Making Stuff Up About Wearing Masks

We all know the rules regarding masks, there’s been sufficient debate on this fine, august site about it. But, for fucks sake, don’t come at me with your bullshit about lowering your oxygen saturation levels. I can put a SATS probe on you and if you’re not suffering from COPD or any other respiratory affliction, your SATS will be anything from 93-100%. (88-92% for COPD sufferers). I can put a mask on you, keeping the probe on your finger, and THEY WILL NOT CHANGE. Don’t wear a mask, whatever your reasons, even your David Icke-esque conspiracy theories as I couldn’t give a fuck, but, don’t be a cunt and claim the above because medical science and medical facts say you’re a cunt for claiming it. A doctor in the link explains and demonstrates this better than me.

Nominated by: DCI Gene Cunt

134 thoughts on “Making Stuff Up About Wearing Masks

  1. If you think that saving lives means closing down practically the whole of health care in britain for the last 6 months and until at least december then fine – has anybody read the legislation for all of this? do you know they have taken the power (not yet used) to remove so called sick people from their homes and isolate a family in a government resource, including kids, if they want to?

    Do you not want your freedom back? I’m not trying to be funny – this is a very dark scenario without any sense of it ending – it’s never happened before – it’s not okay

    • What are all those people it’s killed, some, without co-morbidities, young and fit, doing then? Having a kip? Playing hide and seek? How’s about listing your experience and qualifications in the subject? I’m not talking about degrees from the University Of Facebook/YouTube, either.

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