Jair Bolsonaro

Jair Bolsonaro
There is no doubt that Brazilian president Bolsonaro is the most pathetic leader in the history of the world. He is a cunt of volcanic dimensions and deserves to be trampled by a samba group into a smear of blood and flesh on the streets of Rio de Janeiro. That is, if there is ever another Carnival. At the rate Brazilians are dying this looks unlikely.

When asked to comment on 700 deaths in a single day his reply was “So what?”. He proceeded to show his sympathy for the victims and their families when the death toll hit 10,000 by going water skiing.

Oh and incidentally he forced his health minister to resign because he did not agree with Bolsonaro´s description of the coronavirus as “little flu”. He followed this by then forcing his justice minister – Sergio Moro, the judge who put the previous president Lula in jail on corruption charges – to resign as well. It just happened that Moro was overseeing an investigation into corruptions by one of Bolso´s freeloading sons.

Nominated by Mr Polly

also guilty of this:  https://www.pinknews.co.uk/2019/02/10/brazilian-president-jair-bolsonaro-erase-lgbt-content-schools/

37 thoughts on “Jair Bolsonaro

  1. I like him for freeing Brazil of socialism.
    I like his wife. She is fit like my wife.
    He come across as a smug cunt like me.
    I like him.

  2. I don’t see what’s wrong with banning bender schools? Perhaps the only thing he is guilty of is not submitting to the world hysteria.

  3. Do we have a single honest, competent Politician in the World?
    Not until President Fox storms to power! (With the venerated Sir Fiddler as Home Secretary of course!)😄
    Vote Fox – dissent will not be tolerated in my “democracy”! 👍
    Just need some sort of ID card now – oh yes, I’ll pretend it’s a covid tracking app!

  4. Don’t give a fuck what the president of third world country does. I don’t think the gayness belongs in schools either. As for his management of corona, let’s wait till it’s over before we judge who got it right.

    Pink news? Fuck off

      • The ‘fuck off’ was not directed at Mr P, Miles, it was aimed in the general direction of pink news. Some men like sucking cock and anal invasion, as I believe in personal freedom then I have to extend personal freedom to those whose pastimes are not to my personal taste as long as they are not harming innocents.

        Pink news is the epitome of my problem with gayness in general. Their world view centres around their bum holes and they believe mine should too.


        • I don’t have a problem with “anal invasion” as long as it’s my cock going into some bird’s arse.

        • Really Sixdog? Not a lot of mention of bum holes in the article above. Or in any others I’ve read… not that I’m a regular Pink News reader obviously. 😯

          • Stick with the Archers RTC, I’m not sure you’d enjoy it, but maybe you would.

          • Not a very nice recommendation Sixdog. The wife is an Archers fan… the theme alone makes me want to retch. 😡

            Haven’t heard it recently thanks to the Chinks. 😀

          • My other half also listens to it RTC, as they had to stop studio recording they now get the cast to record monologues at home for broadcast. These will of course be hailed as masterpieces.

  5. His facial expression suggests he was feeling just swell until last nights spicy chicken touched cloth a second ago.

    There is no way I’m clicking that pinknews link..

    • Don’t worry TBCC, I don’t think it’s contagious, I clicked on it once but I think I got away with it.

  6. They call him the Brazilian Trump. Does that mean unemployment will drop and their economy will rise?

  7. They voted for him. They reap what they have sown.
    Big problem is… destruction of the Amazon rain forest, lungs of the earth. Which means he affects us. He is cunt.

  8. Favelas=crowded conditions=stop fucking like rabbits and squirting more drug mules out.
    Why he’s a cunt for playing down Ping pong fluey and not for dealing with rampant gun crime and murders is another issue entirely.
    Anyway, politicians, if they have any moral principles they will be ‘suicided’, if none present,join the cabal and happy troughing.
    Eat shit and die peasants.

    • Cafferlicks mostly, so pumping out other cafferlicks is basically compulsory. It’s a faith that is compatible with the sort of feral murdering behaviour found in such shiteholes. Sell some drugs, horrifically murder their drug dealing rivals, or innocent bystanders, say a few Hail Marys and all is forgiven. Spaff in a connie, worse than Hitler. Cunts.

  9. I wonder if the BBC and the Guardian have reported much on this right-wing reactionary? And if not why not?

    And where’s St Greta’s & Owen Jones’ et al faux outrage about the Rain Forest and the banning of the Gayness at schools?

    Why can’t the Islington Woke community, along with Extinction Rebellion fuck off to RdJ and protest in the streets like they do over here?

    In the words of Bjork “It’s oh so quiet” on the Left

  10. The Bob Monkhouse of south America.
    I had high hopes for Bolsorano.
    Hes fuckin useless.
    Hes done fuck all since getting into power, like that lazy cunt Boris.

  11. This guy sounds ace. He seems to behave like a comedy leader. The type you’d find in a Blackadder series. Good nom. A cunt for sure.

  12. He won on a promise of allowing the middle classes to arm themselves against the armed and highly dangerous scum in the favelas who rob, rape and murder pretty much at will.

    I like him.

    Can he come and do the same here?

  13. Don’t give a flying fuck what foreign cunts do in their own countries, none of my business. If I don’t like it I won’t go there.
    What I do give a fuck about is the cunts coming here! NO! no no no no no no no no NO!!
    No Fucking WAY!!

  14. Perhaps he’s the offspring of one of the Nazis who escaped to South America 70 years ago.
    I hope so.
    If he upsets people then excellence.
    Too much cry baby behaviour has been noted.

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