Siobhan Thompson

A brisk cunting for Siobhan Thompson, SJW hag, cat lady and writer for children’s cartoon Rick and Morty and woke comedy site College Humor (sic).

In a misguided attempt at humour, she wrote that Boris Johnson deserves every blunt needle he gets’.

She has since locked her Twitter page but the comment has been archived. One quick look at her visage tells you she has been grown in a vat of SJW genetic waste. The odd-shaped head, dead eyes and idiotic grin, as well as the mandatory geek specs.


Nominated by Cuntamus Prime

44 thoughts on “Siobhan Thompson

  1. ‘One look at her visage tells you that she’s been grown in a vat of SJW genetic waste’.
    Lol! One of the lines of the year on here!

  2. Never heard of the goggled-eyed freak, although she looks like she came from the same spunk bubble as St Greta of Cuntbergs

    I suppose it would be a different kettle of fish if the Right started firing Twitter barbs back at her! She would be up in arms screaming all the usual “I’m offended” shite.

    But she seems to think its okay to have a go at people she doesn’t like, and wants the democratic freedom of expression to say so. A democratic freedom shaped and managed by the same Libtard Left, and woe betide anyone that doesn’t play ball.

    A Cunt. Simple as.

    • Seems the Twatter bullets may only be fired one way. Or the cunts tears would steam the lenses on her jam jar bottom specs. Cunts.

      • Twatter themselves demonstrate it continuously.

        There head of ‘online trust and safety’ has a public and severe case of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

  3. Deidre Barlow the teen years!
    Surprised her pencil neck can hold those Jodrell bank glasses, goggle eyed cunt needs the Northern Inquisition to interrogate her!
    Once shes had the ‘pear of tears’ if shes not straightened out shell have the ‘cucumber of miserable’! Splat!!

      • What’s the definition of madness?
        Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcûm! 😀

  4. Don’t forget Sunday 17 May is International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia!

    Happy happy joy joy, bet this cunt is celebrating.

    • Next Wednesday, 20th May is International Day Against Hornophobia. Ruff Tuff is leading a rally in Trafalgar Square. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that he won’t be arrested for simply demonstrating some horn.

      • Flabbott’s going to be there in leather hot pants so I cant promise Creampuff wont get nicked as long as he practices the two metre distance rule and control his urges.

  5. A man hating dildo using loads of ‘issues’ ashamed to be white me too raging dyke.

    Stands out a fucking mile.

  6. This insignificunt cunt should not even be given the publicity that she’s afforded here. She’s probably on her way now to partly becoming a celebricunt.
    I’d sooner have remained blissfully unaware of her.

    • Thought the same. Resisted the urge to look her up on cornhob. Looks like she’s got the “monthly shark gathering” in that picture and I ain’t Sir Christopher Lee.

  7. ” she wrote that Boris Johnson deserves every blunt needle he gets’…..I tend to agree with her.

    • “You’ve gone too far this time Fiddler!”
      Do you remember that refrain Dick?

      • Can’t say that I do, Bertie…is it from some old wireless show that you used to listen to in the Forties?

        • Nah. It’s from about a year ago when a few of your posts were upsetting one or two Rt. Hon. members.
          Euphemisms and references to death were at the heart of it. I’ve never seen it myself but one or two of your posts were wrongly perceived as being a little insensitive. In the time I’ve known you, you’ve always come across as a caring and thoughtful individual!
          During that time, I think you increased IsACS readership by several hundreds.

          • I can’t believe anyone would think of me as insensitive, Bertie. I’m the very model of restraint,refinement and decorum.

            I sometimes think that if I have a fault it’s that I’m just too damned NICE.

            🙂 .

            PS….Don’t know about increasing readership on here but I bet that my posts have done more harm to the “Visit Northumberland” tourist campaign than Raoul Moat and Coronavirus combined….

          • A little bird tells me that Mr Fiddler volunteers for The Samaritans in his spare time.

        • I remember that Bertie, funny!
          Dicks pushed a few over the threshold into a breakdown since ive been posting on here.

          🍺🍻 cheers, heres to many more.☺

          • The Fiddler duelling with Cap’M over farmers, rugby and Mensa should be required reading.

          • And Fiddler vs Jason, that made me laugh!
            I liked Jason, wouldn’t let people push him about.
            Dick offended him, an seemed bemused when Jason went nuclear.

          • Do you fancy a virtual night out at the pub tonight? You bring the beers, I’ll bring the pork scratchings. RTC said he’s got the magic mushrooms. I’m just giving Spoons a ring to tell him to bring his skittles.

          • A wedding ring, Bertie? 😀

            What skittles you wanting? The bowling kind or the sweeties kind? 🙂

            P.s. has that Lady in the picture been in a fight?

          • Your set of nine pins Spoons. Thanks for the photo of my Percy. Indeed, he is a fine specimen!

  8. The left are cunts. They hate everyone who disagrees with their bullshit ideas and would definitely send everyone on here to a gulag if they could. Cunts the lot of them.

  9. She sounds (and looks) how i imagine that spoof sjw Titania McGrath on twatter come to life.
    And how many didn’t realise it was a spoof too?

  10. Typical member of the so called liberal left. Believes in democracy when it applies to them and tries to stifle it for everyone else. Probably reads the Gruaniad too and belongs to some wimminz collective in Harringey or Hackney.

  11. Did somebody’s piles explode in her face?

    Soppy bint, try soap and water and a wire brush.

  12. I hope they clone 500 Oskar Dirlewangers and this cunt falls into their clutches for a lovely romantic gangbang.
    Human garbage.

    • I have a hard ‘Blunt’ needle that would do the job! 😀

  13. Shivvorn you specky twat there’s no soft B in English you stupid cunt.

  14. Nice cunting.

    I think you’ve hit on something here, Cuntamus.

    There are more and more genetic also-rans as the years go by. Kids with blank, dead eyes and podgy nondescript faces. They’re always low IQ with ‘needs’ and wear those odd big square glasses.

    These people have managed to excavate below the underclass! Impressive.

  15. Looks like Emma Thompson’s identical twin – separated at birth obviously, but inheriting the same dopey gene.

  16. Hatred from the snowflake – acceptable, whitey deserves it, obviously!
    Honest reasoned opinion and debate from whitey – gammon, waycist, bigot, homophobe pisslamophobe, n*zi, f*scist, monster 😢, hate speech, safe space, no platform these beasts, boo hoo, where’s Saint Owen with his pink megaphone..
    Payback will be edifying.
    And Boris the traitor/baffled womble needs a fucking good booting instead of a blunt needle – luckily he is napping at the moment so I can say that! 😄

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