Public Health England (2)

Public health England are incompetent cunts.

Turns out the twats have been including in the kung flu death statistics everyone who has tested positive for China pox even if they died of something else. This is thousands of people. These fuckers who spend their lives nagging the population have shown themselves to be entirely pointless.

That’s 5000 people, with plenty paid more than Boris, who should get the sack. Cunts.

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  1. There’s even better bullshit in the States. There’s hundreds of cases of phantom tests. You register for the test but after waiting for hours you just fuck off. A week later you get a letter saying you tested positive! It’s all bollocks, no cunt knows what’s going on.
    As always with stats there are cunts who have a vested interest in keeping them as high as possible and other cunts who want them as low as possible.

  2. The numbers game.
    China – cant believe a word from the fuckers and they dont give a fuck if they lose a few million anyway.
    Africa – how the fuck can they tell who dies from what in these shitholes. The rulers dont care as long as the aid and bribes keep coming.

    I dont think there is a forensic standardised system anywhere. Best is extra deaths from reliable statistics where available.
    Public Health England dont seem to serve much purpose.

  3. Another bunch of tick-boxing, make-it-up-as-we-go-along-because-we-haven’t-got-a-fucking-scooby-do jobworth cunts!

    • Heart-attack? Put it down as Covid-19.
      Parachute didn’t work? Put it down as Covid-19.
      Beheaded by a peaceful terroríst in Somalia? Covid-19.

  4. Civil servants so naturally they hate any government thats not left wing and will do anything to fuck the reputation of the incumbent lily livered liberals.

    We need a new Oswald Moseley if this cuntry is to be saved from the rabid woke left and uppity BAME cunts.

  5. I’m sure Bat Flu can be a rotten do but I also realised there has been tremendous political pressure to inflate the mortality rate.
    Maybe it’s to justify the Magic Money Tree being given a fucking good shake in the past few months?
    In any case it’s clearly illustrated that PHE are a bunch of social engineering commie cunts.
    Fuck their bullshit.

  6. I read something about this…apparently if you tested positive for ChinkyFlu weeks before,recovered and then had the misfortune to be run down by a bus,your death would have still been recorded as a Coronavirus fatality….don’t know if it’s true.

    It’s a fucking piss-poor “pandemic” is you discount figures like the above plus the needless deaths caused by shipping positive cases to old-peoples’ homes…add in the deaths caused by the decrease of treatment for existing conditions and you really haven’t got very much….certainly not enough to justify obliterating the economy.

    Remember Cunters….”Save the NHS….Trash the Future”

    Fucking Cunts..

    • I had a bad case of the shits the other day….perhaps I should tell Boris Johnson so that he can order everyone to sit on the thunder-box for 12 hours a day for the next 3 months…wouldn’t want the NHS to get swamped,would we?

      Fucking Idiot.

    • Why would the UK Government want to boast the highest Covid-19 death rate in Europe?

      Maybe it’s all part of a a cunning plan to make foreigners think twice before they come here and deter EU citizens from taking advantage of Freedom of Movement rules, until we’re no longer subject to said rules after December.

      From January 2021 the death figures will no longer have to be exaggerated cos we’ll be able to operate our own immigration policy.

      • Our immigration policy appears to consist of of letting any fucker in, then allowing their 30 relatives in as well, then paying for an 8 bedroom Park Lane mansion to accommodate all their kids or knocking through 3 council houses, after evicting the white pensioners who currently live there.

          • Well as you posted a question under my post,I assumed that you were addressing it to me.

          • Nope. It was an open question relating to the anecdote presented in the first part of your post. Not directed to anything you said personally.

            I hereby apologise unreservedly for any misunderstanding caused. (He’s not really sorry – Ed.)

    • As I’ve previously said on many other posts on other sites, if you’d have jumped out of a plane at 30000ft without parachute your death would have been recorded as Covid19.

  7. As Katie Hopkins put it – what’s the point of living a half-life. The cunting government aint gonna give you back the time you have lost. And all the lily livered retards should remember that in 100% of cases, life leads to death.

  8. If I wasn’t such a lazy fucker I would have written up a nomination for the WHO. Very early on in the crisis they should have established an international standard for counting both cases and deaths. I am no expert but it would seem that it would have been reasonably easy to establish a set of criteria and it wasn’t done. The WHO have been more interested in acting as the medical propaganda department of the Chinese government.

    • In a just world that would be a reasonable response – but none of this is really about a virus or public health – this is a coup – and everything can be blamed on the ‘virus’ – in what way is a global death rate of 0.006 a pandemic? – this is tyranny and I’ve said it from the start but most fuckers still think Boris and Twatty are going to save them – the country’s gone mad – and allowing our hard won freedoms to just … disappear – I am so fucking angry I need to sit down

  9. There are statistics and bloody statistics, the chief medical officer and scientific officer said right from the start the only statistic that really means anything are excess deaths (above the average)
    They do it every year for the ‘Flu Season’ and no one bats an eyelid, a few years ago it was pretty high due to a hard cold winter, Covid isn’t seasonal so is having a greater effect on excess deaths, strangely we are now running below the average in the UK.
    No one in the media has had the balls to say, mmmm, the areas where we are have spikes and lockdowns are all areas with high Asian populations, coincidence, I think not!

