Diane Abbott (12)

My nomination is Diane cunting Abbott. What an inhumanly, impossibly moronic fucking cunt she is. A woman so vacuous that she took 10 hours to drink a juice box because it said ‘Concentrate’. Recently she has said in a Sky News interview that she believes people shouldn’t be anonymous online and that all social media sites should publish peoples names and addresses of its users, presumably to prevent…you guessed it RACISM.

How many brutal and unequivocal batterings must this amoeba be handed by the British people to realise we don’t want your marxist, virtue signalling, empty spew. This woman who couldn’t empty a boot of water if the instructions were printed on the bottom feels she still has the relevancy and mandate to spout utter feculence such as this. The sooner this oxygen thief and her equally repellent fuck-buddy Corbyn are rid from any public discourse the better.

Nominated by Sgt Bawbag

101 thoughts on “Diane Abbott (12)

  1. You have to be anonymous because ‘acceptable’ discourse is dictated by the far-left social media sites and MSM. Elections show us that people think differently.

    I was genuinely fearful when studying as a mature student of revealing my support for Brexit. I honestly believe I would’ve been kicked off the course I had paid good money for. Absolutely convinced of it. The lecturers (and other students) were raving Marxists or Islamists for the most part.

    Such fears are unacceptable. But it’s going on. Try being a teacher or nurse in London and coming out in support of Brexit, for example. You would be hounded out of your job (‘faults’ would be found and you’d end up getting fired). People know this and the only way they can talk openly is online in an anonymous way. Without having anonymous discourse, those trying to control the narrative (the likes of Abbott, by the way) will have no opposition.

    I would say that she’s too stupid to see this (I’ve seen her Maths homework too), but I think she’s more intelligent that she lets on.

    The far-left do not want anonymous discourse because it helps them win elections if the opposition have no outlet to debate freely and openly.

    Sinister people indeed, and very worthy of a cunting.

    • I’m putting a Hessian sack together…..
      In this sack, I’m putting the elite crop of irritating cunts who piss me off…hitting the sack with iron bars, then putting the bars in the sack so it sinks quicker when I drop it in the Ocean.
      Buying Hessian by the yard…and boy do I need a lot – the sack needs to be quite a size…
      Current occupants ; Grandpa Corbyn, Phyl Skofield & Vacuous Holly, Ian ‘Bloater’ Blackford, Ed ‘Ravey’ Davey and Caroline ‘Zippy’ Lucas.
      Still plenty of room for Cunt Abbott & her piss drinking Son though…and they’re getting a lathering with the Iron bars…if I haven’t bent them all from whacking that fat bloated pig Blackford.
      My blood-pressure really can’t take much more of these retards !

        • “We’re gonna need a bigger bag”..
          “And mind that toothy leathery slimy looking thing swimming around in the depths!” (of depravity)
          “Oops, sorry Sir Richard, didn’t recognise you old boy! Has that big firework of yours took off yet? No? What? – you have outsourced it to Capita who have confidently predicted that when they can find some matches they will be right on it”?
          Sorted then! 😁👍

      • Drop Holly off at mine first..
        I’m partiall to her sort.

        I bet she likes having her plump arse being bitten.

    • As a self employed person this is the only site I don’t use my real name. The cunts really have no power over me and they can stick their woke bollox right up their collective arses. I do realise I’m in a lucky situation

      • I’m Self-employed as well but dont fancy some community cohesion officer who can barely speak English phoning me up to ‘check my thinking’ because some dickhead was offended.
        Plus social media is generally aimed at and used by basic cunts who share clickbait, ‘inspirational’ quotes , cat videos, sob stories to get money, bland as fuck comedy sets from gentle, liberal comedians, promos for their mate’s/son’s/mate’s son’s shit band and argue about Spider-Man vs Danger Mouse.

        Bunch of cunts.

        Meanwhile ISAC admin continue to walk round with lolly pop HI viz coats, with ISAC ADMIN printed on the back.

    • Fuck me! Have woken up to be welcomed by what looks like a failed gender realignment between the Elephant Man and The Fly.

      I cannot unsee that ghastly vision.

      What the fuck was Steptoe thinking when he went down on her?

