50 Shades of Black

Black is Black – or Is It?

One of the most irritating aspects of the current obsession with race is that the term “black” is used generically for people who are not actually black but of mixed race, either directly or through their ancestors.

Lewis Hamilton, for example, is a product of black and white parents and is strikingly different from someone like Serena Williams who is overwhelmingly of African origin. Hamilton doesn´t even look particularly black because his “black” background is Caribbean, where there was lots of mixing, yet has adopted the black cause. I wonder what his white mother thinks.
Tiger Woods is another ethnic cocktail but, unlike Hamilton, he has had the sense to keep his mouth shut during all this BLM nonsense.

Another example is Naomi Campbell who has a Scottish surname and is regarded as “black” – although she is completely English – but her father was said to be of Chinese origin, a not uncommon mixture in Jamaica.

If you visit the United States, Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa you will see that lots of “black” people have European, Indian, Arab or even Asian blood. In fact, many of them could claim to be white, Arab or Asian depending on which ancestor they chose.

By claiming to be black, these people are turning their backs on their own parents and ancestors. Pure denial, so common in today´s world.

Nominated by: Mr Polly 

89 thoughts on “50 Shades of Black

  1. As a wise man once told me, son it don’t matter what shade* you are. A cunt is a cunt regardless of colour.

    *See Hamilton, Lewis to confirm this.

    • Black is black
      I want my baby back…

      Yes people come in all shades, sizes, colours etc
      Im all for people being proud of who they are,
      Problem arises when you tell me I cant be proud of who I am.
      My dicks a tad racist
      Of the women at the top of the picture only the first one, the ginger, who id like to scuttle.
      The rest are safe from my advances,
      My dick is racist and its the boss, I just follow orders.

        • I’d be all over third from left top row. Some of Leo’s special face whitening cream. Ayeeee.

        • I would do em all, a screw is a screw, as long as my white jizz doesn’t offend, and if it does i will just do the old panda_ eats, shoots and leaves job done.
          As long as i can empty my tanks i dont care, i draw the line at golden retrievers but you get the idea any cunt in a storm as long as its not red and uyellow its worth a look……..

          • Although Mrs Fugly would cunt my infidel nuts off if she heard this…….and Shammy shitta is as sexy as a tin of live bait, step forward goldie….oh dear

      • The bint on the top row second from left, looks like an Amber Heard clone – definite bunny-boiler/psycho.

        I rather take a fancy to the lady on the top deck second from right. Looks like a Booshka Dooshka, but she won’t be saying very much with my cock in her mouth!

        • Techno as I scan from left to right, top row to bottom my cock gets more flaccid!
          Should I hand myself in to the authorities?
          Im obviously commiting a hate crime!
          Maybe im colour gay?😁

        • Techno! Such foul language! Off with you to the Holodeck.

          “Computer, load programme: ‘Nausicaan Norks'”. 😀

        • Are you saying the darker hued women are on the ‘lower deck?’
          This is exactly why HMS Windrush was built! To stop the racist Slaver trade of the 1950s! It sunk the Warrior, and the Victory, and then black people were forced to rebuild them for Wueen Victoria, who was Indian.

      • I’d do the whole top row apart from the one second to the left.
        Thanking you in anticipation.

        M Koat

        • I’m sorry chaps but I wouldn’t allow my precious near any of those emaciated harpies. I don’t find any of them even remotely attractive. Fussy old cunt I know but I’m willing to bet every one of them is vagina dentata.

  2. The nomination picture is sexist, ageist and probably lots of made-up ists. “I shall stamp my feet and squeem and squeem!” Haha 🙂

  3. Nice selection of ladies in the header pic!

    No doubt the esteemed B&WC will have something to say that will get his tongue wagging!

    As for the nom itself: even the slightest shade of dark pigmentation in your skin, and you’re “black” … when it suits!

  4. The only colour that counts these days is black. If a person has any shade of black in them however slender it may be then that qualifies them as black.

    There was a famous pop song in the 70s called Melting Pot which suggested that if we were all a mixture of races then there could be no more discrimination. We would all just be humans. Logical enough if hopelessly idealistic but such a view has no credibility now.

    The only colour the BLM marxist fraudsters see is black. I bet they don’t even use zebra crossings cos they don’t trust the white stripes.

    • White Stripes , good band. I wonder if lead guitarist/singer “Jack White” has had to go into hiding or change his name? Sister “Meg White” is on thin ice also.. poor fuckers being called white.

    • Haha – the BBC banned ‘Melting Pot’ a few years ago, because of the reference to “yellow Chinkees”!

