Harry Fuckwit, Sparkletits & Structural Racism (3)

I know they’ve already featured, but the Markles deserve yet another nomination. Wow, they’re really desperate to win “Cunt of the Year 2020” aren’t they?

Their latest act of cuntery has been their unsurprising and completely uninvited “intervention” on the subject of “structural racism” in the UK. And this is not in any way connected to black history month, that’s just a coincidence.

There sat Harry, King of Cucks, telling us all about his “awakening” and how we’re all racist for holding black people back and all that bollocks (which is provable). He also claimed that London didn’t feel very diverse.

What? Fucking what? Motherfucker, you haven’t BEEN to London for at least a year. The place is more diverse than any other city on the planet. Shut the fuck up, you lying moron. And of course, sitting next to him (to make sure he stayed on script) was Woko Moano. Smiling in that fake, smug, self-satisfied way she has.

I was sceptical about the claim that black people are being held back. So I asked my black wife, my half black mother, several black relatives and friends and my 102 year old black maternal grandfather. None of them knew what the fuck Harry was talking about. None of them feel like they’ve been held back. They felt that the only black people who DO feel held back, are those who engage in criminal activity, and those work dodging cunts who have no intention of finding gainful employment, for which they blame whitey. In actual fact, it’s THEIR OWN fault. They are victims of nothing but their own life choices.

Anyway, didn’t Markle and Chuckles fuck off to the US for more privacy? And yet not a single week goes by that these pricks don’t pop up to offer their unsolicited words of wisdom on various issues.

Here’s an idea, Gingerbeard, shut the fuck up. You chose to turn your back on the UK and, worse still, your own family, for a stuck up, eye fluttering, over-ambitious, under-talented piece of skirt. You have NO right sticking your nose in now.

Pair of cunts.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw

..and a related one from Dick Foxchaser-Fiddler

Prince Harry

” Harry said: ‘Once you realise or you feel a little bit uncomfortable, then the onus is on you to go out and educate yourself, because ignorance is no longer an excuse. And unconscious bias, from my understanding, having the upbringing and the education that I had, I had no idea what it was. I had no idea it existed. And then, sad as it is to say, it took me many, many years to realise it, especially then living a day or a week in my wife’s shoes.’ Harry spoke from his £11million home in Montecito, California,”

What a fucking tool. The thickest Cunt in Christendom suggests that we need to educate ourselves.The sheer nerve of the Cunt astonishes me…what makes him think that he is a position to lecture anyone on the iniquities of inequality? He is the most undeservedly privileged Cunt on the planet…any normal illegitimate ginger simpleton would have been put in Council care at birth…I bet The Sponger-Windsor clan wish that they had done just that now.

Harry should have it explained to him in words of one syllable that he is nothing more than an irrelevant,stupid dupe…I hope that his wife does just that when she leaves him for the next rung on her ladder.

70 thoughts on “Harry Fuckwit, Sparkletits & Structural Racism (3)

  1. An excellent analysis of one of Britain’s greatest of idiots. Harry the Hound brought to heel by the Tar Baby. Becoming a personal puppet of of Trailer Trash is one hell of an achievement isn’t it Harry?

      • So it’s Dumb Black Fuck Month. So what?

        But a good way of compressing the entire output of the black race into 1 hour – then repeating it 24 times a day for the next 31 days.
        I did say ‘compressing’ into 1 hour , but the reality is that they did have to speak very slowly indeed , in order to fill the 4 x 10 minute slots between the first hour’s adverts.

        Fact is , after watching just minutes of this crap – it is clear that the only thing the black race invented , is the single interracial mother on benefits.

        • I was impressed to find that a black Nigerian invented the Jet Engine, and that the worlds first computer ( among many other inventions ) were the gifts of the Sambi Tribe of Eastern Sudan. The Discovery of Penicillin, Space Flight and the founding of the Industrial Revolution. ! All gifts to the world by our cultural superiors.! I am indeed grateful for their presence….suerly.

          ( Source: BBC Natural History )

  2. Splendid.
    I hope the structure this idiotic cunt fails to describe is a ghetto tower block in Compton that collapses on top of him when he’s on a brief guided tour.
    Parasitic cunt.
    Fuck Off.

  3. The idea that a simpleton like Windsor knows what ‘structural’ or ‘unconscious’ or even ‘bias’ means is laughable. This is a person whose teacher (allegedly) did his Art coursework to allow him to scrape into Sandhurst. A person who highest academic achievement is an E grade in A Level Geography.

    For a couple of people who left the UK to escape the media, these two privileged arseholes don’t half give a lot of interviews.

    Fuck them.

