National Education Union

Here we go again. Another political load of bollocks from the lazy, lefty teachers.

‘The UK’s biggest teachers’ union has backed calls for a ‘circuit breaker’ lockdown and has said it would support an extended two week half term in order for the measures to be properly implemented.’

These useless cunts have mostly done fuck all since March. Now they want to extend their fuck all some more. Rather than indoctrinating children they prefer to sit at home watching loose women. It must have been a close call.

Lets see – teach kids that LBGTxyz is normal and Tories are evil or sit on our fucking arses some more?

A tough call.

Nominated by: Cuntstable Cuntbubble

(Perhaps they should be rebranded “National Indoctrination Union” – DA)

58 thoughts on “National Education Union

  1. The national union to teachers are aiming for a 6 week working year, that’s plenty of time to indoctrinate young comrades.

    Teaching, how to destroy a once respected profession 101.

    (I might be wrong, but didn’t these cunts recently have a payrise for doing next to fuck all (ie. working from home). As opposed to frontline NHS nurses and doctors, who – as far I know – have received sweet fanny adams for putting their lives at risk – DA)

    • I couldn’t understand that either DA. The teachers refused to go into schools to teach yet the NHS staff of whom many died carried on throughout and got fuck all.
      What a piss take.

    • @day admin

      My daughter who is a nurse got a £60 fine last week because the hospital had lifted the parking exemption for staff whilst she w on leave and she wasn’t aware.

      She really cant afford the cost of parking at the hospital so she now drives to the park and ride in Oxford and has to get two busses fron there to the hospital and back again, 12 hour shits plus and exitra hour plus travelling each way.

      During her shift she doesn’t undertake any political indoctrination and no she isn’t striking for a pay rise.

      I think academia takes the piss.

    • Fucking right, DA. I, a front-line ‘Ambulance Driver’, no time off this year, dealing with Covid-Pos patients, plus the rest of the shite we deal with on a daily basis, and my colleagues got fuck-all. I genuinely believe this shit-house of a government is trolling us.

    • Ones a convicted child molester looking type/the others a fruity physco lesbian.ticks all the right boxes in the modern age.
      Plus theym lazy bastards

  2. They probably want all teaching done online so they sit on their fat arses, working from home overseeing it all remotely.
    What a disgrace these fuckers are to teaching, it’s no wonder my Dark key’ bredren have been failed by the system.
    It’s the white man’s fault, bringing all this transbender agenda and who takes part is a winner bollocks.
    I should donate my DNA so they can make a load of clone’s of me when I was a young cunt and send me into the schools…some good old fashioned bullying and fighting is what they need. 😁
    Go fuck yourselves.

  3. After months of pretending to work while sat at home in the pants or sat in the garden moaning about Boris these cunts want more time off? Why? To prepare more lefty agenda for their kids.

    Hoo-eee, what cunts.

  4. They call themselves “teachers” but most of them are thicker than gorilla shit. Staying well away from our kids is the best thing they can do. Marxist shills who knit their own sandals from yoghurt.

    What I hate is the fact that the malleable minds of youngsters are ruined for life by these cunts, thereby robbing the poor little sods of any joy or future worth to normal society. Of course, the poor devils whose minds have been fucked with by these bastards will become reliant on drink, drugs and worse, which means they are fodder for other public sector cunts like social workers. The whole system needs purging. Maybe Joe Stalin had the right idea. about 20 million against the wall should do it. Oxygen wasting cunts the lot of them.

  5. Just to let fellow cunters out there know that Thankfully there are a whole load of teachers who Will never raise their heads to proclaim it for fear of being labelled by this type of cunt, but they will have nothing to do with these wankers. They want Brexit, Trump, hate BLM and they want an end to these fucking lockdowns.

    Trust me on this one.

    Lockdown as a teacher is like stealing a living no wonder they are desperate for it.

  6. Idle whining socialists – teachers and lecturers do not educate, from pre-school to leaving university they indoctrinate, they effectively have an open door to the mind of the young and can fill it with any happy clappy transmental cloud cuckoo land anti UK commie shite they want.
    And they do.
    And if you are an educator who happens to be male, white, middle aged and straight I would advise against taking out any expensive remortgages, you are being cleansed.
    We need better – teach them right they invariably turn out right, and anyone asking for a “safe space” will be meeting the school bully!

    • “Safe space? Out of my way you inconsequential snivelling toad.” (To front litter carrier boy) “Shove the little twerp face down in the mud.”