      • Bollocks! So appalled and sickened by that photo I posted in the wrong fucking place!

        Will my vision ever recover?

    • Asked why it’s called ‘Covid-19’ she replied, ”’Because that’s how many letters are in ‘Covid’, silly!”

      • Nobody had seen Flabbott for weeks… then she was found her in Scotland looking for Loch Down

        I’ll fuck off now shall I?

  2. Have a gun at your head and told to do her or be shot?

    Pull the trigger, I say.

    Corbyn deserves the fucking VC for bravery for what he did (shudder).

  3. BAME. I had a chat with my only black mate and he said that it should be B-AME and there should be a gap between him and the Asians. He also pointed out that ‘Mixed Ethnicity’ is just a “Mongrel” and M would suffice – B-AM. I then pointed out that somebody of say Irish and English parents would be of mixed heritage, albeit white so we decided on BWAME (keeps the B’s and A’s apart).

    Don’t BWAME me you WACIST!

    Not wishing to appear subservient to his colonial master, Banjoko said that Hispanics were also absent from the BAME categorization. I trumped the little “B” cunt with the mention of people who considered themselves “Non Ethnic”, “Trans Ethnic” or “Shade Binary” were also missing.

    We finally agreed on BWAMHTENESB. Simple and no doubt Abbott and co will run with it as we purposely missed of the “J” for Jews. CUNTS!

    • When teaching I had to fill in a survey each year regarding the ethnicity of students. I asked them to self identify (a decade before it became fashionable) and I must say that we had fun seeing who could come up with the most inappropriate self description.
      I suspect many other teachers did this and we enjoyed the pious conclusions from the DFE which was unaware that their utterings were based on bollocks.

      • mate was stopped by fuzz, after the stop they asked if he wanted to do a survey, he said yes.
        one of the questions was exactly that, he went for Black affro carab.
        it really upset them, he thought they were trying to balance the books.

  4. Haven’t heard anything about the lovely Diane since she and Jezza managed to inflict the biggest embarrassment on the Labour Party since WW2. That could be why she’s keeping so quiet.
    Or it could be because they closed all the McDonald’s and KFCs. Either way, i’m really missing the fat, ugly commie bitch.

    • Our news had it wrong then? I heard your “fast food” (read: greasy, undercooked slop) outlets were open again, and would assume Diane is quiet as she’s at an eat-a-thon at the local Chiggun seller.

    • THe vile cunt Abbott has been keeping her head down as her vastly spoiled offspring is still awaiting sentencing for his long list of criminal offences. Unfortunately, “mental health issues” and of course the race card will feature highly in diminishing his just punishment. Abbott’s ex husband, (he who can’t be repulsed) David P Ayensu-Thompson, a Ghanaian architect has also kept a very low profile during his drug taking son’s turmoils. A complete family of UBER CUNTS.

      • Indeed, remember when poor, underprivileged Diane had to defend sending her brat to a posh private school by saying “West Indian mothers will go to the wall for their children”?
        The little cunt turned out to be a fucked up, violent drug dealer anyway so that was money well spent wasn’t it? Imagine if she had been Home Secretary with billions of taxpayers money at her disposal? Fucking hell!

        • Even where I live (no Cambridge graduates here) no one will touch Crystal Meth even the cider boys look down on it.

  5. Morning all.

    Diane ‘abacus’ abbottapotamus. One of the thickest cunts on the planet and only made shadow home secretary because magic grandpa used to hang out the back if it in the ’70’s

    A cunt so thick that wearing matching shoes on election day was too much of a challenge for her tiny pea sized brain.

    A cunt with a hide (and skull) so thick that when her statement that Jamaican mothers are better than racist whitey mothers blew up in her face so spectacularly that she didn’t even flinch.
    I do of course refer to the incident regarding her blatant nepotism relating to her violent, drug addicted son blowing up in her face after he punched, kicked and bit emergency services staff, while high on meth.

    A race baiting, retarded one trick pony who would and should be cleaning toilets in McDonalds if it wasn’t for Labours policy of promoting token minorities into positions they are in no way qualified to fill.

    Did I miss anything out?

