Rishi Sunak and BAME Coinage

A cup of non Yorkshire tea cunting for the awkward schoolboy with too short trousers (“You are bloody well wearing them, bastard”! “Aww, Mum – I’m the Chancellor and I should be allowed to choose my own clothes by now” 😢)

, who after pressure from the usual lunatic suspects, is actively looking into putting BAME figures on UK Currency – I suggest George Floyd pushing a gun into a pregnant white Womans stomach or perchance little Lewis Hamilcunt doing the black panther terrorist salute – but I am doubtful – it won’t be these heroes for the cause,

I think it will end up being the forgotten (invented) black Woman who really landed on the Moon, or Deshawn Bannister, who everyone knows was the first Brudda to break the four minute Mile.

I think a nice image of me with my cock out and a t shirt with “Fuck BLM marxists” would be highly appropriate as a new image on our money, if Labour have anything to do with it there will be a hammer and bleeding sickle on it but luckily Boris the narcoleptic traitor will be asleep when they decide which terrorist or criminal they put on the money.

My fiver has a nice picture of Pitt the Younger on it – and despite the reputation of Yorkshire people for tightness if it comes to it I will unfold it to its full A4 size and consider finally breaking into it! (At gunpoint).

Don’t do it teaboy – I do not want to see some BAME fucker gurning at me every other Year when I get money out!

As the esteemed Sir Fiddler would say – “It’s a fucking disgrace”.

Nominated by: Vernon Fox 


106 thoughts on “Rishi Sunak and BAME Coinage

  1. Love the nomination Vernon, you make some very good points. I think today its just constant appeasement. Yet whats the point because they will always say, we are waycist.

    • Fucking hate him, twittering all day, every day, showing what free meal he is about to have on Twatter/wank – as a sole trader excluded from the oxygen of money I took the advice of one of my heroes Mr T.
      Laurence Tureaud said: KILL THE FU!
      Gunga dim says “fuck three Million sole traders/new businesses – I have given the money to my Billionaire Father in law” (Fact, check it).
      “Harijan” – low caste cunt with schoolboy trousers (hopefully RTC will explain what “Harijan” means).
      No assistance, no clue, but check those half price meals (from a Man who gets £125.00 a week for fucking food! While 1 Million people go to food banks, and three Million new businesses/sole traders go to the FUCKING WALL.
      Fuck you, Rishi four homes, richest Man in Politics, multi Millionaire. FUCK YOU, FUCK YOU, FUCK YOU – little weasel bastard.
      Angry now, off now, out at the next election – #ExcludedUK will crucify you, bastard!
      You may tell I am miffed, Admin’s swear box is full, off now before I go too far. Psychopathic TBH.
      An hour on the bag should assuage my biblical rage.
      Hopefully, for the sake of all Mankind.
      Need morphine/tazering now – fuck all else will soothe this.
      I have fuck all else to say.

        • Still sweating on the punchbag, I am far too old to be this hard and angry, I will take another hour.
          (Might be calmer then).

      • When I first saw the Kumars on Aussie TV I knew England was fucked. If enough people like that are in the country you were already colonised. Ambitious, chip on the shoulder, money grabbing, highest position seeking skum who will stop at nothing to right the ‘wrongs’ of the Raj. Including rewriting British history in their and any number of other minorities images.

  2. A fucking disgrace is correct, Vernon. I fear the backlash over this BLM shite, I really do. You can prod the majority so far and then it will turn round and bite you on the arse. And the media are hand-wringing over the popularity of the ‘far right’????

      • It will take a civil/racial war to sort this out. Civil strife is long overdue in this country, and I would love to participate in a bit of retribution.

      • A realy brilliant nom Vernon. Your angry because you care. Oh i was worried my joke about your nob might have over stepped the mark.

        • You are forgiven Tono! – just very angry at the mo, the big old leather punchbag (No! – it’s not called Katy Price!) is getting brutal action,
          Need tonight to sweat this rage out.

          • Vernon have a pint on me, you deserve it. Anyway i am already looking forward to your next nom.

          • Christ Vernon i am a thick cunt sometimes. I have just realised how insensitive my last remark sounds. When i said i look forward to your next nom, i should have noted that the onley thing that matters at the moment is your current nom. Rishi is a cunt and please forgive my ignorance.

  3. Rishi Sunak should not be chancellor in my view, I see this current government as a non white minority rule administration, there was per proportion more whites in Rhodesia than there is blacks in the UK, so this BAME coinage to me is offensive, why was minority rule wrong in Rhodesia and South Africa, but okay here, I say boycott this oppressive currency!, that’ll teach the cunts!