    Je suis toujours Samuel Paty…

  4. What the fuck does he know and I bet his money grabbing slut of a wife has never been near a black man. No, she has a noticeable preference for rich whitey. They really are a pair of cunts especially Hewitt who has the brain of a chimpanzee; you could almost believe that Charlie boy was his real father.
    How he must long for his old life of rugby, pissing it up, shagging the poshest birds in England and shooting defenceless animals. You fucking idiot Hewitt!

  5. Baroness Doreen Lawrence needs a cunting for coming to a similar conclusion about the NHS:


    I have visions of DCI turning to his hypothetical black ambulance partner and saying “ain’t no PPI for you, boy.”

    I’m sorry to say, Quickdraw, that all this woke bollocks is making white people more racist, which means good people (like those in your family) will be affected by knobbers like Hewitt speaking on a topic they know nothing about.

    I’m Sgt Maj Cunt and I endorse this cunting.

      • Just as a side point, DCI. How often are you tested for the Covid and is that a PCR test? I’m not sure what tests are available at the moment.

        • I’ve had one and an anti-body test, both negative, but, if we’re displaying symptoms, we can have them when we want. We also have drive-through tests at various stations, dates as advertised. No idea what tests they are, though. Hope that helps.

          • Took a few days for mine. Maybe different, now. I nearly shat myself. They called me at home, wife answered and said: ‘The ambulance service doctor wants to speak to you’! Gave me the All-Clear, though. Which was nice.

          • Very helpful, just trying to help out some poor bastard in my circles from being thrown onto the Wicker Man of covid and being condemed to a lifetime of social obscurity. Always prudent to at least try and know the facts rather than jump to irrational conclusions!

    • ‘I’m sorry to say, Quickdraw, that all this woke bollocks is making white people more racist, which means good people (like those in your family) will be affected by knobbers like Hewitt speaking on a topic they know nothing about.’

      And there lies the massive problem that these self-righteous cunts can’t see. They’re pushing normal, everday folk into the arms of the far right, yet no-one picks them up on it, ‘Racist this and that to people yhat just want to live and let live, on BOTH sides, and, I really fear the outcome.

      • None of the blacks I know go along with all this woke BLM bollocks. The main culprits are lefty whites stirring up racial hatred in a bid to blame the right, divide and rule being their ultimate aim.

  6. Ginger cunt, bet when she told her mum she was shagging a royal her mum said not the ginger one I hope? You could of done Andy when you were 13.

  7. Harry ought to think himself lucky he was born in the 1980s rather than the 1880s (or even earlier) because then he would have been treated like any other little bastard and made to loive in abject poverty with his mum, who would have been regarded as a cheap little whore. Henry Vlll would have probably fed him to the hounds. Prince Phillip is far too soft!

    • Is Phil still alive ? I’m sure he died last year and is propped up in some room at one of the tax payer funded homes they are forced to live in. Phil the Greek, a rotting corpse left in a corner with no relevance, flies all over him and Corgi shit round his feet just dragged out on the balcony at Buck House like a Thunderbird puppet for the odd occasion. When the German Liz pops off it’s got to be time up for the house of Sax – Coberg, just finish it as they are just oxygen thieves the lot of them, except Princess Anne and her kids, as they’re the only down to earth ones in the clan. I’d send the rest to Unkle Terry for some mk5 gas treatment.

  8. Their marriage has already lasted far longer than many anticipated.
    Shame they’ve fucked off to America…it’s far harder for the Firm to arrange a fatal accident for one or both of them.
    Hopefully they’ll be consumed in the inevitable mass arson when the blackies riot after the Tangoman wins a second term.

    • Surely not. The rich woke are protected from the righteous anger of the poor. Well, the rich woke think they are anyway.

  9. Alright, Harry old son, let’s make a few things absolutely crystal, shall we?
    Firstly, the only thing that ever prevented your sainted mother from being some two-bob slag sucking off truckies beneath an overpass somewhere was the position of her birth.
    As for your fathers, one of them talks to turnips, and the other one IS a fucking turnip.
    And who did you take for your wife? The fragrant Skid-Markle!

  10. The point about privacy is a good one. As I’ve said before every day there is a story about the Cuck and Cuckess of Suckit in my news feeds.

    Most of the stories are bullshit hype about how wonderful and enlightened the formally royal, but not quite common Dipshit Duke and the D List Duchess really are and how dedicated they are to their “life’s work.” A recent example includes the Witchess of Woke taking her pet familiar on a “secret” tour of her old high school.

    And the “royal watchers” always have to weigh in. The newest speculation is that Halfwit Harry Hewitt is suffering a sort of “Stockholm Syndrome” and wants a divorce.

    Perhaps one of the best examples of how phony the Dysfunctional Duo really is came from the Daily Mail. The ragloid recently published a story about how some of the guests at the Royal Broom Jumping*…most notably the tragically hip “George and Amal”…didn’t even know the Royal Waste or his Half breed Harlot.

