The indoctrination of today’s youth

Good evening, I am a frequent reader and after today’s antics a first time poster. (Welcome to IsaC – DA)

As per the title, the indoctrination of my kids at school is a CUNT. My lovely daughter, five year’s old today pipe up in the car whilst driving to a toolshop ” Dad, why are white people nasty to black people and make them slaves ” ..

Long pause, my and mrs look at each other silently saying ” WHAT “. It get’s worse. She now ‘ likes ‘ stormzy and thinks he is a role model.

I just could not believe what my year one child has been learning and listening to. He is a racist, and not some cunt I want my kids to idolise.

The leftie luvvies are just going all out pushing their agenda’s on everybody. Politicising five year olds opinions already without them knowing it.

What a CUNT..

Maybe tomorrow transgender-ism will be on the black board .. sorry white board! (Board of Colour, more like – DA)

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67 thoughts on “The indoctrination of today’s youth

  1. Welcome Brickie a great maiden cunting if I might be so sexist. I am just grateful the BBC no longer do schools broadcasting on Wireless 4 or the TV. When my son was young they used the broadcasts which in those days were about sensible things like geography, history, music and nature and art studies and they were presented in the traditinal unbiased manner. Imagine some of the Any Questions,. World At One and Today wankers of 2020 mbeing let lose to corrupt young minds. It doesn’t bear thinking about. The way they distort history for adults is shameful, you can just imagine what they would do to fuck up kids.

  2. Write an anonymous note that simply says, “Stormzy is a shockingly untalented and tribal minded cunt, your taste in music is shite, and if you mention him again during your teaching I’ll fuck you up, you doss cunt! xox”, and have her place it in teachers handbag during break time.

    Or get her to put laxative in teachers tea.

    • We always went for snails, the occasional frog, slugs, maybe centipedes or scorpions right there in the teacher’s desk’s drawer. Once a very weedy librarian (substitute teacher that day) took the class instead, French teacher probably got the clap off geography teacher in his Vanguard at lunchtime, anyway he turned the class into a time and motion study compare/contrast the slugs/snails which he stuck on the blackboard. The drawer was particularly full that day. Up they crawled, we did our sums, he was no longer regarded as weedy. Win win.

  3. The lowlifes who do this to our kids are child abusers, pure and simple. Nothing is beneath them in their quest to destroy our society. Meanwhile everyone is worried about catching a fucking cold. To call these people cunts would be to lavish them with undue praise.

    • Cold? IT’s A PANDEMIC

      I heard some nobody “I’m alright Jack” tory politician on the radio this morning going on about some shite or other and he said the word pandemic no less than fourteen times.

      I wonder where all this shite will end. Hopefully with these cunts against the wall.

      • Good Morning, Mr McSpank, sir.

        Sorry, my misunderstanding! I failed to listen to the news this morning (as I fail to do every morning nowadays). It is, as you say A PANDEMIC, I will just go and shit myself at the thought of having to go to the shops later! With death lurking at every corner, I wonder if I will survive? Hopefully the brave COVID Marshals will be on hand to put me right if I break any of the millions of rules that the Cunts, sorry, Government, has designed to keep me safe.

  4. I’m glad I’m older and won’t have to put up with this shit for a lifetime. Young kids today are useless cunts, they believe any old shit that’s fed them. Social media is fucking the world up the arse. Stormzy is a superior cunt, as is Lewis half white Hamilton. Fuck black history month, fuck them all. What about the fact that blacks enslaved whites, why isn’t that on the curriculum? Education is fucked, we’re all doomed, doomed I tell you. Nurse, fetch me my pills.

  5. I feel your pain b/cunt. All of my kids are grown up but still fall for this woke bullshit. Back in the 1960s I grew up in oz (£10 quid tourists) I had loads of abo mates colour never came into it. Fast foreword to pe college at university here and I knocked about with a black lad from Birmingham. He filled most of the stereo types laid back almost lazy funny that he was a sprinter. Never did I have a racist thought in my head. Never. Fast forward again to maybe 10 years ago I started to get pissed off with the media constantly going on about diversity etc. Foreword to the present and I am just fucking sick of the whole lot. Re writing history rioting so called privilege rap crap etc. Sick of it. And storm zee he can just fuck off talentless cunt

    • ‘Fast forward again to maybe 10 years ago I started to get pissed off with the media constantly going on about diversity etc. Foreword to the present and I am just fucking sick of the whole lot.’

