Muff Munching Virgin Media (4)

I’ve just caught an advert whilst watching ‘The Professionals’, for the above-mentioned (is that a word?), cunts.

Woman, in bed, watching some shite on a laptop, falls asleep. Wakes up, switches laptop off.

Partner sleeping next to her? Female and black, obviously. Excuse me, I’m off to have a CVA.

Nominated by: DCI Gene Cunt 


62 thoughts on “Muff Munching Virgin Media (4)

  1. Goddamnit Admin – that’s the second time you’ve given me the horn today!

    (You should see where the white girl puts her hand 4 photos later! Anyway, focus on the nom and not the munchers – DA)

    • Yeah, I’m off to xhamster for a bit of er… recreation…

      (Actually I accidentally found that pic-set on P0rnpics via Google. Disgusting! Time for a beer while I wait for Afternoon Admin to get his arse in gear – DA)

      • That is the most impertinent question I have seen posted on ISAC for a very long time…

        (Mary Whitehouse, Mrs. Deceased)

  2. What is this? Is-a-lesbian.
    Although I would bang one whilst the other waited aaahtside and then invite the uglier one in to lick my balls clean.
    Not really into lesbianism.
    Go fuck yourselves.

  3. Similar to the cunting I saw a Renault advert on the Tele the other day.
    It has a couple of Lesbian kissing in it… whatever next?
    Probably a Volvo estate advert with a load of Refugees climbing aaaaht.
    Go fuck yourselves.

      • Own up to owning a Renault Clio sport, made well before you had to be a LBGTDUVX to drive or own a Renault. Often the good lady and myself are most puzzled as to which world/dimension we have ended up in if we catch an ad break.
        These ads and the strange reality they evoke would be ok to show in areas of major population more likely to come across the lifestyle they portray but here in the back of fucking nowhere squared the point is missed. Bloody sure that some of my older neighbours think they are watching a porn channel, whilst others are at a total loss with the number of ethniks
        To me these ads are bullshit propaganda because no matter how you add up the figures lbgdreswvbhj and ethnics are still a minority and will be for a while no matter what these shite driven adverts portray

    • Hi.b&wc its anne frank /id like you to pm me please it is as regards a rather dubious claim by seymour blaart(and others trying to join in)that i might have offended you in some way i hope not mate. ok

  4. What a beautiful day cunters…this is my favourite time of the year.
    Sunny but cool, fresh breeze and I ain’t got fuck all to do. 👍🏽

    (You could buy an air-rifle, drive to the Kent Coast and take a few potshots at a few incoming dinghies – DA)

    • Speaking of which, 400 “asylum seekers” have been moved into a military barracks in Folkestone. Where once we housed soldiers we now house the invaders. The local MP says he is worried about the “impact on the community”. I think he means rape, sexualt assault, shplifting and mugging the filthy racist.
      Lovely day on the South coast again. Must be another 200 today at least. No women, so no lesbians i’m afraid.

    • Spot on B&W. I’m about to give the hound a bath out in the back garden.

      Sadly, this means that my collection of air rifles and crossbows will need to stay in their sleeping bags for the day as the hound dries off in the sunshine.

      So, if you or any other cunter fancies a day trip to the South coast to repel the invaders, just give me a shout.

    • Don’t get in the firing vector of my GPMG B&WC!
      A Man filming the invasion, quite legally, in a public place has been arrested and removed.
      Time for the people to stand.

    • Yes b&wc plenty of things to others are getting on with their time while you waste it/suppose you was to go into the basement and dig out the sawn off shotgun and mortally kill some dinghy hoppers id bet a cookie that would be really usefull eh what?

      • Ever so sorry to be a pedant, Anne but frankly, if you’re going to come on here and launch a tirade at our B&WC, please, at the very least, attempt to achieve the rudiments of the English language:

        “suppose you was” – No, dear – “were”
        “mortally kill” – just “kill” (mortally means it’s fatal already)
        “id” – FFS – apostrophe missing (unless you are referring to yourself and you’ve missed out the subsequent “iot”)
        “usefull” – May I enquire if you attended a school at any point ? (Useful)

        All the very best to you, up there in your attic.

      • Bloody hell, B&W said he was going to have a nice day doing not a lot…. ended up shooting the Channel dingy crews 😂

        That’s the internet for you init.

  5. I saw this, fair enough, we do live in a country with a primarily gay population where mixed race relationships are by far the norm.

    Nothing to see here, move along. Gary’s just signed a new 5 year contract with aunty, nothings changed.

    Man gives birth and we can all celebrate, perfectly normal.

