John Wayne

Now I know a lot of older cunters wont like this (especially Boss Admin. Tread carefully, MNC! – DA).
They grew up with “big John” as a cowboy hero.
But John Wayne couldnt act. He could only play John wayne!
Think he died of dry rot he was that fuckin wooden.
I like westerns, but more a Clint eastwood fan.
John Wayne, the Duke?..
The hell he is.

Nominated by: Miserable Northern Cunt

(Just so long as Boss Admin knows I had nothing to do with this – NA)

91 thoughts on “John Wayne

  1. I would never cunt John Wayne as he is a legend and a true male role model. (Not like the back-door merchant actors posing as real men we have today)

    I will however cunt the recent batch of toilet paper my Mrs bought back from ASDA.
    The toilet paper does infact remind me of John Wayne:

    ‘Hard as Nails and Takes No Shit!’

    • A mans man and a legend. A staunch anti communist and movie icon. Got on with things and didnt whinge or politicise unlike the woke Hollywood bullshit you get today. One of the very few people on Earth who is immortalised because of what he did and how he did it. Wayne was no cunt I think the world could do with more like him instead of the fucking poofs we seem to have more and more of.

    • oh my good lord ! MNC, you have been down the shit end of the bog too long.
      John Wayne is a legend and I won’t have a word said against him.
      He’s got an airport named after him FFS !

      Anyone who says he couldn’t act, hasn’t a clue. He could out act many a ponce from modern movies. People used to say DeNiro could act – now the twat is ‘appearing’ in adverts for Korean cars & Warburtons fucking crumpets.
      People who think ‘the Duke’ couldn’t act – watch ; The Searchers, Fort Apache, She wore a yellow ribbon, True Grit, They were expendable.
      Donovan’s Reef is one of my go to movies when I want to be cheered up.

      He died of Cancer – originally thought to be years of heavy smoking, but later realised to be caused by Radiation. Many westerns were shot in the Nevada desert where Nuclear bombs had been tested.
      Ironically, the worst movie Wayne ever starred in, 1954’s ‘The Conqueror’ was filmed in the hills of Utah, which were likely covered deadly nuclear dust. Out of 220 people who worked on the production, 92 died of cancer.

  2. Sorry Miserable, John Wayne was part of a winning American football team, who’s reward for victory was to “pull-a-train” on Mea West.
    Thus, as the co inventor of the bukake party, he deserves some kudos😉
    Gives a whole new meaning to “Get orfff yer horrrrse, an drink yerrr milk!”

  3. I’ll agree that Clint Eastwood was in better westerns, but that’s about all I can agree with Miserable.
    I love John Wayne movies. The Searchers is a particular favourite of mine, although he did have a cuntish real name in Marion.

  4. Hehee!😀
    Sorry Boss Admin!🙏😇
    I wrote this while watching Rooster Cogburn.
    I’ll admit I liked him in the Quiet man where he plays John Wayne in Ireland and the cross country fist fight!👍
    But maybe its a generation thing?
    I dont get the appeal?
    Its not because he had downs.

  5. He looks like Sid James in the last pic, the draft-dodging fraud.
    Though I can’t argue with his 1971 comment about “agreeing with white supremacy until blacks are educated to the point at which they take responsibility for themselves”.

  6. His best line was as an American centurion in the greatest story ever told. “Truly this man was the son of God” 😂😂

        • Scene from the filming of “The Greatest Story Ever Told” with John Wayne as a Roman centurion who witnesses the crucifixion. I can´t remember the source but it is genuine.
          Wayne: Trooly this man wazzz the san of Gawd!
          Director: Great Jan but let´s try it one more time.
          Wayne: Trooly this man wazzz the san of Gawd!
          Director: Great Jan but just one more time
          Wayne: Trooly this man wazzz the san of Gawd!
          Director: Great Jan. Let´s try it again but this time with AWE!
          Wayne: With AWE?
          Director: Yeah, Jan. With AWE.
          Wayne: OK. Trooly this man wazzz the san of Gawd, with AWE!

  7. Ridiculous nomination. Wayne is the king of the western. He didn’t need to be anyone else – he was The Duke. In movies like Rio Bravo he was invincible, a charismatic hero. The personification of integrity.

    Which modern day Hollywood stars could possibly compete with these greats? When they are on the silver screen you keep watching.

    The closest today is probably Kevin Costner who was really good in Wyatt Earp and Open Range.

    The rest are pygmies by comparison. Quite literally in the case of Tom Cruise who would be too short to see over the saloon swing doors.

    In any case when did Clint Eastwood play anyone other than Clint Eastwood?

