Look at me! Hancock


Alex Hancock

Who the fuck is that? I hear you say, well he is a fully paid up member and full time victim from that sea of tragedy the LGBT + community


This poor soul is worried that the rainbow flag he flies in support of his ‘LGBT+ cunt’ community is being swamped by the people flying flags in support of the NHS. His gay flag is lost Amongst the others and it’s unfair and he will go home and cry if something isn’t done about. Fuck me do we really have to listen to this sort of cuntishness anymore. People are dying, furloughed cunts are lapping it up, the country is going broke but poor old Alex is stamping his feet at the meaning of his flag being lost during the pandemic.

However In support of Alex I shall now insist that the 6 year old twins over the road take down their pictures of rainbows now, it’s just not on that they should hijack poor old Alex’s symbol for their own needs and not first be thinking about the needs the LGBT+ community.

Alex you are a cunt and the BBC are cunts for reporting this wank.

Nominated by, Cuntsince1066

113 thoughts on “Look at me! Hancock

  1. I cannot adequately express how bored I am of seeing rainbows.

    It is, however, quite amusing seeing the irons up in arms over having *their( symbol adopted by the NHS cultists.

  2. Another attention seeking cunt from that community that doesn’t like the fact that coronavirus in grabbing all the headlines.
    Why do gays and lesbians and all the rest of them have to put the rainbow flag in their windows, or even on their dustbins? I don’t give a damn if your gay, lesbian or whatever, there is enough shit going on in my life to have to take your sexuality into consideration.
    Why don’t they identify as something else until this flag stealing has stopped?
    I am identifying as a whitey to stand a better chance against the Coronavirus…I’ve gone the whole hog…flat cap, drinking ale, pie and chips for dinner and dancing out of time to music. 😁

          • And this is Mr Fiddler, IsAC’s ‘Head of Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator’. Welcome and Fuck Off.

        • James from manchester?
          I saw you play the Apollo in 96!
          Sometimes,and laid are great tunes!!
          Well done you.

          • ‘The bed is on fire with passionate love,
            The neighbours complain about the noises above,
            But she only cüms when shes on top….”

        • I reckon B&WC cunt is getting his mates to come on here, just so he can be rude to them and give us a larf…you’re rumbled, ya cunt!

          • Evening all, I was doing my neighbourhood watch bit. Plenty of them trolls abaaaaaht. 😁

      • B&WC – if you ever get bored of being a sound engineer have you considered a career in the Diplomatic Corps? 😄

        • Get bored of Sound Engineering? There aren’t any venues/studios open VF.
          My industry will be the last to get back on its feet as it relies upon crowds of people etc.
          Imagine a socially distanced concert or live music venue. 😂

          • But, but – how will we cope without fat squinty and the rest of Take That miming live in front of a bunch of ancient medicated munters and their corpulent grandkids B&WC?
            My World has just collapsed! 😢
            Chin up Sir – we are British, we are proud and we will get through this shit! 💪🏻

    • Isn’t that a little stereotypical, UT?
      You never know…he might a more manly dog, like a chihuahua…
      Come to think of it, do p00fś ever own big dogs?
      Probably not. They’d be too tempted to get the dog to bum them.

      • I read that Tom Daley is banned from going to the dog racing since he positioned himself on the rail that the “hare” runs along…..30 mph that hare was doing when it disappeared up his shite-trumpet….worst of it was the poor lead greyhound got stuck up there too… it was all hushed up by the fucking liberal media of course,…all bets were apparently voided due to “A famous Gay suffering a medical emergency”

        It’s a fucking disgrace.

        • One can only imagine how he trains for his “high-diving” activities with his creepy, borderline n0nce “hubby”, Mr F…somersaulting off the wardrobe onto a dildo with same diameter as a fire extinguisher, I should imagine.

          • I just looked on Amazon and you can buy a “fisting dildo (black) 10 inches” for 22 Pounds….what really tickled me were the buying choices….you could buy a used one slightly cheaper…..