      🎶 Take a pinch of white man
      Wrap him up in black skin
      Add a touch of blue blood
      And a little bitty bit of red Indian boy
      Oh like a Curly Latin kinkies
      Oh Lordy, Lordy, mixed with yellow Chinkees, yeah
      You know you lump it all together
      And you got a recipe for a get along scene
      Oh what a beautiful dream
      If it could only come true, you know, you know

      What we need is a great big melting pot
      Big enough to take the world and all its got
      And keep it stirring for a hundred years or more
      And turn out coffee coloured people by the score 🎶


      (I might be mistaken, but I’m sure Alan Partridge uttered some of those lines in his original “I’m Alan Partridge” show! Oh, the irony -admin)

    • Off topic for a further mo – these little bastards dragged that guy behind the vehicle, deliberately zigzagging side to side to kill him by hitting roadside debris – the force was so great his ripped off stab vest was found a hundred yards from his body.
      His Widow has started a petition to have them sentenced for murder not mans laughter like their slimebag Barrister got them and I urge all fellow cunters to support this.
      Apologies for going off topic but I feel strongly justice has not been done when you can murder a copper and get a slap on the wrist. 😡😡

      • A tall tree with lots of branches and 3 short ropes will sort the fuckers out, and weigh the cunts down with lead blocks attached to their feet

        • Crucifiying is better, death takes several days. Hanging is too good for this scum.

    • A detailed report – unusual for the BBC

      Ah, but the penny has dropped: the killers are white, and therefore we won’t hide it in the depths of our online news pages.

      Had they been black however…………..

      • Could explain why pikeys are so disliked. Not because they are pikeys but because so many of them are total fucking arseholes that should be shot.

  5. Being ‘black’ these days means being ‘political’. It means being able to scream ‘victimisation’ whenever it suits. Being white, and esp. white male, means being there to be called out and shat upon.
    Only white people can be waycist.

    BLM, Antifa and the rest can suck my dick. If I’m going to labelled anyway because I’m white, I might as well be a racist.

  6. So The Dark Keys who are at the forefront of Black Lives Matter are not really Dark Keys ?👎👎

    • Alright George?
      Been through Mansfield twice recently on my way down south.
      You well mate?👍

      • Im ok mate you should have let me know and you could of dropped in for a cuppa
        Going through some grief up your end with the covid19 thing again stay safe mate

  7. Nice to see the pikey Murderers will be free to terrorise the public in less than 8 years. We have to pay for them…. fucking cunts.

  8. Black? Victim of racist oppression.
    White? Racist oppresser.
    Will SOMEBODY just start a fkin war?
    And begin by “removing” the gippos.

  9. I was accused of being a “Neanderthal” by some speccy incomer in the Pub after he and his girlfriend had eavesdropped on my private conversation regarding Sooties not being able to swim….I didn’t engage him in witty repartee,I told him to Fuck Off or I’d hoy him face first through the window.

    I was actually identifying as an Apache Indian that day…he’s fucking lucky that I didn’t scalp him.

    • Id say you was cro magnon but certainly not neanderthal.

      • Now then Mr Fiddler your position is that the blacker a bl*ckie is the more water their skin absorbs? OK, so it follows then that the black woman in the bottom right hand corner would sink like a stone. But what about the woman to her left? She’s lighter? Would she do the same? And the next left? Lighter still? She might be able to tread water? Next left maybe float on her back? How are we take this seriously?
        No Mr Fiddler it’s your theory that doesn’t hold water not the Dark Key’s skin
        If I had been in the pub I too would have taken umbrage at such an outlandish theory.

        • All down to bone density. Quoons have a much higher bone density than humans and therefore are negatively buoyant. They have to put a great deal of effort into staying afloat, tire quickly, sink, drown. Isn’t nature wonderful.

        • .Of course it depends on just how dark they are as to how water-repellent their skin may be…the paler they are,the better their ability to float…you often see lighter skinned women swimming but you NEVER see a frizzie-lizzy blacky even paddling in the shallows….it’s not just because of their inherent fear that a crocodile may gobble them up…it’s because they know the truth..and now,thanks to me,so do you.

          (But surely their thicker lips and bigger arses must help with buoyancy when doggy-paddling in a croc-infested river? – admin)

          • @Admin…..not enough,I’m afraid….it would be like expecting a child’s penny-balloon to have kept The Titanic floating.

          • The BAME may be shit swimmers but watch them go with those dinghy oars “faster lads, to the land of r*pe and money”!)

        • I remember swimming lessons in school. Particularly learning to swim whilst wearing pyjamas.

          • No, lord Dicky.
            I remember we swam in our pyjamas to learn how to be able to get out of water if we fell in.

