Charles De Gaulle

Totally arsed orf by the bum tonguing the old pin headed frog (whenever he took his titfer orf everyone was astonished at how small his head was) is getting now Macron is over here to celebrate the “famous” wartime broadcast from London.

Indomitable Bravery, Fortitude in the Face Orf, Rallying Cry to Free Europe, Changed the Face Orf The War and other Pro Frog Platitudes oozing oit orf the Sluggy Orifices orf The Media. Churchill saved the Fucking Frogs skin by getting him whisked over to England and tucked up in a nice safe billet in London from where he could lead the Free French. Naturally Mon General was pissed orf because the Perfidious Anglais had kiboshed his Moment orf Glory, his Fight to the Last against the Remorseless Nazi Hordes. At least he was able to demonstrate the legendary frog Military Stratagem, Turn Your Arse To The Enemy and Run (used it meself a few times).
Cease fire orn cliches? Righto.

Point is Yours Truly was aroinde at the time and mixed in certain circles. De Gaulle was a universally hated arrogant frog cunt but for some reason, perhaps a mistaken sense orf comradeship (they were both WW1 veterans) Churchill thought that they were the best orf amis. Even to the point orf transferring military materials and food from the UK war effort to the frogs. The more Churchill helped him the more De G resented him. Came the end orf the war De G threw major froggy wobblies until he was allowed to lead the conquering frog contingent through Paris. He was orn the lips orf every true froggy “Baisse qui est ce grand con avec le gros nez” (Fuck who is that tall cunt with the big hooter?)

Another key stage in the story revolves aroinde the nukes. All very hush hush ect ect but the technology for nuclear bombs and power generation was pioneered pre-war by the boffins in Oxbridge. It was then transferred to America to stop it falling into Nazi hands. Our boffins went over to America (Los Alamos) to continue their work. Came the end orf the war and the new Ruskie threat UK and America were freely interchanging nuclear technology and building and testing bombs. De G wanted his own toys to play with and very properly the yanks explained to him that it was UK technology so they owed us and invited him to fuck orf. Unfortunately Churchill felt sorry for the whinging cunt and presented him free, gratis and for nothing all the UK nuke tech to build power plants, hence the vast frog nuclear power industry that now owns most orf the UK.

A little aperitif. To cheer up his little froggy mucker, Churchill shares with him his idea of setting up a zone within europe that links together all the former combatant countries through a trade and security alliance. Sounds familiar. De G poo poos the idea and Churchill, a little hurt, drops it as the growing threat orf commie capers intervenes. About a year later De G is actively promoting the idea as his aroinde europe. It is a goer but to their credit, only Holland and Sweden want to include poor old Blighty and the frogs are actively against us so it goes ahead without the UK. Thus began the Common Market/EEC.

It is unlikely, dear reader, that you will find this information on the internet any more and certainly not on any EU sanitized website. It exists only in old books by old cunts who were aroinde and involved at the time and in the tattered synapses orf old cunts like Yours Truly who never forget.

Nominated by Sir Limply Stoke

38 thoughts on “Charles De Gaulle

  1. Fucking good man, hated us so much he wouldnt let us join the “European Project”. Ashame he didn’t live until he 150.

  2. Just point me to one of his statues and I will pull it down.

    Most Frog leaders are and have been cunts, they don’t like us and some even refuse to speak English, ungrateful cunts!

  3. Good stuff, never liked the french very much!
    In his defense, Churchill did once say,
    ‘The heaviest cross I have to bear is that of Lorraine”

    • I am not sure that Churchill did like him. He shipped him up to Finedon Hall, just far enough away from London so that it was an inconvenience for him to come up every day but close enough that he wouldn’t be able to take offence.

      I read a nice story yesterday about a Home Guard chap who was on guard duty at Finedon Cross Roads nearly shooting him in the fog because De Gaulle was out and about in heavy fog and didn’t know the password.

      The other Churchill quote I remember on De Gaulle was that when Churchill was told he would be meeting him and that he would have to kiss him on both cheeks in line with French tradition replied ” I will kiss him on all 4 if gets me what we need.”

      Also interesting that Macron was here on Waterloo Day, (205th edition) something that I didn’t hear mentioned. But then given the current disregard for our distinguished history especially on the BBC I shouldn’t have been surprised.

      • Winston Churchill on De Gaulle: He permanently looked “like a female llama surprised in the bath.”

  4. I like that bit in The Day of The Jackal when the bends his head forward just as he fires and misses.
    That wasn’t the real Charles de Gaulle.

    • Mrs de Gaulle was looking for a penis in life. She was always saying you should find apenis in life.