            Master Series Rise Up Dildo Fist 10.25 Inch Black
            3.9 out of 5 stars 22
            2 used and new from £22.

            I wonder under what circumstances would you return a “fisting dildo” to Amazon for the sake of a 20 quid refund?…unless you happened to be Michael Barrymore,of course

          • I went for the one that had “Property of Miserable Northern Cunt” written on it.

            Evening MNC..it’s to be hoped the fucking Pubs open up soon…it’s getting beyond a fucking joke.

          • Not kidding Dick.
            Daydreaming about the pub isnt great on motorways, mate of mines just dropped me some cans of Guinness off, just chilling in the fridge.
            Got whisky too,
            But miss the banter with other ner do wells,
            Like some of characters in my favourite boozer.
            Soon be holding forth at the bar Dick!👍
            Horse racings back from monday.

          • Tune into Derek & Clive “Racing from Newmarket”!
            I rather like the idea of topless darts from Cheltenham: I know a posh totty who works there..

          • “..it’s to be hoped the fucking Pubs open up soon…it’s getting beyond a fucking joke.”

            Fucking spot on Lord F. I didn’t frequent my village local that often as the beer is fucking rancid but fucking hell I’m missing it now. It’s infinitely better to have a pub with fucking shit beer than no pub at all as the song goes.

  3. I agree with his upset. It used to be that if a bar,restaurant,shop,house etc. had one of those rainbow flags you knew to keep your arse to the wall and NEVER use the shithouse for fear that you were molested by some rampaging fudge-nudger….not now,everywhere you look are fucking rainbow signs…still.I suppose I wouldn’t really want to go into any of those virtue-signalling places either…but at least you knew the danger you were facing…could be anything now…some predatory Gay looking to bot you right through to some sanctimonious ” Clap the stay-at-home heroes” gobshite.

    Tae Fuck with the lot of them.

    • Maybe it’s nowt to do with the NHS, but(t) a devious plan to train kids to accept p00fery?
      Imagine the difference in sex education in schools from our day to how it must be now. Heterosexual sex must be bottom of the pile after tränš, bënders, tuppence lickers, bī, pan (whatever the hell that is) and a myriad of other things that deviants like to promote to brainwash the poor bastards…

      • I think pan, by definition, means you’ll fuck anything. Or a teenager/university student as I seem to remember. Years of alcohol make me somewhat hazy on the details but I don’t recall being taught about brown-hatting, even though I went to a fee-paying boys grammar school. I would really hate to have offspring going to school now, I’d be down there twice a week waving a bat.

    • Zippy, George and Bungle are only taking back what is rightfully theirs. Fuck off the LBG&T community. Find your own symbol. Whilst your at it, we’ll have the word ‘gay’ back as well, you appropriating cunts.

      • There are loads of words I’d like to take back, all of which have fuck all to do with the groups that have appropriated them. For example:

        Liberal Democrat

      • The Flinstones theme tune singers agree with you Bertie – back then having a “gay old time” involved hoofing a sabre toothed cat through the window!
        And I have further found that shouting “well I’ll be buggered” can also lead to some confusion! 😄

        • Imagine showing a blue haired feminist the opening sequence, Mr Fox.
          Fred roaring “Wilma, I’m home!”
          And she literally comes running with his dinner!

          • And then Fred nipping round to get Betty sweaty while Barneys doing overtime! 😄👍
            “Mr Flintstone, really – sometimes I think you live in the past”

        • In the teddy bears picnic “they gaily gad about”.
          I don’t think this was a reference to Paul Gadd!
          Miles would be able to tell us how often the word ‘gay’ appears in beautiful poetry.

  4. I saw this drivel too. The BBC pointed out that the rainbow was used by the Queers & Co but failed to mention that it has been used to denote the world champion in the cycling fraternity for many decades so perhaps the Queers & Co should develop their own symbol.
    Please note that I am not suggesting that our more artistic members submit designs; hamsters, rampant dildoes have no place here.

    • Noah didn’t include the LBGT community when he was fuckin’ about with rainbows, doves and ravens.

