Sir Jonathan Jones

A triplicate cunting please for this whey-faced senior civil servant, who looks a bit of a nancy, frankly, who has resigned his well paid job because he has had a hissy fit about the government intending to break the Brexit bollocks by possibly breaking a minor part of international law:

I suspect that he is yet another namby pamby remainer, but needless to say Wireless 4 is having a circle jerk over the little motherfuckers action. Take him to the caning room and get the rattan cane nice and supple

Nominated by: W. C. Boggs

(Don’t suppose this bloke no one outside of Whitehall has ever heard of, will hand back his gong for Services to Overpaid Mardy Cunts! – DA)

26 thoughts on “Sir Jonathan Jones

  1. “International law.” What the fuck is that exactly. Can we sue China for China virus or Saudi Arabia for muslim terrorism? Can the British be trusted? Well according to Eurovision results, no. Who gives a fuck. We’re off and the eu can kiss my white bottom. Cunts.

  2. He looks a bit French but can’t be as he’s a Sir. He appears to have a golden, spray-on tan but can’t have as he’s a Sir. He certainly looks a bit light on his feet but no, no, he’s a Sir. He rings a bell as if he were once in Bronski Beat or Erasure but couldn’t have been because he’s a Sir.

    Boggsy says he’s a cunt and moreover, a Remoaner cunt, but that’s not possible because he’s a Sir.

    • See you then.
      Empty your desk and fuck off.
      Saves me firing you for your disloyalty to the country.
      Oh and has anyone told you you look like a slightly ill Norman Wisdom?

      • “Mr Grimsdale! Mr Grimsdale! – The people want to leave the EU – it won’t do at all”!
        From my understanding of the various legislation the UK is entitled to do what they are doing as to not do so would be “Nationally injurious” and detrimental to the UK.
        And given that half the Countries in the World appear to break laws when it suits them I could not give a flying fk who whines and resigns about it – the will of the people has been stopped too often by self serving traitors, enough is enough – crawl back in your holes, take Steve Bray with you and shut the fk up.

      • As he left he tripped and fell down the stairs, his cap on at a comical angle!
        Sir john Jones the head of slapstick and physical humour.

  3. The great thing about men in suits is they’re completely interchangeable. Like the Borg they are all drones, conforming, one minded.

    And in the very centre of that mind there is a single unifying thought – “I’m a cunt!”.

    Press the button and eject him into outer space.

  4. Why are we worried about the Northern Ireland border fiasco?
    I don’t want to see a return to the bad old days either, so do nothing and let trading over the border become an EU problem.
    Let them try and put up barriers between two sides in a never ending civil war, and they can reap the carnage that goes with it.

  5. The fucking frenchbreak international law every day by not rescuing people in the channel. Still the EUSSR have never bothered about laws. Fuck em.

  6. Let them all resign – the common purpose trained civil service are still in a unique position to subvert our democracy … because they want to – which is what this cunt and Sedwill have been doing for years. We pay these people a fine salary so they should do as we fucking want them to do – off with his head and give his pension to Mr Boggs – good cunting sir!

  7. Who cares about this fuckwit?

    He’ll still get his fat pension.

    We have tried being nice to the EU. It didn’t work and now is the time to get nasty. Any traitor or coward who is frightened of the flak better hide behind the bike shed.

    Britain means business and I do hope Boris sticks to his guns.

    • Joking arent you?
      Only thing Boris sticks to is his mattress or his missus’s thigh!

      • My numerous talents do not include songwriting so I would like some assistance in writing ‘ I Got Dem Ol’ Jellyfish Johnson Blues Again’.

  8. Notice how these guys are always “Sirs”? I thought you were knighted for defending your sovereign at the risk of your life, winning a battle against overwhelming odds, hacking the enemy into small pieces and throwing his severed head at your king´s feet. Nowadays, all you need is a smirk, a dodgy haircut, and a name like Jonathan. What´s wrong with plain old John?

  9. Just the type to run for the hills when the slightest bother turns up.
    A weasel.
    Oven full so Chinese Death Van in his garden.
    Paper shuffling CUNT.

  10. I found myself watching a bit of the Northern Ireland Assembly the other day and some Sinn Fein cunt tried to have a go at Arlene Foster with this ‘UK is breaking the law’ bollocks.

    Arlene dazzled me with her response and silenced the terrorist loving cunt. She said calmly and authoritatively that you have to remember that the EU are supposed to treat the UK with respect, enshrined in law, and she has seen no evidence of that. Then another one had a go, citing some other premise, and again Arlene asked surely you want to be sure that we still have access to the UK market and want a good outcome for the UK.

    Great! Wish she was our PM.

  11. In the article Kunttsberg refers to this Government’s “ruthlessness”…..What the FUCK?????

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