  6. She rants about racism, but if she was white she wouldn’t stand a fucking chance of winning her seat.

    I don’t hear her calling that racist in any way, do you?

  7. I’m just sorry that Diane wasn’t Home Secretary when this Chinky-Flu struck…at least we’d have got more accurate figures regarding death and infection rate….plus all those poor employees wouldn’t have furloughed from Kentucky Fried Chiggun….no way would Diane have let those key-workers be sidelined…Tae Fuck with clapping the NHS,it would have been stand on your doorsteps and beat your chests in support of the real Heroes who keep da cummoonnideee fed.

    PS….I wonder if poor Mr.Corbyn ever got winnets and the odd bit of undigested sweetcorn stuck in his beard after giving her a B+WC Special ?

  8. I’m just sorry that Diane wasn’t Home Secretary when this Chinky-Flu struck…at least we’d have got more accurate figures regarding death and infection rate….plus all those poor employees wouldn’t have furloughed from Kentucky Fried Chiggun….no way would Diane have let those key-workers be sidelined…Tae Fuck with clapping the NHS,it would have been stand on your doorsteps and beat your chests in support of the real Heroes who keep da commoonnideee fed.

    PS….I wonder if poor Mr.Corbyn ever got winnets and the odd bit of undigested sweetcorn stuck in his beard after giving her a B+WC Special

    • Well I am trying to lose a few pounds, Lord Fiddler, and that final sentence has put me off eating anything for a while. Capital!

      • You’re right! Fiddler has gone too far this time with his disgusting and degenerate imagery. Set the hounds on the pervert!!

          • Has he tried interesting you in his extensive Porn collection yet?….All tastes catered for,apparently….perhaps your relentless search for your particular “niche” interest can finally be sated?

            🙂 .

          • I daren’t look at the Cunt Engine’s links to be honest Lord Fiddler.

            Shit munching midget/amputee/barnyard porn (all in one short clip probably) is not really my thing.

            Well not on a Sunday, anyway.

        • It’s true….I’ve gone too far this time….I’m sure that Diane’s ringpiece is as squeaky clean as the empty KFC bargain-bucket when she finishes licking it out.

          My deepest apologies.

          • Morning Fiddler, a great shame that the Notting Hill Carnival has been cancelled. I know how many hours you have toiled at Fiddler Towers during lockdown building your float while facetiming B&WC for added authenticity.

          • Not a bucket dick she eats out of a trough, what do you call a pig that eats chicken? Dianne Abbott!

      • You vile Beast….I’ll have you know that Fanny is a delightfully coquettish 28 stone,5 foot tall bundle of purple (blood-pressure problems) giggling playfulness…she is certainly no Dark-Key.
        Only last week she very kindly put on her own interpretation of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” to entertain the furloughed Domestic Staff. Fanny played the parts of Peaseblossom, Cobweb, Moth, and Mustardseed…the 4 fairies (much to the disappointment of the Ubderbutler,Gervais (he used to be Prince Edward’s “manservant”). The sight of her in her home-made costume (no “Smalls”,unfortunately) being lowered out of the branches of an old oak tree ( Bonnie Prince Charlie hid in it after his crushing defeat at The Battle of Fiddler’s Fuck) on the end of a steel-rope attached to the double-drum winch on the back of my old County tractor moved grown men to tears…some even vomited,such was their excitement.

        You are a Cad…and Fanny says that she never wants to see your nasty little face peering up from between her thighs again….the Engagement is off.

        • Dick, as ever I stand in awe of your eloquence. But the engagement has been off for some time. Perhaps B+WC can introduce some of his exotic DNA to the Fiddler line.

          See you in the union bar later?

          • Not allowed in The Union since the unfortunate incident involving my latest overindulgence of Bushmills…How the Fuck was I supposed to know that The Tranny Society were having their annual beauty pageant?….I thought that I’d struck the motherlode until I realised that I wasn’t actually seeing double and there really was a cock other than my own involved in proceedings…..Well.you know me…I was appalled…just lucky that I was on the vinegar strokes at the time or I’m not sure that I’d have managed to finish.

