Diversity Built Britain

Just when you thought the Tories couldn’t get any more left wing, out they come with the release of a new 50p coin with the moniker, ‘Diversity Built Britain’ plastered on it.

The press release has a grinning Rishi Sunak holding the coin.

Now I for one agree that non whites have done things to help Britain. On balance?…meh. Probably been a bad idea. Bit some have helped, for sure.

But built the fucking place? Fuck off!

Britain was over 99% honkey as recently as 1948. It was still over 94% in 1997, when Blair then fucked the country in the arse.

The honky man built Britain. And if you keep on telling them otherwise they might start wanting to deport ‘diversity’.

Get the fuck out!!

Oh, and Britain built loads of fucking other countries too. So fuck off!!!

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70 thoughts on “Diversity Built Britain

    • ‘The British built Britain’ should do then.

      When they say diversity built Britain, they mean the honkies didn’t build Britain, but the dark keys and Joe Dakis did.

      Sorry, I don’t have a great one liner to end with JRC.

  1. “The diversity of our society is its greatest strength and gives us so much to celebrate.”

    (Charles, Prince of Wales, 2nd generation immigrant, heir to the British throne)

  2. More fucking lies from the cunts in Westminster. Who are they trying to convince? Diversity Destroyed Britain IMHO.

    Does the coin depict glorious scenes from the Manchester Arena or London Bridge?

    Piss of Rishi, you jug eared wanker.

  3. No it didn’t. It was slavery and fucking good on us too.

    And the boon in the picture has just been paid for a weeks work.

    Ahhh the good old days.

  4. They could take this “diversity” down to the nth degree and include the Romans, the Saxons, the Normans …and all the other cunts who invaded this country murdered, raped and enslaved its indigenous populations, and then went about “modernising” Britain during those Dark Ages.

    But strangely the talk of other empires invading/building our country, and exploiting and in particular the subject of white slavery by the Danes, the Germans, the French and the Romans et al some 1500+ years ago is conveniently forgotten in the present context.

    Can’t imagine why other than being not very convenient to the current argument!

  5. Yesterday, I was pleased to read that the Charities Commission is taking an interest in The National Trust’s woke agenda. Apparently, it is receiving complaints from members who see that it is diverging from it’s charitable objective of preserving great buildings. It is not a political organisation.

    I’m an avid fan of Michael Portillo’s Great Railway Journeys (Yesterday Channel – not for chavs). He travels the country by train looking at great feats of engineering and manufacturing. There’s no mention of dar quays in his narrative. Fred Dibnah’s on BBC4 doing the same thing (with more grunting). Again, few dar quays.

    My mate was the victim of an attempted mugging last night in London. Haven’t got the details yet. I wonder how diverse the perp was….

  6. Western Civilization is being destroyed from within by the lies turned dogma of the neo-Marxists. With very few exceptions, neither Tory nor Republican will stand up to them. That marks them as either compliant confederates or cowardly collaborators.

    Britons built Britain. In support of that truth and in order to combat the attempt to erase them from the history of their own nation a new BLM movement should be born.

    British Lives Matter.

    (The same thing occurs here in the states. White Lives Matter.)

  7. Talking of coins, has anyone ever seen one of the 50p Brexit coins?. I asked in banks and shops for weeks and all I got was a look of distaste. The young lad in the bath gave me such a look of horror and shock you would have thought I had asked to see his cock.

    I bet these darkie-coins will be forced on everyone though

  8. It was not diversity per se that built this country, it built by contributions by a variety of people some of whom came from overseas. If you walk around our once great cities you can see magnificent civic buildings which date from the nineteenth century. Move not too far from the city centres and you will see recently arrived immigrants living and acting as if they were still in the shit hole they come from.

    • Wireless 4 often make reference to “white Victorian men” (there was an instance of it last night on PM when they visited a museum). Surely they must realise that the foundations of modern Britain were built by white men – perhaps they get different history lessons these days at school and they believe everything was built by Yoko Ono.

  9. Two things i have already posted previously:

    -I enjoy nothing better, than being lectured on British history and culture by a 1st generation immigrant.

    enjoy the video, sums up this thread perfectly.

  10. It’s just a slap in the face to all those who aren’t happy with P*ki grooming gangs, terrorists and Blik stabby cunts.
    Rishi you can shove your 50p coin right up your fucking black hole!


