Nadia Whittome

This is a quote from Nadia Whittome MP (Lab).

‘We must not fetishise “debate” as though debate is itself an innocuous, neutral act. The very act of debate in these cases is an effective rollback of assumed equality and a foot in the door for doubt and hatred.’

It was on a Twitter post about trans rights but it’s not that that’s an issue for me. It’s the fact that she’s sees debate as a bad, and harmful, thing. In other words, she’s a fucking cunt. (in other words, she’s implying STFU if you don’t agree with me – admin)

She was elected to parliament in 2019 and shows the problem that the Labour party, as official opposition, has. People like her need to be purged from the party, not elected to parliament.

Don’t think this issue doesn’t affect other parties and the government itself, as the recent nomination of Gavin Williamson shows.

Nominated by: Dark key cunt 

62 thoughts on “Nadia Whittome

  1. Did’t they stop debate in nazi Germany and the communist Soviet Union.
    Turned out just fine over there didn’t it?

  2. Haha – Corbyn is now blaming Labour Party officials for his failure to become Prime Minister in 2017! 😂 He’s clearly taking after his mentor Hitler who blamed the German people for his failure to become world dictator.

  3. Discussion is essential and if this cunt wasn’t trying to disguise her oompah-loompah looks, she’d accept that into her monstrous spam head.

  4. “Debate is unacceptable”!
    “No debate”!
    Adolf Hitler/Joseph Stalin/Mao Tse Tung/ Pol Pot.
    Go and boil your evil empty head Nadia – nasty little bitch.
    Why are ugly Wimminz always so angry?
    Why are angry Wimminz always so ugly?

  5. So what is she on about? Does she mean that there is no need from now on to debate transbenderism or other pervy crap because the law no longer allows discrimination against practitioners of such weird shit. Thus any debate arising from these subjects is detrimental to the practitioners wellbeing as their life choices are put under the microscope and odd things may be commented on by the great unwashed.
    So by employing her logic all this shit about slavery should be immediately silenced as the heinous crime was banned many years ago in the U.K. and Dominions and any further whinging and unearthing may throw up lots and lots things that the protestors will find somewhat embarrassing. If these cunts in blm want reparation then I want most of County Kerry back

  6. They only want one opinion – their own. This is what comes from no-platforming everyone you disagree with in uni versa ee. Cunts like her emerge with a degree and think they can run the country like the student union.

    Well it don’t work like that you half-witted Marxist Corbynista cow bag.

    There are people in the real world who don’t agree with your ridiculous views. And most of them voted against you and will do again which is why Sir Kreme Kracker is unlikely ever to be PM. And you will never be a minister.

  7. Slight side-track, but one suspects our esteemed B&WC wouldn’t mind inserting his tongue up her starfish!

    In fact, looking at that header pic I think he already has!

    • B&WC has far better taste Techno!
      What would Basil Fawlty say to this abomination of a “Woman”?
      “My God you’re ugly”!

  8. Half castes with a chip on their shoulder will be the death of the Labour party. With any luck. Far too much envy amongst their ranks. She looks a bit of a lezza too.

    • The Labour Party will be the death of the Labour Party.
      Only Boris can get Labour elected – and he is doing one hell of a job.

      • If you’re a hakf-castê, half Päki/half oompah-loompah, does that make you a Oompakistani or an Oompäki-Loompäki?
        We require a debate.

  9. Call me Mr Thickie but it’s hard to understand what she’s actually banging on about. What a bullshit way to talk! Obviously a complete twat.

  10. This cunt is a university dropout and has ‘worked’ as a hate crime project worker.
    Nuff said.
    It can never have been as easy to become an MP which reflects more on the electorate than the candidates.

  11. I am certain that young Nadia is going to feature on this site with monotonous regularity.

  12. If she thinks that “The very act of debate in these cases is……. a foot in the door for doubt and hatred”, I dread to think what she’ll make of my steel-toe cap, size 10 Riding boot ,Gestapo-like, kicking through the panels when I come calling.

    Then I’ll smash her back-doors in.

    • She looks a bit like Kim Jong-Un in a wig….I’d definitely have a bash at her.

    • What about a debate at the Oxford Union…you for the Motion–.’that this house believes fox hunting is actually great fun’.

      • Wouldn’t catch me going anywhere near Oxford University,Miles…all Universities are full of sexual deviants,windbags and lollygaggers.

          • Oh it has it’s share,Mike. 🙂 .

            Enjoyed your piece on The Lords…would have given it a “like” but function doesn’t seem to work.

    • “Her”?!
      Looking at that picture, I’m not sure she’s all woman, Mr F…you could doubtless smash some back doors in but be somewhat distracted by the meat and two veg underneath…

      • could be right,Mr.Cunt-Engine….hopefully I’d be beyond the point of caring before I noticed the offending appendage.

