Selective Reporting Standards (Media, Police)

The media, the police and it selective reporting standards.

Mad knifeman in Birmingham.- Do not approach.
What’s he look like?- Um, do not approach.
How can I avoid him?- Um, highly dangerous.

Why is it not allowed to state the fucking obvious? The cunt is black.
Is it now ok to take the fucking knee but not ok to suggest or report that these fuckers are committing dreadful crimes?

I cant remember the exact figures but in London blacks are many times more likely to be violent criminals than whites. And perhaps highlighting this inconvenient fact might protect people.

Black Lies Matter.

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46 thoughts on “Selective Reporting Standards (Media, Police)

  1. This is a very odd case. Why was the chap allowed to continue for so long? Isn’t every city now covered with CCTV? And sounds like a possible ‘hate crime’ which always gets the Old Bill away from policing nasty comments on Twatter. As I said, odd.

    I see that Northumberland is going to be having a curfew. I’ll watch the UK news to see if any gentleman farmers take exception to being asked to leave the pub at 10pm.

    Second part of my epic anti-Woke rant…

  2. Yeah, when they wouldn’t release a description of the cunt my first thought was that it was a peaceful……..especially when the Mayor of Brum, or some other Labour cunt, was on the radio going on about not being divided and bringing the people of the West Midlands together, blah, blah, woof woof. Yes he’s preparing the ground for another lesson to be learned I thought.
    But now, with all this Floydmania, it seems it’s not just the peacefuls who are getting the special treatment but BAMES in general. We are being had over here.

  3. If the report doesn’t say ‘looking for a white male’ it is either a peaceful shouting Alan’s snack bar or a black.

    What’s the point in having a free press if they selectively report facts, if the government tried to enforce that sort of shit on them they would be screaming censorship.


  4. Diversity is our strength.
    Don’t report on the ethnicity/demographic of criminals because diversity is our strength.

    Are you not programmed yet? We’ll just keep at it until you are.

    • Don’t forget ! (as I am constantly being reminded by snowflake, woke wankers)……
      “Bl*k youths are SEVEN TIMES more likely to be stopped by the police than white youths”

      I know this an outlandish opinion, but hear me out…..
      Maybe it’s because the ones comitting the crimes are predominately bl*k ? ? ?

      “but they come from poor backgrounds and have less opportunities and are downtrodden all their lives by the white, privelleged, elite”
      … F*ck off !

      Most of the Millionaires in the UK are Bl*k footballers, who like to keep their money.

  5. The BBC coverage of it was almost like watching one of Mystic Meg’s lottery winner descriptions

    He may be a man(If he identifies as one that day)
    He might have eyebrows and hair.
    He may be a violent criminal.
    He could be wearing clothes.
    He may walk on two legs.
    He could potentially eat food.
    He might live in Britain.

    Every single person involved in downplaying and obfuscating this should be violently massaged with a rusty garden rake until the flesh is as gangrenous as Katie Price’s cavernous minge. Fucking scum.

  6. The BBC don’t dare step off the Woke/BLM/BAME Spectrum because they will get slaughtered for hate crime on social media. Hence their touch-feely reporting on anything remotely controversial.

    Of course if a white bloke swore at a black bloke, and tapped him on the shoulder before walking away, the media would be writing frontpage headlines, along with photos, address, age, date of birth, family members, criminal record, inside-leg measurements.

    And then there would be the opinion writers jibbing on about race-hate, and how typical the white man’s actions were and blah blah blah

    No doubt 9/11 and 7/7 will be historically revised to suggest the crimes were not really crimes of mass murder at all; just “mental breakdowns” due to the usual factors indirectly perpetrated by the evil White Man!

  7. It’s everywhere. Even my local rag had a full description of two stabbers, including such fine detail as the colour of the drawstring on the hoody, but left out their colour or ethnicity. I think the rule of thumb is, if it is left out, then we can draw our own conclusion as to their colour.

  8. The papers are full of the French Navy escorting the rubber boat gang to mid channel but the BBC doesn’t appear to have any coverage. And the cunts still demand £157 !

  9. Perhaps white blokes should complain to the PPC, and say it’s racist/sexist/ageist/heterophobic to always identify potential criminals as “white, male, 28”

    Instead it should be “a person” wanted for killing 30 people

  10. The BBC especially encourage the idea of black victimhood (the weekend documentary on Wireless 4 wherein some black tart whined that she was overlooked in the online gaming industry cos she is black and female), the other week when another vacuous black tart complained she had to sound less black on the phone – though most people black and white have a phone voice. This past Monday both the afternoon drama at 1415 and the short story at 1530 we were in darkie territory again (I had the radio on before and aft to listen to Brain of Britain which is how I know). Give these fuckers an inch and they will take a yard, and you will always have some woke psychologist available on Wireless 4 to point out theirvictim status. The BBC encourage the lawlesness of these wasters.

  11. A bit of a lazy post from me but I said this the other day on the LG TV post.
    We are not getting the whole story. How can someone walk around stabbing people for 2 hours in Britain’s second city and not get shot by the police? Why wasn’t his description released? Why did the police commissioner almost make an apology for his behaviour? How come it took over a day to arrest him? How crap are the police and cctv operators in Birmingham? This bloke would have been shot by the police in London or Glasgow within 10 minutes of starting. Somethings not right here.
    If it was a white guy singling out blacks or Muslims it would be reported so differently.

    • Yeah, whitey would be part of the “extreme right” they are always going on about…….half a dozen oddballs with a fascination for Hitler.
      Very dangerous obviously.

      • The current definition of ‘extreme right wing’ seems to be anyone who reads the Daily Mail.

        If you want to see the REAL extreme right wing, just visit the Stormfront website. (I do not advise visiting the Stormfront website).

