Diverse Cleansing of Sheffield Cathedral

A House of the Lord cunting for Sheffield Cathedral and why would I want to cunt a grand and historic Cathedral, well it’s not the actual building but the cunts who run the place.

The Choir which was mainly white and male (adults and children) has been disbanded due to lack of diversity, the great plan is to reform the choir in a years time to better reflect Sheffields diverse community, but the current members will be welcome to return (maybe, if they can can change sex and colour).

Rather than encouraging effnicks (which the choir claim they have been doing) to join the choir, the infinite wisdom of the grand masters of the Cathedral is to completely dump it and start again.

There must be case for racial discrimination, the poor kids in the choir just can’t help being white, perhaps blacking up as per the black and white minstrels and singing mammy would tick the right boxes.


Nominated by: Sick of it 


71 thoughts on “Diverse Cleansing of Sheffield Cathedral

    • that is the biggest CUNT I have ever read. there is a building site in sheffield surrounded by wooden boards covered in photographs of the city in the 1970’s. everyone in those photos is white and the majority are women (the men being at work when the photos were taken) the streets now are full of young ugly aggressive dar kee men. it is shit and a massive CUNT.

  1. Perhaps they should break up the choirs in the gospel churches for being too black.

    Nobody is excluded from this choir. If you are interested and have some talent you can apply. What the fuck does any of this have to do with diversity?
    It is the wishy, washy, wanky, guilty white cunts who will drive racial division. Has anyfucker ever complained about this group of master race KKK members spreading racial hatred by singing hymns?

  2. My mate said that every now and again our village hall is rented out for the day by a group of black people who do crazy singing and dancing in the aisles for hours on end.
    I said that can’t be true, but he reckons it’s gospel….

      • And the little dark ones have little jelly knives!
        Sheffield used to be a beautiful City, now it’s an effnik shithole where white people are slowly being (and I use this strong term advisedly) ethnically cleansed – I would love to see some of the clowns who come up with this divisive racist nonsense to have a tour of places like Sheffield to see the ruin their ridiculous behaviour begats.

          • I eat the good wholesome white ones then set fire to the bag LL.

        • This is the product of Tony the CUNT Blair’s Labour that let all these cunts in under the advice of Peter Mandelson. Trying to create a new working class that would vote Labour. More like a Non-Working Class. Cunts!

  3. This sort of insanity makes me want to put a bullet through my head and be done with it all.

    Maybe that’s their cunting plan….?

    • Calm down Ruff, you hate the church, your like Damien from the Omen.
      Dont go doing yourself harm.
      If we wait patiently enough theyll do it for us.

      • I’m not bothered about the Church Miserable, they can go hang themselves as far as I’m concerned. It’s the fucking mindset of these white fuckwits that does my head in. I’ve said it before, the Russians have spiked the bottled water.

        I’m going out now. I may be some time.

  4. Absolute cunts. If the people of colour wanted to join I’m sure they would be welcomed with open arms. The persons who agreed to this shit are without doubt white middle class arseholes. Years ago that cunt Harriet Harman threatened to stop funding of the Ramblers Association because you guessed it not enough diversity. You cannot force people to do things they dont like unless it’s down the barrel of a gun. Notting Hil Carnival = loads of dark people whereas the mycolgical society has zero I suspect. I would shoot the cunts, I was wrong about Harriet it was the fucker who died from a brain tumour. I’m drunk again.

    • Was that the same Harriet Harman who supported the p*edophile Information Exchange? (PIE – seriously – check it out). Why yes it was!
      Why is she not in prison?

    • Yes, white middle class do-gooder cunts.

      I don’t doubt that there is good black church music, but Bach didn’t have Paul Robeson in mind when he wrote the Christmas Oratorio. Likewise with Handel, Mozart, Verdi, Beethoven, Puccini, need I go on?

      People are sick and tired of this utter bullshit.

  5. Quite right too..I far prefer to hear Dark-Keys singing. There’s nothing more melodious than hearing a bunch of tarry-toots singing “Swing Low.Sweet Chariot’ in the fields of my vast plantation ,as I sit in my rocking chair on the veranda of my antebellum-style mansion, sipping a mint-julep and contemplating how much cotton will bring at market this year.
    I also wear a white suit,a bootlace necklace and ten-gallon hat….and say ” Ah am outraged,Sur,fucking outraged” a lot when I hear that one of my bloodhounds has been injured chasing a runaway farm implement.