      Me, too, and that is the truest, most dangerous thing, yet the stupid, self-righteous cunts who force this cancer onto the majority just can’t see it. I would hate to see race relations go back to the 70’s, but, if these arseholes push the majority too far, I fear that’s where we’ll end up. Nazi Germany is the best analogy I can come up with. Melodramatic? Possibly, but, it’s happened before and there is our proof.

      • Been saying it for a decade. If reasonable people don’t take steps to address the situation, you will end up having unreasonable people taking unreasonable action. It always goes too far either way, and that’s how we end up in the shit.

  6. Give it another 3 or 4 years and it will be 2024 – 40 years after Orwell’s 1984

    It will be “Yo Brov”, and not Big Brother watching you by then. Any nasty thoughts that go against the mindset of 2024, and you’ll be carted off to an empty cell for a bit of brainwashing with a cage full of rats attached to your face.

    Bit of a step up from an hour’s detention and writing “My teacher is a cunt!” 1000 times back in the day.

  7. You need to have a serious talk with your daughter the way I did with the grandkids when one of them informed me that a man had had a baby. This is ideological brainwashing at it’s worst. Young children are so impressionable one of the ways humans learn copy others, most kids from non dysfunctional family’s and not suffering the misfortune of brain damage latch on very quickly to nice, not nice it sticks with them so white people not nice to black people is a sticker. Have the talk, if you go to the school you’ll just be a racist parent waste of time. Good luck

    • This is the trouble……you make a complaint and you are a racist and you’ll have social services knocking on your door. Remember those peacefuls in Birmingham who were demonstrating outside a school about their kids being taught about bumbandits and shit? What happened to all that I wonder? Seems to have quietly gone away. I suspect the school have dropped it which, is now, breaking the law.
      I also suspect they don’t do Black History Month in private schools, let alone bumming and trannie lessons. If you ain’t a minority or rich you are fucked. Well, your kids are.

    • Had a baby? In the biblical sense?
      I’d say – “Well dear , I was meaning to warn you about kiddie-fuckers – but you beat me to it.”

  8. Well for a start, I would want an appointment with the ‘head teacher’ so that I could ask some direct questions about how history in this regard is being conveyed to my daughter. Your little girl BrickieC believes that white people by default are nasty to black people and enslave them in 2020 and that is totally unacceptable. As we all know, children say it as it is and if you want to find out the truth about something you can count on them to drop some cunt in the shit, be it their mother, father, uncle or whoever. I think your fears are right and the fucking left wing indoctrinated teachers are wasting no time in trying to brainwash very young minds with their apologist bollocks. These treacherous cunts are slowly but surely selling a once great and respected nation down the river and at such a young age your daughter is extremely impressionable and you have a right to be angry, in fact steam is coming out of my ears as I write this. Fuck the lot of them.

  9. Academia is full of socialists, many of them extreme.

    A cornerstone of socialism is that we stop being individuals , family is devalued and you belong to the state. The state tells you what to think and your non indoctrinated parents are not to be trusted, let alone listened to.

    Education is second to indoctrination.

    Where is a 5 year old learning about Stormzy? He has no place in the classroom, unless it’s a prison classroom.

    • I can understand that they are trying to destroy the family unit – by broaching subjects far beyond their pay-grade and training.
      I can’t fathom the mindset that believes they have any right to do this.
      Sexual , Religious , and Political mentoring to infants , is totally inappropriate – and should be punishable in law.
      The parent knows the child best , and can also best judge the age at which a child can comfortably take on board such adult themes – you know , the ones that people kill and riot for.

  10. Fuck that.
    I’d be seriously annoyed.
    The taking of a child’s innocence is a capital crime – child abuse in fact.
    This is nothing less.
    Forever in your child’s outlook , sad to say , will be a division between races of different colour – whereas before , this more than likely didn’t exist (depending on the child’s TV diet of course).
    That is a heinous crime , and I am to understand that this is a nationwide trend?

