James Corden (9)

Sorry to be a boring old bastard but may I humbly request another cunting for James Corden.

Just seen a picture of the unfunny cunt sporting a beard (the face that should be hit by a thousand bricks)

The man is a mega cunt as it is, his face now represents a rather tatty Mangalitzer’s (curly coated variety of pig from Hungary getting popular here in Lincolnshire as the Lincolnshire curly coated pig became extinct in the 1970’s) nether regions.

He may have wads of wonga but he has no class, style,or anything else.and about as funny as a doctors waiting room full of illegals with infectious TB, new varieties of the Pox and AIDS.

Nominated by: Black biscuit 

49 thoughts on “James Corden (9)

  1. “Formula 1 racer Sebastian Vettel refuses to comment on allegations his retarded fat bastard of a Brother “Jumbo James” has escaped from Pie Towers sanitorium for the criminally talentless and is at very, very large”.

  2. The header picture reminds me, Cunto hasn’t posted for ages. Hope he’s alright.

  3. What a massive cunt, and he is a massive cunt…the fat cunt.
    Go fuck yourselves.

    • Ive never got the pure venom on here for talented, king of comedy James Corden?!!
      Even Spoonington wants to stab him.
      Hes just a amiable fat dosser who lucked out and got fantastically wealthy.
      Ok he probably smells like a laundry bin and hides pork pies in his bed, but stop with the hate.
      Hes friends with flamboyant alledged homosexual Anthony Joshua though so that goes against him.

      • I have to admit to not knowing much abaaaaaht him MNC…although from what I’ve seen of him he comes across as a cunt.

      • Me neither BWC!
        Saw him in ‘league of their own’ giving them tasks but thats it.
        Know that when covid hit he paid the wages (6figure sum) of his production crew out of his own pocket?
        So seems decent for that.

      • MNC, I don’t remember mentioning wanting to stab that can of can’t James Corden. I might have typed that in my sleep. Sleeptyping? A bit like sleepwalking?

        He IS a can of can’t though.

        I need a soothing cup of tea and a slice of sister Dolly’s cake.

  4. Don’t know who this cunt is but he certainly has a face you’d want to catapult a breeze block into.

  5. Another cunty for a fatty porkie pig “Oi who ate all da pies!” Can’t stand this tosspot – cunt thinks he’s so special. I bet the fat cunt likes dogging – loves being filmed in a car doing his stupid car pool karacunty.

    Maybe you and one ton Ashley should hook up for a midnight feast – noshing each other in your car while you whistle dixy


  6. Apart from Gavin&Stacy I haven’t really seen him. Just another luvvie. Stacy was as fit as a butcher’s dog. Lovely accent too.

  7. A talentless, charmless cunt who got very, very lucky. Got to be on anybody’s list of “Fifty Most Punchable Faces”.

    • If Admin are going to remove a nom, a short explanation would be welcome. If it’s something we’ve done, surely we should be told.

      • We’re none the wiser either so it may have been removed up high for legal reasons.

      • I just posted a nom about the mermaids organisation and I went back to read it (I’m a cunt, like all of us, and I wanted to rejoice in my cuntery) and it has gone from the nom page.

        @admin, was there something that has caused my nom to be removed and reviewed so sharpish?

  8. Looks like one of those fat ugly lesbians who try to to like a man.

  9. He’s probably has the same thing in common with all the other ‘comedians’ that grace our screens these days.
    Namely that not only is he an unfunny cunt but an unfunny fat cunt.

  10. He may be a talent free, lucky fat cunt but that hasn’t stopped him being a massive remoaner and joining the Hollywoke TDS brigade. A remorseless Establishment arselicker who would sell his grannie to an A-rab slavetrader.
    Total cunt.

  11. A cunt. Fat cunting cunt cunt cunty cunt. Cunt fiddly diddly cuntcunt, cunt cunt. Obese fucking ugly jammy no talent cunt. Cunt.

  12. This slime oozing charisma-free fat fuck is about as funny as piles. The joke is that you just know that if the fat cunt wasn’t famous and on the telly, all the celebrity cunts who do his Car Pool bollocks would cross the road to avoid him. Corden is the ten a penny look at me everybody loudmouth pub bore fat cunt got lucky.

    I also smirk at the thought of how many birds this odious fat cunt has had because of his fame and his wallet. When 99% of birds would undoubtedly find him repulsive if he wasn’t who he is.
    The fat frigging fucking bastard cunt.

  13. Thank fuck the Yanks in Hollyweird have adopted him.

    Let’s hope it’s permanent arrangement!

  14. PS ‘Smithy’ is the sort of cunt who will large it at the next school reunion….. and be blanked by all his old classmates.

  15. He did, however, pay all of his staff out of his own (substantial amount of) money, cunt or not.

  16. He has one of those big fat heads you’d never tire of punching. Fucking hate that carpool karaoke shite. Would love him to crash into the back of a bin lorry and watch the airbags go off. That would be funny. Corden is usually about as funny as getting your bellend caught in your zip.

  17. Now you know the answer to who eats all the pies 👍👍
    Smug talentless fat wanker stay in the USA don’t come back 👎👎

  18. The Jewish Bacon theatre company has listened to your requests and is dipping it’s toes in the 21st century and is proud to present The James Corden VR simulator!
    Yes you see through his porcine eyes as you present award ceremonys and see the audience eyes bleeding as they go into a coma from your unfunny jokes.
    You’re there as you empty a entire fridge for a midmorning snack,
    You’re there as you try to mount you’re wife with your microscopic dick,
    And-ons include the Lilly Allen abortion clinc,
    Dale Winton toilet capers.
    Please note –
    We at The Jewish Bacon theatre company in no way endorse James Corden as a human being!
    THE JEWISH BACON THEATRE COMPANY a sign of quality entertainment.

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