Celebrity Master Cunt

I would like to nominate Master Chef for a proper cunting.

Is it another pointless pile of reality shite and presented by the Bungle and Zippy cunts of modern times. The normal version of this show is annoying enough with cooking made out to be the toughest thing in the world.

Whilst flicking through channels last night I happened across the new “celebrity master chef” which puts the previously mentioned show into the local league of cuntishness.

Still presented by the same two wide mouth frogs and showcasing an array of diversity in yet another wokefest at peak viewing time. White man cant cook!

Nominated by: Horatio Cuntblower 

44 thoughts on “Celebrity Master Cunt

    • Wheres this come from that the french are great cooks & chefs?
      Are they fuck!
      Theyre dirty fuckers is what they are.
      Slugs and stuff out of ponds? Theyre like the chinese.
      Englishmen are the best cooks in the world, nice Hot pot or sunday dinner.
      Tres bon.

  1. I’m delighted that in the interests of diversity they’ve got a token white in there. Luckily, after cancelling free TV licences for the over 75’s, the BBC are spending millions on increasing diversity. This is a picture from the Jamaican show, I assume, where whites are a minority?

    Bravo, BBC.

          • Well, thanks, MNC as I trust you are? He’s been released from hospital and is now under the rehabilitation team. A great relief all round. I doubt he’ll return to work on a truck, though, or at least that’s the rumours. At least that saves us from having the cunt harp on about it if you’re crewed with him🤣🤣🤣. Still, he made it, unlike a few of my colleagues countrywide.

          • He was hardly the fittest cunt on the planet anyway! He looked worse than some of patiernts we took in😅😅

  2. My ninety seven year old dementia riddled grandmother was offered a position as executive chef by a local gastro pub without even being interviewed, after they heard that her signature dish was steak on a roof tile, chips in a flower pot….

  3. Much like that knob-end Lewis Hamilton, I wonder if the halfey in the middle has disowned his white parent?

  4. Good Morning
    I actually like MasterChef, the ordinary one and the professionals, but Celebritiy MasterChef is a cunt. None of the fuckers are celebrities, how many onnhere recognise any of ty e cunts in Admin’s picture?
    Mrs. Wanksock is a former Home Economics teacher and despairs that most of the cunts on Celebrity MasterChef would struggle to open their pot noodles at lunchtime.

  5. They look like a right set of gurning Black Puddings.
    Perfection once more from the excellent value Bullshit Bummers Club.
    Put all of them inside their taxpayer funded ovens.
    Crispy cunts.

  6. This pile of solid cunt was on yesterday and I had the misfortune of seeing some of it (switched channels after only a couple of minutes, though). Cringeworthy stuff, especially the part where it showed you the four mouthbreathing nonentities walking up (the producers of the show felt it necessary to show the cunts walking in slow motion) to the venue hosting the competition they were taking part in, all looking annoyingly smug and self-satisfied in their woke celeb bubbles. Utter cunts!

    PS: Wouldn’t mind go at that half-gook bitch Sam Quek, though.

  7. I don’t watch any of this shit anyway but especially since ‘celebrity’ nowadays appears to be defined as anybody who has 25 followers on fuckbook, or got 25 ‘likes’ for a twatter post. I mean, who the fuck are any of those wankers??

  8. I don’t watch anything with ” Celebrity” in the title…never know who any of them are but there’s always an over-excited Dark-Key, a mincing knob-jockey.a raspberry in a Spacca-chariot and Jenny Fucking-Eclair…always Jenny Fucking- Eclair and her dry,itchy fanny.

    I’d also like to chuck that Cunt Greg Wallace in an industrial mincer….feet first so that I could see his stupid moon-face gurning right up until the blades reached his chin.

        • I’m cool with that LL!
          You just couldn’t imagine that fella was a top footballer at one time. I remember watching a celeb program about 5 years ago where they had physical tasks to do in the Arctic. John Barnes found it too hard and had to drop out after a day or so.
          I don’t think it went down so well because of his hunger that he ate one of the huskies on set.

          • Remember Superstars, Sir Bert?

            Top telly back in the day. Kevin Keegan seemed to be on it every other week. The family used to love watching that. Aaahhh…days of yore.

  9. Of 10 contestants so far there have been 5 blacks (well some are pale brown, but they’ll identify as black), one half Far Eastern, one tranny and 3 ‘normal’ white people.

    I said to the Mrs that I didn’t know the UK was only 30% straight white, even if the BBC wish it was.

    I like the professional master chef but the celebrity one is the worst. Most of them you’ve never heard of. The tranny was called Bag a Chipz. I thought yes probably appropriate got a greasy bottom that’s been well battered.

  10. The git on the far left of the pic is the cockney diamond geezer from the last (and ever worsening) series of The Apprentice. No clue who the others are.

    Personally I don’t like any cookery show as they are as boring as fuck. And the two presenters with bad teeth should not be allowed near any food as they are patently unhygienic as well as total twas. Nor do I like anything with celebrity in the title as it is doubly bad. But I’m afraid it is the logical extension of ANY half popular programme. Pointless had to followed by Pointless Celebrities although the title says it all. Mastermind by Celebrity Mastermind starring David King Kong Lammy who proved what an ignorant sob he is (we all knew it already). What next?

    Celebrity Sewing Bee / Ironing / Car Washing / Nose Picking – the possible list is endless and no doubt being worked on by the woke folk at the beeb and C4 as we write.

    Can’t wait.

  11. Oh and the fat bloke on the far right is the great footballer John Barnes reduced to doing menial bit parts on dull shows not even good enough for daytime TV let alone prime time. Sad really.

  12. The BBC is open to some white people being in their programmes but obviously all have to be woke and preferably arse bandits/trannies or both.

  13. It has the word celebrity in the title so you can differentiate this pile of shit full of nobody cunts, from the other variants of piles of shit full of nobody cunts. They can all dance on fire for all I care, I wouldn’t even shoot them for mercy.
    Nice to see the bbc embracing diversity by including a white nobody.

  14. I don’t watch the crap having cancelled the licence fee and only use the idiot lantern for DVDs and the like.

    Last time I did see any of this masterchef crap there was a fat Aussie and even fatter bald bloke with glasses that seemed to trough every plate served up to him.

  15. I’d gladly separate the shouty former market traders head from his body. Even then the cunt would.go on shouting

  16. I see there’s a tranny/drag act on the celebrity version. Claim to fame? Appeared RuPaul’s Freak-for-All.
    What a revolting looking freak it is: like Toad of Toad Hall trying to disguise itself as a Bratz doll, mugging to camera like a 1st year performing arts graduate.

    Repulsive degenrate cunt.

  17. Erudition is not required here, suffice to say,any program with “celebrity” in the title:
    A) Has nothing of the sort.
    B) Is a mahoosive pile of cunt.
    Sue Perkins, go fuck yourself.

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