          • Why would you be out near the river in pyjamas Spoons?
            Not a pakistani school was it?☺

          • Aye, I remember it too,Spoony….and diving down to recover a brick from the bottom of the deep end for some reason.

            (Yes, they taught you this in case you ever sleep-walked into the nearest river, while wearing your PJs, and was in desperate need to swim out into the deepest part and go looking for a brick 20ft down. Happens all the time apparently – admin)

          • If it was a Paki school wouldn’t they substitute a brick for a 13 year old schoolgirl?

          • @Admin….you haven’t heard anything from Lord Benny,have you ?

            (As a matter of fact, we have. Nothing to worry about. Just taking a break while he sorts out a few issues close to home – admin)

          • 13 year old girl!! 10 year old girl more like and they would hire the submarine underwater escape training facility bout 100 ft if I remember right. Ali would be like a fucking dolphin after that (if what I’ve read is true of course)

        • Absolutely.
          Furthermore , just how do you put someone’s face “through” a window?
          Do you mean the flesh and bone assimilates with the glass , and passes through it in some sort of transmigrational displacement?
          Be specific.
          What you meant was that they would be going through the gap left in the wall – after their skull had smashed the glass out of the way.

  10. When does a black become a person of colour and how many dilutions are needed for a person of colour to become white.

    It’s all very confusing, so ban all mixed race marriages (except ones where a half cast is marrying a white, need to get the black out).

    • We are all “persons of colour” or we would be invisible or see through (AKA Government policy).
      Right, back to work – this Iron Cross won’t polish itself! 😄👍

    • Over the last two months relandscaping my son’s back garden I have acquired quite a good tan. Am i now to be considered an ethnic, or run the risk of being fucked over by the pc cunts for impersonating an ethnic? One saving grace if needed is that my arse is still white so if they come calling I don’t mind flashing that at the cunts.

    • I’ve been pondering the same thing. A white and a black produce a half-chat. If that half-chat then got together with a white, is the product an even lighter half-chat? Ergo, how many generations before the tar brush is obliterated?

  11. A look on you tube youl find some hilarious videos of African Americans opening their ancestry dna tests. They are of course not as African as they think. Usually more Scots Irish than Ghana. q tears. Hilarious.

  12. Classic was B. Obama. White mother, black father (who fucked off and so was brought up by white mother). Yet says he was the first “black” POTUS.

    • I saw that slimy little shit at the recent fried chiggun funeral, spouting “more must be done” etc.
      Yes – more must be done about muslim traitor shit like YOU Barack!
      You’ve had your time with your snout in the trough and your fingers in the till – why don’t you just shut up, count your dirty money and fuckoff?

    • The Markle slag takes the biscuit – clearly 98% white yet identifies 100% as black.

      But “White lives don’t matter” as that Cambridge University professor (female person of colour) tweeted prior to being promoted.

  13. Perhaps the wailing and gnashing of teeth over skin colour by our friends with darker skin is because we’re all pink inside (especially the ladies). It must annoy all the BLM racists and hopefully will drive them all slowly mad.

  14. Fuck the pricks who gives a fuck. Not me or anyone I know. Society now is gangs of dorks, who if you don’t agree with them you are a Nazi. BMP = woe betide the one who says all lives matter, or man who says I’m a woman, you are a slug if you say the truth. This place is going to the dogs. The law is on these maniacs side. My mate of all my life is dying of cancer and I will miss him terribly. Every day I see bullshit about one faction or the other it means nothing, it should be live and let live but we know that will never happen.

  15. Black is Black, in other words sub Saharan Africa,, otherwise your coloured, black these days is used to describe anyone who isn’t Caucasian!, only utter Marxist Fuckwits would call Lewis Hamilton Black!

  16. Put the pictured dark keys in a drug fuelled lesbian orgy.
    Then fucking oven the moaning cunts.

  17. Here’s a fun fact. 70% of American whites have no black genetic heritage, but 45% of American blacks have white genetic heritage.

  18. I sat out in the sun this afternoon and I’ve now turned red. I know this isn’t black but at least I can describe myself as coloured.
    As far as the women in the picture are concerned, at first glance I thought I’d shag half of them, but if I’m being honest, if I got the chance I’d probably shag all of them, from behind anyway. But I wouldn’t tongue their arseholes.

  19. Cracking day weather wise.
    My neighbour spent the whole afternoon topless and oiled up, lying on a blanket in the garden.
    I just wish his wife would do the same….

  20. You appear to have forgotten Megain Markle who is as black as i am in the summer, i hasten to ad, im a white Brit with a tan and im darker that this drum banging, privileged, gobshite teat will ever be, cafe ole is the best she will ever get,,even without the chimp nose she is Dulux white ,same as the ginger embarrassment that is half blood Harry…..

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