    • Thinking about it, maybe not so strange we are currently below average on excess deaths, all the old and weak have already pegged it.

  10. If I hack that Wiley cunt to pieces with a machete do you think I can get away with blaming that on ckinkona virus too?

  11. Seems to be coincidental that the latest areas to have local restrictions imposed aligns with high populations of mudslime and sand people.

    Anyhow it’s all bollocks, why the lockdown when there are hundreds of the disease ridden wankers arriving in rubber boats to these shores everyday, bringing cunt knows what with them. Bubonic plague or Ebola anyone?

    Bournemouth beach, evil whitey spread the chinky virus.

    BLM mostly peacefull gatherings, no problems.

    They can get to fuck as far as I am concerned.

    Jesus loves you, apparently. Everyone else thinks you are a cunt.

    • The question regarding predominantly mudslime population and Covid-19 transmission was put to that early 80’s eyeline wearing twat, Andy Burnham on the idiot lantern this morning.

      The cunt replied that it was all ‘commoooonidees’ that were affected in areas like Leicester, Blackburn., Oldham, Rochdale, Barnsley, Bolton, Rotherham and Sheffield.

      Although mudslimes are not prevented by their religion from using alchohol hand sanitisers (they are only not allowed to consume alcohol), there will be a number of muddies who won’t use hand sanitiser. Instead choosing to wipe their arsehole with their bare hand and then proceeding to wipe the remnants on a Morrison supermarket trolley handle.

      Filthy fuckers.

    • Yeah, wherever these new outbreaks occur is where you find huge extended families, sweat shops and mosques. Systemic racism obviously.
      I notice that nobody has mentioned East London…….is that because our old friend Suckdick is covering it up?……Er …….doing a great job looking after us Londonstabistanners?

  12. The figures have been fudged for months. Never believed 45000 not for one minute.

  13. The clowns in Westminster have admitted to this fraud but have still to release factual deaths of rather than with.
    Project Fear all over again.
    It’s control, nothing more, nothing less.
    Fuck them and fuck masks. Suck it up Karens.

  14. Theyve just announced a lockdown in greater Manchester,
    Stockport was in greater Manchester but now cheshire so causing a bit of confusion?!
    Also you cant meet people in your back garden but you can meet them in the pub, supermarket, or restaurant!
    Well done goverment and local councils glad your sticking to gobbledygook and misinformation,
    No fucker has a clue if theyre on lockdown or not.

    • Nope you in with the rest of the shitholes! 😂

      I am come under the greater Bradford Metropolitan shit hole, but my local parish council is Craven (north Yorks)
      Fuck Bradford and it stinking bunch of carpet kissers.

  15. They are pointless.A waste of public money.Sack them all.Government rubbish.

  16. I just watched look north, the peacefuls are all upset because it’s Eid tomorrow (whatever the fuck that is) and one cunt who was interviewed said that most of the ‘community’ will ignore the rules. That isn’t anything new, they only follow Allah, don’t give a shit about the UK government as long as they get the benefits init.

    • Im going to err on the side of caution and ignore whatever they say.
      Carry on as normal.

  17. Wait for the massive spike in Covid cases after Eid – but it will be put down to discrimination and racism towards the B(l)AME community.
    They knew this was coming – they did nothing.
    They knew we were completely unprepared – they did nothing.
    Insufficient PPE – they did nothing.
    10,000 people a day coming into the UK while we were under house arrest – they did nothing.
    We are being played, lied to, manipulated, conned and filled with shit at every turn to facilitate the power grab.
    Enough – we are in high summer when viruses are at their weakest – reopen everything, treat the cases and get on with life.
    New normal? Fuckoff – Winston Smith is beginning to choke on his industrial gin.
    And the report highlighting Government negligence pertaining to dumping infected elderly people into care homes as part of a mass extermination programme has just been published – not a word from the narcoleptic traitor.
    Believe nothing, trust nobody – this is a takeover.

  18. I’m sure that I’m not the only one to notice that places that are getting a covid 19 spike all have one thing in common. Leicester, Oldham, Blackburn…where’s going to be next? Bradford? Luton? Birmingham? Fuck all this mudslime filth to hell ( if you’ll pardon my french )

    • Hmm, Covid spike areas?
      Just find the highest number of 12 Year old girls reporting being gang r*ped, I think we will have a winner.

  19. If the 45,000 or whatever deaths are not attributable to Coronavirus, why is the government signing up to that figure? How does it benefit them to inflate the figures and make themselves look increasingly negligent or at best incompetent? Maybe they’re doing a Treason May and preparing the ground in an attempt to throw the next election. Unlike her they could well succeed.

    • Maybe the question is so what if there were 40,000 excess deaths? Or even if there were 100,000 deaths?

      Out of 65 million people, does that really warrant the economic and societal havoc?

      • Good point. What this country needs is a cull.

        20 million would be a good start.

        • Batman Begins 2005

          Ra’s Al Ghul : Gotham’s time has come. Like Constantinople or Rome before it the city has become a breeding ground for suffering and injustice. It is beyond saving and must be allowed to die. This is the most important function of the League of Shadows. It is one we’ve performed for centuries. Gotham… must be destroyed.

  20. It’s been an absolute clustercunt since march. No cunt in the government or media is giving much reliable information. I can only be fucked to listen to medical professionals now.

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