Alain Cocq & Euthanasia

“Facebook says it will block a Frenchman suffering from an incurable condition from livestreaming his own death.

Alain Cocq, 57, planned to broadcast his final days after starting to refuse food, drink and medicine on Saturday.

President Emmanuel Macron had earlier denied his request for euthanasia.

Mr Cocq wants the law changed in France to allow terminally ill people to die as they wish.

Some groups, including the Catholic Church, oppose euthanasia on moral grounds.”

Wot a cock-up. In effect the little froggie cunt wants to top himself on air and to live stream his remaining days or weeks for the enjoyment of the rest of us or “pour les autres” in frog.

Has to be better viewing than the general merde on telly during these trying times. Hats off to monsewer cocky I say, your human right old matelot and screw Macron.

Little suggestion – if you do live long enough to make the 24 hour news cycle have a shotgun handy for an up the mouth job if all starts to get boring. Remember your viewers attention spans.

On a brighter note, given the covid shut down and the mental health crisis, you might start a trend me old cocky – a spot of on-line hari kiri from Japan, some Hollywood drugs deaths, spot of failed jihadis detonating the old big bang belt bomb and not to leave out a few teenagers who have failed their exams.

Misery for a few, entertainment for the masses. Such is life – now how could those crap stand-up comics make their acts funnier?

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke

(Despite the rather tongue-in-cheek sentiment from Sir Limply, the subject matter is quite sensitive/serious for some – DA)

50 thoughts on “Alain Cocq & Euthanasia

  1. Dignitas him to Terrys oven.

    What about his family? Does he have children.
    I can imagine the likes of Katie “no photographs please” Price doing something similar, down the line.
    Difficult counting this-hard to find much humour in this one☹️

  2. Can he get Dermott O’Leary to present it? If the poor cunt’s interviewed by Zoe Ball, first, Dermott’ll be able to get so far up his arse, he’ll be able to see the soles of Balls’ feet.

    • The right to die with dignity in your own terms?..all for that.
      When someone cant take the pain anymore and wants release? ..all for that.
      Alain is a frenchman so I volunteer to end him quickly with a shovel to his nut.

  3. I never quite understand these capers.
    If this Frenchie has had enough and wants to die why the fuck can’t he?
    I assume these cases get dragged through the courts at vast expense in case the person who performs the deed ends up getting charged with murder?
    If I were in Mr Cocks shoes I’d tell Macron to Fuck Off and jump off the Eiffel Tower like Grace Jones did.
    Deary me.

  4. Everyone should have right to end their life but this theatrical stunt is Marklesque in its egotistical, attention-seeking.

    • If this happened on a regular basis people would soon get bored with it. Might be entertaining to watch someone croak who you don’t like. But seriously, those who can’t take it any more should be allowed to die, quietly, painlessly. The people who decide these things would have their pet put to sleep to end its misery, but they apparently think that humans don’t have that right and should continue to suffer.

      • Worse than that. Anybody allowing their pet to suffer would likely be prosecuted, after being forced to euthanise it. And the animal has no say whereas a person does. The double standards stink.

  5. Switch his saline drip for nitroglycerin, then catapult him right into Macrons face. A little snap in the face might convince him to change his tune.

    I love the ‘moral grounds’ argument, as if the state should have any say what so ever over an individuals choice of existence. They were quite happy to lop our heads off not so long ago, where an executioner wearing a mask was sufficient – if I can’t see him it’s not immoral!

    Just give these poor people a remote control for their own lethal injection ffs. Their suffering trumps your moral posturing bollocks.

  6. It should be a basic human right to end your own life with some dignity if terminally ill and suffering.

    As my Mum was going downhill fast and in excruciating pain from stage 4 lung cancer, she begged me to end it for her when the Oramorph no longer worked.

    Morally and legally, I couldn’t entertain that thought for more than half a second. Even though her eyes were pleading with me to make the pain stop.
    It was heartbreaking to see her like that.

    A friend in Denmark watched his father begin to go downhill the same way.
    The difference in the two cases being that the Danish are slightly more merciful and if requested, the district nurse will leave an additional bottle of morphine tablets and some sedatives by the bedside to let you pass peacefully and painlessly in your sleep and in your own home.

    Still not entirely legal, but you are given a way out. Providing the first person your nearest and dearest call is the district nurse, who will come and confirm the death and pick up any spare medication.

    My mate found his Dad in bed one morning, having dropped off and never woken up again.

    I don’t think death should be televised though. It isn’t something anyone other than immediate family should be party to and it should be kept dignified and respectful.

    • Did a similar thing on the advice of a doctor at the hospital. Patient wouldn’t have survived the transfer to the ambulance let alone the trip to hospital. Gave him morphine and watched him die. Strange job. We move in weird circles in my profession.

  7. Having had conversations with acquaintances who work in the health industry, I have been assured on several occasions by several in the know, that cancer patients are given morphine final sleep treatment. More common than most realise.

    • Death is a very personal thing you should have a choice if you want to check out early.
      Thats humane.
      When I joss it I wanna be on my own, no family, no fuckin mobile phone, just me and the reaper
      And ill greet him “you liok fatter than in your picture!”
      Start off insulting him
      Its how Id like to go 😀😭😭

    • Sadly, this was not the case with my Mum. CG.

