Epping Forest District Councillors

A “don’t question us as we know better” cunting for Epping Forest District councillors. Where the fuck is that I hear you say – yes, a little market town on the edge of the M25 and “famous” for being the last station on the Central Line. The sort of place where nothing really happens except for a punch up on Friday night in the local hostelries. So, apparently, it is the ideal place to lump a load of Syrian “refugees”. The motel (brings back memories of Crossroads) is owned by some Joe Dakis, so they don’t give a fuck about who is in there.

But, I digress, the real cunting is for the councillors who, regardless of their political hue, are sticking together to tell us locals that we are all r@cists should we be unhappy with these cunts being foisted on us. And what the Britain First say is right as I, unlike the councillors, have spoken to local people and the “refugees” are indeed nicking the food out of the charity basket.

Nominated by : Lord Cuntingford 


42 thoughts on “Epping Forest District Councillors

  1. hopefully some of those woke councillors will be shown the door come the next local elections.

    Moreover, I wonder if any of those Syrians will be living in the same neck of the woods as the councillors?

    In fact councillors are no different to other woke cunts: they want to be seen to be proactive in the context of diversity, just so long as it doesn’t affect them personally or near to their homes.

    So, fuck the homeless and those who are facing hardship due to being made redundant thanks to the Dink flu – they can go to the back of the priority list, while the council focus on those poor wartorn refugees, who travelled thousands of miles through the many safe-havens in Europe, to be handed a nice cushy life here!

    Expect an increase in council tax next April, just to sweeten the deal!

  2. Anyone who has a job by virtue of the electorate had better take heed of them.
    Otherwise they’ll be sharing that motel with the rest of the unwelcome, benefit swindling criminals when they’re out of work.

  3. I am beginning to understand why wars are started: drop bombs on civilian areas in order to kick the fuckers off to the UK – job done!

    It all makes perfect sense now.

  4. I have been to Epping a few times, looks like a nice town (bet it’s expensive, having a tube straight into London), but the refugees have to go somewhere.
    My suggestion would be Syria, I am sure it’s safe now (probably safer that east London)

  5. Nice to see these fucking leeches are treated to a lovely hotel, phone, 3 meals and new clothes, yet the British homeless numbers are going up. I’m sick to be back frigging teeth of putting every heap of shit before our own people.

    • They bring the usual amount of misery, poverty, ignorance, and crime that Dooshka-Dooshkas and Ooga-Doogas bring but with added terrorísm.

  6. N.A.S.S. Contracts are almost exclusively awarded to our enriching bretheren. It is one of the most corrupted contracts, and several members of the “honourable house” have special interests in this contact. It is an expense that seems to fly under the Radar, and in times past, we would send from all 4 centres approximately 125 on a daily basis to NASS accomodation. This has been going on for decades and is a significant income for the switched on “entrepreneur. For £3000 you can also buy T/A ( temporary admission to the UK ) and you will change both name and identity. It is known as “the revolving door of fortune ”

    Refugees my hairy arse, the asylum claims ( paid for by you ) are processed months before departure in the mother country, and filtered to London based “Immigration Lawyers” Kerchiiiing ! Glad Im retired

  7. Councils love these 3rd world parasites.
    I had the contract with Stockport Council years ago putting these fuckin rats into properties, and they are mollycoddled like rockstars or something.
    New carpets, money on the electric meter, new showers, intetpreters etc.
    And then the cunts would take months to pay.
    This is what opened my eyes and made me a racist,
    The council pushed me into the arms of the far right!😁
    Also where my hatred of social workers, deadbeats who dont pay their bills, and leftie bleeding hearts comes from.
    The only way Id work for these people now is driving them to Terrys Oven.

    • I can well sympathise, Miserable. Ten years ago I began a job that touches on migration, as happy-clappy a leftie as you can think of. But a decade of seeing the various shoulders shrugged, blind eyes turned and excuses made has flipped my political axis.
      That’s not what brought me here, though. Typing ‘Bono is a cunt’ into Google did that!

      • Yes, it certainly adjusts your outlook seeing someone whos been in the country a day treated like royalty and by the end of the week owning a car.
        While a pensioner who fought in the war cant afford the heating bills eh?

  8. Why not build a big camp near the South Coast. All illegal boaters ,swimmers, hang under lorry persons, hide in caravans etc if caught get sent to the camp. Process the economic migrants and send them back to the nearest safe country to their origin proved or guessed No papers no problem you get fucked off anyway. Children with beards and fully erupted wisdom teeth also get fucked off. If someone with a pair is in charge then the tiny minority of real refugees will still be fucked of to the first safe country they passed through on route to the land of benefits and underage white girls. To reduce the number of traffickers whose efforts are bleeding us dry, those caught will be towed behind an overloaded semi inflatable and used for Shark bait off the coast of Cape Town. The way we are going with our fucking useless governments we may be better off claiming asylum in Russia. At least Putin pays more than lip service to his culture and history

  9. We are still trying to combat a plague in this country. And what’s the bright idea?Bring in and blow essential funds and care on more filth. More welfare scroungers, thieves, rapists, poundland shitehawks, criminals, and dirty smelly cunts who don’t wash. Tickety fucking boo. They always have been, and never not will be,pure human filth.