      • I am not!
        Nowt french about me Miles.
        Im a product of the North of England and dont care for french ways,
        I dont eat slugs or amphibian pondlife,
        Dont wear a beret like some halfarsed Frank Spencer, and never got my daughter or mother pregnant.
        Don’t know why youd say something so mean spirited!
        Id rather be a aborigine than a greasy frenchmen.

  5. Big nosed ungrateful les miserables French git.

    Snubbed us after all we did for them. And him. He’d had been nothing if Churchill hadn’t set him up in safety on this side of the channel. You’d had thought they’d freed themselves instead of having to rely on us and the allies.

    An absolute colonialist who disliked most aspects of democracy (especially demonstrations) who actually did us an unintended favour by vetoing our entry into the common market. Although had we got in then it might have remained as just that – a trading treaty – rather tHan the monolithoc mega state is has become.

  6. France was largely responsible for WW2, the allies, in particular France imposed such harsh conditions on Germany that the Germans were in economic and cultural turmoil.

    Always starting something they can’t finish. Cunts.

  7. So basically Churchill was responsible for the EU.

    The road to Hell is paved with good intentions…

    • Responsible for the Common Market and mutual protection, not least from the Krauts by bringing them onside, which was a good idea until subverted to political union to the benefit of the Krauts.
      Churchill therefore was a cunt for not foreseeing this. Tear the cunt’s statue down and put one up of whatever kaffir footballer is bathed in virtue.

  8. French Lives Matter
    Wimminz Lives Matter
    Snowflake Lives Matter
    Alphabet Gang Lives Matter
    EU Lives Matter
    Woke Lives Matter
    Greta Thundercunt’s life Matters
    Poor White Working Class Blokes Lives Don’t Matter Two Shits.

  9. I thought the dead could not be nommed. Is this setting a precedent? Can I now nom all my favourite historical baddies such as the English kings who invaded Scotland, Butcher Cumberland etc?

    • Surely they were heroes Mr. Polly?

      It is a great pity they didn’t get Wee Nicky Crankies ancestors.

  10. We did sink their navy to stop Adolf getting hold of it.
    Maybe that’s what pissed him off.
    “Anyhow fuck him.”
    Direct quote from F.M Montgomery of Alamein.

    • That did remind my the greatest French naval victory of all time.
      The sinking ot the Rainbow Warrior.
      In Auckland Harbour.
      Just saying.

      • Ive never liked the French.
        Im a friendly openminded sort, not a racist bone in my body,
        I even like the Germans.
        But the french? Naw.
        Even people talking french, even things written in french, wont eat croissants or baguettes, or any of their cowardly food.
        They are our natural enemy and should be kept at swordlenth at all times.

      • The fucking French blackmailed the NZ government into letting the cunts who sank the ship into early release having spent their sentences on a tropical island. The female was up the duff on release so it was not high security. At least one person was killed in the state sponsored terrorist act.
        And the French still like to claim the moral high ground.

  11. Shame Edward Fox didn’t cap the cunt in Day of the Jackal.
    Ungrateful froggy wanker…

  12. I remember reading that his insistence on leading the liberation of Paris delayed the German surrender and directly caused the loss of allied troops. Sir Limply may well remember the abortive coup attempt on the French government by patriots supported by senior Foreign Legion officers. Never saw day of the jackal but think it is linked. French cunt.

    • You should watch The Day of The Jackal, a brilliant film. De Gaulle survived many assasination attempts in his life. The attempt in the film is motivated by his giving Algeria back to the Algerians.

  13. Charles De Gaulle openly opposed the inclusion of the UK in the EEC , in fact it was rather difficult for us to get in.
    Now I am not going to do the white man guilt bit on you all because frankly I do not give a fuck and think we did the right thing.
    The vitchy french navy was independent of the Germans and took no part in operations, when the Germans tried to anex it they were going to scuttle it all,
    Just we got there first in operation catapult and blew the fuck out of it, Lot of French sailors killed, something that they have not forgotten.

  14. They’ve always resented us for helping save them.
    Funny buggers but who cares?

  15. Churchill and Eisenhower had so little trust in the De Gaulle, and the French in general that they waited until the last possible moment to tell him about D-Day. And when they did, it was basically a case of “pack your bags, mon sewer. You’re going back to France. Like now”.

  16. Eddie : Well, how d’you know they’re cannibals?

    Richie : Old jungle trick, Eddie. Big cannibal giveaway. They’re cooking someone in a pot.

    Eddie : No, he’s just having a bath, isn’t he?

    Richie : What, with an onion up his bum?

    Eddie : He could be French….

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