    But like Mosely’s brown shirts , and other popular scum , they have all the clobber , and all the gab like Stormzy. But as your child grows up , I hope that they can achieve a subjective view , and dismiss this whole genre of ‘cool’ victim hood , and fully understand that the whole current BLM/BAME has no foundation in a sensible , balanced order of things. It’s just a fashion – like the Bay City Rollers ( except the BCR’s had better clothes!). I struggle to find the words I’m afraid , but I abhor this fucking liberal , black-power , cocksucker/lesbo shit that they drone at our kids.
    Yes it is indoctrination.

    Any child of mine growing up today , would be going nowhere near a state school. They would also be enrolled at every martial-arts course going , have weapons training , and hopefully be a good judge of character. They would certainly question any teacher as to why one group hates another. There has to be a causality. So the WHY question is important for a child. Without it , anything is just vacant statement.
    Trouble is they probably throw so much of this shit at the children , that it’s circumventing any child’s developing sense of reason – and going straight for the jugular.
    “Hate who you are” seems to be the message , and for no other reason than we voted for Brexit. We never had this crap before then. Tell me if I’m wrong. But the aim is surely to overthrow the government , and reverse the 2016 vote.
    If they have to wait a generation to do it , then they don’t care.
    This situation will get uglier by the day , until someone finally snaps and assaults a teacher.

    Protecting a child’s innocence should be a serious topic for current debate in itself – one devoid of any irrelevant content or bias.
    The bottom-line is how under-developed the mind of a child is , and how they are mesmerised by imagery and rhetoric , which an adult would pass off as tacky or even pathetic. These liberal cunts are pulling out all the stops as such, and have literally no shame in their methods.
    Teaching a child to blindly accept pure opinions over facts , is a terrible thing.
    This would teach them that other’s opinions of them are more important than how they feel about themselves. More mind rape , the sanctimonious bastards.

    I have to stop and calm down , but , in answer to your daughter’s question “Why are white people nasty to black people , and make them slaves?”………..

    My answer to her would be “Because they fucking stink dear. They steal anything that isn’t nailed down , and they fuck their own daughters hard up the arse from the age of 4”.
    There , that should balance things up a bit for her.

  11. It’s disturbing, but not as disturbing as your child speaking without being invited to. Seen and not heard. Seen and not heard.

  12. Had to laugh on the train home yesterday.

    A gentleman of a very dark hue got on the train about three rows away from me and there we sat, in silence minding our own business.

    A pair of little wigger twats got on at Eltham, with the obligatory (c) rap music blaring out of their phones and in an attempt to sound menacing, they called one of their mates on speakerphone.


    And so on and so forth for several minutes in the most unconvincing faux Yardy patois that a middle class 13 year old white kid can muster. And then the (c) rap was put back on full full blast for the delight of the rest of the carriage.

    The old black dude got up, tutted and went to sit down at other end of the carriage.

    As he passed me, he mumbled ‘Bloody racket’ in the most cut glass English accent imaginable.

    Had to chuckle. Two white kids trying to be black and a black bloke who sounded more British than them.

    Stupid little scrotes will end up as a knife crime statistic anyway.

  13. Child: “General, why are white people nasty to black people and make them slaves?”

    General C: “Actually, it was other black people who were nasty to them and made them slaves and then sold them to the white people. Those who were sold were very lucky to be brought to a civilized place like America instead of living in a land full of barbaric savages like Africa where they still practice slavery today.”

  14. “Today children – carrying on with our year one , pre-primary sex education program – we’ll be looking at the best ways to film sex-acts in the kitchen , and also how to correctly prepare a chicken for penetration.
    Our latest refugee pupil ‘Mohammed’ will be assisting me today – since he’s quite mature for his age isn’t he children? We even had to build him a special desk ‘cos he’s so big.
    Here he is now children. Oh look he’s brought his dog. My he is excited , isn’t he children…………………..

  15. Dr.Goebbels would be proud.
    Political correctness has allowed a lunatic fringe to infest every aspect of our society.
    Yet another fucking disgrace.

