Great Expectations

I’ve just watched a programme ‘Five Guys A Week’ where 5 men were vying for a woman’s affections over a week.

All five contenders agreed they were middle class. Except one. He said he was working class. There was a blanket shunning of him after that. How out of place he was. Pathetically at one point looking round for someone to talk to and there was no-one.

Reminding me of Joe in Great Expectations trying to fit in with Pip’s new friends. Dickens captures the clash of classes brilliantly. Anyway he stuck it for a night but the very next morning he made his apologies to the woman and scarpered.

When he was gone no-one directly referred to his class but you could tell they knew that was the reason he had left.

There’s a great debate about ‘inclusion’ regarding race and gender in our society. But the real discrimination or distinction is and always has been class isn’t it? We all know growing up in England that we are in some way hermetically sealed in our own class. And more importantly can be identified by some mysterious sixth sense the English have. That’s why I have never really believed in ‘social mobility’ or ‘becoming middle class’.

How accurate that TW3 sketch with John Cleese, Ronnie Barker, Corbett is. Ronnie C repeating ‘I know my place’. But the truth of the class system is every one ‘knows their place’

Getting back to great expectations. I suppose to be compatible you have to have the same expectations. That word was used a great deal in the programme. I thought at one point Charlotte (the woman) was going to exclaim like Pip ‘I have great expectations!’. She quizzed the men all week about their expectations. And her parents as well when they came to look them over- ‘what are your expectations?’ wiill you be able to fulfill her expectations?’

I would like to say here Charlotte was cold like Estella but she wasn’t really. She was nice enough.

There was little humour in any of them. Certainly no fun like you would get with a group of working class people.

Maybe it was just boring bunch. But I seem to have met them somewhere before. Yes there was the doctor’s sons from over the way I felt uncomfortable with growing up. Not snobbery or anything just I couldnt get anything out of them. Different interests I suppose. But the truth they weren’t really interested in anything other than schoolwork, getting on.

My ex-brother in law comes to mind. He went to a private school. But once again there was nothing in him. We talked sports. I cannot think of his political views. He wasn’t passionate about anything.

I don’t know but I like rough and ready working’ class people. They famously don’t have ‘Great Expectations’. And maybe that’s a good thing.

The message of Great Expectations of course- don’t pretend who you are not. But I think a lot of the middle class ARE pretending. It’s the class that pretends. In that sense the upper class and working class are freer. Middle class people are too preoccupied with their expectations. It’s too comfortable. It is better to expect the unexpected.

What is the word I am looking for regarding them? Tepid or lukewarm or something.. Or they’re not human enough.

Just my experience.

I must read Great Expectations again

Nominated by: Miles Plastic .

63 thoughts on “Great Expectations

  1. I’m surprised you watched this shit at all Miles. There’s only one thing women are interested in. Money.
    So the working class bloke, being an intelligent chap, realised this and left the rest of the dumb middles to it.
    Better by far to have a pint of bitter with your mates, and fish n’ chips on the way home than some pseudo princess.

    • Make that 14 pints , a good scrap ,and a kebab , and all I’ll be thinking about is having a decent smoke when I get home.
      Fuck women – I wouldn’t be able to get it up after 5 pints anyway.

      The joke here is 5 sad cunts hanging round a menopausal middle-class wine-addict , who thinks that any vibrator over 4” is for freaks.
      Pubs are full of them on a Thursday – as well as throngs of semi-virgins with 4” dicks.

      Euthanase the fucking lot.

  2. Good to see you know your place Miles. Middle class cunts like G.K. Chesterton and Philip Larkin wouldn’t like it if you were uppity.

      • Certainly not ‘nouveau riche’, LL.

        As you are well aware, Lady Creampuff and I inherited all our furniture. Apart from the snooker table, that is.

    • Waugh neither RT. I think he would have recoiled in disgust if I had entered his presence.

      BTW I think you’re middle class. You have a dessert after dinner. That’s middle class isn’t it?

        • Pop by the tradesman’s entrance at Christmas Miserable, if I’m working I will give you a snifter of his best whiskey (I water it down)

          • Hehehe yeah!😀
            While hes playing party games upstairs with his oity-toity friends we’ll raid his drink and grub.
            It rankles when he calls me “boy”😡

        • PS: I used to think of you as a singularly malign version of Spooner, as played to perfection by John Gielgud (see first 5 minutes of the play above).

