Dead Pool [163]

Congratulations to Dick Byrne who correctly predicted that Uber cunt Mel Gibson’s even bigger cunt of a father Hutton would be next to snuff it.Gibson At was 101 and spent his time writing about Holocaust denial and fire and brimstone.He was also a notable contestant on Jepoardy in the sixties.He leaves behind 11 children and many many grandchildren.

On to Deadpool 163:

The rules :

1)Pick 5 famous cunts who you think will be next to snuff it.It is first come first serve.Yiu can always be a cunt and steal other peoples nominations (Like Black and White cunt frequently does)

2)Anyone who nominates the world’s oldest man or woman is a cunt and will be ignored.

3)It must be a famous cunt we have heard of.

My picks (Shaun) :

Willie Thorne
Leon Spinks
Derek Draper
Kenny Sansom
Tom Smith (Rugby)

92 thoughts on “Dead Pool [163]

  1. Apologies if this is duplicate – seems my first go didnt appear :-

    Larry King
    Betty White
    Jimmy Carter
    Frank Williams
    Roberta Mc Cain

  2. Sonny Barger (Hells Angel geezer)
    Ray Brooks (Mr Benn narrator)
    Mel Brooks
    John Leighton (The Great Escape)
    Annette Crosby.

  3. Sorry for my lateness, I’ve been getting drunk….

    Bill treacher (Arthur Fowler)
    Ozzy Osborne
    Dennis skinner
    Josef fritzl
    Madeleine albright

  4. Here are some more suggestions for the usual suspects to pilfer .

    Jack Jones (Singer)
    Shirley MacLaine ( actress)
    Burt Bacharach ( musician)
    Jo Brown ( musician)
    Frank Williams ( actor)

  5. George Hamilton
    Jeremy Lloyd (screenwriter Allo Allo, Are You Being Served etc)
    James Bolam
    Ian La Frenais
    Dick Clement

  6. What a cunt. A cursory glance at noms insitu reveals all me originals taken so no option but to lay down some fresh near dead so you unimaginative fuckers can filch and toss over some more orf me precious beauties.

    We give you

    Dennis Waterman (looking exquisitely fucked)
    Val Kilmer (looking weirdly fucked and claiming to be cancer free)
    Leslie Phillips (cunt is now dribbling from the mouth)
    Carol Cleveland (cancer orf the cunt)
    Jim Dale (carry on cunt)

    • Unless I am a total cunt and being led by science we have not bespoked the Space X astronauts so getting in before the count down

      Douglas Hurley
      Robert Behnken
      Donald Trump (if all goes tits up on top of him)


      Leslie Phillips
      Carol Cleveland
      Jim Dale

  7. June Brown
    George Alagiah
    Nancy Pelosi
    William H Gates (Gates Snr)
    Dick Cheney
    Damn you Shaun for nicking Tom Smith from me again.

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