      • Hmm, so a kindly and benevolent “God” floods the World, murders everyone in it and then tells Noah to fill up his home with filthy smelly creatures and commit incest – but “thou shalt kill” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
        Was Noah secretly a muslim?

        • King James Bible

          ‘I do set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a token of a covenant between me and the earth.’

          Is the rainbow an argument for the existence of God? All rainbow are geometrically the same. Significantly* 42 degrees from the tip of your shadow. Doesn’t that speak of..something…order maybe. Crystals have the same mathematical properties.

          *The answer to life the universe and everything (in the Hitchhiker’s Guide) is 42.

          • Miles, you have a brain the size of a planet & all you are doing is opening doors for the rest of us…

          • I remember the chick’s arse well. Am trying to recall your first avatar, kind of art nouveau or summat wasn’t it? You’ve had so many.

          • He’d have baked a cake if he knew we were cumming Miserable. 😃

          • If rain were made of ethanol the angle would be different. And no-one would care at all.

  5. Well, what a sad bunch of cunts! So their ‘identities’ are affected if their lovely flag isn’t being fully appreciated as standing for ‘bender & proud’. Fuck off you puddle-jumping cunt & find something to really worry about, like an anal bleed perhaps?

    • Your last remark makes me think of how much research is being done to solve anal problems caused by uphill gardening. It will only be a matter of time before before the drug companies are promoting their wares. Christ only knows what the tv adverts will be like especially in these days of HD large screen.

      • You aren’t wrong GG. Fucking women pissing themselves ads, tampon ads, erectile dysfunction ads, the brown-hatters will definitely want to be in the mix soon too, for fear of having their identities suppressed in the MSM if they don’t.

        • Hopefully there will be some type of medical assistance available to the jolly cute and rather busty blonde girl in my local Home Bargains when my evil plan comes to fruition and I finally get to jump her – old romantic I am!

          • Should it all go ‘tits up’ so to speak you can rest assured that you will be able to rely on us as character witnesses; should get your sentence tripled at least.

    • Ho ho, not heard “puddle jumper” for ages!
      In a similar gentle vein, see also:
      1) Good with colours
      2) Rides side-saddle
      3) Friend of Dorothy
      4) Up-to-the-elbow fist receiver

      • 5} Crafty Butcher – one who takes his meat deliveries ’round the back’. ( Courtesy of Roger’s Profanisaurus.)

        • I had the book a little while back and often laughed so hard I thought I was going to stroke out. Wish I knew what happened to it. Only Tom Sharpe was funnier.

          • I started buying Tom Sharpe’s books when I was about ten: Riotous Assembly was the first. I think the slightly batty old dear in the bookshop gave me a funny look, but at least I was paying for it.
            I nearly pissed myself laughing, as did Dad.

    • Tom Sharpe,a brilliant and acute observer of society. Apparently,he had writer’s block in the early 1990s because the bizarre plots he was arriving at were being trumped by real life.

  6. Gay/straight etc doesn’t bother me – being constantly bombarded with bollocks by lunatics who also happen to be homosexual does.
    And give Greenpeace their flag back you naughty pilfering queens!

  7. Just heard some bird on, I think it was the briefing, asking ‘but when are we going to reopen the public toilets?’ and thought how much damage such an act of alt right white privileged homophobia must be doing to those afflicted with the Gayness. I think Kweer Starmer needs to get Owen Jones to head up an enquiry.
    Oh wait a minute though, that’d be using someone with an in depth knowledge of the subject. That’d never do.

        • They dont seem to fancy me Thomas.
          Slightly insulted!
          Imagine a heavily bearded & tattooed 6ft 8in beauty, in a grubby Motorhead♠ t shirt..
          I thought theyd swoon with lust.

          • You must be just too butch for them Miserable, little Owen Jones would be fanning himself with a copy of The Guardian in your presence.

          • Quite by coincidence, I’m currently wearing my Motörhead t-shirt, MNC.
            Now I’m off to drink Jack Daniels in the woods with a couple of mates….class.