        • 09.00 hrs, Sunday morning.
          Not had breakfast.
          No longer want breakfast after that nugget of wisdom.
          Will avoid sweetcorn till Christmas.

          Benny, calm down, think logically. with that heat and pressure sweetcorn would never survive, Think Cornflake.

  9. Britain has been so racist to poor Diane.

    Let’s see the story of her life, one filled with a lack of opportunity and advantage.

    1. Went to Cambridge University.
    2. Became an MP.
    3. Safe-seated due to her promotion of ‘diversity’ (voters).
    4. Campaigned against private eductation.
    5. Sent her son to private schools.
    6. Who then went to Cambridge University too.
    7. They all lived in a big fuck off house in London, among other fancy properties.
    8. Mum uses influence to get son a diplomat job with the Foreign Office.
    9. Son becomes meth head and goes nuts while on station.
    10. Son keeps job, despite numerous incidents.
    11. Job finally lost after more madness, involving chasing the family around the house with a knife, flashing at people and attacking NHS staff trying to help him.

    Sounds like a family who were given a lot of undeserved advantages to me?

    Me? Well, dad in the Royal Marines, grandparents all armed forces but I was given no such advantages. Where was my ‘white privilege’? I wish I had just a fraction of the advantages she and her family have had in my ‘racist’ country.

    Can I become a safe seated MP in her native Jamaica, while calling her country folk ‘racists’? Or get my family diplomat jobs even if they’re addicted to meth? Private education for mine in Jamaica? Send them to Oxbridge due to such advantages?

    Fuck off.

  10. I have been in a happy place not having seen this gorgon for a goodly while. Admin you do us proud with the header picture….all my fears and horrors have returned…she is such a ghastly sight. How on gods good earth Jazza jizzed in and on this jeezabel shows the insight and decision making abilities of the rutting beast.
    Oh please make it stop!!!

  11. Bravery takes many forms.

    We had the brave souls who stormed the beaches in Northern France. We had the brave souls who returned, time-after-time to the burning staircases of the Twin Towers, carrying their heavy loads and facing some of the most awful sights, sounds and feelings a man could ever endure.

    But Steptoe licked out this ‘uns minge and slipped her one.

    As the Archbishop of Canterbury would say, ‘Beat that you cunts!”

  12. I also see that ginger bint Rayner is at it again….I must have missed her Happy Easter message! CUNT!

    “I want to wish all Muslims in my constituency, in the UK and across the world EidMubarak. So many people are struggling at the moment because of the impact of Coronavirus and the lockdown on all of us”. @AngelaRayner

    • Fucking hell! It’s inevitable that eventually the peacefuls will organise their own political party and put up their own candidates. Then the Labour mob will regret licking their terrorist arses. They might also start asking questions about dead peacefuls sending in their postal votes when they are on the wrong end of it.

  13. All joking aside, to hear people pushing to ban internet anonymity is quite shocking. I remember only a few years back, if you were trolled on some forum because someone disagreed with you, well, no big deal, you just ignored it, or insulted them back. Now we have people being reported for hate speech because of what they put on twitter, and a special team within the police who can “investigate” these perceived crimes. I don’t like online bullying at all, and I like to think I am NOT a racist, but I do feel that this is a very worrying trend. The right to privacy and anonymity is vital. I don’t want teenagers to feel miserable because of cyber bullying, but at the same time, I do feel that if you use the internet, you have to expect encounters with trolls. The key is just to ignore the idiots rather than letting them intimidate you. Strange days we live in.

    • Good point Weary.

      If someone shouts “Oi, you! I think you’re a cunt!” at you in a shop, you either respond in kind, or shrug them off as a loony. Meanwhile, on Twatter and Farcebook, plod are called to investigate these “hate crimes” as the delicate snowflakes cannot deal with the sentiments.

      Regards the teenagers and “cyberbullying”….considering how intelligent they claim to be, why the fuck don’t they just stay off of soshal meeja instead? Personal interaction with another human would help them develop much faster than upticking cat pictures all day. Millennial (or whatever fucking generation they are) wankers.

  14. “This woman who couldn’t empty a boot of water if the instructions were printed on the bottom”

    That was the best line I’ve read in ages, and such a perfectly apt description for this bloated mass of turd.

