Matt Hancock (MP and Total Cunt)

Born in October 1978 and again in March 2020 this former jockey who won a horse race despite not riding one at the time deserves the ultimate in cunting for his amoral, anti-intellectual and totally aggressive arrogance and insensitivity toward the great British public.

This plastic person who thinks he’s more intelligent than AI – and don’t forget he thinks that AI is great is promulgating the mythology of the rabid disease that kills everyone because he stands to gain from from it – “don’t kill granny” is his motto despite all the scientific evidence that shows his covid arguments are threadbare and totally delusional.

How this man’s rise to ‘fame’ by locking up the whole country and then telling us how to behave, what to wear, what to do has any value is totally ingenious. It also mirrors the total stupidity of the British public by buying this man’s snake oil merchandising. Hancock is a cunt of the highest order and should be in gaol for his criminal activities

Nominated by: Lana Del Cunt

61 thoughts on “Matt Hancock (MP and Total Cunt)

  1. We have a cabinet of – I was going to say tiddlers but really they are amobea – this month according to the Wireless 4 news at midday 1500 rubber boat cunts have turned up at Dover but Priti is pretty quiet about it – Hancock should be the headmaster of an infants school – he is condescending enough, but even that would probably prove too much for him. Boris has to remember that slimy Kweer Charmer is a threat to him and us, it’s not another Corbyn he is dealing with.

    As for the millions of tests a day – absolute bollocks and they know it.

    • Matt spanked arse.
      Scowling, balding, easily riled, probably a grammar nazi, sulking little tory turd.
      Every interview a car crash, always on verge of crying, I cant stand him.
      His mard little ‘dads told me of face’ his incompetence, his lack of humour, his toadying.
      Id like to bounce his fuckin little nut off the kerb, id never tire of twatting this cunt, he makes me feel ashamed of myself the dark thoughts I have when hes on TV.

      • I would very much enjoy ten minutes with Matt Hancock to “discuss my concerns”.
        It will leave nine minutes fifty seconds to finish my cup of tea.

  2. Hancock may be a cunt along with many politicians but not for the reasons stated in the Nom, I am reading it right, the mind boggles, I don’t think he was solely responsible for lockdown.
    Can’t really send someone to Gaol for trying to prevent the spread of chinky flu, maybe if he said fuck it, let’s kill off as many old fuckers as possible, that will save a lot of pension payments ten that would be cause for a spell in cells.

    I agree that the public are pretty stupid but again not for trying to prevent spreading the virus.

    • Mind you, I don’t see how the lockdown has done much other than delay a spike in cases that would’ve happened regardless.

      • You may be right and we will never know but the country is in a better place now to deal with chinky flu than it was back in March
        If it had been allowed to run unchecked who knows what would have happened but it is fairly clear that numbers of deaths would be higher and the first duty of government is to protect its citizens.
        I am not saying what we did was right but doing nothing was never an option.

      • I personally would’ve let it run its cause – more deaths in the short term yes but less from the economic damage and quite possibly no second wave.

    • We need a cull.

      Sadly, those that need their ranks thinning have been largely unaffected (loud mouth know it all cunts, usually on holiday in Ibiza)

  3. Every time I see Matt Hancock there’s only one word that comes to my mind. It’s been one of the most non-PC words for so long, it might actually be the original non-PC word : spastic!

  4. China is to blame for blue mink bat flu. Nuking them would count as some sort of compensation, I suppose. But seen as most of the west – including Blighty – is tied to them financially now, I don’t think it’s going to happen. Either way, the little yellow devils have us by the balls.

    • Not when I’m PM in three years Norman!
      “Why are all those politicians being removed in the middle of the night, and what is that big place with barbed wire on top of the walls they are being taken to”?
      “Nothing to see here, move along”!

    • …though I suppose that having written that data-thieving software he could claim to have some knowledge of viruses…

      • Thanks for the information Komodo, didn’t know that abaaaaaht Matt.
        No wonder he was pushing the track and trace farce on us, he was probably the reason the App flopped.
        Something very sinister is going on behind the scenes.
        You should be the is-a-cunt private investigator into acts of cuntishness.

  5. Toady and arselicker supreme. Nobody wants to be Health Minister at the best of times but during a pandemic?…….fuck that! He doesn’t help himself by being such a lecturing cunt though. Fuck him and fuck Boris.

    • Perhaps it is time ministers were appointed based on their own knowledge – for example – minister of health therefore doctor, surgeon or some connection with the profession

  6. Hancock is a cunt. But not for the reasons stated in the nom.

    An incompetent cunt too, in common with his fellow Johnson sycophants, and too easily misled by his civil servant “advisors”.

