Pembrokeshire County Council

Taff cunts

I would like to cunt Pembrokeshire county council if I may, to understand Pembrokeshire it is a rural backwater, with residents who make the rednecks off Deliverance look normal (I also originate from the area) it is also known as little England, the population is almost exclusively white except for a token dar quay or joe daki, but the reason for this cunting is Pembrokeshire County Council aka Pembrokeshire old farmers and Masons, have decided it appropriate to bathe the monstrosity that is county hall in a purple haze of lights to support the cause championed by George “I can’t breeff” Floyd, a violent thug with a charge sheet longer than Dianne Abbotts KFC receipt, why are they doing this, it’s mainly just virtue signalling, most councillers would act like Eddie Booth off ‘Love thy neighbour’ if one moved next door to them, most of the councillers are greasy cunts, on top whack salaries so couldn’t give a fuck, also Pembrokeshire has I believe the lowest murder rate in the UK averaging about 1 every year or 2, a coincidence?, I don’t think so!, cunts to man and beast PCC really are!

Nominated by Captain Quimson

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  1. Pembrokeshire CUNTY council?. They are all jumping on this ludicrous bandwaggon. I suspect local politicians with an eye on Westminster just want to prove that they are more holier-than-thou than the curtrent bunch of SJWs

  2. All councils are full of greasy cunts on the make, dishing out contracts to their mates and feeding greedily from the taxpayers trough. In the current circumstances it is hardly surprising that they worship at the altar of Saint George of the Druggies or Lady Greta, Queen of the Snowflakes. Silence is violence, don’t forget that. It keeps the libtards and the libtard media off their backs. The last thing these cunts want is to draw attention to themselves.

  3. It is just nonsense, meaningless fucking shite. I am certain there is more pressing problems than this. (ooh look at us aren’t we lovely people). No you are not, you are just useless cunts. More for Terry’s oven.

  4. I’m just waiting for some Cunt to suggest (demand) that 23rd of April becomes St George (Floyd) Day…we could all have little flags to wave depicting St. George heroically holding a gun to a cowering,kneeling Britannia. Instead of those dreadfully non-inclusive street-parties, Dark-Keys could celebrate by looting and burning while white people kissed their arses and the Police ran away.

    • Maybe George Floyd prayer mats for our mud slime cousins?
      A George Floyd bouncy castle for the kids where they dress as yank cops?
      Who’ll win the Met 500metre race as the bottles start flying and the shops start getting looted?
      All the money raised could go to the African American weak neck charity.

      • Perhaps The Corrs could redo ” Breathless”.in tribute…and then I throat-fuck them until they pass out ?

        Before anyone starts (RTC)..yes I know that there was a brother but if it came to a choice of doing them all or doing none of them?…I’d do the brother first and get him out of the way so that I could really turn my attentions on the sisters.

        • Bad move Mr Fiddler. You do the sisters first then inform them that you are suffering from AIDS, Ebola and Corbyn19. We’ll see if the brother is so keen to partake after that.

          • LOL.You’re right,Freddie…I hadn’t thought this one through.

          • I didn’t know there was a brother – you outed yourself unnecessarily Dick, ha-ha!

        • What if the brother made you come?

          But I kind of agree, I’d eat my own shite and crawl over broken glass covered in leeches to have ten minutes sexy time (I’d only need about 30 seconds to be honest) with Andrea Corr…well, the version that sang ‘What do I do to make you love me’ back in the day, I daren’t look at her now. All my old fancies look a bit rough nowadays, although Nicole Kidman still looks fucking great for 52 or whatever she is…still has a great body and nice firm titties (she got them out in a recent drama series).

    • Funny you should mention St George’s Day, that well known disgraceful celebration of fascism and racism. It’s July 4th on Saturday and in most American cities and towns there is a parade which is usually an orgy of flag waving and patriotism. It’s considered to be a fun family day out. I wonder what will happen on Saturday? I imagine the big cities will cancel using Corbyn19 as an excuse but this is an important day in American culture. I’m sure the commies will have plans.

    • Honky hair shirt day will be next up. The title is self-explanatory, but it will also involve the ‘reparations run’ where hordes of dark keys charge through the streets and knock on the door of a house they wish to have put into their names (and mortgages paid off by the honky taxpayer).

      I’d grow a few thousand large trees to hide your vast estate Sir Fiddler, because if they get wind of 750 acres and a castle, they might be paying a visit.

  5. I had to Google Maps to find out exactly where Pembrokeshire was!

    It’s a place I have heard of but never had much of a clue as to its location. In fact I thought it was up in the Outer Hebrides on Jockland – a sort of Craggy Island with assorted Catholic Father Ted-like priests, sheep shaggers, racist villagers and a corrupt council.