  8. The only western I ever enjoyed was Carry On Cowboy – Sid James as the Rumpo Kid, Kenneth Williams as Judge Burke and Joan Sims as Belle (“give me a clang sometime”)

    • Clint Eastwood could have also taken the title of the ‘Rumpo Kid’ in High Plains Drifter, Mr Boggs…have you seen it?
      Some bird slaps a cigar out of his mouth and he literally drags her into a barn and rapes her. That’ll learn her!

      • Never seen that one TTCE. I think the early TV which showed non-stop western series (the 1950s equivalence of todays soap operas) put me off westerns for life.

    • Wayne’s not the only one who could only play himself. How about James Cagney, Sean Connery, Roger Moore? You could spend a day adding to the list.

      • If you want to have a good laugh at possibly the worst modern cowboy ever made Then watch
        SHALAKO aka the one trick pony that is Sean Connery “Prepare To Bury The Dead” in that stupid put on Scottish accent terrible wooden actor 👎👎

    • That was superb WC – “I’m here to clean up Stodge City”..
      But carry on up the Khyber was my favourite – that’s how to deal with foreign devils!
      John Wayne was John Wayne, he owned a genre – never really a fan myself but each to their own.

      • My favourite was Carry On Screaming, which had the considerable bonus of lovely Fenella Fielding (“do you mind if I smoke?”), Harry H. Corbett as a sort of would-be Sherlock Holmes (“foul feet smell something horrible”) and we quickly disposed of Charlie Hawtrey (Dan, Dan the lavatory man -“there’s a Scotch man goes past here in a kilt, and you wouldn’t give it credence”)

  9. John Wayne top drawer Just like all the Hollywood tough guys of course he always played himself and that’s what I and many others liked about him. Hero good guy. A little bit of research shows he had right idea re eth en ics also. Basically that they needed to demonstrate a more civilised demeanour rather than spouting off for little or no reason. John Wayne the boys own tough guy cunt. Rocked

  10. The Duke was ace. The Cowboys, True Grit and The Shootist are but three of his classics. Also, the big man wouldn’t have stood for any of this BLM crap.

    Big John was from a time when men were men in Hollywood (apart from fairies like Marlon Brando and James Dean) and he was also one for the ladies and he had more top Hollywood fanny than Warren Beatty and Robert Redford combined. You name ’em, he duked ’em. The man was and is a a hero and a legend.

  11. Worst cunting I have seen. I have met the son of the Dukes bodyguard a couple of times. America needs him now, being taken over by soft commie bastards. Fuck off.

  12. When Clint Eastwood dies, that will be the end of real men in Hollywood. As a 90 year old, he still has more testosterone than most of Hollywood put together, Ellen deGenerate included.
    A mans got to know his limitations.

  13. Clint is the epitome of smouldering, dangerous machismo.
    Pale Rider must rank as one of, if not THE greatest westerns made.
    Unforgiven is also up there.👍

  14. I was watching The Man That Shot Liberty Valance last week and was reading up on John Wayne. Apparently he worked briefly when he was twenty one with an ageing Wyatt Earp and copied his mannerisms and drawl, thus was born the on screen John Wayne.

  15. I cannot go along with this cunting at all. Much has been said about the Duke but the bottom line is, John Wayne was an American original and a true icon.

    If he were alive today he would be an ISAC cunter. For proof listen to the following:

    • Afternoon General, he wasn’t too keen on Communists either. I read somewhere recently that Stalin wanted to assassinate the Duke for his forthright views.

    • @6dV

      Either Marion Michael Morrison or Marion Robert Morrison. I’ve seen it both ways. I’m not sure which is correct.

  16. John Wayne was a legend.
    Him and Clint Eastwood are two of the greatest in my opinion.
    Certainly not the snowflakes choice.

  17. John Wayne? At least he wasn’t a woke cunt.

    Many more easy targets than JW, apart for those who see the gaylords and anti white shitbags as less worthy of cunting.

    To be honest, Hollywood could do with more cunts like him.

    • I don’t do sacred cows CB, reason I cunted him.
      John Ford never forgave him for dodging WW2, and Robert Mitchum despised him too.
      Know a lot on here like him, but rather than get upset by my cunting,
      Maybe they should be more like John Wayne?

      • Hey Mis,

        I hate to disagree with an admired cunter but I’m not sure what you wrote about the Duke is completely correct.

        Private letters and post war records indicate that Wayne was kept out of the war by Republic studios. He was the only A list star they had under contract and they threatened to sue him if he enlisted.

        As to John Ford, Wayne wrote several letter to Ford stating he wanted to enlist and asked about getting into Ford’s unit.

        Records kept in the National Archives show Wayne tried to join the OSS and was accepted. However, the acceptance letter was intercepted by his wife (they were separated at the time) and he never received it.

