Political Apathy

So some other poor cunt has been murdered by savages in France, this goes along with the hundreds who were run over by trucks or blown away while watching a pop concert at the Battered Clam.

So what do the authorities there plan to do apart from light a few tealights and sing a couple of Edith Piaf songs? nothing….nowt.

They are thinking about making “some” Islamic groups unlawful and have arrested a few people for posting shite on Twitter.

Just like this country, France is sleepwalking into a political and decision making paralysis for the sake of worshipping on the alter of diversity. Any cunt who murders for the sake of a make up sky fairy should be hung on the cross until the crows peck out their eyeballs. I mean all religions, not just the one of peace.

It’s the same in the UK. Boris and Co are blind to the real suffering his dictatorship is causing BECAUSE he and his clan have never had to live on nothing, survive on very little or be on their uppers…the worst some of them have is to run out of vintage port or lapsang souchong.

The sooner people rise up against these cunts in charge the better but don’t hold your breath because most are more worried about the latest fucking Apple phone or that tacky new sofa coming next week.

The whole human race can just fuck the fuck off as far as I’m concerned.

Nominated by: Spanky Mc Spank 

32 thoughts on “Political Apathy

  1. Remember Enoch Powell, you can be sure every conservative MP does, he was slaughtered in the late 60’s for speaking the truth, cancelled they call it today.

    Imagine a politician speaking as he did nowadays, career over instantly.

    The only way we’ll get a politician to put their neck on the like that is for the majority of us to be willing to put ourselves on the line with them.

    It’s easy to do it here in our safe space but it’s a different ball game doing it in public.

    It’s not apathy of politicians that’s at fault, it’s the fear of being ruined. We are all fear of speaking truth because we all wait for someone else to put their neck on the line.

    • Exactly. And I’m as guilty as anyone. I’ve even written nominations and cancelled them, in case they came back to haunt me when the witch hunt reaches us. They weren’t any worse than a regular cunting, but because the were ethnically different to me, or sexually different, or religious, politically different, what would be an opinion about some, they could claim it was hate speech, and there is no defence, as it’s not what is said anymore, it’s how someone chooses to perceive it. And that is how you kill free speech.

      • Same here, Not pointing the finger at everyone else without including me. I spend more time pre editing what I say than I do talking these days. I don’t need or want the drama, at the same time we now live in a society where speaking truths is dangerous.

        The BBC is blacking up our history and no one has the balls to call them out for it.

        It’s not that I hate black people or anyone else, what I hate is my own culture being erased and replaced by a multicultural facade.

        Deep down I know I’m as much to blame as anyone, the war is lost.

        • I write what I think and bollocks to the establishment.
          Censorship and the cancel culture is one thing, you know they’ve got it right once you start censoring yourself.

  2. Have to agree 100% on this. We’re supposed to be civilised and caring. The lower and higher end of the Human scale seem to be neither. Aside from cloning Enoch or having a Fox/Farage coalition, I have no idea who would have the balls to start righting these wrongs. By Fox, I happily include IsACs own Vernon in the line up.

  3. The trouble is Dame Kweer knows fuck all about poverty just as Boris desn’t. What makes the Labour fuckers worse for me is that they PRETEND they understand, but honestly don’t give a fuck, just as long as they hang on to their jobs, they pretend to empathy. At least the Conservatives have got the balls to say “we don’t give a fuck about meal vouchers for poor kids. My Toby has never needed vouchers to eat, and we can still afford Jessica’s horse riding lessons”. People like Starmer might feel slightly guilty while quaffing a bottle of Moet, but it will soon pass.

    We are an overcorowded island with housingproblems and poverty because that grinning fucker Blair and his poofy friends decided to inflict mass uncontrolled immigration on us. Labour (or the Blair version of it) caused many of our problems, and thanks to today’s woke motherfuckers in that party they deserve to be out of power till they come to their senses. Which they never will.

  4. The Manc Arena inquiry is running at the moment, going through the how it happened and could it have been stopped, it looks like the bomber could have been taken out of the game earlier.
    If we had, for example, Israeli style security the little shit would have never got past the door but the real issue is the fact the cunt was here in the first place.
    Fuck human rights, anyone who is even a slight risk, kick the cunts out…. all it needs is a fucking set of balls from the government, those cunts who stopped the deportation plane at Stansted should have been thrown in jail for 10 years.
    Political will is needed and real action with law order as the number one priority, all that screaming about inclusion is total fucking shite.
    I don’t want any fucking bliks or Asians here and I would vote for any politician who would put a stop to immigration and start removing as many of the cunts as possible. There are 23000 on the ‘watch list’ which would be a good start.

    • Fucking right SOI.
      The only darkıes in this country should be properly qualified medical personnel. 99.9% could be kicked out.

    • Those Stansted cunts were a horrible shower but the judge appeared to have sympathy for them . I always thought that the judiciary was meant to be impartial in its work. Having been found guilty and given token sentences why did HMG not sue the fuckers for the cost of the cancellation of the flight and the cost of keeping the would be deportees (who had all gone through an exhaustive deportation process) in the U.K. until the entirely legal deportation process could be executed?

