The Tail That Wags The Dog

Who or what is the dog? Well the misfits and weirdos on this site (myself excluded, natch) plus the majority of the population, of all hues.

And the tail? – Soshul Meeja and what it consists of:-

Shrill trannies, feministas and ‘proud’ shirtlifters.
Woke cunts looking for offence and victims at every turn.
Commies, crypto commies, commie sympathisers, champagne commies, crypto champagne commies, Crypto champagne commie sympathising luvvies and on and on.
Bandwagon jumpers – oh the tewwible bwutal polith.
History deniers.
Cunts who feel guilty about everyfucking thing without giving up fuckall.

There are more. Plenty more. But until the BBC and C4, politicians, the media, education and fucking councils acknowledge that these cunts are the vocal tiny minority we are on a downward path. The Chinese, Russians, Muzzies are all pissing their sides at our decline.

Wag, wag.

Nominated by Cuntstable Cuntbubble

83 thoughts on “The Tail That Wags The Dog

  1. They’ll keep pushing and end up in concentration camps.
    They just don’t know it yet.

  2. Yeah, the peacefuls have been very quiet during all this Black Lives Matter bullshit. Obviously we all know only peaceful lives matter. I wonder what the bastards are plotting?

    Fuck tall burning buildings.

    • I was thinking the same thing.
      They’ve been quiet for far too long. They didn’t say anything about not celebrating Ramadamadingdong and now they’ve allowed BLM to take centre stage.
      The peacefuls have obviously planned something to restore them to their ‘rightful’ place at the top of the persecuted minorities table.

    • That was good. You wouldn’t get away with that today…….elf and safety and some snowflake would cry about the satanic imagery.

      Burn more tall fucking buildings.

    • Went a garden centre today in Derbyshire,
      Me, missus , dog.
      This ‘woman’ came over saying how beautiful the dog was, what type etc
      Thing is, it looked & talked like Bernard Bresslaw!
      As we walked off said to the missus ‘that was a bloke wasnt it?’

      She said ‘dont start’.
      I didnt know they were allowed in Garden centres!!
      My dog didnt wag its tail it just glowered.

      • Keep your eyes on the Manchester Evening News website for reports of a tranny rushed to Manchester Royal Infirmary with a garden gnome “accidentally’ stuck up it’s jacksie.

      • The woman must have been frightened to death of coming over to introduce herself.
        No, not to your dog but you! 😅

      • I am reminded of an excellent US comedy from 30 plus years ago. Billy Crystal played a gay man. On meeting a lady from Texas she said ‘ Oh, you’re the homo.’ Billy said ‘ I am sure you have homos in Texas’ to which the lady said ‘ Not live ones’.

          • Used to watch it on Friday nights in the 70’s when I staggered in from the pub. At 14. Those were definitely the days of my life.

          • Yes I remember the sitcom ‘Soap. It was one of the best American comedys ever.

          • With the black butler Benson, he who got his own TV show, racist American cunts making yet another black American fabulously rich and famous.

          • I remember Soap GuzziGuy.
            Benson the butler, he got a spin off show.
            I was a kid when it was on, used to beg my parents to be allowed to watch it!
            Still remember the theme tune too.

      • Not all dogs wag their tails. Take today for example:
        I went to a garden centre in Derbyshire today, I was in two minds, I was desperate for some baby bio and potting compost, yet due to lockdown our washing machine has still not been repaired and I had to borrow something f to wear from the Mrs-a bit embarrassing as mates tell me I’m a dead ringer for that bloke from the carry on films, Bernie or something…
        Anyhow, I see this couple, she looked nice but her other half was a great big miserable git and his dog wasn’t much better, I went over to give it a stroke and it just glowered at me, honestly it did. It’s tale never-wagged-once.

      • Not as bad as the “woman” we saw at longwater Sainsbury’s yesterday afternoon. 6ft 3 Had a five o’clock shadow at 1pm and walked like a fucking lumberjack. Wore ridiculous kitten heels in a size 11 it seemed and this short skirt.
        My daughter started laughing. Bless her.

  3. Strange that you consider yourself different to the rest of us, Cuntstable, because of all the weirdos and misfits on this site I always thought you were the dogs b*llocks😁

      • At least nothing that a bit of electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) couldn’t cure. I’m sure it would sort your horny urges out. At times you sound like a randy dog always wanting to sh*g the table (or postmans) leg. Mind you, you’re Welsh aren’t you? Have you got electricity there yet?

        • He might have been born there but he’s the epitome of a global traveller and has fucked over the English
          wherever he’s travelled!

          • Says it all, Bertie. Unloved, unwanted and expelled by his own tribe. Wonder if it’s because he sang out of tune soprano in the local male voice choir?

          • Hes spent more time up North than I have!!
            Whatever crime Cuntstable committed in Wales hes not allowed baaack.