        Thats where the twelve nutters with the Hitler fixation reside.

        Not necessarily dangerous, just a bit sad and in need of a girlfriend.

    • Your right there mate, the police would have used tactical nukes if some Whitey got the stabby urge, white disagrees = facist, right wing spawn of Hitler oppressive bastard. Ethnic disagrees, shall I shave before I begin arselikken What sort of house would you like? New car sir/Madame and fucking so on and on and on.

    • And this is why Jim Davidson will never get TV work again.
      We live in nazi Germany in everything but name.

      • They were never going to give him work again anyway. At least now he will do pretty well online and will soon see his views and subscriber counts rocket upwards. The voice of middle Britain is getting louder each day now and Jim seems to be well in tune with it.

      • Vernon-jumbo is usually too pissed to work on tv. He was a fucking nightmare-late, drunk……
        From a mare who was one of his producers….

  12. Stephen Daisley, in the Spectator, describes
    “…an intellectual terror that is making honest debate impossible.”
    and concludes:

    “This is about more than silly stuff, like the unimprovable BBC News tweet: ‘27 police officers injured during largely peaceful anti-racism protests in London’. It is about a national broadcaster that seems to be losing its grasp of the nation it is broadcasting to. CNN and the New York Times were able to shift from news organisations to political campaigns because they appeal to a segment of the market that wants ‘Orange Man Bad’ all day, every day, just as Fox News can function as the spokeschannel of the Trump re-election committee.

    The BBC has a different role, one so important that we are compelled by law to fund it. Yes, it informs, educates and entertains but, as I have argued on CoffeeHouse before, its real service is to national unity. The Corporation cannot unite us while becoming a mouthpiece for one side of a culture war. ”

    • I have just received an apology from the BBC, my original complaint was about inaccurate reporting of the attack on the two police officers in Hackney back in June, the reply immediately focused on race, but nowhere in my complaint had I mentioned race, so I went back to them and complained that the person who answered my complaint had either not actually read my complaint or had just assumed it was racially charged.
      It has taken them 3 months to issue an apology.

      It’s true there is a bias in the BBC, we are all racist and that’s it!

  13. Probably seen swaggering around with a knife by the police before the incident, coppers didn’t want to stop and search him because they would be accused of racial profiling and lets face it many young black men either carry a knife or hang around in places where there are blades secreted for any tribal difference which may occur.

    Racist comment or a hate fact? You tell me, and then we’ll go through the statistics, sorry hate statistics.

    I saw some young black hood rat interviewed on TV and he stated the fact that the levels of violence had escalated was directly related to Somalis and the like, these refugee cunts don’t fuck around, they knife you, no fists, no one on one. British blacks had to up their game.

  14. If they want Stalin they will instead get Hitler.
    As Western countries slide into complete decay and anarchy Hitler will arrive again to restore order.
    These cunts don’t know it yet but they are heading for a train ride to oven.
    Fuck Off.

  15. In Komodo’s Spectator link there’s an even more interesting article about crime in Sweden.
    Well worth a read.

    • Thanks for the heads up Freddie. The spineless head in the sand cunt Stefan Lofven seems to have read Suckdicks playbook on shifting the blame for violent crime committed by cultural enrichers by blaming middle-class Swedish youth for creating a market for drugs and the resulting violence.

    • I saw something a while back, can’t remember the exact channel/program but one the gang members was interviewed and he said that if your not in a Gang you have nothing to fear almost legitimising the gang warfare.
      Mass immigration of ‘fuck knows who or what’ has given Sweden a big problem that previously was low level.
      It’s been going on for a long time now and a reluctance to examine the ethnicity of perpetrators of crimes for fear of discrimination has lead to a problem they can no longer ignore.

  16. If the subliminal agenda of the BB-f-ing-C-unts (and other MSM Outhouses) is to breed utter and irreversible contempt, pure hatred and enforced racism against our fellow humans via their diversity project and human rights protocol, they doing a fucking good job.
    Not bad for a bunch of race traitor cunts now is it?

  17. It frosts my ass here in the states when some groid shoots someone, the media describes the shooting as “related to the BLM protests.” The implication is that whatever happened was righteous and justifiable and therefore, peaceful and immune from criticism.

    It a white person is involved, he is described as a “white supremacist” or a member of a “far right militia” implying some violent and nefarious motive.

  18. A woman was describing her last sexual encounter.
    “It was like the 100 metres final!”
    “Why?” asked her friend, “was it over in ten seconds?”
    “No, it involved nine censored blokes and a handgun”

    Doesn’t really work without the description.

  19. African Socialist Zimbabwe has a ten trillion dollar note. The US national dept is only 26 Trillion unfortunately a Zimbabwe 10 trillion dollar note is only worth about 40 quid so that rules out a rescue package.

  20. Biden and the Democrats are playing with fire by automatically siding with criminals against the police. If he wins, he will reap the whirlwind he deserves. Let´s see how he, Kamallah, Hillary, Nancy Pelosi and all the milksop liberals react when they and their homes become the targets of the Fire Next Time. My personal hope is that the CNN center in Atlanta goes up in flames. It will be great watching all the sneering Trump haters like Erin Burnett, Kate Bolduan, Jake Tapper and Chris Cuomo scurrying to the police for safety.

  21. Just remembered that picture looks just like a pistol target we used to shoot at. The idea being to top the twat before he committed suicide or something like that. Hostage rescue I suppose my SA friends had some odd ideas.

  22. We all knew what color the stabber was as soon as the event unfolded, they rock up here from the likes of Somalia or some other Lawless sub Saharan shithole, and hate the fact that they cannot adapt to our civilized way of life as they are nothing more than brainless savages, so out they go with their tools of the trade and do what they do best, and they keep on coming.!!

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