Complaining bed wetting germo-phobes.

It’s very simple, so maybe you can understand, even if you do seem to have lost your mind amid all the supposed death and destruction.

Now then. If you are scared of this virus, or any of the millions of other viruses out there, take precautions. But leave the rest of us alone. It’s not your business to worry about other people. That’s their business, isn’t it? Remember?

If I want to go to the gym, or the pub, it’s not your business. If I refuse to wear a mask, it’s not your business. If I don’t want to get tested, or vaccinated, it’s not your business. If I get too close to someone and you don’t like it it’s still not your business. You should worry about keeping yourself safe, and leave the rest of us alone to do the same. That is how civilised people behave, isn’t it? Do unto others, the Golden Rule, remember?

You can stay at home. You don’t have to come into contact with anyone else for the rest of your life if you choose. Stock up on hand sanitiser, get plenty of masks and protect yourself. But even your nearest and dearest will get sick of you eventually, and they will stop coming to visit. But at least you’ll be safe.

Stop complaining about other people doing normal human things. That has never been considered a nice thing to do. People might seem to agree with you if you ever get close enough to speak to them, but they may well be thinking “cunt” the whole time. I’m thinking that, when I’m talking to one of you. Stupid cry-baby, curtain-twitching, bed-wetting cunt. Mind your own business, you miserable cretin.

Nominated by: Paul McCuntley

75 thoughts on “Complaining bed wetting germo-phobes.

    • Seconded.
      I went into centre of Cardiff to replace some shoes – can’t moan, over 15 years old, and totally falling off my feet. So many demands to use “hand sanitiser” on entry to shops that dermatologists will be kept very busty indeed. By the tame I’d rearranged my crown jewels in underpants, any hand sanitising was null and void. I made sure I went and inspected a lot of stuff in the vegan section, though…

  1. Even though i’m not a germophobe i’ve been asked to act like one by the NHS and my GP as i’m one of the sheilding spazzers.
    Even so, i still feel the Lockdown was very heavy-handed and based on dubious data.

    I’m of two minds about the decision to re-open beaches and pubs. On the one hand it’s about time, but then the public toilets are kept lock and people have to go somewhere else. The Mail played a trick by taking a photograph along the beach rather than above, to give the illusion the place was far more crowded than it really was, demonising people looking for a bit of relief in the process.
    I think inner city pubs would be a risk by the out of town and village pubs around here with huge gardens arent a problem.
    I cant indulge but i dont blame those who do. It doesnt help when the authorities tell us one thing then change their minds and say ‘ you should be wearing masks’ ‘you can go to the beach but not use the toilets’ you can go to the shops but not buy wine and crisps’ with the plod mistaking guidelines for laws to uphold and trashing beauty spots.
    The police really havent covered themselve in glory over the past three months.
    Travellers had been coming into airports well into lockdown.
    The whole thing has been a bit of a cock-up.

    • Also the fact that professional football has returned (which admittedly I’m happy about) but myself and my teammates still aren’t allowed to resume our 5 a side yet (which is fucking stupid). And why have they reopened pubs ahead of schools? Actually I can answer that one – lazy, feckless NUT cunts wanting an extra fucking holiday.

      • Leicester is still in lockdown but it appears I can still have 6 people in my garden. Why 6? My garden would easily fit 50+ at 2m distancing. Why not only 6 in my local Asda? Another figure an ‘expert’ pulled out of their arse.

    • You raise some good points Cuntamus, at some time in the future I hope there will be an enquiry into the handling of the virus.
      Also look at how it was policed, I think it’s been handled shit.
      I don’t think it will happen though.

      • An absolute shambles from start to now.

        1. China not telling the world about the virus for fucking months.

        2. The WHO kissing China’s arse and telling the world it was safe for millions of the cunts to travel the world during Chinese New Year. For me THIS was the biggest fuck up of all.

        3. Governments not closing their borders. They will blame the WHO for advising them not to do so (they changed their mind when China wanted to close its own borders when it hit Europe badly – Hmmm). But once TSHTF Boris should’ve shut the door asap with a big sign saying ‘Fuck off!’