        • My urges are always appropriate unlike RTC.
          I tried ECT but it gave me the horn. I live in Lincolnshire where electricity has yet to reach.

          • Lincolnshire? Scunthorpe gives me the horn. That’s where my mother came from.

          • I have to admit… some of the pictures of my mother when she was young…

          • We’ll have none of that thank you Rtc.
            This is a wholesome family site, and its a sunday.
            Who the hell do you think you are? Jim Morrison?

          • Family site, MNC? Some of the characters that post on here make the Manson Family look like the Waltons.

          • Evening mr Dribbler!
            Naw, good clean living lads, church types.
            Uh oh it appears your Manson comment has set Ruff off in full Helter skelter mode!
            He’ll have the Beatles white album out shortly!

          • Funny you should mention the Manson Family Dick. I spent an interesting month or so with various Family members during a visit to the States in 1981. We had much in common philosophically speaking, though I failed to share their views on Race….

          • Apparently, verified images exist of a male foetus fapping in utero…Start as you mean to go on, eh ?

        • Please don’t say the pictures were in the Feb 1960 edition of Health & Efficiency naturist magazine. That issue must have done nightly rounds of the school dormitory a dozen times or more. Some of the happiest under the bedsheet solo activities of my youth.

          • I had that Feb 1960 edition of H&E too Dick!

            No, my mum wasn’t featured. Her views on nakedness were very traditional.

  4. They really hate whitie, even their useful idiots.

    Black organizers in Seattle autonomous zone doubt sincerity of white protesters

    • Christ Harry, I cant wait for them to put out a statement calling for less honkies into their new utopia.

      • They won’t mind when it’s honky who is making a chiggun delivery to CHAZ. It’s about time their water, power and internet/mobile signals were obliterated, don’t you recon, LL?
        Being savages, it’ll only be a few days before they resort to cannibalism.

        • Absolutely Thomas, they will enslave whitey to dig the latrines and start composting their own shit as a bit of payback. The fat blue haired non-binary feminazis will be the first in the pot.

  5. The tails been wagging the dog for a long time, the aristocracy, the church in times gone by, now the media, useless student commies and BLM.

    Lefty Ethnics

    Bang, Stab, there’s a another black life extinguished by another black, no ones marching or protesting, can’t be for lives can it?

  6. Don’t say that, MNC. I was going to have lamb chops for supper. Might have a re-think on that now.🤔

  7. Dogs should only ever wag their own tails. Anything that goes against the natural order of things should simply be erased. A bit like those who land in this country, and com plain. Erasure! Erasure. Damn….that was a kweer band wasn’t it ?

  8. The trouble is soshul meeja is the domain of the young, the millennials. Corporations see these cunts as having lots of disposable income and want to get their grubby hands on that money. It helps that the millennials are easily persuaded ( thick as shit ) . So they bend with the soshul meeja wind.

    By the way, here in Londonstabistan we’ve just had all the church bells ringing to celebrate Grenfell, although I didn’t hear a fucking thing. Heard that slag Adele crying about it on the radio though. Fuck off you ugly Tottenham whore.

    • Crocodile tears.
      I heard a rumour Adele started the fire at Grenfell in a argument over fried chicken.

      • Imagine being trapped behind that white abbopotamus in a narrow stairwell in a burning building! “Oi’m not gawin anywhere till you rescue moi fackin cakes”!
        DNA evidence taken from the ashes shows 40 plus Humans and 900 illegal immigrants and sub – letters perished.
        That may be a fib.
        But MSM covering up the widespread fraud afterwards was not.

  9. Breaking News……
    Black man shot dead by coppers in Atlanta.
    Here we go!

    • Perhaps it was Leigh Francis in full “blackface” mode, well, a man can dream..,,

    • As everyone knows protesting about perceived injustice requires a significant amount of unleaded fuel.
      Anything else would be waycist.

    • There was a town in Georgia where the local police used to stop cars with out of states plates and then hold the cunts hostage till they could pay off the trumped up fines the police made up. The USA is vastly different from one state to another and once you leave town the hicks will cut your throat bury you and forget you instantly should they feel the need.

      That’s why the democrats want to take the guns, has fuck all to do with mass shootings.

      In Poland there are around 100,000 armed militia ready to fight all comers to defend Poland, incidentally their president has just said the LBGT agenda is more of a threat than communism.

      The Poles won’t eat shit so easily, they remind me of how the English once were

      • The poles I have interacted closely with have all been friendly enough-bloody raciidt cunts-which makes a refreshing change from all the faux outrage insincerity’s of the left😀.
        The birds are foooking fit too, which is a bonus. If I were a young un, I would certainly be “eating” Polish cuisine😉.