        With regard to Mitchum (another American original), the Duke was the producer of the film Blood Alley and he fired Mitchum and assumed the lead role himself. They went on to work together later in El Dorado and as far as I know they were friends.

  18. I’m sure I’ve read that he was a draft dodger in World War 2. Correct me if I’m wrong. Was a bit typecast it has to be said. Bit like Ken Barlow in Coronation Street.

  19. Him and Clint are great,

    I can imagine Clint being same as in gran Torino

    “Ever notice how you come across somebody once in a while you shouldn’t have fucked with? (spits on the ground) That’s me.”

    • Mrs Yank and I watched Where Eagles Dare last night. She’d never seen it and now understands why it is brilliant.

      To be fair, Eastwood played second fiddle to Burton throughout, but Burton was SO beyond amazingly fantastic in that role, what else could he do?

      Never seen Gran Torino. Don’t plan to either. I think he’s made some shit movies and personally I hate westerns. So lame. Ride around on horses. A gun fight. A brawl in the saloon. A bent sheriff. A desert camp fire scene. Riding off into the sunset. That’s every western ever made. Yawn. The last ‘Dirty Harry’ movie – The Dead Pool – was atrociously bad too.

        • Recommendations on ISAC are usually spot on, so I’ll give it a go, DCI. Thanks for that.

          I remember a clip or trailer for it and it was Clint (quite old obviously) telling some cunt kids to get off his lawn, Dirty Harry style. I remember thinking that’ll be embarrassing. But……I’ll give it a shot. Hope it’s on Yank Netflix. Cheers – IY.

      • Thank God for the invention of VCR and DVD. The bar scene where the incredible Ingrid Pitt swings over to take Richard Burton’s order and reaches over to give him a good eyeful has worn out my pause button. She is magnificent and given their reputations Burton and Eastwood must’ve spent the entire location vying to bed her.

        As for The Duke, yep he may be a tad one dimensional but he’s as far from the woke bollockery that’s all- too prevalent these days and I salute him!!

        • To echo yours and and others’ sentiments Isaac, there are few if any movie stars today. Celebrities yes, movie stars no. Can you imagine Cary Grant, Bert Lancaster, James Stewart, Katherine Hepburn – no name just a few – behaving like this current crop of utter cunts? The class has gone and been replaced by entitled, self-aggrandising condescension. It’s a crying shame.

          • Celebrity’s not actors….. astute observation Imitation. All the above are top notch. For me the Warner Bros 40s era was the best. Humphrey Bogart; Bette Davis; Joan Crawford; Barbara Stanwyck and literally dozens of others. Not many people appreciate that James Cagney could hold his own on a dance floor with Fred Astaire and still play the most menacing thug in movies (“Cody Jarrett” in White Heat).

            When Nicholson, Caine and Eastwood depart they really will he the end. De Niro has fucked up his career with comedies but even he’s still better than most.

  20. You’ve certainly stirred strong feelings Miserable. But a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.

    But are you prepared to be sworn enemy’s of the ‘MickeyC Gang”.
    In a feud with the ‘Lord Helpless Clan’ for years.
    Posts at dawn?

    God knows what Quick Draw will say when he comes along.

  21. The funniest Western i ever saw was cactus jack, starring kirk Douglas and Arnold swarzenigger. Sort of wile e coyote but with real people.

  22. John Wayne pushed that cunt Tony Robinson (Baldrick) into the Thames in the film Branigan.

    For that alone, John Wayne was a film God.

    • Spot on Paul. And there I was thinking that this giant of the stage only played Baldrick. What an acting colossus he is.

      And don’t forget to address him as Sir Tony if you ever meet him. Probably for me the tipping point at which I really did condemn our preposterous Honours system.

      • Isn’t Robinson some kind of champers socialist?

        If so surely he should have rejected the knighthood, or at least not demanded the minions to call him by his full title, the cunt!

  23. Both Eastwood and Wayne starred in many classic films, along with many duds (“Brannigan” ffs!)

    But when it came to westerns they were both solid Hollywood go-to-guys.

    I was raised more on Eastwood, and really loved his 3 spaghetti films, but no so much with Hang em High, Pale Rider and High Plains Drifter. But he was excellent in The Outlaw Josie Wales and Unforgiven.

    He certainly made my day!

  24. His best film was his last – The Shootist.

    He was portraying an aging dude, past his prime, dying of cancer, while also being aging dude, past his prime, dying of cancer.

  25. In the film Get Shortie
    They come downstairs thinking someone’s broken in
    One of them says the TVs on it’s a cowboy
    John Travolta says that’s not any cowboy
    That’s Rio Bravo 👍👍
    That’s says it all for me The Duke was the best 👍👍

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