          Looks like I’ll have to think again now that you’ve outed yourself as a prole. 😀

    • Hmmm after reading the nom intro reminds me of a parable by a famous scotch comedian/the working class he goes on to say are all good fun and humoured/so are the extremely super duper mega rich /it was noted how well they gelled with the millionaire types/It was the middle class who were the problem in their v neck jumpers and volvos who plsyed golf also pretending to be toffs/exclaiming what they talking to them bunch of scrubbers for/no arse in their trousers/lamenting were nearly toffs
      I have to admit it still seems to be the case today

    • Damn! I keep forgetting how class conscious you Brits are.

      I now view Ruff as more Bill Haydon (sans the homo tendencies) than John Drake.

      As for me there are only two classes. You are either “one of us” or “one of them”….either cunter or cunt.

      Race, creed, color, ethnicity, gender, religious affiliation (or lack thereof), shoe size or whether or not you’re left handed matters not. You’re either “with us or agin’ us.”

      And if you are with us…you are always welcome here at “the Villa” and will be treated as a friend (indeed part of the family) with courtesy and respect.

      However, be forewarned…if you are one of them…there is no limit to the contempt we will show you and there is no type of verbal abuse we won’t heap upon you…and with great relish I might add.

      • Evening General.

        John Drake was me in my prime. I’m far too old and wretched to cut such a dashing figure nowadays.

        • Ruff,

          I completely relate to you too old and wretched remarks. As I young man I could lead multiple cavalry charges in a single day.

          Now as an old man there are some days I can’t even get my boots on…let alone mount….( EEK!)…I mean sit a horse

  3. They are all cunts, making a pathetic play for a woman in competition with similar cunts devoid of balls. Chasing women is the last thing a man should do, the harder you chase the more they like it but you make yourself look a cunt whilst doing it and your dignity is left on the floor for her to work on.

    Women on the whole don’t get caught by the chasing pack, they get hand the,selves over to the men that won’t chase them.

    • Good nom Miles,working class students at Durham University are in the news for being bullied and teased by affluent students.
      Im working class and proud,
      Im more comfortable socially with other working class people.
      That said I dont hate middle or upper class people,
      Long as they’re not like those snotty little cunts at Durham!
      If thatd been me id of stuck the nut on the cunt,
      See how cocky he is about social status minus his fuckin teeth.

      • I saw that too Miserable, putting out cigarettes on their heads as well. Remains to be seen how seriously Durham University takes it but if someone had misgendered a trans thing or worn a turban at a fancy dress party they would be cracking down within hours.

        • Yes LL pretty disgusting no matter whos doing the bullying,
          But why arent they standing up for themselves?
          If it was race or sexuality theyd be instantly be kicked out as you say.
          But white working class?
          They dont matter eh?

          • Ah yes-Durham-for rich cunts who are not clever enough for Oxford or Cambridge 😂😂😂

      • Damn right MNC.
        I like to think that I bridge the gap between middle class and working class.
        That being said, I do despise idle cőuncil house people who’ve been jobless for years and expect people like you and I to subsidise their filthy houses, drug consumption and Findus crispy pancakes with microwaveable chips.
        They’re even lower than dårkıe ímmıgränts.
        Of course, I like hard-working council estate dwellers. My best mate came from the roughest estate in my county and is now a millionaire off his own back.

      • Thomas@
        Drop the middle class sneering
        At working class truck driver peter Sutcliffe!
        He got results didnt he?
        And had a busy social calendar.😀😀😀

        • A very sexy working class social calendar, beaten only by that man of the people and all-round cheeky scallywag Fred West.

          • Neville Heath – now there was a ladies man! Middle class too.

            Women literally begged him to beat them to death. Animal magnetism, you see. Me and Nev had it in spades!*

            * No racism intended.

  4. Rather than being a wimp about it after he was shunned, he ought to have gone to the loo, taken a dump, fished a bit back out using something in the bathroom that was handy (and expendable), wrapped the nugget in bog roll and hidden it somethere in one of the tart’s bedrooms.
    She’d wonder why the upstairs of her house stank and just why all those pesky flies were everywhere, especially in the summer.
    I have never done this (moments after being chucked 25 years ago), no Sir.
    Nor did I steal any of her knickers out of the washing basket for future smelling.

    • Forget the bog, sorry, lavatory, shit in the plant pot, drink the cabinet before puking over the Axminster and asking if anyone knows the footie results. If she laughs you’re in. If not, a lucky escape.
      The entire premise of this TV offal is ‘fraightfully’ middle class la-di-da bollocks.
      Fuck ’em all in their ear and shoot them with shit from a rubber gun.
      I’m a cunt, do I win £5?