        4. The WHO telling the world not to wear face masks. No matter what any cut tells you, they do reduce the spread. It’s fucking obvious and the only thing I will agree with Sukdik Khan on…ever. It;s clear that the East Asians (Japan, S. Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore) seem to know the best ways to deal with this shit. The figures were there early to see and instead of ‘We have no proof this or that works yet’ they should’ve just copied what those cunts did. Instant lockdown, curfews (heavily enforced) testing and compulsory wearing of masks in public. I know some of those countries sent out free masks to all homes in some areas.

        5. Panic buyers. These cunts should’ve been nicked and put in the stocks. Mostly of the peaceful variety, I found (but not all of course…plenty of Karens on this too).

        I could go on, but you get the drift.

        • MASKS DON’T WORK.

          A cloth mask won’t stop a virus any more than a chain link fence will stop a mosquito.

          The WHO and the CDC were both saying this because it’s true.

          Doctors and nurses wear them in hospitals to stop bacteria, not viruses.

          But generally, yeah, it was handled stupidly. No lockdown at all would have been better. Protect those who are actually vulnerable would have been better and leave the rest of us the fuck alone.

          Seriously, the economic fallout from this will be HUGE. And for NOTHING.

          • And another thing.

            If you think that a cloth mask will protect you from this or any other virus, wear one and you will magically be protected.

            Happy now?

            Oh, no. *I* have to wear one too don’t I. Why? If you are protected, why are you bothered about me? You should mind your own business and let me do the same! My health is not your concern, and it never has been.

          • Because you can pass it on more easily to others if you’re carrying it without symptoms.

            But I don’t expect you to ever get your fucking brain around that. Which is why the UK has had a huge fucking spread. Over 40,000 dead. Let’s make it a million or five. Why not?

          • Utter bullshit!

            The WHO are saying they do help now if you’re trusting them (I actually don’t, I just look at facts and where the spread hasn’t been as vicious). As are most governments now. No masks don’t protect you totally, but they do help stop the spread.

            But this is an ‘argument’ I’m done with. Even fucking Trump has started wearing one now.

          • To Cuntybollocks,

            You think it will stop the spread. When it can’t even stop the virus. Why do you think that? Which of the Govts lackeys are you trusting today?

            If you are worried about spreading what has turned out to be a fairly innocuous illness then wear the mask, by all means. Nothing is stopping you. I wouldn’t dream of preventing you from keeping yourself safe.

            40,000 dead who mostly WOULD HAVE DIED ANYWAY. The overwhelming majority were on their last legs already. 10,000 people die in care homes EVERY MONTH in this country. The average expected stay in one of those places is 30 months.

            40,000 is not a big deal at all. It was closer to 80,000 a few years ago and I don’t remember all this fuss then.

            40,000 is not the excess mortality. The PTB have been recording all sorts of things as deaths by covid when it more properly should have been death WITH covid.

            The WHOs long standing advice was that masks are not effective against viruses, and that they are more likely to do long term harm. That advice changed just as sweatshops started popping up making masks. I don’t believe in that kind of coincidence.

            There is enough reasonable doubt in all areas of this made up crisis to conclude that it is ALL bullshit, and you have been duped.

          • Yeah it’s all a conspiracy. Every government, every nurse and every doctor is in on it too. I know it’s true because David Icke told me so. Wubble.

          • CB
            Things have got so far out of control and so ridiculous that it’s actually becoming easier to believe more in what some people would call conspiratorial views.

          • Is it a conspiracy?

            Far as I know, all these measures are in place to appease idiots like you who can’t see the wood for the trees.

            They said it on the news, it must be true! You are far too trusting. Or thick. Same thing.

            Incidentally, NOT every doctor and nurse believe in this BULLSHIT. There are MANY of them all over the internet blowing the whistle.

            But they’re not on the news, so you don’t know about them.

            But somehow, you know best! It blows my mind!

          • The only scientists on the msm are the “correct” ones.
            This has been a scam and a farce in equal measure.

        • This is not a forum for cunting cunters but By using the term Karen you are merely cunting the white working class for being white and working class. I guess that’s a lot of us on here.