  10. Scarisbrick Hotel in Southport has 150, yes 150 of these fuckers, bang in the town centre. No wonder it’s going to fuck.
    I fucking hate this country’s politicians, they’re all fucking traitors. Priti Patel was going to do this, that and the other, get to grips with immigration etc. she’s done fuck all but put more weight on her already fat fucking arse, fucking useless ,fat troughing cunt.
    Flamethrower, oven, fry and fucking grill the whole kit and caboodle.
    Get To Fuck.

  11. When I was a kid Epping Forest was a great day out for us on our bikes. Mum’s jam sarnies and put our pennies together for a big bottle of Tizer, followed by arguments about which cunt had drunk more than his fair share. There was a big hill called Hog Hill, where you tested your courage by charging down it without touching your brakes. Happy days.
    Now it’s crawling with filthy fucking peacefuls looking to nick anything and fuck any child or animal who crosses their path. Fuck me, i’m glad I lived when I did. Who’d be a kid these days? No wonder they’re all going dolally.

  12. Used to go clubbing at the Epping forest country club many moons ago. Full of footballers drinking champagne and knobbing the local lasses. Cunts.
    Anyway lovely place pity being fucked up by immos

  13. It ain’t just effing Epping.

    Anyone who reads Sir Nigel’s blog will know that with the connivance of the frog navy and the UK border force we have already welcomed 3000 “refugees” into this country via Dover. They are being housed in 5 star hotels which are supposedly still closed, given full bed and board and £40 a week spending money. They swagger around these towns 10 or 12 strong all males aged 18-30 leering and wolf whistling at girls and women.

    All at our expense. The BBC don’t report it nor do Sky for the usual reasons.

    A national scandal.

  14. While much of the country struggles with unemployment and impending economic doom, it’ll be fascinating to observe what will happen when the money runs out to keep the dinghy immigrants in hotel fresh sheets, iPad/mobiles/pocket money, and four-star fine dining room service roasted goat’s head on gilded platters. Good Luck telling Kassim he’s got to find a job, pay some rent, and cook his own food that he’s had to purchase.

    That’s 48,000 seething Kassims furious the infidels can’t sustain their endless, 24-hour free jolly up.

    • Evening El Cap, you have to assume they are saving up for taxi driving licenses and praying that the schools will open in September. The hotel in Glasgow where some Africunt stabbed those people has had to have a complete refit, not because of the attack, just the general scumminess of housing these third world fuckers for months on end.

      • Surely they don’t need licences for jobs at Iqbal’s Minicabs? Just their donkey-riding skills from back home, sat-nav, and a bag full of rohypnol.

        “He-llo minicab, where you go? Okay, okay, okay, drink dis. Verry spicy.”

  15. We are infested with rats.Shitty lying good for fuck all rats.
    Imported by our excellent leaders for decades.
    Fuck them all to hell.

  16. It never ceases to me amaze the totally ridiculous amount of councillors every fucking town in the country has. They are always bleating about how short of funding they are and how they have no option but to cut services but do they ever decide to reduce some of their numbers? Like fuck do they. Pigs. Troughs. Fuck ’em. Cunts.

  17. I live in this borough and it’s the first I’ve heard of it here. Nigel Farage highlighted all those channel crossing cunts being put up in secret hotels in Kent recently. Usual council lies that the locals had been consulted and Nigel finds out that no fucker knows about it. Next election vote in a right wing bastard, that should sort it out.

    • Not hotels in Kent, Little Lord. They land in Kent, are taken to Croydon for freebies, processing, and passports, then distributed all over the UK. They’ll be near you, be certain.

  18. The local authorities will get extra money for every cunt they get, so it’s bonuses all round, in the same way that local health boards were given extra cash depending on how many Covid cases they had to deal with, which didn’t encourage them to inflate the figures at all. Cunts.

  19. Nigel paid a visit to the 5 star Hilton in Bromsgrove where 100s of these people are being kept in luxury. The hotel is “empty” but is booked up until the end of the year.
    The staff would admit nothing it’s all hush hush but the locals know what is going on. Their MP (a tory) is ignoring them. This is being repeated around the country.

  20. These stupid cunts will only realise they are stupid cunts when the real far right comes into existence, not the wokes idea of it. If I live to see it I will be as happy as Chesire cat. Fuck the cunts. Only two litres of cider today.

  21. If a well-educated person with a fucking spine started a new political party, and was very careful not to be racist or have allegiance to any dodgy groups etc., but actually addressed the common man’s concerns (e.g. not letting hordes of fully-grown, bearded, ‘15-year-old’ rapists into our country to prowl the streets in packs) and had the courage and conviction to announce their plans, I reckon they’d be voted in within 5 years.

    I’m fucking sick of it. The UK is a big wet pussy, bent over, being fucked repeatedly.

  22. My local councillors are a shower of cunts too but for different reasons. I’ve even penned a nom about it.

  23. Muslims should only be resettled in muslim countries – but this view will be less and less popular with every dinghy full of Labour voters arriving to strengthen their power base.
    And international law states quite clearly that “asylum seekers or refugees” ( we all know these vermin ae neither, and they are not welcome in any case) must claim asylum or refugee status in the first Country they come to – so we have the legal power to take them to France, and France cannot refuse them.
    Grow some balls UK Government, cunts.

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