      • This should go in the previous nomination TCE but the link you put up for the vomit inducing/looking shirt as a joke now constantly appears as a popup ad in pages I visit. I don’t blame you, more curiosity killed the cat, but it’s a truly fucking hideous shirt.

        • Like a colour blind test and a Salvador Dali painting in one.

  13. Nadia whittome is an anagram for . . . . .
    White dominata
    Unless you can think of something else it’s nearly an anagram for Captain M?

    • Best I can manage in this heat, Albert:-
      Hi home and twat
      I twat Mohaned
      Hi Nom Twat-head

      With all the talk of the dinghy invaders being put up in the North-West, I wondered whether that centre was being used in Widnes. I know it was proposed. It must be chocka.

      • I’ve not heard about that Cap’n.
        I know that Fiddlers Ferry coal power station is shortly to be taken out of commission.
        You don’t think they’re planning to fire it up one final time?

        • Using the Terry’s oven manual, you mean? Ha.

          No, it was the Lilycross Care Home they were planning to use to house all the Dinghy immigrants…erm…Calais Jungle terrorísts, sorry friendly, , integrating, conscientious Asylum-seekers.

          • Fortunately that was rejected and it’s reverting back to a care home. Pheww!
            Its not that close to me but if they’d issued the cunts with bus passes, they’d have flooded every town centre nearby.

  14. I have an uncomfortable feeling about this cunt, there is something no right with her, I can’t put my finger on it but she is fucking weird!

    As long as she sets the parameters of debate she will be happy, the parameters being ‘you have to agree with me’

    What a Cunt!

  15. Her parents were members of the Indian Communist Party and that’s what she is ………a fucking commie bitch. MP for Nottingham East, which I presume is full of BAMES from the Indian sub continent. I wonder how many of them knew she was a commie traitor when they voted for her. Exactly the sort of shit Starmzy needs to get rid of but it’s not as easy as it looks. Slags like this are everywhere these days.

  16. Who holds a phone with a spasticated crab hand like that, honestly. For that alone she’s a cunt.

  17. I have observed since more women have entered parliment, things have got more and more toxic. The gentle sex, i dont think so.

  18. Seriously who is she?A no one.Another Liebour thicko.Crawl into Unkle Terry’s oven please.

  19. “Shortly after her election, she announced that she would only be keeping the equivalent of “an average worker’s wage”, as determined by the Office for National Statistics, of £35,000, and would donate the remainder of her £79,468 salary as an MP to local charities”…..

    Give her some credit for that alone.

    • No debate…accept everything…follow blindly….only listen to me,,,just follow orders…dont ask questions…debate is counter revolutionary…

      She a dangerous cunt
      Dangerous in her stupidity.
      Always question Everything.

      • Afternoon,MNC

        You out the Pub tonight afore they close them all down again?

        • Afternoon Dick!👍
          No, im not im afraid,
          Im building some fencing then ive got some bottles of Cornish IPA for later,
          And a Hank Williams Documentary!☺

  20. She signaled her virtue by acting as a carer. To get on Newsnight where she lied about PPE at the home she so bravely helped. They were so grateful for her input they sacked her.

    She is referring to trannyism. Any debate or discussion about trannies is howled down as hate speech. She is flying the flag for degenerates with mental health issues with this ludicrous statement.
    God help Labour.

    • Hahaha! Thats who she reminds me of!
      Was bugging me, nice one CP!👍

  21. There is not enough alcohol, even in Sir Dick’s cavernous wine seller, to get me drunk enough to have a go on “that” thing.
    Ugly cunt, ugly mind.
    Unkle Terry, fire up your oven👍

  22. The sad part is that this twat thinks anybody gives a flying fuck for her opinion on anything.
    Fuck off, loser.

  23. Whenever I think of that Flannagan fella, I just remember his…

    Mickey: “I only popped out. Ended up going aaahhht aaaahhht!”

    “Splash of Paco Roban. Drink some Stella Arr tortoise.

  24. Just watched some of this slags comments on twitter. Looks like we have another Diane Flabbott in the making but this one looks like a Desperate Dan tranny. Talks utter shite as well. Cunt of the highest order. Hope she reappears here again as she deserves another cunting.

  25. Ask Her what she thinks of all these asylum seekers coming over the channel in their rubber boats every single day
    I WOULD EXPECT THE SAME ANSWER AS LEFTIE Diane Abbott yesterday on the BBC News
    If these twats were bringing drugs into BLIGHTY instead of people trafficking this problem would have been stopped ages ago Give them all a Wagon Wheel and send them back to France

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