
        Its all in the mind, I dont even believe in germs.

      • “Hit me with your rhythm-stick”…I’d have been only too happy to take the Cunt up on his kind offer but I’d have preferred to use a pick axe shank.

      • I listened long ago to an Ian Dury interview on the radio, a more modest and honest talking person I hadn’t heard in years.

        Great music too, may he RIP

      • have a read of ‘Dissolving Illusions’ Disease, Vaccines and the Forgotten History by Suzanne Humphries and Roman Bystrianyk

      • The problem with Covid 19, as with influena, there are more than one strain of the disease (at least 6), so you could be innocculated against one whilst you are infected by another.

        I may be wrong, but I think the long term solution will be treatment of the symptoms.

  6. The vaccine will probably be weaponised next year.
    Want a foreign holiday?
    Have the vaccine.
    Etc etc..
    A whole new age of corruption is with us.
    I hope the vaccine gives the cunts Ebola.

    • Well I’m not having any fuckin vaccine.
      Itll be untested, side effects will be sweating blood and constant screaming.
      Ill just have a lemsip.
      People say ‘but it nearly killed Boris!’
      Well Boris gets a splinter hes on life support, just a soft cunt.

      • It will be compulsory for us northern cunts, a mass clinical trial in the north, if all turns out ok they will give it to the southerners.

        There is no North – South divide.
        We are all in it together.

  7. Will be interesting to see whether the vaccine is a total flop in terms of uptake and if they’ll subsequently fade out the restrictions, then claim a victory. Or, if it becomes mandatory for functioning in the normal sense.

    Until Bojo injects it into his eyeball live on TV I won’t be taking it 🖕 Even then, I still won’t take it 🖕

  8. What a choice. Russian novochock, USA Domestos, UK monkey jab or Bill Gates track and trace.
    I’d wish this virus would ramp it up a bit and get rid of a couple of billion BAMES and fatties like the Spanish flu did and then just fuck of so I can go back down the pub.

    • Funny you should mention Bill Gates. I had a flu jab a few weeks ago and the next thing I knew I’d been abducted by Bill… using Elon Musk’s spaceship!

      He then took out his willy and gave me a dicky-back ride going “ooh oooh” and a few minutes later all this white stuff was dribbling out my botty hole! He told me “all the Brasso has come out and got onto your botty and I’m going to have to take a cloth and wipe your botty clean because it’s got all this white Brasso on it”.

      He then took this handkerchief out and wiped my botty, wiping and wiping and wiping it till it was nice and shiny.

      Anyway, to cut a long story short, he then dropped me off outside the doctor’s surgery. It was a lucky escape, cos he could have done something really nasty… like hurt me. 😳

  9. Have just had the flu jab. Will have the Chinese bat lurgy jab if and when it is available. But am not holding my breath. Aids became a western disease thanks to filthy lifters and junkies. All the money and hand wringing hasnt found a vaccine for that in 40 years. Am also bearing in mind that Russia is a backwards shithole with expertise in poison rather than medicine, so wouldnt really want anything they invented.
    The best vaccine is common sense which includes avoiding chav and efnik infested shops.

    • Years ago, I was working for an employer who was obsessed with absence for illness so we all had the flu jab…at their expense.

      It made me a sick as a fucking donkey for a week, liquid shit, vomiting and all sorts of sweats and shivers….I have NEVER taken the offer of another one.

      • I have one every year, at work, on station, and then go straight out on another job. No side-effects, not even a sore arm.

        • This was the late 1990s so maybe they were using a different brew then?

          I know it made me as sick as a fucking parrot and you would have to hold me down to give me another dose of that shite. I know others who have it every year and say it doesn’t affect them so hey ho.

          Funny thing is, it was the only time I have ever had time off work for being poorly…funny that.

          • Sparky-what blood group are you? People with higher anti-body count can react badly.

