Tony Blair [19]

In accordance with the sound principle that some cunts can never be cunted enough, I’d like to offer a ‘stick the EU flag up your arse’ nomination for Tone ‘the Remoan’ Blair.

‘Mr Dodgy Dossier’ is always good for a soundbite in his increasingly desperate attempts to stay relevant. Speaking recently at a Reuters news event, he whined on yet again that Brexit was a huge, horrible mistake by the people of Britain. ‘I’m very sad about it’, bleated the world’s biggest bellend. ‘I’m afraid that no one will ever convince me that Brexit is anything other than a total and complete disaster’.

A total and complete disaster, huh? Well as the old saying goes, it takes one to know one. The EU is staggering under the weight of massive economic problems, ever-increasing Euroscepticism, not to mention a growing migration crisis, and appears to be wracked by tensions and in-fighting. I reckon it likely that more and more people in the UK are realising that we pulled out in the nick of time.

They probably all wish that Bliar’s old man had done the same. What a fucking cock.

Nominated by: Ron Knee

And Quick Draw McGraw chimed in with this:

Brexit is a total and complete disaster for Blair, because it completely fucks his ambition of being the EU President, a job he’s wanted since leaving Downing Street. Like all hardcore remainer’s Blair is, as they say in the US, butt hurt. We voted the way we wanted to, rather than the way Blair and the other traitors expected us to, and now they’re all throwing a tantrum.

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  1. The cunt should have Dr David Kelly tattooed on his forehead so that everyone is reminded that he is a thoroughly dishonest person who should not be listened to under any circumstances.

  2. All the shit thats happening , from indoctrination of children, remoan,a fucked and biased civil service, the left in control of every institution, charity, university, the police is all down to this cunt. The Tories are fucking hopeless not reversing any of it. CUNTS.

    • Indeed, I have long maintained that at least 80-90% of our problems as a country are caused by Tony B. Liar

  3. He even stands out as a cunt in the sea of cunts that is Labour.
    You might hate me “Tony”. But nowhere near as much as I hate you.

  4. The absolute WORST Prime Minister we’ve ever had. No ifs, no buts. His decision to invade Iraq led to hundreds of our men dying in addition to fuck knows how many thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians and shit like PFI, uncontrolled mass immigration and the. Communications Act has set our country back 20 years at least. The cunt should be up in front of the Hague, not free to walk the streets.

    • There is some competition from da wimminz, though…Treesa the appeaser got out of her cage a day or two ago. Reminds me of a favourite line of mine in Olivia Moaning’s “Fortunes of War”: “Women that look like her should be painlessly destroyed.”

  5. The “total and complete disaster” was the ten years this piece of shit took to ruin this country. When you consider the biggest cunts in history people will always bring up Hitler, Stalin, Mao etc but at least those cunts did it for idelogical reasons, they believed in something. Blair did it for the money, simply to fill his pockets. That’s the only thing he believed in. Biggest cunt in history in my book.

    • And at least they are all dead Freddie – this cunt lives on, but he and his friend Mandy ought to remember:

      “Nobody loves a fairy when he’s 40,
      Nobody loves a fairy when he’s old
      He might still have his magic powers, but that is not enough
      They want their bit of magic from a younger bit of stuff..”

      That pair of old queens had their crowns knocked off years ago and they ought to go and shack up together in a retirement complex, with hot and cold running huseboys., with nightly trips to the Ballet Starmer

  6. Fuckin hell: Mandelson yesterday, this son-of-a-cunt today. All we want tomorrow is that shitbag Alastair “Call me a cunt” Campbell, and we’ve got three-of-a-cunting-kind!

    It is so very hard not to wish a very painful and excruciating death for this odorous cunt. But then again he has to look at himself in the mirror to realise what a sloppy-seconds cunt looks like, with added yeast and a couple of rotting tampons shoved up there for good measure!

    If there is an afterlife I hope he comes back as a festering toilet. But again, he is already so full of shit I guess he already is one.

  7. I think of this cunt every time I set foot in Bostongrad town centre and see one or all of the following;
    * fly-blown pile of human shite shite dropped by a gimmegrant surrounded by empty Tilske cans
    * gang of bull-necked poles , stinking of weed, whistling at 14 year old schoolgirls and waving 8″ knives about when told to fuck off
    * gaggle of swarthy Roma cunts, four generations strong (and not one of them worth fuck all or with even half a set of teeth), camped outside the dole office before it opens
    Good going Tone!!!!👍
    Good nom by the way

    • Good description, the Roma cunts reminds me of When I visited my friends in northern Slovakia, lovely little town blighted by these cunts.
      We passed by what looked like a shed in the style of a caravan, I asked ‘what is that‘, it’s a Roma house… I asked why the council don’t rehouse them and pull the shithole down…. the answer, the council do rehouse the cunts, give them a nice flat but after 6 months the place is wrecked, all the plumbing ripped out and they just fuck off a build a shithole shed somewhere 😂

      That was pre EU days, so you can guess where those Roma cunts are now, it must have been Christmas when Slovakia joined the EU not because the Slovak people wanted to come here but all their Roma cunts could.

      • A mate of ours married a Macedonian woman a few years back, she learned English straight away, now works in an estate agents, pays her taxes, the full deal. I remember she warned us at the time “don’t let the fucking Romanians in, they’re the sc*m of the earth”….. wise words!

        • When the wife and I were on a break in Prague a few years ago, she got her bag dipped on the tram as the doors opened, the cunt promptly legged it.
          A wee old wifey looked at us and said ‘not Czech people; ROMANIANS!!’.
          The cunts are about as welcome as halitosis.