    • Ive just watched the footage of that.
      Called Retard Brookes.
      Asleep at a drive thru fast food place, pissed up.
      Fails breathe test, cops try to handcuff him he struggles, grabs the cops taser, shoots it at the cops,runs. So cops shoot him. 🏃💥🔫
      Are yank cops thick?
      Kill him off camera.
      Dont report it, just dump him somewhere.
      The local ‘community’ in revenge have burnt down the fast food place!?!

      • There’s plenty of film of white cunts getting offed by cops, there’s a video of a white fella getting the same treatment as George Floyd with the same result. There’s another case where a cop shot a 6 year old white boy dead through a car window, officer acquitted, no riots.

        If you’re whites your more likely to be shot by the police, if your white it’s more likely you will be shot by a black male than a white one.

        There may be systemic problems with the US police but they are not confined to the black community.

        The police have to get some consideration as well, there’s areas where the police are considered a moving target and is it any surprise they treat every cunt as a piece of shit when they spend their days wading through the shit?

    • Thankfully this cunts demise is all on film, so no “he is a saint dat you killed muffafacker, he Angel, all you honkys wayciiisssttt”, banged to rights, not so easy to brainwash the great unhosed now is it you Marxist cunts!

      • Mark my words, there will be plenty more nasty stuff about the antics of Saint Chiggun George Of The Blessed Floyd Patron Saint Of BLM Wankers that is going to come out in the wash. As sure as shit is shat.

        And I can’t see the American cozzers taking too kindly to this BLM shit and the hate they are getting.

        However, the plod in dear old Blighty will lick BLM and Antifa arses clean until there are holes in their tongues. Cunts like Saddam Suckdick Khan and Cressida Dildo will see to that.

  10. Don’t make sense. Why leg it from a drink driving charge and leave your car behind? Fucking crazy!

    • Yeah got shot to avoid a DUI.
      Asleep at the front of a queue for burgers or chicken.
      Between us think he might of not been a student of Darwins law.

  11. Wouldn’t it be funny if Islamic State kicked off against Black Lives Matter?
    Funny as fuck., but the Twatter and Facefook mongs would still blame the ‘white people’.

    • Hence my false credentials on arsebook, it’s a beaut for winding these fucktards up.
      Sit back and watch the snow turn to slurry in seconds.
      Fucking shithead honky pansys.
      Not banned yet, this is the gift that keeps on giving.

      • I like that idea CS. Think I’ll become Owen Jones. Could be fucking hilarious!

    • Good one, Norm. There’s got to be a way to make that happen. It would be ace!

  12. I suppose we are lucky this didn’t happen in Liverpool…… it could drag on for years.

    • Liverpool mayor Fred Elliot was taking the knee the other day, “I say take the knee, I say take the knee our Ashley”.

  13. If orange is the new black as I’ve just seen on the idiot box, then surely Orange Lives Matter more than black ones hence we have the Trumpage..
    Fill yer boots Donny boy….

    • MSM going mad about Trump walking slowly down a ramp, saying hes frail…
      Hes 74yrs old!!
      What did they want him to do?
      A fuckin backflip?
      Donnie said the ramp was slippery!😁
      Not as slippery as the media mr president.

      • Yeah, Phil the Greeks 99 and a foreigner, but I like the cut of his jib. ‘So are you lot still chucking spears then ?’
        That’s how foreign policy should be. Assimilate or fuck the fuck off.

  14. Sorry IY. I’m suitably impressed by your counting skills. You obviously weren’t a weren’t a teacher of Diane Abbott. She could only dream of such a high number. I’m trying to post but for some reason it won’t go. Thought I may have timed out or hzve some other connection problem but that clearly isn’t the problem. I’ll try to change some of the wording & layout to see if that helps then try again.

    • Nah. Tried umlauts and similar in case certain words were suspect and reducing the overall length of the post but it still wont send. Never mind, it wasn’t a prize winning piece of literature anyway. Next time I can’t sleep I’ll just crack one off instead😊

      • Did you ever get your post to send, DD? I hope so.

        Funny line about the Flabbot. Made me laugh. Cheers – IY.

  15. Non Western countries are indeed laughing at us, I have the privilege of watching uncut media streaming and what you see is what the left media want us to see.
    Did they show the people, men and women with assault rifles, shotguns and rifles lining the path of the protest march in USA and the 4 star General telling people to protect their property with guns?
    The interviewed one guy and he said’ call me a red neck but anybody touches private property and I will shoot them. Men and women all armed!
    One fucker later on threw a brick and they dropped him to the ground and put an AR15 in his face, he’s screaming don’t shoot. Did any of those fucking media arseholes who stirred it up in the first place run it in the UK?

    The West better get with it because bullies like weakness and I can see these soy boys and binary types are not going to like compulsive military training when they see the time is right to kick us in the cods!

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