          It’s a derogatory term made up by cunts to put down people they perceive as cunts who voted for Brexit, didn’t go to uniy and may be anti multiculturalism. The male equivalent is gammon and iwas made up and meant in the same way

          • With you on this 1066-anyone calling me “gammon” will learn a new meaning to “ham fisted”😉

          • Cheers general.

            I hate cunting cunters and apologies to admin but these terms have been invented to put the white working class down. Heaven forbid if i was to make up a Similar term About the BAME or LGBT community and bracket them all with one sweeping derogatory term.

            Mind you ‘Chutney’ works well for the gays

          • Calm down snowflake. Karen refers to bossy women who s team and complain with a sense of entitlement. They’re not necessarily white.

            And don’t tell me what fucking words I can and can’t use.

          • I know two Karens. One is black working class, the other is white upper-middle class.

            Seem to recall Sharon and Tracy were derogatory names for white working class bints back in the day.

  2. If want people give you a wide birth and stop visiting simply jump on the BLM bandwagon. Even the most loyal of friends would want to disown you. A little off subject but feel it essential to call Lewis Hamilton a mahusive cunt. I know it has been said many times but feels good to just type the words!

  3. Derp #1: Hand sanitizer nukes everything on your hand.. including your own natural colonies, making space for more pathogenic species.

    Derp #2: Masks become warm, damp, and will inevitably become danker and more of a biohazard than Diane Abbotts crotch.

    Hopefully it shouldn’t be too difficult to convince these paranoid hysterical cunts that drinking bleach disinfects the interior surfaces of the body..

    • These germophobic fuckers are funny, Mickey Jackson, Howard Hughes,
      Always washing their hands and worrying about germs.
      You need exposure ti build up a good resistance and strong immune system!!
      Drop a biscuit on the deck?
      Just pick it up and eat it.
      Its a modern thing for insecure mummys boys who never got dirty as kids.
      I dont wear masks or wash my hands all the time!
      And im a picture of health.
      Although went blind for 2week and had seizures but that was probably a bad pint.

      • 5 second rule? I dropped some ham on the floor yesterday but finished making the sandwich before I picked it up and ate it, a good minute later.

        • In the interests of objectivity, I should point out that I have previously, usually (but not exclusively) when pissed, dropped food on the floor, trodden on it whilst blundering about trying to find it and still eaten it. Any number of times. It’s also fair to say that, whilst at university in the mid 80’s, I spent 10 days in hospital with acute gastroenteritis and another 14 days recuperating at home. There is no proven connection.

          • Acceptable, but if you started your drinking at the local pub and your shoes touched the gents floor.. that’s fucking grim!

          • @Chunky I had an Environmental Health Officer come round during recuperation asking questions. I was a university student. I hadn’t a fucking clue where I’d been, certainly not 3 days before I started sweating, shaking, throwing up, shitting my pants and just collapsing on the floor. My girlfriend genuinely thought I was going to die. I felt the same.

    • Brilliant, we should immediately begin the manufacture and sale through soshul medja of Harpic Smoothies and Domestos Daiquiris.

      • Possibly the worst handled crisis in Human history.
        Take sensible precautions by all means, but how can we know what to do and not to do when it seems the “Government” led by Lefty the wet and the “scientists” do not have a clue what to do from day to day and seem to make it up on the spot?
        There should be hell to pay for this, but I doubt it.
        Right, back to beating slaves – there’s no work in the idle buggers without the lash! 😄

  4. A bit more clarity from our masters ( oops, am I allowed to use that word anymore?) Wouldn’t go amiss on this fucking face covering business. We’ve had experts questioning the usefulness of masks with some saying they probably won’t make any difference at all. We’ve had Govey saying they shouldn’t be made compulsory in shops and Boris saying they should. Personally, I’m going to get a supply of them and just wear one in public if I’m going to be in close proximity to other people. Some people, even if they’re not wearing a mask themselves appear to be really jumpy at the moment if you’re within a few feet of them.