    “Don’t kill granny” was not a bad slogan, as this government goes. Unless you hate granny’s guts, like I hated my father’s mother.

  7. Look at him in the above pictures…you can tell he’s thinking ‘I’d stick my tongue up your arsehole’ …the dirty cunt.
    He is a cunt trying to do a very difficult job, but that doesn’t excuse his cuntishness.
    I remember the wanker standing on his podium telling the little people that they are ‘instructed’ to stay home, good luck with that this time round Matt Hancock, they have no chance of enforcing it.
    We’ll cunted Lana Del Cunt, we’ll all have put up with this cunt over the bleak winter months trying to tell us what to do.
    He can go fuck himself.

    • “He can go fuck himself.”
      He’d make a complete arse of that if he could!
      Greetings my favourite Neapolitan!

      • Hello Bertie, how’s it going? Your right, the bellend would probably top himself instead.
        Good result against Leeds the other day…Leeds can play football and don’t look phased at all.

      • It’s looking good B&W. Just wish they’d sort out these couple of transfers that are supposed to be happening. It’s just 2 weeks now until my mixed race grandson is born. I asked my daughter in law what they were going to call him. I don’t think she was too impressed when I suggested ‘Black and White cunt’
        after you! I couldn’t give a toss really as long as he’s a good footballer and supports the right team!

      • That’s right Bertie, get the Liverpool baby merchandise, I am disappointed that Black and White Cunt didn’t go down well as a name suggestion…as long as its not Da-Shane. 😁

  8. There’s a video of him from the election where he’s walking towards the camera, gesticulating and staring like an escapee from Broadmoor, it was more terrifying than the Texas chainsaw massacre, creepy cunt!!!

  9. Definition of Matthew Hancock?

    I refer esteemed cunters to the last four letters of his surname…..

  10. Speaking of cunt politicians just heard, on the radio, that the government is donating rubber dinghies, “piling up in Dover” to the RNLI and the Sea Scouts.
    Totally justifies all the millions we bung the Frenchies to take their trash off their hands.

    • I may be wrong but I would assume that these rubber things are not cheap and are manufactured to a pretty high standard and as such will have serial numbers or identification numbers.
      If they do then it should be possible to trace where they were bought and maybe by whom.

      • Many of them are small yacht tenders and were ripped off from marinas, I believe. The RNLI is a more deserving cause, IMO.

      • Maybe post the fuckers (the illegals) back to Iran and Saudi, the Sunnis to one and the Sweeps to the other or mix and match 😂

      • You make it sound as if somebody might want to catch these trafficker cunts. I believe Macron has put Inspector Clouseau on the case and Priti is sending Commissioner Strap-on.

      • Sounds about right although more appropiatley macron should play the part of clouseau himself
        Strange no one notices more people than usual flocking to a friigging french beach with rubber dinghys then making a paddle for blighty
        Whats up with them
        R u fucking blind macron

    • Jesus h christ i can imagine that/no dinghy to come here illegally here have one of ours we seem to have tons of the fuckers for some reason
      Barmy bastards

    • This government hasn’t disappointed me, sadly. I knew it would be a disaster with Boris Johnson as PM. But not as big a disaster as a Corbyn led Labour government would have been.

      • I’m beginning to wonder how much more damage this shower has to do before it’s recognised that even Stalin might have been a better option. At least what Stalin hinted he wanted, Stalin got, immediately, in full and without debate. Stalin didn’t pander to the press: he appropriated it!

      • Our government would certainly have their work cut out if they wanted to compete with Stalin’s murderous reign! 😂

        That said, the UK could do with a cull.

        20 million would be a good start.

      • 20 million or more,
        And I get to choose.
        Be a wonderful world that!
        Be a lot quieter & safer,
        Not many celebs,
        No litter, mosques could be turned into bacon butty bars,
        Youd struggle to get a chinese takeaway though…😀

      • Mao would have been a better option still!

        As Jezza’s paramour Flabbott said: “Mao did more good than harm.”

      • Forgot to add, he killed 80 million of his own people, so maybe Diane was right… 😃

  11. Out Matty, he’s educated, he’s intelligent, he’s smart.

    He’s way out of his league, in the real world he would of made a shite junior manager of some shitty textile company.

    Worse than Covid

  12. I want to nominate myself for Health secretary.I would be better than old Handycock.Bin him off he’s shite.Mind you a pile of shit would do better.Utter contempt for ordinary people.Them and us.TWAT.