      The morphine wasn’t working any more and she spent the last week of her life in a hospice on a cocktail of other medication, fed intravenously through what I can only describe as a manifold box.

      The staff at the hospice were superb and have my utmost respect and gratitude forever for the way they treated both her and us…With dignity.

      • Odin, hospice staff do an incredibly difficult job, with compassion. Believe you me, I see the toll it takes on these “angels”.
        The only charity I will support-local hospice.
        Sorry about your mum-cancer is the biggest cunt.

  8. Point of order: This Alain Cocq case is not one of Euthanasia.

    It is a case of Assisted Dying (aka Assisted Suicide).

    Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide are not the same thing.

    Euthanasia is when someone else, a third party (e.g. a relative or the State) decides you should die, usually to relieve your suffering, but could be for sinister motives at worst.

    Euthanasia does not involve your expressed agreement or permission.

    Assisted Dying is when YOU decide that you want to die and ask for the help of others.

    An important distinction, I think all reasonable people would concede.

    So whilst I am wholeheartedly in favour of a change in the law to allow for Assisted Dying, I am equally strongly against the legalisation of Euthanasia.

    Looking forward to seeing a Dignitas clinic opening in a town near me.

    • Get your name down Ruff theyll be a waiting list!
      I got recognised earlier!
      Doing a small removal for a bloke and his mate asked me “you the bloke off ISAC”?
      Said he enjoyed the site.
      So if reading,
      hiya mate!👍

      • Now that you’re famous you should change your name to Miserable Northern Celebricunt. 😀

      • Have your own reality tv show next, now the Kardashian’s have fucked off.
        At home with the Miserables?

        Don’t forget us when your famous MNC👍

    • Ruff Tuff:
      Excellent point-one of the arguments against the right to die is the old:
      “But if we let you choose, people will be putting granny/mum/dad down to get the inheritance”.
      It’s not a decision I would want to make, however, ask the parents of the little kiddie dying in the local hospice on the “Liverpool Pathway”, food, then water withdrawn whilst mum and dad watch helpless.

    • Not wishing to tread on toes, but there is also the involuntary (eg Nazis’ T-4 program) and voluntary euthanasia (self-deliverance/assisted dying) contrast.
      I am a pedantic cunt.

  9. Longer term cunters may well know my views on euthanasia. Basically, I worry that if it is legalised then severely disabled people who lack capacity may well have the decision to end their lives made for them by medical professionals.

  10. One bunch of cunts consider him the property of god.
    The other bunch of cunts consider him the property of the state.
    Neither side wants their “property” to exercise free will.
    It would be boring telly anyway. Maybe liven things up by making him the star of a game show called “guess the live grenade” or something…

    • Maybe stunts?
      Recreate Evel Kneivels snake river canyon jump?
      Jump 15 London buses?

      • Maybe walk around certain “areas” of Birmingham at night, wearing pink hot pants, lipstick and a feather boa.
        That could work.

  11. Maybe he and others should join the queue to become part of the LBTQfuckingZ rainbow-move things along the “rights” way.

  12. Fuck him, when he gets to Hell, Old Hob will be there to put a hot fork up his frog arse.

    Cheese eating surrender monkey wants to die on social meejaaa….go ahead and croak you old cunt.

  13. “Euthanasia” will be used by woke to murder everyone on this site and anyone else that doesnt agree with their bullshit. If you think thats over dramatic look back 5 years to sanity and 90 years when it happened last time. cunts.

  14. I have to admit to being 50/50 on this one, my old Man and one of my Brothers killed themselves and when I am too diseased/ill to have any quality of life I will walk into the sea when finances etc are sorted – I am a warrior and will not die gasping in a nursing home while some bored minimum wage teen watches my demise.
    But I get the feeling there will be some sickos watching this for the purposes of entertainment, die by your own hand surrounded by loved ones if that is your free choice but the pain his Family will feel watching knowing people will be watching death for entertainment will leave scars.
    And no bugger is hoofing me off to dignitas to get their grubby mitts on my collection of porn and the £18.53 in my current account!

    • Afternoon Foxy, I go, dont want anyone there, wouldnt like my family to see it, rather be on my tod to shake hands with the reaper, and your spot on about the retirement home!
      Fuck that.

      • Agreed MNC – I have always wanted to die in a hail of gunfire, but after we wrestled the AK47 off my Mother I knew my chance had gone! 😄
        Or like Attila the Hun – burst blood vessel in his brain caused by sexual excess on his wedding night – imagine the undertaker trying to get the smile off my face! 😄

      • Oops – modded – off before Admin tell me off for causing them extra work! 😨🏃‍♂️😄

  15. So the cheese-eating surrender monkeys won’t allow a live stream of a man making the most important choice in life that no other person should be able to make for him

    On the flip side though, if some dopey bint decides to live stream giving birth to a sprog who had no consent/choice in the matter and whose future is yet undetermined and may necessarily contain suffering…………. well that’s juts fucking dandy because muh vagina, muh feelings, muh rights!


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