Stella Creasey

Order, Order! – a mumsnet cunting please for this Labour M.P., the Joan of Arc of Parliament.

Creasy has always made quite a thing that she is a mum, and also a VERY IMPORTANT lady, with a VERY IMPORTANT job, and she has some VERY IMPORTANT things to do (yes, she’s important)

Creasy was miffed today when Jacob Rees-Mogg announced MPs would have to return to Parliament in June.

This doesn’t suit Creasy (did I say she was a mum?). “What are we to do?” she asked – “careers” with “child-minding responsibilities”..

Glamorous mum Creasy didn’t leave it there though. Between the SMA and the shitty nappy she came up with a really envious Labour bon mot “I know he is not fond of the nanny state, but not all of us have nannies”. Oh, well played, Mother Creasy.

If this mouthy cunt finds the duel job of being an M.P. and a mum, perhaps she should consider her position, call a by-election and shut the fuck up. What a gold plated arsewipe.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

56 thoughts on “Stella Creasey

  1. Posh, champagne socialist with a natural sense of self entitlement. Hated by the Corbynistas because of her pro Israel stance. Just a typical example of the Blairite side of the party. Fucking remoaner obviously.

  2. Another loudmouthed gobshite wimminz MP who want adulation for the fact they have managed to breed but also have to work. Are they not all modern strong independent superwomen, juggling home life and stressful careers? Where is the Romanian nanny or are we paying her to be furloughed?

  3. “What are we to do”? Stop being a lying indolent self serving little bitch will do for a start Stella, is a four day week and four Months a Year paid holiday tiring you out love? My fucking heart bleeds. (And can I have your job porky? – it looks like a very cushy number, and will give you the chance to run off some of that taxpayer funded lard!). Try one 12 hour night shift as a minimum wage zero hours agency warehouse worker then come to me whining about your “hard life”.
    This is the person who is so very important and doing such an important job that the bone idle skank appointed a “locum” (IE unqualified assistant) to do her job for her – clearly the job is not that difficult if you can sit on your fat arse at home for Months while a tame chimp does your “important job” is it?
    News for you Stella – lots of Men and Women juggle looking after kids whilst holding down a FULL TIME job without the privilege of having a huge salary, access to unlimited free childcare and apparently unlimited expenses and some muppet to do the job if they can’t be arsed to do a days (or in Stella’s case several Months) work. Why the fuck do you think choosing to have a child gives you any kind of privilege and special treatment Slimy Stella?
    Fuck off Stella, gobshite bone idle full of shit hypocrite bitch, if you can’t be arsed to do your job resign.
    On other news – good nom, and a saucer of milk for the catty Fox! πŸ˜„

  4. Spot on. If she can’t handle having a sprog and a career then choose one. Or pay for a fucking childminder like everyone else. I bet the fat cunt could even put it on our tab via expenses.

    Honestly, these cunts are something else. My sister works in an office for about 20k p.a. and her fella is a lorry driver for a supermarket on about 30k.

    And they can afford (just about) a childminder. This tart will be on about 80k plus expenses and may be getting dosh from the dad too if he was wise enough to leave the cunt.

    If you can’t handle the job of being an MP and a mum (most women can’t it seems) then fucking quit, you steaming great tart.

    • My earlier post was “on the vitriolic side” πŸ‘πŸ˜„ – but this piece of work deserved the blasting.
      But if she hates Comrade Compo she can’t be all bad!

    • Shes got a choice then,
      Put her hand in her purse or the sprog up for sale.
      Starting to remember who she is now, did she want to bring her baby into the commons?
      Fuckin breastfeeding sat on the benches?

      • Morning Miserable, in reply to your earlier post about her being glamorous, I mean just look at those set of gnashers. Braying like a prize winning Blackpool donkey eyeing a carrot, you can almost hear the “Eeyore”.

        • Morning LL,
          She a minger an no mistake.
          Probably her carer whos impregnated her, some of these in the care sector abuse the position and diddle the patients, the bastards!
          Her deformities probably due to her mums alcoholism, even named her after her favourite drink.

      • And with a shit pair of tits to add insult to injury!
        As the esteemed Sir Fiddler would say – It’s a fucking disgrace. πŸ˜„

  5. Her boss, Sir Queer Charmer, should make her shadow minister for mums. As there is no ministry of mums the work load shouldn’t tax her too much and the extra dosh would come in handy for those little extra expenses such as hiring an au pair to lactually ook after the kid. If she doesn’t have one already that is.