  13. At the beginning of this ‘pandemic’ we knew very little about the disease. Now we know the following facts:

    -sick people and people with morbidities are at high risk
    -aged 70+ at high risk
    -80% have no symptoms
    -most people recover quickly
    -more people died from influenza in Jan 2018 in England and Wales than they have from Covid.
    -as stated on Sky News there are currently more people dying of flu and pneumonia than Covid, death rates from Covid are way, way down, hospital admissions (though never high) are way, way down from the peak though there has been the tiniest spike recently. All this data is on the ONS website, not a conspiracy theory.

    Therefore Covid is a problem but is nowhere near lethal as it was imagined at the outset and in no way has the NHS been overwhelmed, nor will it be. Yet Wanksock is still following the advice of civil service chumps and now we have this ridiculous rule of 6, the threat of local lockdowns or even another national lockdown, and a potential curfew. It is ridiculous because ‘cases’ are on the rise, yet deaths are not on the rise, this is irrefutable. Increase in cases has been reported since at least August but now in mid September we are just not seeing an increase in deaths. Furthermore, testing has increased but it is said that the current PCR tests give false positives and are detecting dead virus (not a David Icke quote, Daily Mail.) I would like some decent journalism done on the efficacy of the tests and what they are detecting because if they are only 50% accurate, our social behaviour is being modified on the back of dud tests. The media screams about the testing fiasco and that it is an outrage that it has to be rationed but they really are missing the point.

    The Department of Health are currently running a public consultation to garner views with regards to rolling out unlicensed vaccine(s) and changing the law so that vaccine makers are not liable to give compo in the event of damaging the vaccinated, putting the rights and wrongs of that aside, their consultation document starts with ‘Covid 19 is the biggest threat to the UK since World War 2’ – er no, given the facts and that we are in the main hand washing, wearing masks and social distancing, it bloody well isn’t the biggest threat since the war. The data does not support this.

    The other thing that Wanksock could have done is get more opinions outside the bubble of the Westminster epidemiologists. There are plenty who think resources could be utilised better and the messaging that is put out could be more consistent and improved. I watched an epidemiologist on This Morning saying as much, hardly David Icke territory. As for the travesty of the care home deaths and the Nazi doctor style ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ scandal, that is on Wanksock’s watch. Also the NHS should be working at full capacity to get through the backlog of people who need elective surgery and cancer treatment – the time to do that was once the curve had flattened but I don’t see a return to routine treatment en masse, unless I am mistaken; I welcome being corrected. Certainly the data shows that more people are dying at home than in hospital, there is no counter messaging from Wanksock to allay people’s fears – they are genuinely scared it seems.

    I have vacillated on whether the whole pandemic is ‘planned’ but I certainly think we have witnessed gross incompetence and that the fear of being attacked by the Twitterati et al runs virulently (no pun intended) through the Cabinet. Plus they continue to heed the advice of bubble headed civil servants who i know from first hand experience at the MoJ, are lack lustre in the intellect department.

    Wanksock is at best out of his depth but thank goodness we aren’t living under the despicable and tyrannical rules put in place in Victoria, Australia. Things could be a lot worse.

    • excellent summation Cuntologist – just because you and I do our own research, can quite adequately read medical papers and journals, seek out all embracing information and actually want to hold the government to account rather than be dictated to – does not mean we are David Icke – we are free people doing what comes naturally, applying common sense and experience to any given situation

      why are we still in lockdown with more local ones to come when fewer than 10 people died yesterday? just how long do people want to be under arrest?

      I prefer freedom

      • I’m quite heartened by the comments in the Daily Mail these days – all the best rated ones are are against the ‘cases’ hysteria. An ever growing number of people now see the over-reaction and quoting the data back at them!

        There’s also people on YouTube fighting back e.g. Anna Brees and Computing Forever. And there is also Also we’ve seen the protests in London and in Germany. People will fight back when pushed enough – all scarily discussed n the Rockefeller Foundation Lockstep pandemic scenario!

      • Too kind and thanks for reading it given how long it was. I must say one of the funniest comments, a while back, was Dick Fiddler’s, which was something like:

        ‘if this isn’t planned then I’ll show my arse in Harrods’.

  14. Apologies for the cut and paste. Not worthy of any significant effort.
    “”” In April 2019, Hancock, who had previously said the NHS would face “no privatisation on my watch”, was criticised for allowing 21 NHS contracts worth £127 million to be tendered.”””

  15. I heard they want another national lockdown for 2 weeks.Is there no end to their madness?How to destroy our country.They are power mad

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