          • Yep; they are the fucking dregs. I’d rather have the polacks and that’s saying something; at least they’re normally clean (that is when not covered in intestinal blood from their most recent stabbing), roma cunts look like you’d catch syphilis from them just being in the same room. Utterly worthless pond life.
            (Just in case I’ve not made my point I’m not a fan)

      • Oh dear yes. We have known a Slovak lady for many years and don’t get her started on Gipsies. Also Poles on Jews, blacks etc..

  8. I remember seeing him doing an interview, I can’t remember what it was about, he said ” I’m an honest sort of guy ”
    I have never seen anyone look so insincere or untrustworthy.
    The biggest cunt only matched by theresa lying slag mucky cunt may.

  9. What pisses me off is that this bastard gets 24 hour security paid for by the taxpayer who he robbed blind year after year.
    How I would love a peaceful to get to him and shove a big blade in his jugular. I would buy that bloke a whole herd of goats to indulge himself with. Alan’s Snackbar!

  10. From humble beginnings to PM, from public toilet to public speaker.


    Hopefully he falls with the Maxwell House

  11. I’m just going to throw it out there and and call the man an idiot. What makes me so sure of that? Bliar still hasn’t grasped the fact that the majority will take the opposite view to him, pretty confident that it’s the right action. Every time the blessed Tony speaks on TV, the Brexit vote soars. Long may he continue pushing his failing globalist agenda. He’s the best recruiting officer that Nigel Farage could wish for.

  12. I’m certain this cretin knows exactly what he’s done, the consequences of it, how it comes across and exactly what we all think of him.
    I consider him to be a shameless tool of a larger group.
    If I could get to within reach of him I would grab hold of the zipper on the back if his head and peel that dead human skin right off his foetid lizard body.
    It’s all in the eyes. Good darts Icke.

  13. Romanian is second most common non-British nationality in UK

    Number of Romanian nationals living in UK in 2017 estimated to be 411,000, up 25% on 2016

    There are now more Romanians living in the UK than there are Irish nationals or Indians, official figures reveal.

    Romania has overtaken the Republic of Ireland and India to move from fourth to second most-common non-British nationality in the UK, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) found

  14. Don’t forget Tone’s other cheesy chum – the one who went to Dover to greet the first vulgarians. And then fucked off back to his posh townhouse to hire rent boys.

    Oh what was the cunt’s name?

    What a dodgy lot the Blair cabinet turned out to be.

  15. Why can’t this odious pondscum just fuck off and die horribly, preferably tortured by peaceful ‘s.
    I agree wholeheartedly that this man should have been tried in The Hague. A war criminal of the highest calibre.

    Total cunt.

  16. Mr T B liar is a truly repugnant bastard, his best quote is “This is not a time for sound bites but I feel the weight of history on my shoulders” what a fucking cunt he is!

    • He’s a diet Churchill with a tenth of the charm, integrity and intelligence. And just for comparing the great man to B. Liar I feel dirty.

  17. Him and his cunt wife are scum like no others. One sends lads and lasses to war on a lie and the other one makes a living prosecuting the said lads and lasses for alleged war crimes. You cannot make this fucking shit up. As Reg Keys said after his son Tom died in Iraq “Would Tony Blair like to see his kids sent to Iraq?” I think we know the answer to that one.

  18. Is there such a thing as “Cunt of Cunts”, like “Capo dei Capi” in the Godfather. If so, it is he.

  19. I loathe this cunt with a passion. Cannot believe that back in 97 I was of the opinion that this cunt could make a difference thou could not bring myself to vote Libour.
    Couple of months later and the obvious total collapse of any support for the twisted bastard. The actions of Blair and his cuntery did more damage to the fabric of the U.K. than the fucking Luftwaffe. Basically the complete reversal of everything the left stood for. White bad ethnic good, teach kids all about trannnie antics etc. Push every minority agenda possible as hard as possible. Human fucking rights act which allows the minority ascendency over the majority, democratic or what! Still kowtowing to the European court of bollocks and still paying the fucking eu. What has really changed since Blair/brown fucked off ,of course more third world immigration? Nothing, we appear to be blessed with Blair light

    • I was one of those who was taken in back in 1997. I thought Blair could offer a change, a reinvigoration after the utter staleness of John ‘Get ’em down Edwina’ Major and his back to basics bullshite. What a cunt of a decision that turned out to be.

      • #metoo. But at least we weren’t long in developing antibodies to the cunt infection. Fucking conman. Player of any number of loose ends against the middle (see what the cunt’s been up to in the Balkans), friend of the filthiest dictators, sucker of Beijing dick, licker of Cairo arse and supreme master of selling the empty platitude to the highest bidder. (See also: Jack Straw.)

        Hoping Ghislaine can add to the charge sheet….

  20. What I don’t understand is this: He couldn;t wait to change to Catholicism after he’d resigned as he was a secret Jesuit all along. Catholics are the most fanatical of the lot so then why does he want to flood Europe with carpet-kissers? Don’t get it.

  21. Was it as big a mistake as killing 600,000 Iraqis and creating a power vacuum, you egregious, Satanic cunt?

  22. Incidentally for the flak he gets on here sometimes Jonathan Pie did a superb video on Mr Liar back in 2016.

  23. “I reckon its likely that more and more people in the UK are realising that we pulled out in the nick of time.

    They probably all wish that Blair’s old man had done the same. What a fucking cock.”

    Probably one of the best lines I have ever heard! Well done, indeed!

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