  7. Of course they support the fucking pointless ‘circuit breaker’ lockdown, as it’s a couple more weeks of sitting on their arses.
    You would think teachers, whose job it is to impart knowledge would be more intelligent than the average mong, but I don’t think so. All these thick cunts calling for tighter restrictions can’t even process the official figures.
    Wales back in full lockdown for a cause of mortality that didn’t even make it into the top twenty according to ONS statistics, coming in at a lowly 24th for the month of September. Parts of England are looking at being under the same restrictions where it is a bit higher, at 19th. The already far higher mortality rates for more established ailments, dementia being number one, cancers, even flu and pneumonia made it to number five I think, will get even higher because they are virtually forgotten by the powers that be, and completely forgotten by the lockdown lovers and the mask Nazis.
    And, don’t forget, those figures for Covid deaths are for people who died within 28 days of testing positive for Covid, not because of it.

    • Please don’t group us altogether, GJ. I am more intelligent that your average person (degree in Physics from a university constantly in the world’s top ten). However, there are many (mostly at the top of the unions) who seem to think as you have written, and they are only helping themselves. Most of us just want to be in the classroom, otherwise we’ll have another lost year of kids.

      • I don’t, as I know that many will have to stay silent and keep their opinions to themselves or risk the wrath of their more ‘enlightened’ colleagues. My best mate has been a teacher for over thirty years and he is glad to be semi retired.

  8. I’d love to know their thoughts on the asylum seeker in that Coventry school who is clearly an adult, like at least 40 years old, and also why their fellow teachers said it was “inappropriate to ask about his age”.

    An absolute scandal. But not the first time its happened.

  9. 🎶 I believe the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way 🎶 Teach them woke bullshit morelike.
    I fear for the future, I really do.

  10. Talking of teachers – I remember my form tutor when I was in the 6th form back in the late 70s, very early 80s at my local comprehensive.

    She was a real prick-teaser, always sitting atop her desk with her long slender legs crossed, and if she was in the “mood” she would do a Sharon Stone and for those lucky bastards at the front, had a wonderful view of white knickers!

    She also barely wore a bra under her thin blouse- always a bonus during the cold winter months and her nips were visible from the Space Station!

    She was the jewel in a crown of cunty, stuck-up tosspot teachers

    • Wow Techno-40 years and still in the old “wank-bank”, she must have really made an impression.

      There was a tiny girls PE teacher, who thought u was pretty cool-she used to come for a crafty smoke behind the sports hall with me, I really was teachers pet😉🤫

  11. Those that can Do 👍👍
    Those that Cannot Teach 👎👎
    Biggest set of wankers going They think they are something very special they are not 👎👎
    I have relations who are teachers and never met such a set of opinionated twats in my life Leftie Labour wankers Get a proper job 👎👎

  12. That useless honey monster cunt in number 10 needs to pull his fucking finger out with our education (indoctrination) system.

    Trump has banned Critical Race Theory (anti-whiteism) in schools and universities. After watching that Channel 4 documentary in a UK school where the white kids were psychologically abused (with glee) at the hands of their ‘teachers’, it needs stopping. Unions like this one though, want to roll out the project nationwide!

    The black kids were also being taught to have the power over the white kids (by saying what the white kids can say to them and to be careful what not to say to appear ‘pattonising’…how the fuck are they supposed to know what may or may not offend?). But of course, the narrative was that the white kids had the privilege. Black ‘heritage and history to be lauded..white history to be shamed and criticised.

    Watch that anti white shitfest and and sane person can see that the power is 100% with the non white kids and the shame and guilt placed onto white kids. It was painful to watch. Pure child abuse.

    An absolute fucking disgrace, and I honestly would advocate hanging all the bastards who have pushed this shit onto our kids.

    Evil fucking cunts, every one of them.

    • An absolute fucking disgrace.
      This shit doesn’t happen as much / at all in private independent schools.
      White “Privilege”.

  13. can we not put these people out of their misery for once and for all and deport them to a very cold, miserable existence in the arctic circle somewhere without any clothes or food and non-essential items like duvets???

  14. Quick Emergency Cunting, if I may for ITV’ current rugby coverage of the Scotland/Ireland game. Just switched over and I’m faced with that Box-Tickers delight, Maggie Alphonsi. When you’ve played at the same fucking level as the men you’re tolerated by, then your opinion is valid. Until then, the only noise I want from you is asking how many sugars I want in my tea.

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