    Fuck Off.

  6. Jesus was white and blond. And the goddish cunt did walk in England’s mountains green and then to everyones happiness he was seen on England pleasant pastures. Job done, go to heaven.
    Unfortunately its turning into hell on earth.

    • Please come back and strike down upon thee with furious anger those who would attempt to poison my brothers. David Lammy and Owen Jones this means you fuckos. Expect a lightning strike soon.

  7. I saw an interview with a mother exasperated by the decision. All the schooling and social relationships just suddenly gone. No communication just announced. A video from a ‘representative’ from the cathedral by someone with a spikey hair explains the decision. No interview.
    This is not long after (2017) the fiasco of the elevation of Philip North to the see of Sheffield. He is a Traditionalist and doesn’t believe in the ordination if women. All based on his theology. Anyway, the vitriol that was aimed at him. Went on for about 5 weeks but they got him out in the end. Someone more acceptable. Not very Christian. It was important because there is supposed to provision for those who think like him. That was blown to bits.
    Not a broad church anymore.

  8. The rot is everywhere. No escape from the woke we’re fucked. Suppose no ethnics apply what then? MeThinks we are living on planet dildo.

  9. If they want to attract the dark-keys why not melt down the Cathedral bells and turn them into calypso steelpans. Fill the Thuribles (incense burners) with weed. Buffalo p*ss instead of holy water. Turn the confessional booths into safe spaces where shooting up is allowed. Collection plates carried by a few knife carrying altar boys to mug the congregation of their valuables. Coconut water instead of altar wine. Grass skirts instead of cassocks and chasubles.

    • It also appears that the Belfast born Dean of Sheffield, the Very Reverend Peter Bradley, has now taken the steps of labelling the choir as simply not good enough singers and not just lacking in diversity.
      Seems encouragement and a Christian spirit is sadly lacking in this up his own cassock berk.
      I wonder how he rates his own sermons and how this compares to the opinions of his working class Yorkshire parishioners?
      As a Trinity Hall, Cambridge educated man he’s probably as in touch with the people of Sheffield as Liberace was with the rules of Rugby League.

      • I think he was trying to divert the attention away from diversity by saying the weren’t good enough, but he also said the current members can apply to come back when the new choir is formed….. a bit of a cock up there I think

  10. They truly are cunts.
    This was open to all it just offends some white marxist cunt that the children of the choir are all white, so fuckin what?
    I dont look at a basketball team and wonder wheres whitey?
    I dont scream racism.
    For thousands of years this country was all white, blink of a eye thats now evil? ..get fucked.

    • Are they disbanding all the football teams with too many black players in then?
      I was in my local yesterday watching the Scottish Cup Final, when the shitweasels “took the knee” I refused to watch and turned my back with some choice language – to discover everyone in the pub was shouting at the telly – the barmaid had to temporarily change channels to stop people throwing stuff at the screen!

  11. Everyone knows full well you can’t let the Dark Keys into a church or cathedral.
    They will ruin it or just set fire to it.
    Just ask the Rwandan chap who set fire to Nantes cathedral for no reason at all.
    Or better still,don’t ask him fuck all.Burn him at the stake.
    Filthy cunts.

  12. These bible bashers need to understand that the lefties are not their friends. In Portland on Friday they wrapped a bible in the US flag and burned it. Institutions like the Church and the Royal Family appeasing the left and becoming woke are digging their own graves.
    And once they become woke the people who would have defended them, if only for reasons of history and tradition, will say……. go fuck yourselves.
    You reap what you sow.

  13. Let me get this straight. Blacks and other ethnic minorities don’t want to join their choir so they’ve decided to disband it and start again. How exactly?

    Surely it would be wrong to shanghai blacks into a choir just to make a few white guilt trippers feel better about themselves, would it not?

    • The thing is Ruff tuff, the blacks wont join anyway. Unless the entire crew is black, they wont want to know.
      For example when i visit national trust property, i never see any black faces. That is because they resent everything white. Atleast the japs love britains history.