    Smug, Snooty, Sanctmonious Trollope.

  6. Thanks a lot for the pic. Very useful for delaying ejaculation, or more likely to cause a softie.
    PS. She looks the type who has poor personal hygiene.

    • Poor personal hygiene? – well, when her big dumb mouth keeps dropping her in the shit she will pong a bit!

      • on that statement I make the following conclusions.

        1, You are not observing social distancing.
        2, You are having a hell of a lot more luck than me*

        *unless you are a knicker thief and next door has run out of washing powder.

  7. All this “make special allowances for me…I’ve got children” nonsense drives me mad… had the screaming,puking Shitebags,they’re your problem.

    Parents expecting maternity leave (even small firms have to cover fro “Mum”,pay the idle bitch and keep her job open…even though most of the time she doesn’t bother coming back after months of getting paid for sitting on her fat arse). The expectation that other staff members will cover for her if the little brat has a doctor’s appointment,”sniffle”, playdate or Mummy just fancies a day off.

    Then there’s the refusal to accept that nobody else is entranced by photos of some Maris Piper resembling blob accompanied by tales of it’s brilliance.. ” She said Mama this morning”…no it didn’t you daft tart,it was puking up at the sight of your wrinkled,veiny dug.

    Then there’s the money involved…child-benefit indeed. Having brats is a particular choice is keeping hounds yet nobody pays me to fucking well do it.If some slapper wants to pump out whelps they should either have the private means to pay for them,marry a rich husband or be sterilised.

    I haven’t made much mention of “Daddy” that’s because any Man who takes an active role in parenting is probably actually flirting with the Gayness…it’s a woman’s job you pram-pushing,nappy-changing NancyBoy…..I can’t blame the Dark Keys in this particular case,they’ve taken the policy of “Hands Off’ parenting to the extreme…”Run like Fuck as soon as da beeeatch starts to bloat up,don’t stop until you is in de next County and leave taxpayer to support BabyMomma and whelp”.

    People should stop thinking that they deserve special treatment for breeding….they should actually be heavily penalised….not just Sooties,Sandn*ggers and Slopes either,but any whites who pump out those revolting, pinched,pasty future benefit-sponge type of brats. Only those with decent breeding,the money to afford it and the sense to know that nobody else is interested in their brat or their problems should be encouraged to get pregnant.

    PS….I’m just amazed that anyone could impregnate that ugly sow in the header picture.

    Fuck Off.

      • Morning MNC
        Morning All

        To be honest I probably would have a go on her at the moment. My “social-life” has been severely curtailed by this WuhanFlu…no drunken gatherings where my lack of any personal appeal/charm can be lost in a haze of alcohol.

        No mention in the papers of the ” Blue-balls heroes” is there? Where’s the clapping for us sexually-deprived Cunts,eh?

        It’s a fucking disgrace.

    • I doff my cap to you, Lord Fiddler.

      Indeed, I recall working in an office for the dole years ago. About 60-70% wimmins. Was great at Christmas time as they’d get drunk and you could have your pick if you had boy band looks like I did at the time.

      However, one of the bad things about Christmas was that it was the single wimmins with kids who got priority for the much sought after leave days over the festive period. I remember a meeting regarding this, when Christmas leave was being discussed and an older chap (I was a bit wet behind the ears back then) piped up and said, ”Just because you have a kid that shouldn’t automatically mean you get the time off. I’ve got no kids but I do have a family and friends I like to visit.”

      Of course, the wimmins all gasped (I was too busy trying to slouch at the right angle to see up the young blondie’s short skirt to really notice). I remember him just giving up as the room became filled with the sound of geese honking. I do know a few of these ladies had been impregnated in the local nightclub by some local ‘rappers’ with heavy fake jewellery. And as soon as they got up the duff, they were left to fend for themselves.

      So yeah, because Stacy the office tart dropped her knickers for a bunch of dark keys, we all have to work over Christmas over the festive period so she can go out and do the same fucking thing again (which one of them did).

      And yes, loads of them had to suddenly go home because Kylie or Jason were ill or had to be picked up from school because dad was ill. One tart was hardly ever there, such were her excuses to leave the office. Don’t worry love, we’ll pick up the slack, eh?