    Falling down, I’m close to falling down.

    • Surely all we need now is a woman who identifies as a Bat declaring her love for and marrying a Sheep.
      It would be a massive step forward in terms of acceptance and they could sell the pictures to some shite magazine. 😁

      • I found the last white heterosexual couple in the UK last night.
        Being a good citizen I of course took them immediately to Unkle Terrys oven – to receive a response I can only describe as “somewhat rude” – and some frankly unpleasant threats to ruin my youthful good looks! (So I ran off!).
        I was twiggered and needed my safe space and everything 😢
        Ah well, back to my day job as a covid MarSShal 🤣

  6. That’s not a lesbian photo-it’s a still from the upcoming BBC series: Caucastic Vampires, the tale of ordinary, everyday peoples of colour being preyed on by evil white vampires, led by Count Trumpstein and ably assisted by his evil hunchbacked servant Boris.
    John Boyega stars as Van Helsnigg, Trumpstein’s nemesis, Lenny Henry as Uncle Tom Foolery, Oprah Winfrey as Great Aunt Expandia and Lewis Hamilton as Lil’ Fanny.


  7. See the race baiter Aloha Hirsch has made a program with mutherfucker Samuel J to do a doc about the slave trade.
    Good old BBC again.

    • The darker hued lady in the photo looks a little like Samuel Jackson (culturally appropriated name) from the side.
      Can we be quite sure the other one isn’t John Travolta?

      • That’ll be Samuel L. Jackson … twin brother to the late Gordon Jackson aka ‘Cowley’ … head of CI5 … aka ‘The Professionals’ that DCI GC was watching … spooky, I need a lie down. The connection is bizarre.

  8. The black lass in the pic is Ana Foxx. So a friend tells me anyway. I wouldn’t know, I don’t look at porn. Ahem!

  9. We live in a majority gay, black, mixed race, tranny country. Or so it seems in the neverland of adverts.
    Presumably they are not looking to sell stuff to Peacefuls, devoted Christians or bigoted bitter cunts like me.

    • The Dykes are very popular and an important demographic for many multinational companies.
      I like it best when they fist each others arseholes though.

  10. I’ll take two please, don’t bother wrapping them up, I’ll take them naked.

    Goodbye for now.

  11. They look nothing like the lesbians I see. A cross between D-Fens in Falling Down and Fatima Whitbreads uglier sister. Did you know that Fatima Whitbread once failed a drugs test?? She couldn’t get her nob out of the bottle.

    • As I young un, I really couldn’t work out if the press coverage of Fatima’s “Wiggle” was a genuine celebration of her feminine sexuality or a covert piss take of her mandroid-ity?
      As Fiddles might espouse:
      “It’s a disgrace”

  12. Those are ‘stage lesbians’
    Not real ones!
    Real ones look like Robbie Coltrane.
    I dont mind the lezzas
    Get on alright with them,
    Take money off them same as id take money off anyone, always friendly to them,
    “Aye up, you alright pal?’
    Dont stand to close though their breathe reeks of mackrel for some reason….😀

      • Exactly that Cuntologist!
        Big bubbly, can take a joke, not easily offended,
        Level headed & fair minded.
        At the end of the day the Robbie Coltrane/mick mcmanus look for ladies is timeless, iconic, and damn sexy.

    • On holiday in Windermere a while back, I saw two great clodding Millie Tant from Vuz types in a car park, one had a crew cut, DM’s, both probably 18 stone-that’s closer to the truth.
      Ellen Degenerate. Yeuurghh☹️

      • To think people deliberately go for that look boggles the mind. I imagine they decide they want to be hugely fat so that they don’t get male attention and punctuate every hour of the day with a pie or maybe three in between wondering where to get pierced or tattooed next.

  13. Great pic Admin. I learned to my astonishment recently that a cracking friend of one of my nieces whom I´ve been letching over since she was in her teens announced that she had become a lesbian and was living with a black girlfriend. I looked surreptiously at all the other old fellahs in the room and could see we were all having similar fantasies and wondering if there was some way we could make an innocent reference to Facebook or Instragram so we could check out for action pictures.

  14. Years ago a lezzie friend asked if I’d agree to help her and her girlfriend get pregnant. I said sure as long as I can unload my engorged cock in her girlfriend’s cunt.

  15. I must have seen the same series of adverts about 30 minutes ago during The Professionals ad break. Firstly the Renault with the two lesbians, followed by the Virgin ad with the black and white lesbians in bed. Watching Star Trek now, Uhura just been rogered by a white gladiator and Kirk about to get it on, again.

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