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A cunting in triplicate please for the Office of National Statistics, who has reported today – and taken up by the BBC and other Dame Kweer lovers everywhere with great glee – that England has the highest rate of excess deaths due to Covid19.

Of course, what the ONS or the BBC has failed to report is that we probably take more bloody illegal immigrants than every other country, who are free to spread their germs at will, not to mention the rubber boat hirers that turn up in Dover and scamper away undetected.

I am sure Starmer will be creaming his TenaLadies at this news and will work it into his next speech

Nominated by: W. C. Boggs

49 thoughts on “Office of National Statistics

  1. Statistics can be made to back up anything, are all the deaths Covid related?
    Seems people stopped having heart attacks and being hit by buses in favour of chinky flu.
    Want to have zero covid deaths =repatriation and locked borders would of helped.

  2. What is an ‘excess’ death exactly? Surely any cunt taking a dirt nap is one death too many, or not enough depending on your preference.

    As for the increased rates among black and parking stanley’s, maybe the statisticians would like investigate personal hygiene. Particularly washing hands.

    • Normal deaths per month in England & Wales are around 40,000. Deaths naturally spike in winter during flu season. (In fact Jan 2018 there were over 100,000 deaths and nobody declared a pandemic back then.)

      Deaths spiked to 80,000 in April 2020 hence excess means the number over the norm. As I mentioned below they stopped all life saving treatment except for Covid, so the spike in deaths was at least in part contrived.

      And yes while we all sat indoors, hundreds of illegals were escorted here.

  3. I haven’t read through today’s noms so apologies if you’ve already seen this.

    It won’t make a scrap of difference to what those cunts Westminster do about the problem.

    I’ve signed the petition so will probably be on MI5’s radar now but I don’t give a fuck anymore.

      • Done 👍 – and a quick addendum – one of the neighbours is a manager in a care home, and for the company that owns it to get Government funding they were ordered to put down every death as “Died with Covid” – 90 Year olds with cancer etc die of natural causes and it’s put down as a Covid death to get more money – and the most evil part? They were bringing in patients from Covid wards and Hospitals KNOWING they were infected, and knowing it would kill lots of people in the home – which it did.
        State sponsored execution for profit.
        The ONS are full of shit.

      • Care home residents and staff have been sacrificed on the altar of government criminality.
        This government are a bunch of evil cunts, we are just fucking insects, in their eyes.
        OT. Good news about the Wakefield lads. At last, folk with balls.
        Military coup please.

    • Signed.Send the scroungers back.We are now in a “Recession”.Don’t they realise?Scum

    • Signed it. Cheers Simmy. 🙂

      Fellow ISAC members, don’t forget to check your email and click the link so it registers your signing the petition.

  4. My builder’s brother was having cancer treatment and responding to it and then they stopped ihis treatment during lockdown and he died.

    We were told that all elective surgery was stopped but it seems all treatments except treatment for Covid were stopped. They even made old folk sign dnr forms. Meanwhile nurses swamped TikTok because they had nothing to do. How much of the no treatment except for Covid policy has contributed to the death spike? Rhetorical question but please somebody have the balls to ask this as a FOI. Not that it would make any difference, two thirds of people swallow the propaganda and are incapable of doing thinking.

    ONS can go rotate on their pivot charts.

  5. There are so many BAME deaths from Corbyn19 for the same reason there were so many BAME deaths at Grenfell……….overcrowding, extended families, illegal immigration and related activities, failure to understand the English language.
    Of course if you are a commie or a professional race baiter Grenfell was the fault of the raaaaay-sist Fire Brigade and Corbyn19 is the fault of the raaaaay-sist government, especially the raaaaay-sist new Hitler, Johnson.

  6. Collating a load of data ain’t worth a can of beans unless you look at the root cause of what has generated the data in the first place and take appropriate action after analysing the data.
    In this case there are, in my opinion, going to a lot of uncomfortable truths for the libtards to face with regards to YT being better able to survive the affects of Covid-19.
    My money’s on the amount of Vitamin D the body can generate when living in a temperate climate. i.e. Us Aryans are meant to live in Europe and non-Aryrans should live somewhere a bit sunnier.
    Message to Lily Mong, Little Owen Jones et al: Shove that fact up your arse!

    • An interesting point about vitamin D. It follows therefore that with global warming (and i’m sweating my fucking bollocks off at the moment) the BAMES will be better equipped to survive it. Therefore Greta Thunderpants is a nasty little white supremacist bitch! No wonder she’s keeping her head down!
      Well, it makes as much sense as the bullshit i’ve heard from the stupid gobs of the libtards.