    Like many of you, I’m getting sick of this virus scare and all the shit that’s associated with it as it’s confusing. I visited my doctor’s surgery recently to arrange a repeat prescription and even though their website stated they were open, the shutters were down. As I attempted to phone them on my mobile, the receptionist appeared from a side door to take a box in. As soon as she saw me she dropped the box and hid behind the door and with just her eyes showing said “What do you want, have you made an appointment?” in a curt unfriendly voice then told me to put my prescription through the letterbox and then shut the door in my face. Funny thing was SHE wasn’t wearing a mask herself and the website didn’t state a need to turn up with one on.

    The fact is, normal life for want of a better term, is in the shitter and I can’t see it improving any time soon. Roll on 2025! What a cunt.

    • Theres a video on bitchute called “DON’T FORGET TO GET YOUR FACE MASK..”

      I can’t post the link.

      They don’t seem to be produced in very sanitary conditions.

      • Like the disease they proclaim to protect you from, they will originate in China. I would rather clean the cat litter tray out with a tea towel and wear that bandit style than put one of those chinky plague blankets over my gob.
        I used to work in chemical based industry, where PPE was an everyday item. But, unless you have training on how to use it effectively, and if the ppe is appropriate for the task, it’s a waste of time. Having the correct filters on a face mask is pointless if the mask is incorrectly fitted, or facial hair prevents the mask from making a proper seal around your face. As for these cunts shopping with gloves, it’s hilarious. Watching them touch their faces while wearing them making them completely pointless is one of the few joys of shopping at the moment. That and seeing someone with a mask so dirty it looks like it came out of a bin.

  5. Masks, compulsory or not, that is the question.
    It’s like everything else, a bit of a minefield, issue guidelines but don’t go all fucking Nazi with it.

    Boris thinks it’s a good idea so you can bet there will be some bollocks coming out this week.

  6. I agree but I have to say that some of the older people are really scared and with some justification. The BBC don’t help as most oldies still really trust their every word. My mum daren’t go outside. She’s probably worried about the old fella as he’s got every condition that makes you high risk. She doesn’t want to bring it home and kill him. It’s why some go loopy about others going out. They think they’re risking the lives of others. It’s a bizarre situation and people are shit scared and say stupid things. This fucking thing is going nowhere though, sadly.

    I think we need to get back to normal as soon as possible, but I think this thing is going to wipe out about a billion by the time its done (and we get natural immunity after repeated doses of the fucking thing).

    But fuck it, it’s going to have to be time to face the cunt and hope for the best. I have high (ish) blood pressure so I’m not exactly looking forward to mingling with this fucking thing about, but I’ve got to in the end.

    • I would have kept quiet about the whole thing and let it runs its course. Millions may have died, me included, but this slow economic death will be worse. Government, as usual, didn’t have a clue and seem to have learnt nothing. Lessons will be learnt. Yeah, but not by you cunts.

    • Some people are really scared because they have been fed a load of BS by the media. They need reassurance, but the media won’t do that, not even with the death rate plummeting 90% since April.

      This video shows SAGE Chris Whitty telling us just how scary this virus is. It’s from one of the daily briefings. It’s about 2 mins.

      To paraphrase, he basically said that it’s not that big a deal, that even in the most vulnerable categories a large majority would recover.

      And then they go on to create policy treating it like the new Black Death. And terrifying the population. They are cunts.

  7. On the HSE website -Wearing a face covering is optional in most circumstances and is generally not required in workplaces. They are not an effective way to manage the risks from coronavirus and you should not rely on them.

    The evidence suggests that wearing a face covering does not protect you, but it may protect others if you are infected and have not developed symptoms.

    Face coverings are not classed as PPE. They:

    are not manufactured to a recognised standard and not CE markeddo not provide a proven level of protection for work risks such as dust and spray

    If people choose to wear face coverings in work you should support them.
    Read into that what you will
    What the fuck is a Karen????? Excuse my ignorance.

    • A mouthy, up-her-own-arse woman Harry with a misplaced superiority complex. Normally lower managerial types or have husbands with loads of loot that makes them feel superior.

    • I think our latest was Theresa May, full of her own self-importance and utterly useless. Maybe the uselessness is a feature of Karen+.

  8. I’m quite a large nasty looking cunt so have yet to have anyone griping at me. But I’m ready and will be telling the first cunt that tries it, ‘don’t inflict your fucking OCD on me, now fuck off. Quite looking forward to it actually.😀

    • I can get quite a decent don’t-fuck-with-me look on my face, but I’m a bean pole.