    I’m not even English and these 2 make my piss boil.


    (*Jumping the Broom is an old way of referring to marriage originating in the Deep South. It seems fitting to me given the Witchy nature of Me-gantoinette Markle.)

  11. I took Harry, the Ginger Cunts advice (apologies to my ginger cat) and went out and educated myself and it worked…..

    I still think he is a ginger cunt!

  12. I think all this structural waycism is a bit too complicated for Harry’s ickle brain.

    According to the Dailty Fail:

    ‘Race equality think tank Runnymede describes structural racism as “the set of circumstances artificially created over generations, through European colonialism, which holds ‘whiteness’ to be superior.”‘


    ‘After the article was published, a spokesman for Prince Harry told the BBC: “The Duke believes structural racism exists in the UK and I think you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who disagrees with that.’

    blah, blah, woof, woof, hairy arseholes, etc:

    ‘”He is not saying that Britain itself is structurally racist or that Britain is racist.” The spokesman said the Duke was referring to parts of institutions in Britain.’

    OK, now we have got to the meat of it, why don’t Ginger and Sparkletits address directly the ‘parts of institutions’ in Britain that they consider to be structurally racist and quit fucking up the shit of the rest of us?

    Why? Because it doesn’t command a sufficiently large audience and put them on the ‘world stage’, which is, ostensibly, their aim in life. However unless they call out those ‘parts of institutions’ then they are not really doing their job properly are they? The ‘structural racism’ that they harp on about will then continue unabated (allegedly).

    A right (ex) Royal pair of cunts using this fabled ‘structural racism’ as a vehicle to power, wealth and glory.

    Fuck Right Off.

    • You are totally correct Mr Maskinback,

      I fear we all need to pray for The Donald to win the election next Tuesday, or the whole world as we have known it will be down the shitter before you can say “structural racism”. If that cunt Biden wins multicultural kiddie fiddling will become law.

  13. What has that wife of his done!! He must be the most pussy whipped man in the history of the universe. Thought that the distant heir to the throne would know that London is the most diverse city in the world. Fuck the cunt he and his wife can take a running fuck. As long as none of my taxes is heading their way carry on, I fully understand that the tax I pay is needed for the boat people and I have to venture outdoors to take part in the collective taking of the knee so I will end this comment.

  14. Despicable waycism.
    I have a plan half blood cunt – if you are that bothered hand over your mansion and half your multi million fortune to BLM.
    No? Fuckoff then – and Q made a very good point – the only ethnics who seem to whine about alleged “racism” are the weed smoking fried chiggun snaffling work dodgers and criminals who don’t like the fact they get sent to prison. Well stop dealing drugs and stabbing people then – this is also my experience amongst my coloured friends, most are decent people without a criminal or racist bone in their body and they don’t want or need some bastard and scrubber to tell them about racism towards them which simply does not exist.
    Good double nom! 👍

    • That sums it up nicely.

      They can still all fuck off home with the rest of ‘em though.

      The ‘black’ over-exposure lately has ensured that most would be happy if we never ever saw another darkie fuck.

  15. Harry has said he didn’t know what ‘unconscious bias’ was until he ‘walked a day in my wife’s shoes’.
    In her heels? Maybe dressed in his Nazi uniform? All sounds very kinky.

  16. Of course all his posturing and right on bullshit is just that.
    For all his racial harmony shite, would Henery of Hewitt go out with a black woman? And when I say a black woman, I mean a real black woman? Not a diluted mainly white plastic faux black sista like Meghan Markle Fucking Ono. If he wanted a proper black woman, he’d have got one. But he didn’t, and it’s glaringly apparent that his supposedly great and radical barrier breaking marriage is a bottle job. Oh yeah, he’s all for mixed marriages. But not that fucking much, eh?

    Of course the leftist mongs will bleat ‘But… But… He married a black woman!’
    No he didn’t. It’s easy money and christmas cracker virtue signalling. He is a cunt and so is his fake slag of a wife.

    • I’m a proud white Anglo Saxon and my proud Anglo Saxon cock is darker that Sparkle.
      And more fragrant.

      Harry is just like mummy-privileged, thick as pig shit and a fucking publicity whore.
      The woke, marxist cunts hate the Roysl family and what it represents-does this stupid ginger twat not see it?


  17. I think this cunting is unneccessarily harsh.
    Personally I’m very glad that Harry has helped me to see that I’ve shown unconscious bias in the past.
    He’s such an expert on social issues such as lack of diversity in London, poverty and underprivilege and such. It’s always a pleasure and an education to hear him speak from a script carefully prepared in conjunction with Little Miss Sparkle.
    We’re lucky to have them.

  18. What’s structural racism? Has someone been building walls with racist words written on the bricks?
    Words don’t hurt.
    Being kicked or punched in the bullocks hurts.

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