The Rolling Cunts (4)

The Rolling Stones are cunts!

The new shop they have opened in Carnaby Street reflects who and what they are now: a brand name, a corporate monster, a franchise.

All you will get in there is tongues all over everything and stuff that would have you believe they only began in 1971.

As usual they will not pay any attention to their 60s legacy and their glory years. Ask for a book on Brian Jones in that shop and you’ll get some millennial knobhead with a puzzled look on their fizzog. They won’t even know who he is.

I know relations with ABKCO are hardly rosy, but surely a Rolling Stones shop should cater for the first generation of fans and acknowledge how great they really were in the 1960s?

Welcome to the Disney Superstore of rock.

Nominated by: Norman

33 thoughts on “The Rolling Cunts (4)

  1. I need to cunt either the government or large swathes of the UK public. Why thou asketh? Because here in the North East we’ve been given a local lockdown. Cunts
    Ever since lockdown started, and this is UK wide mind – some people just haven’t stuck to the rules. Muslims in their bubbles of 300, blix and their 6 only ( 400 min) block parties, students meeting in parks in massive groups etc etc.
    Darlington is in a unitary authority and so are not included in the lockdown that effects everywhere else around them.
    Local MPs wrote to the minister for skullduggery and asked for this.

  2. Carnaby Street- a haven for cunts since the 60’s. Want an over priced drink – ta da. Want to look and feel like a London Liberal cunt? Get to Carnaby Street

  3. They should be rebranded “The Rolling Fossils” quite frankly.

    As for the new shop. Just don’t start me up because I really can’t get any satisfaction from that, but its their beast of burden, and wild horses wouldn’t get me in there.

    For all I care for this poxy little shop is to paint it black, board it up, kick them out and give ’em shelter because its all over now.

    Now that would make me happy

  4. Irrelevant, best years behind them, no ideas, living on borrowed time.
    But enough about Boris and the Government!
    This nonsense is everywhere – I went to a bar called “The Stone Roses bar” in York, all the walls daubed with Stone Roses lyrics – and every one of them wrong!
    I pointed this out to transitioning soygender the bar thing who admitted it had no idea who the Stone Roses were!
    And Jagger is a cunt – always has been.

    • Nicely cunted Vernon I agree 100%

      I’m not sure who is the biggest CUNT between Mick “I catch and pitch” Jagger and the Stone “fucking monotonous” Roses.

  5. I have a tenuous link to the stones-a family member worked with Brian Jones Lawyer.
    They treated his family like dogshit-using every possible trick to stop them receiving royalty rights.
    Cunts. If someone was to dig into the bands sexual proclivities with regards to the age of consent, they would discover Bill Hymen wasn’t the only one to like 13 year old girls.😉

    Unkle Terry, you know what do👍

  6. The last half decent Stones* album was Some Girls (1978). Why anyone would take the slightest notice of anything they’ve done since then is a complete mystery to me.

    It would’ve been best for them, their legacy, and the rest of us, if they’d died crashing their private tax dodging jet in 1972.

    * Apologies to Miles Plastic for my not calling them ‘The Rolling Stones’.

    • smashing album – the girl with faraway eyes says it all – smashin’
      saw the stones in 1971 at wemberley with a musician friend, so good went back the next night – i think that was the first of their many farewell tours – ‘uckin’ hell 50 years ago – gonna have to sit down for a minute – phew …….

      • oh dear, wrong year, twas 1981 – not as old as i feel -haha

        had another mate who drove for Mick Jones when he was in the band too

  7. Always a wry smile on my face to see wrinkly cunts fleecing other wrinkly cunts for hundreds of millions decades after their sell by date.

    I went to Knebworth in ‘76. Partook of rather too many beers and other bits n bobs on a baking hot day and fell asleep after half an hour of them belatedly arriving (2hrs late) with a banging headache. Quite a relief really, I only went to see Lynyrd Skynrd.

    Last great album ? Gimme Shelter (honourable mention to Exile which like most double albums would’ve been better pared down to a single album)

    Last great song? Street Fighting Man.

    Charlie Watts is a legend ; the other three are wankers.

  8. Mate of mine, now sadly deceased, was training to be a PE teacher in the 60’s. First day the Principal gave his class their timetables and said “You’ll notice you have Physical Instruction twice a week with Mr Jagger. Before you ask. yes he is Mick’s dad but don’t mention Mick….he really doesn’t like it. Just don’t do it.”
    Anyway, first lesson Jagger Snr walks in and he’s the spitting fucking image. So they all start strutting around singing “I can’t get no…….” etc etc.
    The bloke went fucking mental banging them up against the wall, calling them cunts and offering to fight them all. He raged on for about ten minutes and they were all terrified.
    He put them through physical hell twice a week for the next year, all the time calling them poofs and wankers.
    Of course these days he would have been sacked the first day but this was the 60’s, different fucking world.

  9. They used to be very enjoyable.
    Sympathy For The Devil starts playing in my superb mind every time I see napalm or rockets landing on villages in the Middle East.
    However this shop is total bollocks.
    Just fucking retire.

  10. I always thought they were a bunch of phonies, particularly Jagger mincing around the stage in ruffs and eye shadow, a middle-class English fop, fantasizing that he was a kind of Blind Willie McTell in a New Orleans brothel in the 1920s. He was too busy wiggling his arse at Altamont to notice a Hells Angels stabbing to death a nutter with a gun right in front of his eyes.

  11. Didnt they also fuck over Mick Taylor re credits and royalties? Ian Stewart never got the credit he deserved either. Ronnie Wood was a hired hand for many years for the grasping cunts.
    Wrote some great songs many decades ago. Jagger still a cunt, after all these years.

    • Brian’s biggest weakness was he couldn’t write songs. And certainly not hits. The songwriters are always the top dogs in bands, at least they were in those days.

  12. Should ask the shop assistant if they have any mars bars hidden away
    Well they are the only part of the Rolling Stones history that I appreciate
    And yes I’m a cunt

    • Ha ha!
      Reminds me of a mate of mine who emulated Micks use of the Mars bar, substituting a Cadbury’s cream egg on the young lady.
      His mistake was bragging to his teenage mates about it-every time he came into the pub with her, we all started clicking and crowing like chicken laying an egg, she fucking hated it😂😂😂

  13. One of yesterday’s noms was about a persons right to die to spare their suffering. This one is about the suffering caused by people who refuse to die. Mick, a singer who can’t sing, and Keef, a guitarist who can’t play guitar. The last time I saw a live performance of them, maybe the Brits or something shit like that, there were so many session musicians on stage with them, I don’t think any of the old cunts were plugged in.

  14. 40 yrs past their best, pack it in you are an embarrassment, jagger is a senile bag of bones, Richards can’t even strum a Bar chord, watt’s is a corpse with someone working the strings and wood’s, stick to art work that wouldn’t even get a mention on Vision On.!

  15. Much as I love their 60s output, I think Faces and Free pissed on the Stones in the 70s. If Rod hadn’t gone up his own arse, Ronnie Lane hadn’t fallen so terribly ill, and the other three weren’t total pissheads, Faces could have ruled the world.

    As for Free? Better singer, better drummer, better bassist, and a far superior guitarist (RIP Koss). For me The Stones’ peak was 1964-68. No coincidence that almost all adventure and artistry went when Brian Jones got shat on and jettisoned. It was after his sacking that the group became a brand and the ‘Greatest Rock ‘N’ Roll Band In The World’.

  16. I’m surprised the social justice cunts haven’t tried to ‘decolonise’ rock music. Maybe we could grab a guitar and smash them like Keef did to that bloke who ran onstage that time.

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