    I nearly wet mesen!

    • Morning all.
      Ho ho Diane!
      If that guy from Epsom who called us all out the other day reads this he’ll be in the back of DCI Genes truck with a heart attack!

      Dont know why you racists have such a problem that a black woman can have a sharp analytical mind and good looks.
      Get yer kit off Di show em what your made of!

  15. Having looked at the Picture ( above ) I find I have almost recovered and found I am right at the bottom of the page. I don’t know who the fuck chooses the pictures on ISAC, but Jesus…they must have one hell of a strong stomach !

    You may recall we lost one Admin to the split cock picture, they never got over it, Joined the salvation Army or something.

    • Thanks Admin. Perhaps Dianne has been sharing her offspring’s stash of meth? It would certainly explain a lot.

  16. Will this mutant be happy if we have her and the rest of these organ donors address in the public eye as well?
    We’re all in this together now, it’s the new normal.

  17. Morning chaps.
    Well whatever you think of our Di (and everyone I know thinks she’s an absolute cunt), you’ve got to admit that she’s one hell of a looker.
    Phwoooawarp factor ten, Mr Sulu!
    I’m off to the privacy of the bathroom…

  18. The pic looks like she’s squeezing out a constipated huge dollop of tom tit,kfc bucket and all.
    Oh fuck stop….just stop now!

    • From the photo, it looks as though she has the dilemma of knowing how far into her mouth to apply her lippie.
      She’s got a pair of lips like a striped limpet.

  19. Diane ‘sweetcorn’ Abbot has said terrible things and is severely intellectually impaired; if you dare point any of this out or disagree with anything she says then she’ll call you racist.

    This is what the left do now – just label any different point of view as racist. Sad times.

  20. Part of the New Labour Momentum Movement One of Corbyn s cronies 👎👎
    Thick as pig shit and about as ugly has the IQ of a postage stamp How’s your Son still drug dealing ? Racism She wouldn’t know what it looks like Another Dark Key with attitude a prototype Dawn Butler 👎👎

  21. Everyone has the right to privacy. I have an idea – let’s make everything discussed between The Prince, Priti Chavtel the brown battleship and Dominic Grima Wormtongue public, whack it all online. No? Didn’t think so – but why? Something to hide? (And I don’t mean your Turkish salami in every dumb blonde Boris – put it away and get some work done!).
    There is no legitimate or just reason for it, and the agenda behind it is obvious.
    We have no need for vile poisonous communists, racist shit and traitors in UK politics, and need a new party created – any half decent one would wipe the floor with the rest, but we also need a change of mindset and a complete reset from the ground up.
    Or we, as a Country, and a people, will cease to exist – and while I breathe in and out I will not let this happen.
    Abbott? Be gone, be gone, be gone – “out, damned spot”!
    Her Son’s trial will be interesting, and I imagine Diane is borrowing ginger spunk bucket Angela’s crayons to write a tearful letter to the presiding judge to explain how he was just a good boy and everyone in the World, ever, throughout history is a horrid waycist and IT’S ALL WHITEYS FAULT!
    I use an assumed name on this site, not because I am shifty, or have anything to hide, but because straight talking in the climate we live in can result in “liberals” doing me serious harm in a number of ways – and given my hair trigger temper and the fact I can go from ice to terrifying feral nuclear in the blink of an eye I feel any visits from our screeching little chums in Antifa would leave them ” a little tender” after I “explained things” to them – you need to teach kids not to prod a big dog.
    The only thing they have not stolen/conned from the people is the right to privacy – and even this basic Human right is now under very serious threat.
    Enjoy your 6 Years of spice and Islam James.
    And as My Uncle Laurence says – vote Fox! 😀👍

  22. There is ONE basic problem with the Abbotpotomus. She is TOO STUPID to understand ANYTHING other than single-syllable questions. RACISM is something she can utter, but NOT comprehend it’s meaning. It really is that simple. So “are you black” is comprehensible to her. “Are you a black bastard” isn’t! Simples!

    • Re; the cunting itself

      People like Diane are exactly why i left social media years ago.

      Stalinist cunts.

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