  5. Apathy? Yes fear as well I guess. Many people don’t agree with what’s going on, but if you stand your head above the parapet and voice a different opinion, not only are you shouted down as a racist, homophobe etc you are likely to be reported, visited by the police for a hate crime and even lose your job.
    Potentially your entire future fucked for having an opinion that doesn’t agree with the media and metropolitan elite.
    So there’s apathy, but the whole system is against you as well.

    • Nailed the problem FM. The system is against those who offer a different viewpoint and will slap them down very hard. The system of libtard wankery has feet of clay just takes time for them to crumble as so many vested interests are frantically shoring them up. Problem is have we the time?

  6. Social media, has been a blessing and a curse.

    It can certainly be used as a form of virtual public demonstration against a politician or company, which might change their ways and make them more accountable.

    However, on the flip side, if you have subjective websites such as Twatter and Wankbook, almost declaring their undying love for the Left and all things Woke, then you have no chance of having a voice, and so ends genuine democracy.

    Politicians will of course follow what their social media advisors tell them because its ever changing, and they need to keep their finger on the pulse. Compare and contrast to how politicians used to operate 30+ years ago and yes, they were still cunts, but they were not swayed/supported by the owners huge social media websites.

    One suspects those “moderates, centrists and soft-Right wingers” want to speak out, but can’t because of censorship from those very same websites, as well as being trolled and hounded by twattish undemocratic woke cunts, who see life through tinted glasses – just so long as it doesn’t disrupt their idyllic/simplistic lifestyle.

  7. If you are a public figure and speak out against any trendy cause your career is finished. Not because a lot of people don’t agree with you but rather that the woke mafia will slaughter you. They control the media.

    This is why we have a country run by celebs like Rashford who create campaigns which the real government can’t or won’t oppose.

    We are becoming a twitocracy rather than a democracy.

  8. I reckon once the Baby boomers die, it will be down to the so called Millenials, who have hardly anything. The Homeless crisis will become harder to ignore, as more will join them (or commit suicide, another issue the government is hiding). It will reach breaking point. Either a true democratic party will be elected, which is unlikely given the system that is in place, or the mass divisions will lead to social unrest, or even civil war. Another terrifying possibility (or near reality, given so many fictional dystopias are becoming reality) will be civil unrest leading to the creation of a police state, which will be voted in by the people, in the hopes that things will be safer. Then we would either be left with a world where criminals act without impunity (like now), or a world where countless individuals will be arrested for disobeying the new totalitarian government.

    • I was thinking about politics last night. They all promise to fix everything and usually fail badly. They all suffer from short term thinking but whilst they are in power they enact policies which turn out to be at the root of medium and long term problems.

      It really is a vicious cycle, none of them can answer a direct question with a direct answer.

      Ask a politician for the truth and they have to ask an advisor what it is.

  9. MOTS.
    More Of The Same. Whichever snake oil sellers are in charge nothing changes – it is the job of the elites to keep it this way.
    Politics needs root and branch independently implemented reform, these pigs won’t change themselves. they will just short change us.
    A club of privilege, greed, corruption and failure getting richer every day on our backs.
    Radical reform or remove – if I do manage to bulldozer my way into politics I will make this, and social reform, my main platforms because what we have is not fit for purpose and we need a working class size 11 in their collective arses and to start draining OUR swamp.
    Vote Fox Cromwell! 😄👍

    • Nevermind all that, whats in it for me if I vote for you?
      Doesn’t have to be much,
      All the other parties offer me sweet fuck all!
      Will I get free school dinners?

      • A stuffed bear that opens beer bottles with its teeth if you vote for me!
        And when I am in power I will make it law that children get NO dinners – that way they might have less energy for running round fkin stabbing each other!

  10. Interesting nomination Spanky. A few years ago I wrote a similar one for Voter Apathy along a similar vein. As long as these fucking animals keep being placated, they’ll continue on their murderous jamboree. Isn’t religion marvellous?

  11. What our politics needs is non career politicians like The Donald, a businessman. Is The Donald perfect? Fuck no, but he’s knows what’s required, the draining of the fucking swamp. Looking after his own countrymen first, creating good jobs, trying his best to get the illegal fuckers out of the country and stopping them getting in in the first place. How can a working class bloke in this country relate to these fucking career politicians born with a silver spoon in his mouth? “We’re all in this together” spouts Boris. Don’t piss on my head and tell me it’s raining you blubbering cunt.

  12. excellent comment Spanky – it’s always been them against us but a myriad of false distractions allow the sheep to wander all over the place and forget what it’s about – there’s no longer left or right – it us against them full stop – get with the programme

  13. I need to keep my job for another three months. I shall then be retired, with no more requirement to toe the woke line. (And you should see what that line is where I work! Every issue, every department, hijacked to give preferential treatment to special-interest groups)

    Then it will be time to release the boiling piss.

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