  16. Do these fuckers think that by indoctrination of a view is free speech?, the only country I believe where free speech is still allowed is the USA, well that’s until Chairman Biden gets in next week of course, these brainwashers are 100% guaranteed utter cunts!!!!!

  17. An average day at the local Infants School near me.

    9am – Sanitise hands and feet.

    9.30 am – Adhan (Islamic call to prayer) for all children

    10 am – Black History (Double Period during October)

    12 noon – Canteen for a Jerk chicken Lunch. Halal.

    1pm – Gender studies

    2pm – Adhan (Islamic call to prayer)

    2. 30pm – Children gather round the specal guest outrageous drag queen for Storytime. Todays story is about Abdul and his 2 non binary goats.

    3pm – Home time. Which may include up to 100 Chelsea tractors driven by trout lipped, botoxed, fake tanned tarts blocking the roads up until around 4pm.

    • You forgot homework.

      6pm Watch two Pornhub interracial bisexual white-cuckold teenage gang-bang clips. The links are already uploaded to pupil’s smart-phones.

      7pm Art Exercise.
      Draw your best favourite fully-erect black penis. No felt pens allowed.
      Extra marks will be awarded for

  18. Back in the dim and distant (circa 1971) I was given a detention by a biology teacher just for not knowing the answer to….
    “How many bones in the human hand..?”

    I said, “I dont know. A handful…?”

  19. This shite’s compulsory even for posh kiddies at Benenden. Whose Joyce Grenfell lookalike headm….person….used an N word correctly, in context and with historical accuracy. Black Power – sorry – History Month began its existence in 1926 in the US as Négro History Month, and she was unwise enough to say so:

    Note for non-linguists – ‘Négro’ (without the accent, but WordPress would probably object to that) means ‘Black’.

    Another pissboiling note: There are in fact two Black History Months. In the US, February. Here, October. Ensuring maximum exposure all round as our media can’t resist transatlantic wokeness.

    • To further amplify on Komodo’s point, in the states we gave them February…the shortest month of the year. Seems fitting to me given their actual lack of real accomplishments.

    • Kids in playground using naughty words, gone are tits, bum and fuck….. the new naughty is N*gro, N*ger, W*g

      Kids will be kids 😂

      • I now use slurs most people don’t know or understand.* My current favorites are:

        Schvar, Schartz or Schvartze

        (*Exceptions made for English cunters who are not familiar with American slang.)

  20. I would teach any child the following creed for life:

    Believe nothing you hear and half of what you see.

    As a bright kid, I constantly questioned what the teachers espoused-half of them reacted positively, half were cunts.
    I had a head of year in my first year of high school, a proper yoghurt knitter-skinny wiiminz, hoopy jumpers / baggy cardigan, woolly skirts, hairy legs, moustache-the full fucking works. She tried this brainwashing shit on us (top set in a grammar school)-several of us resisted and subsequently spent many hours in detention.
    John Lennon was right:
    “They hate you if your clever and they despise a fool.”
    Fight the good fight. Make sure your kids do too.

  21. My 9 yo niece recently told me at her birthday party that her teacher announced to the class anybody who voted for Brexit is not only an idiot but a racist too ? I fucking kid you not!
    Although my brother insisted he would complain to the school I’m not sure if he’s prepared to do so for various reasons, I’m fucked if I would let her shitbag leftie teacher get away with that, utterly despicable to be spouting political views to a class of 9 year olds …

    • Illegal too. Teachers are not allowed by law to do that.

      Problem is, nowadays they claim some things are ‘yooman rights ishoos’ and not political (BLM, potential deportations due to if btw!)

      Critical race theory (responsible for ‘white guilt/white privilege’ and general anti whiteism) needs banning here too.

    • No Norm, that’s Kunte Kinte Pogba Mbape X, Man Utd’s next marquee signing, lubing up his are in readiness for “fisting” the “whitey” manager, to assert his dominance in the changing room.

      (Remember Pogba’s tweets when Mourihnio was sacked? The fucking dumb cunt)

    • No Norm, that’s Kunte Kinte Pogba Mbape X, Man Utd’s next marquee signing, lubing up his are in readiness for “fisting” the “whitey” manager, to assert his dominance in the changing room.