  4. The story of Mary Seacole is a complete made up load of bollox. While she was serving the officers mess Nightingale was inventing modern nursing. The cunts will stoop at nothing to advance their lies. George Ryan however served in Nelson’s Navy at Trafalgar and is represented on Nelson’s column. Probably a bit to nationalistic for the cunts liking. Can’t have an escaped slave serving with distinction upsetting their bullshit narrative.

  5. So in the not-so-distant future, there will be that jug-eared bellend Charles on one side of my tenner and that gibbering twat Stormzy on the other?

  6. If we want something of a darker hue on bank notes we should consider Wing Commander Guy Gibson’s dog; his name escapes me at the moment.

  7. Where are all these “far right” cunts who are causing all this trouble and beating poor Owen Jones to within an inch of his life? I can’t find them anywhere. I intend to join the bastards for a meeting in a phone box when I catch up with them.
    Fed up with hearing about this Mary Seacole bitch and the peaceful prozzie with a big mouth who was a so called “spy”.
    If we’re going to have BAMEs on the currency let’s do it right and have Bob Marley or Rustie Lee for fucks sake.

    • Ive never even heard of the old cunt.
      Mary seacole more like shestole, check her pockets at the end of a shift.

    • Apparently Owen Jones was ‘beaten up’ because he is a left wing bum boy, they bloke who gave him a little slap claimed he had the hump with the Jones boy because he spilt his drink.
      The judge wasn’t having any of it and he was sentenced to 2 years 8 months, he should have been knighted.


      • I could not claim self defence – Mavis Jones be all cwying, Fox be remembering the crunch of nose/lug in mouth.
        20 Years for the Fox!
        Codeine phosphate/Tramadol finally kicking in.
        Will take more soon, keeps the World considerably safer.

  8. “Dishi Rishi” should put himself on the paper money…that way when the Country is bankrupt we can get a degree of satisfaction as we use piles of worthless notes to wipe our arses.

  9. The first VC winners, Black RN Post Captain could be on a coin and I would not be overly concerned. However, as they served this Country and Empire we already know that’s a non-starter. Seacole was a fraud, her reputation enhanced to fit a created narrative. She did not run or nurse anywhere, she ran an Officers Cafe & Club and made a killing looking after the Ruperts. If they want a non-english Crimean influencer then Alexi Soyer late of the Savoy is a far more important contributor. Raising the standards of Army Catering to being actually edible. The last “Soyer Stoves” were still in use during the First Gulf War. (Soyer also raised funds during the Irish Famine. OK he’s French but being foreign must count above fraudulent biographies?
    Yes, I know it’ll be some token “Hysterical Figure” that fits the SJW narrative. The only time such a person will leave anything on MY money is their fingerprints when the “Dindus” try to steal it.

    • Oh, the Captain was Captain Jack Perkins who took command of HMS Meleager on the Jamaica Station. He had a reputation as a bold and daring commander.

    • No the fucking French aren’t BAMEs. In fact they hate the BAMEs , that’s why great fleets of rubber boats are bringing them over here to yet another viciously racist country. Poor BAMEs, everywhere they go they suffer poverty, violence, police intimidation and systemic discrimination.
      It makes you wonder why they just don’t stay at home.

  10. BLM coins, they will be worth more than any other coins but if they come into contact with each other only one stays intact.

  11. Certainly it would be appealing to put Black Lies Mither coins on the eyes of dead Syrian Congo Afghan Iranustani dinghy pirates.
    The filthy worthless vermin.

  12. A coin for modern times would be Prince Andrew on one side and Ghislane Maxwell on the other. Hours of fun tossing and spinning and no matter how hard Andy tries he will never be close enough to catch her !

  13. These BLM coins are ill thought out.
    Hard to fit Abbott on a fucking coin, only get one arse cheek on it!
    Maybe her lips?
    It’d look like the Rolling Stones logo!!
    Hey instead have a Rolling Stones coin, most of them are alledgedly pee dos so appeal to muslims, and the Alphabet people.

    • The M’tebh 50p. He would have spent all day breaking up old microwaves and dishwashers for copper wiring on a Lagos city dump for that.

    • They’re so old that back when they shagged 14 year olds, it might not have even been an offence. Disgracefully immoral of course, but perhaps not illegal.
      Come to think of it, that makes me sound like a pædo apologist.
      It’s okay though; I identify as a peaceful on Fridays.

  14. Yew lot isss sooo waycist! I for one would love to see Stephen Lawrence on my tenner. Let’s go the whole hog and go for Winston fucking Silcott on the twenty. Keep thinking I’m living in some sort of bad dream and that I’ll wake up soon. Is this bullshit really happening??
    Can I nominate the weather as a cunt? Been working in blazing heat, been looking forward to a beer in the garden all day. As soon as I get home it starts fucking raining!

    • If Stephen Lawrence was on a note, when the shopkeeper puts it under that light thingy, it would come back as counterfeit.

