“Wind of a Camel” heads for Mars

Interesting news for the techni cunt.

In the early hours orf July 20 on a small island just orf the coast orf Japan, a 174-foot rocket blasted orf with a spacecraft on the first leg of a 306-million-mile journey to Mars. Called al-Camal, or “Wind of a Camel”.

It was designed and managed by the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre in the United Arab Emirates and the Yanks. It will leave Earth orbit for Mars in about 28 days, arriving in February 2021 to complete the first interplanetary voyage initiated by a w*g country.

The Emirates Mars Mission (EMM) was initiated in 2014 by the prime minister, Sheikh Lunar Ali Mohammed bin Rashid of Dubai to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the founding orf the UAE.

“We  love to connect things to our heritage and the past, but al-Camal really means the future,” says Space Ali, an astrophysicist and professor at the American University of Sharjah in the UAE. “al-Camal means that we turn away from the conflicts and focus on human and economic development.”

However this is just the first stage in a programme to send a three man crew to the Red Planet which will include a contingent orf under fives so they can practice entry and re-entry on the long return journey to Mars.

Rocket Ali trains his camel to cope with weightlessness.

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32 thoughts on ““Wind of a Camel” heads for Mars

  1. Peaceful going to another planet? Good they can all fuck off to Mars, they have fucked up this planet, question is, how do you wear a ragged with a spacesuit on?

  2. Well, they’re going to be selling a lot less oil in the not too distant future Sir Limpy, so they need to diversify the economy. There’s going to be push for young Arabs to study science and philosophy also. Funny that, because I thought they had all the answers they would ever need in their sky fairy manual. How things change eh?
    Not sure where a farting camel comes into the equation mind, but the thought of it is right cunt.

  3. “Breath of a camel” heads to Dover.
    About 300 a day.
    And apparently invisible.
    Gatling gun.

  4. Bet that fucker cost more than a dinghy but it’s a novel way of getting to the UK – and not a word from Saudi Arabia about the Millions they spend paying organised muslim crime gangs to get muslims to the UK, all part of the islamic takeover plan (fact mot conspiracy).
    “Mohammed has to walk ten miles in blazing heat to the launch site – won’t you help him”?) – Certainly – Mohammed can have the grenade and all I will take is the pin.
    Time for a war, bored with all this now.

    • I fear you’re right there Vern, they talk about the future, yet have been happy to live in the distant past with the accompanying mindset enjoying all the modern trappings created by the kuffar paid for with their free black bubbly they just happened to be sitting on. Alan’s snackbar’s menu has just been revised but I think the world will see this new UAE for what it is.
      Viscious slave driving cunts.

      • TTFF@ – unless things change we have no future – and the only ones who cannot or will not understand this are the very ones facilitating this madness.
        Turn them back!

  5. Good to see the slave labour owners, women subjugators and totalitarian despots getting with the times.

  6. We probably send this shit hole “aid” too…some of the flyspecked countries we shovel money at even have nukes, F16 fighter jets etc etc

  7. As the peaceful get ready to board the rocket he turns to his wife and say’s…Don’t worry, Halal be back.
    Go fuck yourselves.

  8. They’re taking their camels with them for sex, for as you know, they’ve always been called “ships of the desert” because they’re full of Arab semen.

  9. Good to hear from you Sir Limply Stoke. They weren’t the first w*g country in space however. The industrious Indian Space Research Organisation sent a Mars orbiter up in 2013. In true Indian style however the unrelated Vikram lander crash landed due to a software glitch (‘An error has been occurred’). Interplanetary travel really is rocket science.

    Would Ali-Baba’s Space Camel be well suited to space travel due to it’s large water reserve?

    • The Indians should have called IT Anton – they would have been transferred to a call centre in third World England! 😄

  10. This is a novel cunting, a space rocket powered by camel farts, now I know why they are a sought after currency.

    • Of all the people of earth dont think id of picked arabs as ambassadors to Mars?
      They arent known for being the most respectful of other cultures.
      Once the first little green girl has been tampered with the rayguns will come out and we’ll all be subjected to Martian law.

      • Off topic
        Just seen a great story!
        Sharon smith a NHS counsellor saw a Amazon delivery van pull up outside her house, the driver ran into her garden so she followed him, filming it in case he was stealing.
        She found him pants round the ankles squeezing out a huge shit in her garden!!😁
        He got moody when she confronted him asking her “have you got a problem!!” Ffs.

      • I know Amazon have now got plans for delivering more fresh products but this is taking it to extremes.

    • Some law against it Edward – bleedin’ liberals! 😄
      We need Oliver Cromwell in charge with JTC as his right hand Man!

  11. Muslims have been marrying their first cousins for forty generation and are as thick as shit. Their space probe is as arab as the French football team is french. Mars is a dead world blasted with radiation and with a poisonous soil that will never yield a single crop. All the talk of going there or even dumber, colonising it is bollox.

    • From your description I think it would be a topping idea to get very muslim to colonise Mars Smug! 🤣
      Just as long as it’s a one way trip of course..

      • Totally agree Mr Fox-maybe using the same rocket fuel that the Lebanese space ministry demonstrated recently?
        Two birds, one stone, etc, etc

      • Totally agree Mr Fox-maybe using the same rocket fuel that the Lebanese space ministry demonstrated recently?
        Two birds, one stone, etc, etc👍

      • Leave it with me Cuntfinder – all we need is a sign on the spaceship saying “Everything free, and plenty of 12 Year old white girls” – it will be filled to bursting in ten minutes!
        Followed by the tragedy of a space explosion 30 minutes later! 😄👍

  12. It wouldn’t want to live on mars. I’d give it a go but I’d put on so much weight eating all that chocolate.

  13. I wish to object to the above picture, which depicts animal cruelty. The poor creature must have been so frightened. The least they could have done was fit it with a blindfold.

    (No wonder he’s got the hump! – admin)

    • That photo was taken moments before the Beirut fireworks went off.
      Seconds later camelburgers, steaks and spare ribs were raining from the skies.

  14. Well there was the Zambian Space Programme! Granted a spectacular failure but had it worked (I know a truly alien concept to a certain ethnicity) perhaps when the goats, camels and Ahmed the Dead Astronaut land the Martians will greet them and remind them to f)%$ )£$ back to Earth. Mars for the Martians!

    • The Afronauts! 😄
      Wonder if the p*ki space taxi had extra storage space for 12 Year old white girls..

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