Cunts wearing masks

(Matt Suckcock forgets his mask and his own rules – DA)

Yep those ‘like being ordered what to do cunts’ are surrendering cunts and have the potential to switch sides in a war.

Crossing the road is risky and so is not wearing a mask some say…I say uncertainty and risk makes us feel truly alive and life is to be lived. So c’mon cunters live a little amd absorb some of my spirit of adventure and take some risks and don’t wear a mask.

If Covid 19 gets me at least the fans won’t remember me being aaaht and abaaaaaht with a damn mask on my face, no they’ll remember me as a cunt who would not be told what to do.

I’ve been to a few events etc lately and all these social distancing, mask wearing etc measures they are asking customers etc are a farce.

Live a little cunters…who wants to die as a careful cunt.

PS If you die of Covid 19 after my advice…I knew naffink abaaaaaht it.

Go fuck yourselves.

Nominated by: Black and White Cunt 

148 thoughts on “Cunts wearing masks

  1. It seems the German police broke up a fetish party in Berlin (spoilsports…); I find it hard to believe the fetishists weren’t wearing masks.

    Naughty boys and girls, Mutti Merkel will spank you thoroughly !

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