      • Every National Trust Property, now has at least one reference to Blacks and their significant contribution to our culture. The NT’s Diversity Chief has ordered all regional managers to research, find or invent a positive and prominent black person/s to promote. ( Cunts )

        • Asimplearsehole, i bet your right on that one. Its being imposed on us all a time, what will it be like when the woke are a majority.

          • No mnc, but you have inspired to watch it. I still say it looks like the kid of the war album.

          • Something I’ve been saving my whole life , is to be woken to the sound of “Hands off cocks – on socks”.
            My reply would have been – “What if the sock’s on my cock – Sir?”

            Maybe Kes 2

  14. Perhaps they want to employ meggie sparkles choir. If the old preacher starts talking again, the cathedral will be closed for good.

  15. Oh i better clarify. The chains would not be for the choir, but for myself. As the onley way i would listen to this bs, is by being chained down.

  16. They’le probably replace it with a bunch of ethnics in tribal gear brandishing spears and singing some umbo bongo crap before sacrificing the fuckin vicar on the alter, all televised by the BBC.

    • Believe it or not. The former Archbishop of York ( Sentanu )was not only Black, but a former Muslim Cleric who held African Tribal Dance Celebrations in York Minster.

  17. Religion has been a cunt since it was invented. The current choir boy cock suckers are simply keeping ahead of the March by preparing for a new dawn, a new crowd and for them , a new supply of bum holes and cocks to play with. All of this cuntery can be stopped. But it takes balls to tell the dark ones , the carpet kissing pedo’s, BLM and all the other lunatic cunts that prevail, to fuck off and die.

    Our local Black Councillors first ( and last visit ) to secure my vote for his Liberal Party was an example of foul but positive rejection of both him and his politics.

    I yearn to back to the old days when Starmers were beaten to holy shit if they ventured out on a Friday night, Dark ones knew their place and kept the fuck out of whitey’s way, and the Religion of peace was a significant minority who had no fucking Mosques or Imams to inspire their hatred and fester their harboured thoughts.

    Bring back the old days when cracking the joke of Stevie Wonderloaf ( yes, I know it was corney ) would get hoots of laughter from all. Regal Kingsize was still sold in packs of 10, and Senior Service in packs of 5

    Christ….those days were so fucking good

  18. I live in Sheffield and have the misfortune of working in Pitsmoor. Dial 999 there and the Bengal Lancers turn up. Utterly disgusting place, litter, graffiti, used rubbers on the floor, used needles. Then we have Sheffield Council. A bigger set of cunts you will not find anywhere in England. The electorate of Sheffield would vote for the rotting corpse of Pol Pot if he was wearing a red rosette. A once great place to live and work is now turning into a loppy shithole.

  19. It seems like everything is being affected by this, I’m not sure of the right words, but it feels similar to that thing about employing more women at work.

    *A voice from somewhere* “There needs to be X amount of something or we won’t meet our something something quota “.

    People should join something because they want to.

  20. My neice sings and works for the London Symphony Chorus. It is a large symphonic concert choir based in London, consisting of over 150 amateur singers, and is one of the major symphony choruses of the UK. Diverse but amateurs. What about the gospel choirs? How many whities in those? FUCK ALL MOSTLY. If Sheffield doesn’t have enough Dar keys that want to join because they are chewing down chiggin and going to illegal covid 19 raves, then fuck em!

  21. It seems to me that all the fuzzies want racial segregation, like the old days. Black Police Federation, Black Unison, black choirs, Joshua wants black only shops, Hamilton wants a black only pit team. Don’t get me wrong, this all sounds a little racist.

  22. I’m up north in Newcastle at the mo, visiting the folks. It’s been about 7 years since I was here last and can’t believe how much the demographic has changed. So many dark keys, dooshkas and, surprisingly, chinks. This country is truly fucked.

  23. The Church of England used to be known as “the Conservative Party at prayer”.

    With the coming of Thatcher it switched allegiance and became the Labour Party at prayer. Which it’s remained ever since.

    Therefore hardly surprising Sheffield Cathedral would seek to embrace this woke diversity bollocks.

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