      (Remember Wo-gba, sorry Pogba’s tweets when Mourihnio was sacked? The fucking dumb cunt)

  22. All teacher and Uni lecturers are fucking leftie cunts these days.
    Brickiecunt, get your daughter a BFP membership for her 6th birthday to redress the balance.

  23. As a kid my roles models were Seth from Emmerdale, Walker from Dads Army, and Judge Dread.
    I knew about black people. Jimmy Cliffe, Gary Wilmot and the film Zulu.
    I learnt that about Gays from TV ,Mr Humphreys, Larry Grayson and les Dennis Dustin Gee ” chase me Duncan” etc.
    Music.. Bowie, new Romantic electro pop etc, full of gays lesbians and god knows what. Didn’t matter good tune is a good Tune.
    Sport.. Dailey Thompson, Fatima whitbread Class Sportsmen. It was not about race and they mentioned it to court attention..

    We as a nation are being fucked over by Cunts shouting the Diversity Card. And its seriously starting to piss me off…. CUNTS.

  24. Who’s that in the picture? (A rhetorical question, I don’t actually care who it is.) But if it’s promoting African sensibilities WOWSER!!! that must be one liberated continent. Can we be liberated like that too?

    “Yes,” … “Yes we can, simply adopt the value system they espouse and all the freedoms they celebrate can be ours!”

    Now I’m not a complete idiot, I know there’s a North and South, assorted religious sectors, East, West and stuff – but pick any one: Yyaaayyyy! We can be just like that. Other than Namibia perhaps or Zimbabwe or Algeria. But where they’ve sloughed off the mantle of tyranny – – oh, I forgot about Sudan: Khartoum, the jewel of the river (actually two rivers) anyway they devolved and soon they’ll be right up there with Somalia.

    I won’t post the GDP per capita charts, only be embarrassing for less enlightened places. Way to go!

  25. From the period of Narma ( the First Dynasty ) ( Egypt ) comes the first knowledge of slavery. This period of time predates the rise of European civilization , and the known and developed world was emerging in the middle east. At the time of Narma, it was known that captives in war were taken as slaves. The Nubians and Narma, were black, and their ancestry was from the eastern parts of Africa. Slavery is therefore, an enterprise that was founded by Blacks. Indeed, the whole history of slavery is embedded in African culture. Whitey was a late comer to the trade.

  26. “And teacher said Men can have babies and white people are all evil racists”.
    “Wait while I nip to that school and have a fkin word with the headmaster”.
    “Teacher says we can’t use binary gender restraint descriptors”.
    Welcome to the result of fifty years of left wing cultural marxism, racism and indoctrination which has produced what is surely our most piss wet and pathetic generation.
    Socialist educators should be removed just like Trump is doing in America.

  27. Right this is it. One week to go until the election, and I can’t post something that has no derogatory language in it whatsoever, yet the WordPress algorithm is picking up something in 8 paragraphs or so that’s not even bothering to give me a warning, just refreshing my page like nothing ever happened and I didn’t try to post anything.

    This is effing all-out techno WAR.

  28. Right I’ve had a gutsful of trying to post a relevant reply but each time, the page just refreshes as if I haven’t bothered. There is no derogatory or ‘ist’ word at all in what I’m trying post, so I’m effed if I know.

    I’ll just say this then. Kids’ ability to develop their own critical thinking is effed, thanks to 30 years of ‘national curriculum’ indoctrination.

    There, is that ‘neutral’ enough for you Word Suppress??

  29. The rot set in way back in the mid 1960s.
    The head of the English department was a wizened old queen and our o-level teacher was straight out of uni or whatever. The skinny bearded cunt wore a green corduroy jacket with shit-bro
    wn elbow patches .He couldn’t give a shit about spelling or grammar and was only concerned about kids “expressing” themselves. No discipline whatsoever.
    To cap it all he was the first cunt I ever saw with one of those baby-carrier thingies strapped to his chest whilst his hippie wife pushed their other snot nosed brat in a filthy buggy.
    What a cunt .

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