  10. what do we need a covid vaccine for when 99.96% of the people have survived the plague, sorry the hoax??? what they want to give us all is little more than 1) a placebo that attempts to fight symptoms of the common cold or 2) will kill us all as they undertake the ‘great reset’ – none of the products have been legitimately tested over 15 years and all big pharma have been indemnified against the consequences – they are all CUNTS

    • Money talks, that’s all you have to remember.

      Most of these cunts have more money than most could spend in ten lifetimes so fuck knows what’s the point.

      I HATE modern life with a passion.

    • I am surprised a bespoke Scottish Vaccine has not been given top priority by mental Nazi Nicola. Apparently things are really bad over the border (despite a super five tier system), massive quantities of filth and snot pouring down their faces in unstoppable waves. I would feel sorry for them if they had not bought it on themselves by electing the power crazed cunt.

      • Got a Jock friend that moved back to Glasgow about 5 months ago. He hates the Jimmy Kranky nanny state and is moving back to England.

    • World Economic Forum’s Klaus Schwab, a dark suited technocratic Bond villain of the Davos brigade talks, about ‘Ze Great Reset’ and “How zey are preparing, for ze angrier vurld due to ze villions and villions of ze job losses, due to ze virus”

      He talks about this with great enthusiasm.


      • I’m looking forward to the WEF-not-at-Davos-but-on-Teams ™ . And the extremely creepy rich and powerful having to interact in 1/16 of a screen. Assuming they don’t get first dibs at a vaccine on the grounds that they are essential to the existence of mankind, as they will doubtless insist.

  11. If a vaccine is released, Mystic Komodo predicts that (a) just like the shingles and annual flu jabs, it will only protect 60-70% of the high-risk group it is intended to protect. (b) it will turn out that due to a sleight of mouth, the first stocks (allegedly spoken for by the UK) will be sold to Pakistan, or destroyed due to a labelling problem. (c) immunity will last for five minutes.

    On the bright side, looks like Christmas is cancelled. All is not lost.

    • It’s been proven by scientists at Oxford University that Christmas Trees spread Covid 19…… I can’t actually provide a reference, but it’s true I saw it on Twitter. 😂

  12. Not interested in taking a vaccine from Bill “Satan” Gates.I am healthy and relatively fit.Tracked and tested?No thanks

  13. One plus of chunky bat flu is Halloween is pretty much cancelled. Hardly any advert, not much in shops where I live. Fucking love it! Let’s hope the shit fest that is Christmas is fucking cancelled as well; I don’t drink, can’t eat sugar and no fucks are given about presents either.

    On the vaccine front, I’ve had every other vaccine that I’ve needed since birth and I don’t think my brain is controlled by the state, so I’ll be having it if available. Also, I’d love to see them get an RFID down the 0.05mm bore of a hyperdermic needle.

    • I wouldn’t believe the Russians if they told me America was next to Canada. And I wouldn’t believe anything Trump says either.
      If the doctors tell me that a jab will benefit me, I’ll have it. They know a lot more about it than I do.

  14. In the People’s Demokratic Republic Of Wales, any vaccine will probably be compulsory.
    The government there have apologised, for women not being able to purchase sanitary products, as they had been deemed ‘ non essential ‘.
    Absolutely farcical, the First Minister is a fucking nutcase, and the Health Minister is relishing in his new found power to fuck people’s lives up. He was on the telly this morning, he’s loving every minute of it.
    Good afternoon.

  15. A lethal untested vaccine and tracking device all in one for a shamdemic less deadly than the common cold.
    And how long before any refusing this untested chemical soup are denied access to public buildings, retail environments, pubs, places of work and any state housing or benefits?
    Because that will be next.
    Protect the vulnerable and get everyone back to normal life – there is no “new normal” or “great reset” – this is the shit they come out with to justify their dictatorial behaviour.
    And remember they also told us Thalidomide and blue asbestos was safe, as was eating beef with BSE.
    How long before the people collectively say “NO”? – We are an inch away from that and when it comes it will not just be anger about the shamdemic and overfed nazis in charge.

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