      Luckily people are more scared of this paltry virus than they are of me!

  9. I have steadfastly ignored the guidelines and edicts.. I don’t know a single person who has had it and have a fatalistic view about the whole affair. I’m aware that my attitude isn’t for everyone and fully accept that I’m a selfish Cunt. As Paul McCuntley says….if people want to hide away, that’s their business but it isn’t for me.

  10. I just ran into one of these twats in the supermarket. Mask wearing wanker grumbling under his breath about me going backwards in the one way system. Told him he could fuck right off and sauntered off to look at the tampons. Suppose if you’re shitscared of invisible enemies you’re hardly gonna stand up to a real one. Tosser

  11. Aaaaah, germaphobes.

    Just helpfully point out to them that, according to the latest estimates, the average human contains 39,000,000,000,000 microbes. This compares to 30,000,000,000,000 cells. This the the average human – a Flabbot may contain one or two more. And without all these little fuckers, you would not be alive.

    They will probably think you are bullshitting them – but it’s true.

    Now run along and wash your hands.

  12. Virtue signaling mask wearers will be wearing them long after the chow mein Flu has gone and continue to wash there hands a hundred times a day.

  13. Mask wearers could be compromising their own immune systems by suprressing their oxygen intake.
    Respiratory illnesses will be higher in numbers this winter as a result of this scaremongering.
    Lockdown pt II incoming.

    Hope I’m wrong.

    • It will never end now. There will always be something else.

      Guess what, people. Safety is relative. You can NEVER be 100% safe. Chew on that.

  14. Masks compulsory in shops next week. The public control measures ramped up just to scare the weak minded a bit more. I fear for the fucking future I really do. Fucking cunts!

    • I am so fucking angry about this.

      It is POINTLESS and it is OPPRESSION.

      It’s terrifying how many people out there (and on here even) can’t think for themselves. Cunts.

        • By cunts “on here” who “can’t think for themselves” I take it you mean cunts who don’t agree with you?

          I too refuse to wear a mask until it becomes mandatory. But to denounce those who choose to wear a mask as being unable to think for themselves is pretty fucking arrogant and Orwellian, imo.

          • If it doesn’t work, which it doesn’t, why wear it? Other than it now becoming “mandatory”, of course.

            How much thought do you think they are putting into it? They haven’t researched it for themselves. They aren’t bothering to find out any info other than this weeks nonsense from the media and govt. They are following the flock.

            Of course, I suppose they’re not scared themselves, they just want to reassure everyone else. They’re not reassuring me. They are telling me outright that they are thick as shit. And they are the ones that bojo is trying to appease with all the continuing bullshit.

            If that makes me arrogant, fuck it so what? The virus is practically dead, and NOW we all have to wear masks in Asda? THAT’S fucking Orwellian if anything is.

          • “If it doesn’t work, which it doesn’t.”
            You know that with certainty do you?
            It could be that masks are one of the reasons that South East Asian countries have handled the virus better than we have but I couldn’t be
            “certain” about that.

  15. Yes, I am satisfied that masks don’t work against viruses.

    Health professionals and scientists, the CDC and the WHO all said as much until very very recently. Until the sweatshops had been set up in fact.

    Even says they don’t work, while trying to persuade you that they do. They even show an image of the mask packaging which states that the mask won’t protect you from covid! They acknowledge that it doesn’t work and in a twist of double think that would make Orwell proud, advise you to use them to protect “others”. I’m one of the “others” and don’t want you protecting me by forcing me to wear a mask that doesn’t work.

    Gutstick Japseye posted his experience with PPE above. If it’s not done properly, it’s a waste of time.

  16. I give up

    This should reassure all the fuckwits out there. The media have now decided to shame people into masks. Apparently, getting info from the govt and media is the intelligent thing to do. Don’t bother reading around or thinking for yourselves, no need.

    Interestingly, they admit that masks don’t work in the article. Doesn’t protect the wearer (a definite statement) but MAY protect others IF … BUT (qualified three times).


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