    • After Mr F, I trust you’re well?
      People in my neck of the woods have gone mask crazy!
      If you’re not wearing one in a shop (as I never do), they’ll literally gasp and stagger back from you as if you’ve got Ebola! At the very least, they’ll glare daggers at you!
      Makes for some amusing antics…my ultimate goal is to make a fat woman back up so much that she falls into a chiller in Asda, scattering cheeses and pork pies and then laugh in her face.

      • I’m thoroughly cheesed off with the whole affair,Mr. Cunt-Engine.
        Endless silly,petty rules and regulations designed to terrify people into submission.

        The Govt.,their “experts” and their fucking advisers should all be locked up in Rampton.

        • I thought it said Trumpton not Rampton. Though I’m certain the Mayor of Trumpton would have handled Covid and being PM far better than anyone we’ve had in the last 23 years.

          • I’ve seen that, both hilarious and incredibly sad at the same time as it really kicks home just how shady, inept and corrupt this country has become in such a short time.

  5. With you all the way on this nom, Miles. As a teacher in Leicester, I am constantly reminded that white working class lads are the lowest achievers. I want all my students to achieve and do what I can to help all those who need assistance but the middle class prejudice against those who are working class fucking pisses me off. And I’m a middle class, public schooled educated cunt from the borough of Islington. Even I can see this. Why can’t others of my ilk, the cunts.

    • White , working-class orphan from Islington here.
      Women like this are for wimps.
      You can fuck birds from all round the world in Soho – £30 a pop.
      For £50 , she’ll piss in your mouth , gobble you rotten , fuck you in all positions – and finish you off energetically with her tits 30 minutes later.
      How many dinner parties would it take for this whore? Fuck that.

      • Amsterdam is a must, most importantly its legal. Cant wait to go back once I have the money. Men are shallow, but women are greedy – they demand everything from you and give nothing. Im also holding out for sexbots. Its only a matter of time…

        • Meanwhile , a well-greased carrier bag under a settee-cushion works well.
          You can vary the pressure by leaning on the cushion.

          “Bag for Life”? You bet!

  6. I’ve worked for,and with, plenty of “upper-class” and “working-class” people over the years…had very little bother with any of them. It’s the silly “middle-class” Cunts living beyond their means and obsessed with “what the neighbours think” that are the worst.

        • Spag Bol tonight – with mushrooms, of course.

          Can’t say I’m that keen on neeps, but the rest is sounds yummy. Had mince and mash with broccoli on Wednesday.

          Bon appetit!

    • Dick@
      One of my favourite customers is a upper class ‘horsey” type,
      She swears like a trooper, more than I do, and never been anything other than decent with me.
      Shes a physiotherapist and after my dad was healing up from a broken neck (cancer ate two vertabrae) she treated him for free.
      No airs an graces and has my total respect (an thats rare!😁)

      • I had a sliding door moment In my 20’s Mis:
        A fabulously wealthy, widow who was 20 years older than me and still “stunning”, put it all on a plate. She had inherited her husbands businesses, houses, country estate and money.
        I turned her down.
        I would have been so rich, I could have bought Stockport and made you Governor.😀

          • At the time I had a local girlfriend and two in other cities.

            I do occasionally wonder, what if……🤔

          • Not the old rich bird I mean id accept the position of high sheriff of Stockport!
            And a reign of terror, tyranny and a harsh life for all its citizens would go down in the history books.

    • Nailed it. The cunts desperate to tell you what there house is worth and with a brand new motor but there’s fuck all in the fridge.

  7. Had such high hopes for the format of that show after reading the title.
    Would’ve been far more interesting if they all got to give the wantant bint a good seeing too on a nightly basis and at the end of the week she had to decided which one left her her box in tatters! He’d go through to the grand final where he’d competed against the winners from the other shows and they all had to bone a real munter like Price, someone who’d really test them, she’d then get to pick the overall series winner cos one of em actually managed to touch the sides and they’d get a golden smashed fanny on a stick type of trophy! Instead it looks like a show full of twats, circa “come dine with me”.

  8. I haven’t seen this programme. I don’t chase after women.

    Mind, you I remember playing kiss chase when I was at little school many moons ago.

    A nice sit down and cup of tea is more like it these days. I want to oneday buy one of those armchairs with a flip up footrest and the back rest leans back.

  9. The only class guaranteed to be cunts are the lower class. Which has nothing to do with upper, middle or working. Lower class = cunts.

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