      Piss off. You had ’em, you pay for ’em and don’t expect special treatment should be the rule,

    • Morning Dick.

      I don’t see what this bitch’s problem is now that sprogs are allowed to suck their mother’s tits in the House of Commons.
      God knows how she got to drop one. She has the jaw of a hockey goalkeeper and her snatch probably smells of a hooker’s jockstrap. Ugly cunt!

      • In the interest of equality, I am more than happy to go on the benches and suck Litha Nandy’s tits any day she likes.

  8. Whhaaa. IV got kids. Fuck off……cunt. I bet you put child minding on your expenses you cunt. Take it out of your ten grand pay rise.

  9. …..even if they did her from behind, the fumes must have been revolting.Probably stinks like a dead eel nailed to a shihouse door.

  10. There used to be a thing called public service. Public service meant personal sacrifice.

    There you go Stella, maybe you should of taken a job as classroom assistant and we’d both be happier.

  11. I think the film was “Platoon” where the young soldier flakes in the jungle and the Veteran checks the blokes back pack and finds a load of unnecessary shit.
    So the parable is you want it you carry it, ditto this lady, I do not think she is the first or will be the last to have a baby whilst serving as an MP, I note Bojo has not fucked off on paternity leave.
    So what is the problem?

    • Bojo’s on permanent leave. he pops up now and again to insult the nation’s intelligence, but that’s about it.

      Morning all.

      • Off Topic- just like to thank Donald Trump for the space launch yesterday, coming out to ‘macho man’ by the village people?!😁😁😁
        Funny as fuck!
        Get them rioters shot Donnie!πŸ‘

          • Really? Bet Del boy organised it,
            The Trotter family or Peckham Beckhams have a hand in everything there.

  12. She’ll be out at the next by-election. She is MP for the People’s Republic of Walthamstow – an absolute shit-hole of muslamics and Dooshkas. She said something to upset the muslamic males, so they’re out to get her.

    • If she is pro-Israel the peacefuls won’t be having it. Their view of the Jews (which is what the peacefuls really mean when they say ‘Israel’) is not too different from the views of a former German army corporal.

  13. Anyone got her number? I can put her in touch with my mate who managed to get her paramedic science degree and now works shifts, including nights, full time, whilst being a single mother. She can pick up some tips on how it’s done without having weekends, public holidays and the summer off.

    Pretentious, vacuuous tart.

  14. She is a fucking bitch, takes about her fucking constituency, she was on TV a few years ago saying how wonderful it was, she pissed me right off.

    I wrote to her to say Walthamstow was a hotbed of illegals and it was time she did something about it, I offered to provide her with street names where she was guaranteed to find a bag full of illegals.

    Still waiting for a reply πŸ˜‚

  15. My wife was in the same class at school as this gobby old hag. My wife and a few of her friends had a little homework ‘cooperative’ that worked well and gave some of the less gifted students a much needed helping hand.

    Well, Greasy Creasy stumbled upon this, and instead of keeping her giant gob closed, she dobbed my wife and her friends to teacher. Apparently this old hag wore DMs to school and wasn’t happy unless she was protesting against the system for some or other cause.

    Fucking old baggage.

    • Yet another cunt who thinks she’s doing the world a favour by producing a kid and expects everyone to gather round and offer their assistance. If you can’t do both jobs, give one up!

  16. The filthy stinking tub of sludge, I bet her child grows up like gorilla vulva abbotts creature.
    She’s a pig with knickers on burn her at the stake.

  17. It seems old porky is yet another Champagne Socialist from a privileged background who has the gall to attack Rees-Mogg when she is of similar ilk. And if she’s so concerned about sowhood interfering with her ‘career’ why did the fucking ugly slag wait until she was 42 years old before spewing out her sprog?

  18. These Labour Lovies and Important People If you cannot do the job step down and let’s have a By-Election Absolute snow flakes and time wasters/scroungersπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž

  19. *Private Godfrey mode deactivated just for a bit*

    She looks like that lady Doctor Who, Jodie Whittaker, during her ‘pie years’.
    It was after she realised how badly the show was recieved by the fans, she retreated from the limelight and gorged herself on pies.
    I don’t blame her though. Well, a bit.
    I blame that Chris Chin balls, Russell T Davies etc etc. Cans of can’t.

    *Private Godfrey mode reactivated*

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