      • The white progressives/democrats/socialists/liberals or whatever the cunts identify themselves as this week are huge racists. They appear to want to be the saviour of all the non-whites because the non-whites can’t do anything for themselves. How racist is that?
        Search t’internet for people such as Candace Owens and listen to her views on black people leaving the plantation.
        Before you ask: Candace Owens- yes I would. She’s got a predilection for white cock so providing she wants a short-arsed middle aged bloke I am in with a chance.

  7. σ X =∑ − xi X P xi ( ) µ / σx.
    But that’s just statistically speaking.

  8. The data relates to deaths rather than risk of catching chinky flu, the risk of catching chinky flu depends on taking precautions and everyone can do that.

    It’s all bollocks, age is the biggest factor by a mile flowed by underlying conditions, being male has a higher risk, skin colour is way down the list. The problem with BAME is they are fucking disease ridden cunts, their fault not ‘whitey’.

    It’s like everything else these days the media are desperate to use anything to show we are racist, using these statistics proves they are not interested in factual reporting just the fucking headline


  9. The methodology used in this “research” is appallingly bad. In the US they even recorded a man struck by lightning as “Dying from Kung Flu”! If one of my students had produced such arrant crap I would have thrown it at him.
    I have no time for fools, nor do I suffer them gladly. Quite the reverse, THEY are the ones who will suffer.

  10. England has the highest rate of made up deaths on the planet – project fear is here to stay unless we fight the tyranny

    • Boris and his moronic, integrity-free, lickspittle ministers will be first up against the wall when the time comes.

  11. This Pandemic ( bollox) is just the same as the one Mcgregor predicted in 2004/2

    A right load of fucking shite

    Whitty and his “friends” have as much insight and understanding of the people of this country, as I have of astrophysics. And the politicians? Thick cunts who need advisors for all the activities of daily living. Thick bastards.

    (Speaking of thick politicians, we have a right pair of “not-white” twats for your delectation tomorrow! – Day Admin)

  12. My mate died while out on the ocean and they recorded his death as Covid.

    I said, “How can you record his death as Covid related, when he drowned while surfing..?”

    Doctor said, “We just put it down as second wave”….

  13. Now they have admitted what I’ve been saying since the beginning, that anyone who’s even heard of Covid never mind suffering from it has been included in the figures, you would think that when the bbc read out the daily death toll and add it to the grand total, they would mention that the 46000 death toll is wrong, or in need of reviewing, but no, the cunts just keep on with the scaremongering and the thick cunts watching it mask up and suck shit. On radio four earlier, swivel eye Evan was revelling in the news that the U.K. had gone into recession since March. What did they think would happen when everyone got sent home for three months? Fuck them.

    • Overstated by 5000 which brings the UK into line with other European counties like Spain and Italy on the true picture of deaths from chinky flu.

  14. I’d like to see some figures for the gays and trannies. It seems to me that if you arse fuck some cunt you only met 5 minutes ago there’s not much social distancing going on there. Could it be that the gays aren’t the current media “victims” of the moment and have been sadly forgotten. This is what happens when you have a whole summer of no mincing gay “pride” marches.
    Our little friend Owen should do the decent thing and get some gay copper (i’m sure he knows a few) to kneel on his neck and snuff his useless life out. It’s the least he could do……the cunt.

  15. Premium model BMW’s are involved in more crashes than any other manufacturer, they are responsible for the injuring and deaths of more black drivers than any other car manufacturer.

    Therefore, BMW’s must be inherently racist and disproportionately dangerous to black people.

    • They don’t call them Black Mans Wheels for nothing. Systemic racism that’s all it is. A no deal brexit and we can keep these Kraut, racist death machines out of the country.

  16. Migrants crossing the English Channel warn they will jump overboard and attempt to DROWN if their boats are stopped.

    Finally, we’re getting somewhere

    • Yes, that’s the threat…. will they do it, no chance – they are just playing the game, cunts know that if only one of the buggers drown, even by their own hand the libtard outcry will be deafening.
      Some silly cunt on the box the other day,’Once they are in uk waters they are our responsibility’, so if some cunt decides to set off in a flimsy boat without any experience of seamanship it’s our fault.

  17. fucking cunts have admitted covid deaths were misreported and have deducted 5000 from total, yeah and the rest
    if you’ve got a head cold and get hit by a truck you’re a fucked covid death, fucking bollocks how thick do they think we are

  18. I think it’s more Public Health England thatlike registering non- Covid deaths as covid deaths.

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