  11. Britain and its Industrial Revolution built the modern world.
    It was a white Britain, fact.
    An inconvenient truth for many.
    Not for me.
    Greatest nation ever.
    Now fucked from within.
    Good morning.

    • I do like Sunak, but he’s been a bit too care free how he is spunking billions of pounds we don’t really have on the Dink Virus and Transport for Fucking London!

      Some say he might usurp Boris as next PM, but he needs to toughen up and show some fucking backbone.

      • It’s a racing certainty Techno!

        As soon as Johnson’s Brexit debacle is out of the way and the Tories can blame the ensuing disillusionment firmly on Johnson, Sunak will be in.

        Labour will be beside themselves! 😭

  12. I mentioned yesterday those daft vegan cunts who complained about the new £5 notes which have traces of animal fat on them. We could emulate the soft twats and refuse to accept these bullshit coins. I wonder if the BBC and Guardian will give our campaign coverage.

  13. Since Black Lives Matter is now toxic, they have renamed it Black Liberation Movement, backed up with the £1.2million they have in donations. It is new an OFFICIAL organisation. Life gets more interesting……

    • Again, the term liberation is in the title, as if they are not free! And no one will call them out on this, just keep sucking up to the cause for virtue signalling medals. Fuck off.

  14. On this very subject, I’ve just read an article about the tomb of the unknown soldier, and some twat who is now curator of the national army museum has said that the remains are probably of a white man, and that unconscious racial bias of the time was probably responsible for the selection of this white man to represent his fallen comrades. Does this cunt have any idea of know anything about the First World War, or the racial makeup of Great Britain at the time?
    Where is this shit going to end? How much of western history is going to be erased and replaced with this fucking nonsense? It seems apart from slavery, we did fuck all of note.

  15. This is just more crawling and appeasement from our masters in charge. The more they try and demonstrate how much they’re prepared to suck up to minority inferiority complexes, the more it’s going to be seen as fear by those minorities and the more demands for reparations and special treatment will be made. Why our masters can’t see this is beyond me. I see in the news today that Macron in France is defending French values and not giving in to islamic demands for the French government to bow and scrape to their cultural beliefs. I think our government should take a leaf out of their book. Islam controls enough land in the Middle East and yet the greedy cunts want to turn our lands into fucking backward war zones as well. Diversity can eat shit.

  16. How about Rashi the chook botherer or that Indonesian cunt that raped well over 100 drunk blokes as Britain’s biggest deviant ethnic contributor.

  17. Brunel’s father was a garlic munching onion seller. That’s the best I can come up with on the “diversity building Britain” front.

  18. Didn’t a whole load of remainers say they wouldn’t touch the Brexit 50p? I’m going to do the same with this one.
    Aren’t they going to try and abolish cash anyway?
    Diversity is our strength. What a load of big hairy bollocks that is.

  19. My great grandfather helped build the Central Library, The Town Hall, the Arndale Centre and the CIS Building in Manchester. He told me a lot of the workmen were Irish, but there were no bogos or peacefuls in those days.

    This coin is more revisionist woke propaganda and sweeping the ethnic shite under the carpet. Why don’t they put the Arena bomber, the London knife gangs, or the peaceful chicken shagger on the fucking coins? They could replace the Queen with Sophie Duker and have ‘Kill Whitey’ on the new pound coin. That is the real face of ‘diversity’and cultural enrichment.

  20. In the future, children will be taught that there used to be white people in Britain, but, being cunts, they had to be eradicated, for the sake of racial harmony.
    Let’s hope they put up a good fight and the diversity butchers bill is a big fat one.
    Get To Fuck.

  21. Diversity in my view means: ghetto areas of once clean white areas, not enough housing for indigenous British, rising crime and child abuse, terrorist acts, trying to change our laws to Sharia, sponging off our welfare state with never ending kids being dropped out, not enough jobs for indigenous white folk especially the under 25’s.

  22. Giving the immigrant the vote and a mouthpiece was the greatest error of all time. May the wrath of the festering fistula invade rectally, any who disagree.


  23. Our grandfather’s and great grandfather’s fought for freedom of this great country. Well, we may as well put fucking Adolf Hitler on the next £10 note when it is next issued.

  24. W0g’s and pAk!s bring misery anywhere they choose to squat, they are parasites and are unable to conduct their lives in an honest way, show me any area in which they are heavily represented and you will find a dirty, lawless shithole, they are incapable of acting like humans.!

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