          • Stop showing off youve got mates Thomas.
            Have fun mate!👍

          • Quite a lot of the gay contingent rather like big macho brutes MNC – “bears”, they call them!
            (Random one but I receive quite a lot of attention from the local gay contingent – I feel ever so flattered!) 😨

          • Not me Foxy.
            As I stroll past in leather hot pants and hot pink vest minding my own business, not so much as a glance.😢
            THE BITCHES!!-😁

          • Attend a few motorcycle rally parties Miserable. You’ll fit right in and the leather clad ladies will come a flocking…😉

  8. Looks the type to suddenly appear in the background while a picture is being taken and then stick his dick up another blokes arsehole.
    Photo bumming….

  9. Now don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against the alphabet squad… Apart from from the trans brigade. They’re just cunts, with dicks or something.

    You’re not special. You’re mentally fucking ill.

  10. The fact that any cunt thought this was newsworthy shows how fucked this country is. First off, who gives a fuck where you shove your knob? I don’t, so shut the Fuck up about your sexuality. Gays achieved equality a while back, so drop the indignity. In fact, you have more rights than straight people, if we get caught fucking strangers in public toilets, we get done for outraging public decency, you cunt will probably get away with it. If I get mugged it’s tough titty tonto, if the same happens to you, it’s a hate crime, and heaven and earth will be moved to find the culprits.
    As for hijacking the rainbow, I’m not sure it was invented for a gay emblem. When Richie Blackmore formed Rainbow back in the 70s, I’m sure he didn’t name the band thinking of a gay day in the future.
    I would say shove your flag up your hoop, but you would probably enjoy it, so ram a colourfully painted cactus up there. And, get a flag that truly represents your affliction, rather than stealing someone else’s. How about a pink buttplug on a white background, or a stool coated choad. You simpering twat.

  11. Attention seekers, that’s the problem with shirtlifters and dykes. Mind you the trans lot make the gays look positively reserved these days.

    I couldn’t give two tits about “thier’ flag.

  12. Weepy little attention seeking Nancy boy. Just get on with getting cock up your arse and shut the fuck up wanker.
    Nobody cares.

    • His mum does.
      “Very close to his mum”
      What the old dears used to say round here to hint they thought someone was a bandit.
      As a kid I didnt know what they meant?!
      Every lad loves his dear old mum dont they?

  13. Since when did the gays own the image of the rainbow?

    The rainbow is an image kids relate to and many songs and activities they enjoy in their early years revolve around it.

    It’s almost as if the gays hijacked a kiddy symbol. The mind boggles.

    • Last nights offer?
      Why what was that?
      Missed that, I’ll be honest admin, I quite like him,
      Just struggle to follow what hes saying!

      Bum sex for all(with him)! He was rather pissed I think

        • A surprise tactic Miserable, some clever wordplay a bit of Latin and 18th century Turkish poetry, they are asleep then its round the back.

          • Hehee, i like him LL,
            Lot worse than him about!
            Wonder when that nutty bloke will be back?
            One called us all out?
            Going on about borders!
            Yeah borderline mental.☺

        • Yeah there are a few that get through but keeps things interesting! If they are a bit left wing and read The Guardian but argue their points and have a sense of humour it would be fine but seems to attract the nutters who go a bit mental.

          • Love it when they do.
            Makes me laugh when they explode on a fellow cunter, then everyone piles in!

  14. Well I wonder on the following grounds. The LGBT flag has straight lines, but they are as a group classified as “bent” so bent people have a straight flag.
    Now people are showing a bent rainbow, and they want that too?
    I do not think that you can pattern or claim rights on an atmospheric phenomenon.


  15. The late and great Tony Hancock was once introduced to a a young comedian, who proceeded to mime something…
    First, he pointed at his toes
    then his knee
    then his hand
    then… yes, you’ve guessed it.
    Hancock’s response?
    “Cheeky little sod “

  16. Throw Alphabetti Spaghetti over his flag and tell him to ‘spell LGBTQ with that lot, useless whingeing CUNT!’

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