    Seems I was only partially wrong in that it’s actually hanging off the edge of South West Wales like a Klingon stuck to one’s arse in mid-dump.

    It’s a pity the Gimmecunt Dinghy Travellers from France don’t use Google Maps and paddle a bit further round the English and Bristol Channels, and land in Pembroke – a land of sheep and fuckall else!

    Interestingly, according to Google Maps there’s a “St George’s Channel” that flows directly into Pembrokeshire – coincidence or what?

  6. “have decided it appropriate to bathe the monstrosity that is county hall in a purple haze of lights…”

    Surely this should be black light? Or would that show up all the wankery that goes on in there?

  7. I was browsing Radio Times over the weekend and noticed that the 1942 film ‘Went the Day Well’ is due to be shown. It is based on a Graham Greene story of NAZI infiltration of a village in England. The brief review waxes lyrical regarding the ‘Englishness of the villagers in a bygone age’. A couple of pages later the RT has wall to wall BLM shit.
    I would prefer to live in 1942 than now ; at least the enemy was outside rather than inside.
    The Scottish Stabber had, according to the papers, mental health issues and wanted to go home. The hotel he was living in at our expense was noisy and he ‘snapped’. Cue the compo lawyers for his family. He should not have been living in such awful conditions.
    Sorry chaps for being a tad grumpy on this Monday morning; being retired I have no excuse for such behaviour.

    • So the cunt had travelled for days in the back of a van from Sudan, hung around at The jungle in Calais and then floated over the channel avoiding huge boats On a rubber tyre only to find that the hotel was a bit busIer than expected so the towels were only changed once every 24 hours, they had run out of mayonnaise and the TV did not have usual free free Sky Channels.

      I smell some Bullshit here.

    • As a fellow retiree, Guzzi, I’ll let you in on a secret. We don’t need an excuse to be grumpy. A pension is a free pass to act irrationally and say anything you like, a bit like the monthly female thing. No apology necessary.

  8. America, of course, was founded by Puritans, a sect very concerned with performative righteousness, and, whilst its conception of righteousness has altered somewhat, it hasn’t budged an inch on the performative thing – this rable in Pembrokeshire (good lefties that they are) would be the first to sneer at ‘Americanisms’, yet they have internalised this most American of world-views into the very core of their beings.

  9. I know Pembrokeshire well. Apart from the odd restaurant there don’t seem to be any suntanned inhabitants. It is also low crime.
    Why the fuck it wants to be associated with a dead thug is a virtual and virtuous mystery.
    If any of Floyd’s breddren moved in these same councillors would be out with burning crosses.

  10. Well one of the great things about backwater welsh towns is that coppers are always at least a half hour away.
    When those local yokels who have managed to “better themselves” and ascend the ladder of authority (and get rebranded as saes by everyone else) go ahead with crap like this they invariably get cornered by another local who is more than happy to beat them up. Usually this is backed up by the rest of the town. Even the old lady in the post office will ask “well, what were you thinking?”.
    Generally, the locals are affronted by the behaviour itself, and consider the politics an entirely separate issue.
    Grew up on a welsh mountain myself.

  11. A mate of mine told me yesterday that a pal of his will be at his kids primary school about now, to punch the lights out of the teacher that brought up the BLM issue during class and made the kids take the knee…..

      • As I say, I dont know the bloke myself but reckon it’s a lose/lose situation.
        If he decks the teacher or follows the route of complaining via the Headteacher and Education Authority he’ll probably be branded a racist either way, despite the fact that both parent and teacher are white….

  12. There’s a really great competition taking place all over the country to see who can out woke each other.
    I don’t think some labour types will be satisfied till we have a George Floyd day bank holiday complete with the compulsory waring of a George Floyd wrap around flag and 8 minutes silence down on one knee obviously with rap music played on all channels all day long.
    It’s what he would have wanted.

  13. These cunts are so far up their own arses they don’t know or care what day it is.
    Just so long as they look good on twatter and they can keep claiming expenses.
    No doubt this complete waste of money will be paid for by the local branch of BlackLiesMatter.
    Then burn the fucking place to the ground and hang the bedwetters.

  14. When you said it’s mostly white (the area) I instantly thought about putting it on a list of potential place to buy a home. What a fucking racist cunt I am…

    ..and every fucker else. Just look at house prices in honky dominated areas vs dark key dominated areas. Reality is racist. Actually, if anyone has a problem, move to Bradford or Brent in London and prove you’re not a nazi. No? Didn’t think so (I’m arguing with myself again) …Nurse!

  15. It’s times like these that a side discharge muck spreader fresh from the local pig farm is required.
    Come on Farmer Jones.👍

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