      • Well they can’t use the black pen method. The new tracing paper bank notes would be a nightmare with BAME slebs on. They would look like negatives from cameras, I wouldn’t know whether to spend it or get it developed.

  15. If we are going to honour BAMES in this way, let’s choose people who’ve done something exceptional to underline their commitment to people and their way of life in a modern day setting in the UK.

    Two who spring to mind are Private Beharry who was awarded a VC for helping to save the lives of 30 comrades in Iraq and PC Wayne Marques who fought off three terrorists with just his baton at the scene of the London Bridge terror attack.

    It’s hardly likely to happen as heroic ex soldiers and bobbies who do their job properly today don’t get the recognition they deserve in the sick society we are becoming adjusted to today.

  16. From today’s news, there is this fine young kaffiir, tailor made for coinage:
    Wesley Streete raped and murdered a young white girl. She was the wrong colour for her life to matter but Wesley could be a role model for his community.

  17. I thought Britain was to become cashless.
    Why make more coins?

    I’d like a £10.00 with professor Stephen Hawking on it. But 3D like the stickers on bank cards and video cassettes. When you hold it up to the light and move it, it looks like Stephen is driving along the note in his wheelchair.

  18. 3 couns = 1 black twat 10 black twats=! Dark Key 1 Dark Key= 10 minutes up the Camels arse,
    There, new currency sorted.

  19. I would rather have the Krays on are money then Bame. Even if we do put them on are notes, i predict they will complain there not on enough notes.

  20. It won’t belong before the Alphabet gang will want coin & note representation!

    And there will be accusations of ___ism (fill in appropriate blank) if the BAMEs or the Alphabets don’t get the high-value £10 or £20 notes.

    So you might end up with Owen Jones tenners shoved down the front of your jeans!

  21. Calmer now, broke a strap thing on me beating bag (it’s a huge floor to ceiling muay thai bag) but the codeine and tramadol is kicking in now.

    • You should give red vein kratom a try, Mr Fox…7-8 grams of that, and you’ll be relaxed as fuck, with no nasty pharmaceuticals for your internal organs to process…

      • Thomas stop trying to drug Foxy!
        If he wakes up with his underpants on back to front theyll be hell to pay!!

        • People put far too much faith in the big pharma, MNC. I’ll grant you, I’m a bit of a space cadet, but won’t put anything chemical (legal or illegal) in my body any more, just plants that I’ve researched carefully. No bad experiences yet, just wonderful and relaxing ones!

          • TTCE@
            Concede youve a point about big pharmaceutical.👍

            If your drugging Foxy I may as well tag along , maybe shave his eyebrows off? Draw a big swastika on his forehead etc
            You got a bike with a sidecar thatll fit a 6ft 8 bearded weirdo?
            We’d look like a acid trip George & Mildred!!
            Need a sharp exit when Foxy awakes he can be a “handful”.
            Tono you distract Foxy!😁

          • Hi MNC, i am distracted myself at the idea of old George and Mildred on acid. That MNC is very inventive thinking, you need a victoria cross for that. I hope Vernon is ok after Dr thomas administered that cocktail.

          • Me too Tono.
            Foxy will be ok, hes blowing off stress, hes self employed like me, and didnt qualify for the government grant, so understandably pissed off.
            Rishis carefree decisions affect ordinary peoples businesses.

          • Yes i feel for Vernon. He dont deserve that. Yet fair play to him, he retains his sense of humour.

    • Also, tea made from blue lotus flowers (sounds cissy, i know, but trust me) will produce a very gentle euphoria and relaxed state…

  22. So the batshit flu has spread to Preston, a city of about 135000 with five mosques. You don’t have to be Sherlock fucking Holmes to figure out the connections between all these places and the spread of the virus is not, sadly, due to the infidel deliberately giving it to them.
    Still, plenty of replacements turning up in Kent every day. Nothing to worry about.

  23. Changing the subject another load of Carpet riders attempted to cross the channel today.250.250!!!!Pull your fat finger out “Pretty” Patel.Fat cow.Send them back or use them for target practice.Boils my piss

    • It’s not changing the subject at all……. it IS the fucking subject. Any cunt from all over the world is allowed to waltz in and get treated like a hero……. then the images of these heroes are put on our fucking currency!
      Meanwhile the indigenous population are treated like a fucking cashpoint and despised, ridiculed and abused. You are not changing the subject at all.
      There’ll be another 250 tomorrow, don’t worry.

  24. Edward they are being put up in nice hotels, so the cunts will keep coming. Like you, i have lost total faith in Patel. I have lost count how many times she has promise to sort it out.

  25. It’s about time. I nominate Dave Benson Phillips, Ainsley Harriot, Madhur Jaffrey and noted BAME magician, Sooty.

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